Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen - 10 Year Late Review

Okami steamepic games or steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN review is a truth youll find staring back from this world utmost death Dragons Dogma is an action RPG released in 2012 by Capcom for the Xbox 360 pro Gamers and the PS3 599 US Dollars it was then released again in 2013 as an enhanced Edition and again in 2016 for the PC this isnt working and again in 2017 for the Xbox One lets stick with 360 thats your message if you dont like it and PS4 399 before finally being released in 2019 for the Nintendo switch Ill try and guide you to a special place it received growing Acclaim at the time and is still a landmark RPG today so why review this 10 year old game now well Lord knows I have the time and Im a bit late to the party as I played this for the first time this year I didnt know much about Dragons Dogma going in Id seen it advertised years ago and what I saw looked like Dark Souls Dark Souls was everywhere back then it still feels like it is and honestly as someone who couldnt get into Dark Souls because I dont own the console I just let Dragons Dogma homogenized together with demon souls and Dark Souls it was then I heard that it was being ported to PC and I stayed well away from it I tried the Dark Souls PC port and it was embarrassing to say the least attempting to play that with a keyboard and mouse was like trying to perform major surgery with a trowel while wearing woolly gloves but it tainted my experience of PC ports fortunately Bayonetta was so good that I decided to dig into Dragons Dogma and from the moment I heard the opening music I was convinced there was more to this game than being a souls-like knockoff Im gonna start talking about the gameplay and as usual combat will be the primary focus of this segment but this is an RPG with questing and other mechanics so Ill introduce things organically as the game does youre thrown right into playing a man with a shield you dont know whats going on but theres a dragon chatting  __  at you and a dude telling you to press forward and fight goblins he sounds kind of familiar where have I hurt him before youre introduced to the basics of combat left-click to chain a basic sword attack right click to do a heavy attack youre then briefly introduced to the companion system in the game allowing you to bolster your numbers for your adventures again they drop the basics and move on I like this a lot stay ever ready as we advance I know this  __  guy from somewhere then more combat skills are introduced with ability attacks the whole time this is happening were delving deeper into a dungeon with dim Moody lighting and while we dont know whats happening we feel as though there will be some relevance to the plot its not just a tutorial its an actual part of the story we just dont know what it means yet the whole gobliner isnt be wary nazim is  __  nazim do you get to the Cloud District very often finally youre faced with more than Goblin cannon fodder a chimera attacks your little group for lunch and this is when I knew I had to put some serious time into this game you can climb up the monster and Target its different limbs snake head giving you grief climb up and cut it off do the same for the goat head and leave it flapping about flaccidly youve basically just got a lion now or be a really angry one okay Im going to break down each of these points a bit further but I wanted to show my appreciation for this intro as a tutorial that isnt boring after this you can create your own character and the Creator is really comprehensive with a lot of options you have scars makeup lots of head presets and all the important sliders one of the best features is stance slider you can decide if your character is more imposing or timid in their animations I made my Barbarian appropriately badass and as with any RPG editor you either spend 30 seconds or 30 minutes in there extra sick so half an hour later my character awakes and is instantly attacked by a giant dragon welcome to Dragons Dogma you wake up under the care of Queener a resident of casadis and you can pick your starting vocation on your adventures youll have access to nine classes or vocations fighter and Warrior are pure melee classes Mage and sorcerer are pure magic leaving Strider and Ranger as your mix of melee and range damage using bows and daggers this leaves the free hybrid classes the Assassin is a blend of fighter and Strider capable of wielding a shield as much as a bow the magic Archer is exactly what it says on the tin think Harry Potter with an archery license and the Mystic Knight is your Eldritch Warrior type combining medium armor Magic and a big  __  off Shield oh thats a thats a paladin main once you reach the main city you can switch to whatever vocation you like at the Inn first up I went with the sword and shield bearing fighter vocation and at first its as simple as before left click to chain together attacks and right click to do a heavy thrust no combos that mix and match the two which is kind of a disappointment but again Im not that good at combos so its probably for the best like most RPGs the real moves come through active abilities as you level up through questing and combat youll have to return to an Innkeeper to learn new skills by spending discipline points that you acquire as you level up some abilities will be brand new and some will be direct upgrades to existing skills you can also learn passive augments that you can share across vocations this makes it a good idea to get at least some play time in other locations and encourages you to try new play Styles even if youre comfortable where you are and if you dont like your new class you can go back to your original vocation with a passive bonus from unlocking the new one meaning youve wasted no time at all you have to pick and choose your skill Loadout however as you have limited slots before adventuring the game tells me to Gear Up from the first shot thinking I can handle whatever awaits me with just the starting gear I buy pickaxe and a coffee