Dragons Dogma Lets Play - Part 1: Newly Arisen

Full steam staffing mercedgog games steam key DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN review what is happening yall cowboy here and today we start one of the greatest rpgs ever made Dragons Dogma dark Arisa now truth be told Ive played this before on the channel back in 2013 I want to save as a stream I did of the darker is some content that better black Ill and then after that I planned on doing a New Game+ run two spikes this way playing through the game for a New Game+ run trying to go through the game on duty appeared and everything it was and getting dropped and I never did a full series of Bella channels here we are several years later Oh time for releases and its time to make some chocolate Music definitely one of the most pipe openings right Music anyway lets jump on in were gonna be doing a fresh run of the game going through full story all the DLC show you guys what made this game its legendary as it is just to set some expectations were probably gonna drop back down Tepes Os that are closer to 30 minutes I found that doing our long recordings tend to make me grumpy which is odd its all streamed for three hours and you know Ill be fine but just single or our recordings just I dont know any grouchy so anyway I got put on our lantern here theres theres quite a few things unique about Dragons Dogma that I think a lot of our P Gees kind of took and innovated off of one of the first being light others theres a big emphasis between night and day in this game very nighttime its incredibly dark and you basically need a lantern youre probably gonna die so we started to see that things like dreadful wild a big emphasis around holding and were climbing onto monsters which Sheba now I cant think of any other RPGs at the top of my head that allow you to grapple on to monsters and ride them while attacking on then the pong system which have some mixed reviews but Im a big fan of it so the the start of the game is essentially I can make tutorial this is the default arisen so you play as him first but the ideas are gonna make a character and then were gonna make a pond and pawns are basically NPCs that have been created by other characters you have a party thats you and three pawns and you go on your adventures so pretty interesting game you can order your pawns to do stuff to get into fights you have as you can see Ive different abilities Ive three abilities dedicated to my shield and then three abilities that are dedicated to the sword using abilities called stamina along with just do regular basic attacks holding them down and theyll shoot and stuff just how this might be dead already I just had deadlines hanging on to a ports whos gonna kind of blitz through the tutorial section here get to where we actually make our character and all that Music in terms of what well be playing as my game plan is fighter up to ten and then swap to assassin gonna do assassin for as long as Im having fun with it and then if I get bored Ill switch over and Ill do mystic night in previous playthroughs of the game I dabbled an assassin a little bit but mainly played as a Strider Ranger and that engine Archer and beige stuff as well because I needed that before I could go fully into magic night Music now theres quite a few interesting things about the same you have abilities that will give you iframes when you attack being able to jump and mountain clamber up monsters a combination between being able to dynamically switch the type of class youre playing throughout the game so you have your three base classes a fighter Strider a beige Strider is basically a road fighter as like a warrior sword shield and then you have an advanced versions of each which are ranger which is more dedicated to a bo sorcerer which is way more offensive magic the mage has and then warrior which is two-handed basically plays guns and then theres hybrid vocations so you have assassin which is a hybrid between a warrior and a Strider you have magic Archer which as you can guess combo of the Strider and the mage and then you have mystic Knights which is a mage so a good class variety you can freely swap between classes back at the main town each class has some abilities and passives depending on what were leveling up with typically determines your stance and all that so theres a lot going on in this game its pretty damn in-depth I think playing a sass will be fun because I mean climbing up on top of monsters I think is one of the most memorable parts of this game when assassin is a class that excels at it so should make for a fun playthrough and then yes a chance we might mess around with mystic Knights since I havent done that before but all chimeras now we got poisoned Karis got a puppy to sleep okay wake up there we go snake Music the fact that it killed one of my pawns already Jesus that Im normal sweet like some part know stuff Music there we go snakes then Music Music Music I made so you can dodge with certain classes not every class has it right now playing some fighter fighter doesnt I think Strider and maybe Ranger Music lets try to fire frame before they have me being as made by Capcom those would be the plate monster burger of sherry Ill see some similarities between some of the animations and whatnot just a way to describe this thing stuck under meats estern action-rpg if youre playing as a Strider choose you right and now we get into the real arisen plans watch a badass dragon cutscene now we make our character so Im gonna just go through this pretty quickly here cowboy um and then name