Dragons Dogma Was Originally Twice Its Current Size

How to link ubisoft games to steamsteam how to locate installed game DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN review in its original form dragons dogma was twice as large as the game that finally shipped and the world the team mapped out would have been impossible to create within their given budget at a time but today were going to take a closer look at the cut content that never made it into the final release of dragons dogma starting off with some of the early vocation and character concept art this was the initial concept art for a proposal with a group shot of the different vocations and races that would fit in the fantasy genre here we see eastern dark skinned and elven characters but also beastfolk represented by this lion that never made it into the final game early concept art also show an unarmed and spear wielding class that i really hope they bring back in a sequel it also seems that magic would have looked different with the ideas they had in the early concept art for mages casting spells could have looked more immersive and magic items would be required to cast spells like seen here the use of casting motions is an idea that actually made it into dragon stogma online where you have to go through a mini-game when casting spells the concept art for monsters and enemies also revealed some really interesting ideas that never made it into the final release like destructible objects in the world and the possibility to interact with monsters to a higher degree than just climbing them other artwork shows some massive monster concepts that reminds me of shadow of the colossus they would need huge areas for these monsters to roam in but probably also a game mechanic for destructible objects during these enormous fights although the unused monsters we see here never made it to the final release of dragons dogma many of these concepts returned in the online version of the game in 2015 and if capcom are able to reuse these assets in the re engine there is a high chance well see these monsters return in the sequel as well the official design works for dragons dogma is filled with interesting secrets and concept art and if you enjoy these kinds of videos ill continue making showcases and dig deeper into the enemy designs and ideas that the team had when mapping out dragons dogma and also discuss what we could expect in a sequel with new enemy mechanics a more interactive world and next-gen combat steam hide purchase activity Today, we are going to take a closer look at the cut content that never made it into the final release of Dragons Dogma. Showcasing some of the early vocation, character and monster concept art.Discord - where to buy cheap steam games face steamer amazon how to add a game to steam run steam windows games on mac steam create shortcut for game