thermos this proves to be a mistake because in Dragons Dogma everything wants to kill you oh you can wander outside of the first town and kill a few goblins no worries but the first wolf pack will make you realize the game is serious and the first Bandit pack will make you realize you need to be too also your gear and skill choices arent the only ones that matter Dragons Dogma encourages Synergy with your party setup I ran with the classic two Mages a melee and a rogue my Mages are very squishy ridiculously squishy so its very important that enemies attack me but they dont want to attack me because theyve played MMOs before and they know that Mages hit hard but go down easy okay so Ill do this Shield taunt to keep them on me and there wont be a problem wrong because then they attack me and this guy with a shield just  __  curb Stomps me in two shots this isnt a mini boss or a special Bandit its just a random dude I killed the rest no problem a bit stressful with the archers but we got through it then this guy sees us and just demolishes my entire team twice I feel I must reassess my strategy Applause and by reassess I mean go to do another quest in a different area this is not only a perfectly valid strategy it is encouraged by the game Retreat is always an option as is running past someone because they cant catch you but hey at least I got my moneys worth for the pickaxe a rock at a nearby encampment I do a little tutorial for sir brine that tests my ability to drop off crates much more my skill level than fighting Bandits and also get a better explanation of the pawn system pawns are combat companions that learn with you as you play the game they gain experience on the quests and monsters you fight getting more proficient as you play you can design your primary Pawn yourself here is where things get interesting you can have a party of four and those two additional pawns or they can if youre online be other players pawns their own creations with their loadouts of skills spells and Equipment you can even influence your Pawns Behavior how aggressive they are which enemies they target making them more talkative or even how they react to certain events this system is really creative but presents a problem everyone wants their Pawn to be the talkative one and encourages that personality trait so sometimes you end up with everyone shouting at you all once it tends to even out once you get higher level pawns but at the start of the game when its making First Impressions its grating beyond belief now while your main Pawn levels up with you hired pawns do not you have to go back and get a higher level Pawn or keep playing with lobes for more of a challenge back in the game a Hydra attacks the camp and the main attraction the combat continues to shine the game presents you with these big enemies that have vulnerable points that you can Target to make the fight easier but Chimera has three heads a Hydra has well I guess infinite heads per Greek mythology so this fight could go on a very long time fortunately theres nothing wrong with my head game it runs away in fear which is probably for the best seeing as how cousin Lenny with his shield killed me and I am convinced the Hydra head was a fluke its around this point I unlock the ability to springboard pawns off my shield to Grapple onto bigger enemies and spend the next few hours just launching them into space the game then introduces escort quests although it does it in the worst way possible we are to transport the Hydra head to the capital for the amusement of the Duke I love this because it works well from a quest progression standpoint however this is the slowest escort Quest Ive ever seen night falls by the time we reach our destination but we make it to Grand soaring the main quest Hub oh I failed an entirely separate Quest oh the Healer who wanted me to grab herbs oh no biggie I guess I hope they dont do that for any important quests I got a bad feeling about this and to be honest Im starting to get a little bored simply because the variety of enemies has been non-existent outside of the Hydra its goblins I cant fail against and bandits I have no hope of defeating not even the springboard makes me smile anymore because there arent any monsters to throw people at when we reach the city however the game knows to change beats I find the pawn Guild and do a little basement cleaning for them this vertical underground dungeon is the perfect change of pace it introduces Undead enemies and they like wolves can grapple onto you and you have to Shake Yourself free or have a pawn help you as another example of group Synergy your Mages can buff your weapons with different magic effects and theyll try to use the right Boon for the right enemy Undead a week to Holy ogres hate lightning and almost everything Burns this dungeon also shows me theres going to be some platforming in the game and that I should not attempt any of it and now a real challenge in the tight twisting corridors of the everfall dungeon is an ogre a big bulky monster that will no doubt be devastating in close quarters excuse me sorry what Music yes as Daft as it sounds ogres are excited by the presence of women the more you have in your party the faster the ogre attacks okay thats a little weird game I wonder if theres a male equivalent oh so old ogres old ogres have a thing for the guys while young ogres have a thing for the ladies this is way more information than I needed to know so lets actually talk about how this is proving to be quite a challenging fight Im grappling hold of the yoga but its big and mobile so grappling its head is proving difficult and thats when I remember yes yes I launched my guy up there and hes attacking I cannot stress the satisfaction I felt when this worked go on my son Legolas the  __  out of that ogre its going my way and then the ogre enrages he is pissed at the gender ratio in my party hes so angry that he charges right off the staircase and dies its a little anticlimactic but I gotta admit the whole fight was fun after summoning a monster I cannot possibly defeat no not another