um I know cowboy is on this list lets go every Galia Billy so one of the interesting things about this game is height and weight actually has a big impact on your character and yes thats supposed to be guts back in the original you could get guts or Griffiths armor in the game like the legit armor from the band of the hawk art of zerk well just go with this were gonna go with the default well change it up some Id already gone through and like made a character real fast so I have an idea of where Im going was it gonna do that one were gonna give him beard the beards in this game are ass like either you look like Gandalf or you have that theres one alternative like full face one which is this which basically looks the same like I cant even really tell much of a difference as this ones point here more defined maybe yes to the grade one um and then were gonna just give him bys hair stature were gonna make him a bit taller right there is good make him a little bit thicker no maybe not thick looks weird its like almost a beer gut but not thats muscles to him um kind of change his face heres a dumb face youve seen better days lets change the face shake  __  the cheeks is really high cheeks right now it looks weird its a little bit closer to my cheeks I know I dont know man his face is oh I got off his face looks so long with all of these faces  __  beards er I mean let me try a different beard let me see if thatll help you go for like a lighter beard Music how the beers are so bad I just want like a full beer thats not like homeless-looking should have looked for a better beard mob looks pretty close lets tuck out these high ass cheekbones body looks fine last chance for beer adjustments see how they look with the bigger face it still it makes him look like he has like a pouty pouting oh no this one doesnt give the same pouty look maybe we just go with that combat seal yourself up combat theres a can I go back and select the police again Oh Stan sorry we got a got to change his stance up Music all right thats good that is our guy guy nice nice were already 20 minutes in but at the very least well be able to get through the whole full opening theres a lot of cutscenes and truth be told first couple episodes of this is gonna seem somewhat slow until you get to the capital the adventure doesnt really open up that much but thats like the first I dont know two three hours of gameplay first two hours is probably accurate so you had to go through the character creation tutorial the cutscenes all that stuff Music hear ye hear ye the prophets have spoken friends the dragons return is 9 join the Honorable Dukes ranks and help us be rid of the foul beast the days come to lay down Music yes hes the dragon Music its up to me Im the only one who could beat this dragon because think just lands starts immediately cooking people Im a beach ass climb up and stamp it in the i/o or itll just anyones now typically theres a much longer cutscene here but for whatever reason after uploading this Ive discovered that at pomace Japan channel is copyright claiming every cutscene that dragon went back in after the fact cut out the cutscene theres another one in this episode Im gonna cut out some second episodes but just giving you a heads up might see things Brad Applause Music no record mr. Starr misty Mia swore our date Music Music Music Music is enough but justice talking to me take everything Music so I gotta grab one of these rusty ass weapons and start an adventure I could feel it in my bones Music before you can win your heart back from the dragon youll need to prepare so as I mentioned were gonna be starting with fighter if its your first time I were playing the game Strider is actually a lot of fun because daggers shred stuff climbing all over them were gonna be going into a hybrid of that but fighter will let me get a little bit extra health those first ten levels which will help out cuz assassin is pretty squishy beating foes of completing quests turned you experience each level raises all your attributes heal with theres anything else here Ill take the pie so I do have a couple of mods on that guy had mentioned them up until now but a link to them or in the description basically Im running something its just called the great mod compilation so it uh carry weight in this game was asked that removes that it makes it so it doesnt cost the stamina to sprint so you can actually travel the world as opposed to being out of stamina every 30 seconds couple texture overhauls shes not actually our cousin she just calls us that Music there was one that actually changes up stat growth for hybrid classes which could be Opie but Im gonna play with it anyway because itll allow me to play as assassin than if I want to switch over and play as a mystic night Ill be able to without having potato stats one that actually gives you some RC crystals so youre able to get pawns without that person being on your friends list theres a bunch of mods and a plenty of I guess I like is in the description and Music let me go around and get a couple items Music in quite a while since I play it I remember theres like a couple things right here in the town you can do cuz I need a favor I need more of the one you see there the more you can find this requests people threat I condemn ferment ship to your priority quest blah blah I have the flowers even know what kind of flowers she wants the wounded need matches I asked I never know where the flowers are I think theyre like right at the gate Im pretty sure purchase equipment hes fight him this one her chin see Sun bright and