Bandit I leg it back to the surface story reinforcing gameplay that running away is better than dying as I leave the building a man approach failed another Quest and here is where I got frustrated remember Queener the woman back at the start a side quest with her fails simply because you accept this Quest you cannot avoid accepting this Quest upon leaving the building which means she will be lost in the witchwoods forever and never be seen again Dragons Dogma warns you that progressing in the main story will lock you out of certain quests but it doesnt specify which ones so I reload a checkpoint fortunately I had not manually saved but it erased my progress in the dungeon what it also meant was I now had to run back to casadis because I didnt know at the time how to unlock the fast travel system so I ran all the way back over the  __  Mountain I just came through sprinting past the undefeatable Bandit all the way through the witchwoods my pawns dying hopelessly to ghosts because we got stuck in an area that clearly had higher Level Threats that seemed inescapable and it was pitchfucking black so I got lost but Id get there and I find Queener and guess what shes perfectly safe well thats just great I then decide to go back to Sardis and sleep it off at the Inn while there I deposit my materials in personal storage to lighten my bags and whats this what the  __  is this this is a Fairy Stone this is a free pass to the Fast Travel System I ran the entire mountain range for nothing why are you running why is this in the player storage and not given to me why is it something I have to stumble upon at this point in the recording I switched the game off for the night the constant running back and forth the lantern being extinguished every time I get it back out seemingly indestructible enemies amongst otherwise balanced ones combined with the ridiculous Quest locking had gnawed at my enjoyment for the game but I decided to come back because I knew going in it was going to have difficult moments I just wish they were challenging like Bayonetta not arbitrarily punishing so the next day I do the dungeon again and I gotta say that combat saves this game I encounter the ogre again he runs straight off the  __  Edge again the combat is unforgiving you not only need to master it but also game it when I finally unlock new abilities and had enough gold to get some better gear I returned to the Bandit group every time Ive died to him its because hes stun locked me Id lost control of my character so this time I skew him like a kebab locking him in place Dragons Dogma encourages you to think tactically its meant to have these difficult enemies amidst the more cannon fodder ones because otherwise theyre just packs of cannon fodder shortly after I unlocked the warrior vocation and now were talking I get a big great sword to swing around and I love it the warrior is pure damage unflinching undaunted melee combat is responsive yet weighty and that it will instantly perform whatever attack you choose and always lines up correctly with your camera so you can perform spin moves but if you miss you have to wait while your character reels that sword back in leaving you totally vulnerable timing is everything in the melee classes and especially so for the warrior who is powerful but slow risk reward is one of the best ways to make a melee combat system swinging and missing or over exerting your stamina can leave you wheezing for breath in the middle of a war zone Dragons Dogma makes every Miss exposure to danger but even then gives you a chance to recover if youre well prepared enemy attacks are well telegraphed and once youve seen an attack its easy to recognize a second time speaking of Weaponry every equippable item from your Shield to your shoes can be enhanced at the blacksmith with material drops this is a system more games need it encourages you to go out and collect random things to have stuffed onto your sword and it usually makes sense direwolf Cape bring direwolf pelts gold daggers bring gold ore some of the items have very particular requirements for upgrading and its fun to try and upgrade everything even if I dont use the item the materials can be used right out of your item storage thats just good design on top of this slaying worms and Dragons has a chance to dragon forge equipped items youve already enhanced making it even more a worthwhile Endeavor to seek out rare materials I cannot stress how much I like this system do quests and dungeons to find loot find materials to make them better then do harder boss fights to make them even better exploration is a massive part of gameplay there are secrets everywhere caves hidden in Cliffs and Dragons Dogma encourages you to go off the beat and track wherever possible just be sure youre prepared for whatevers there I decide I want to try some other vocations to showcase the options this is a review after all as a wizard lover I go mage of course this means I must send Merlin back home but not without giving nazim a parting gift I dress him up in a blue dress before we say our goodbyes I can even rate him on my phone I finally recruit the big chunky fighter Ive seen every time I come in here spend a fair amount of time equipping myself in magewear and venture out as a wizard a master of the arcane and five minutes later Im bored it is horrendously dull the basic attack is like if Gandalf had a shitty Tommy Gun and the way spell targeting Works feels so awkward to me the way buffing your team works is great but not enough to keep you playing I literally cant get back fast enough fortunately I added Merlin to favorites so I get him back and try the Mystic Knight instead its an improvement I like the magical blocking techniques and approve of the simple sword moves pairing the Arcane with the benign for a defensive but mobile melee play style I finally try out the Strider class and this is incredible paired with the boons from my Mage Im a lightning slinging Archer and a whirling torrent of electric steel at the same time not so tough now are we cousin Lenny ranged combat feels as reactive as melee