moon glow for her poultice gather some Sun bright and bring them to her fire bonita has you picking flowers for her the monsters grow bolder by night I do not fancy the thought of you going off on your own but our trust in your judgment if you come bar they in you can always rest until the hour you will what can I do you for okay now your affinity with people by giving them items or completing tasks how steal everything all right not every one of these I can do right now some of them I can but um whats gonna pick them up anyway right now I could probably do the rabbits thats about it now to get my ass beat Music remember where it was I remember there being like a chest that you can get two greenhouses somewhere trying to find that before we wrap up this episode no its like up here somewhere in this area I think if I remember I want to say that chest has like some better starting equipment I dont remember where it said I just know its like on the rooftops between houses basically its a value of gold or something where do the curing flour have you had a look by the shore I recall seeing some flowers at night snapped I even get up there here we go love the ability thats just running around like parkouring through your levels like how many RPGs let you do stuff like this my breath of the wild you can you can Im up stuff but and then dont think thats this extent um see I want to try and get to that roof there to that over there I dont know if Ill make this but come on Big Boy yes yes there we go right so I gotta get some flowers outside of town and I need to get the moon flowers actually I think theres something over here too that I can climb up and get to let me check um I think I mentioned it but obviously episodes were gonna try and keep these around thirty minutes as for rolling them out the current plan right now is Im just gonna get started with one Episode a day because we still have Final Fantasy and Skyrim ongoing of course has those series wrap up though we will increase Dragons Dogma to like two or three episodes a day and pick up the hemp man-eater will probably go concurrent with this series it might actually be a stream so I feel like thatd be really fun to play on stream but yeah this the this series will probably take us all the way up until last of us part two I plan on playing it for a while because truth be told while theres tons of stuff you could do in Skyrim and Skyrim could have lasted that long as much as I like Skyrim in terms of combat and just a game that appeals to me dragons startin was infinitely more fun between the combat and the climbing and come on being able to clamber up buildings and whatnot its just mechanically a more entertaining game in my opinion so anyway were gonna wrap up here though starting with the next episode will actually begin our journey going around and doing quests and all that Im gonna do what I can around the village before I actually set off because you know were not in any rush here so either way thanks for checking out the first part if youre interested in this game and youre watching this on day one check it out on Steam its like eight bucks right now I think the sale lasts like three or four more days so if you have ever been curious about the game now is definitely the time to get it cuz youre not getting it cheaper than $80 so either way stay tuned and I will catch you all soon enough with some more where to get free steam games While the slow season continues, were going to play one of my personal all time favorite RPGs. This playthrough includes updates made by the Great Mod Compilation found here: Set in a huge open world, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen presents a rewarding action combat experience. Players embark on an epic adventure in a rich, living world with three AI companions, known as Pawns. These partners fight independently, demonstrating prowess and ability that they have developed based on traits learned from each player. PC users can share these Pawns online and reap rewards of treasure, tips and strategy hints for taking down the terrifying enemies. Pawns can also be borrowed when specific skills are needed to complete various challenging quests. Dynamic combat experience – Cut off the four heads of a Hydra, climb atop griffins and fight airborne, or defeat dragons and other creatures by finding out their weaknesses. Tons of content – Includes all previously released DLCs, pre-order bonuses, retailer-exclusives, and the Dark Arisen expansion content. Features the highly praised combat experience and rich customization, plus a huge underground realm to explore with terrifying monsters. Customization options galore – Nine different vocations for players to choose from with a variety of skill options for each, armor that can be upgraded and enhanced, plus Pawn companions that can be trained to fit your desired combat style. Stunning visuals – Beautiful high res graphics with increased fidelity. Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Playlist: #DragonsDogma #DarkArisen #LetsPlay Become a member! or Want to leave a tip? Livestreams are every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 5:00 Pacific time! Discord: Twitter: All recordings and streams are done using OBS, an Elgato HD60 Pro, and a Logitech Pro X Headset. Whether its a headset or a keyboard, Logitech has the best gaming peripherals around. Use Amazon a bunch? Go through my affiliate link to help support me at no cost to you! Subscribe Here! Become a member! Check out my Top Videos! 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