its fast responsive and accurate I even try some long distance sniping on this fog charm wow and suffice to say that aiming is pretty damn good taking movement steadiness and skill into account but Im just about feeling like the power creep has caught up that Im unbeatable and the game is about to get dull and then I stumble upon a dragon and get absolutely smashed the leveling and power curve in Dragons Dogma is so satisfying every Milestone feels like a true achievement and overcoming an enemy always feels like an accomplishment a combat system is just so visceral mobile and empowering yet always knows when to remind you that you can still get smacked about the harpies and Griffins can pick up your party try and shake you off or just fly away with you cyclopsis will hold you in place when theyre downed Golems are magically animated Creations that are basically Invincible fighting huge monsters is absolutely the highlight of the game with special shout out to the Amazing Dragon and hydrophytes but that doesnt mean you dont look forward to wading through the undead with a glowing holy great sword skeleton Warriors advancing and zombies exploding left and right the game continues after the main quest with the entire world becoming cloaked in darkness and a more deadly place than ever before there are greater bosses to fight buffed versions of old monsters and brand new opponents like frostworms as  __  dogs that breathe fire just chilling in the road that drag you away to melt lava in your face the game encourages you to return to Old places to fight new bosses to collect new armor and weapons and enhance them with brand new materials the combat is absolutely the Saving Grace of the games shortcomings and speaking of shortcomings lets move on to the story and characters ah okay and not quite what I was expecting after the prologue your character wakes up in the sleepy little town of casadis where they are immediately attacked by a giant dragon your character being the chattest Fisher in town picks up a sword and stabs him in response the dragon rips out your Beating Heart  __  eats it and flies off and then your character wakes up again and goes off to reclaim their heart so far this is the most metal RPG protagonist Ive ever seen Im not going to spoil the main story Quest but I will spoil the bits I think important enough to mention Im going to try and comment more on the overall quality of the storytelling and there are a few memorable characters that show up repeatedly and I Want To Praise their design voice acting and general characterization Elysian a mysterious evil cult leader who just seems to love being evil look at this guy hes pen pals with Palpatine Edmund dragons Bane hero and Duke of grantses who commands fear and respect alike Mercedes commander of the enlistment Corps who is more noble than practical Mason a ruthless and mysterious man working to bring down the cult of Salvation and then theres Madeline shes a pragmatist who loves money A true Wheeler Dealer with only the clothes on her back the first time you meet her she asks you to escort her down the road and then ask you for money with a shit-eating grin will you spare some gold I would repay you of course at some point most likely she reminds me a lot of Quark always chasing a big score always on the wrong side of the law and only just getting away with it for all of us for gold though ultimately you know she has a heart and Quark was a flirt too his reward was impressive to say the least Music and of course the enigmatic Dragon himself more than a monster a nemesis the Deep conversations from RPGs like Mass Effect just arent present but for what they have to work with they do the characters Justice in my opinion I think Elysian should have got more screen time he only appears twice and goes from feeling very relevant to utterly meaningless request system itself is my biggest gripe it can and will lock you out of quests as you progress the main story forcing you to tackle optional side quests immediately if you want the whole picture at one point Im tasked with four worm hunting quests and theyre all good fun once I return to hand them in I am told the Duke wants an audience but also that proceeding with this will lock me out of quests and also cancel some that Im carrying now this is good its giving me fair warning that if I accept this Quest others will fail I have time to go do the other worm hunts which I already did because I didnt want to risk it and then accept the quest this is an improvement over finding out after you turn in the quest in fact after the mounting backtrack I checked the wiki ahead of time if I had handed in all of these worm quests and accepted the follow-up I would have missed Madelines side quest because it cannot be picked up while you have the wormhunt quests in your quest log you have to complete them leave go visit Mason and then accept Madeleines Quest you missed the quest she stays in the tavern will never open her shop and youll never have access to her expanded inventory I think you know what I mean so I get into the castle and this little  __  puts a silly hat on me but the Duke is Chill so it aint all bad I feel your crown now Shines My Own he Knights you and you head outside the camera draws attention to a woman in the garden maybe you can go visit her anytime you want right wrong the game throws you another curveball if you walk too close to the exit gate a cutscene will trigger and this woman will magically vanish who is this woman Eleanor the Dukes wife an arguably major character who you will never even meet if you dont instantly run over to her like a crazy person oh well maybe shes not important to the story no she is shes a potential romance interest has at least three quests of her own and provides a window into the Dukes true State of Mind during one of her quests where its clear that the Duke isnt performing his duties hes not set foot within miladys Chambers since the wedding night she invites the Arisen to her room I  __  Sprint up there but what I did not expect was to get a story bombshell the Duke bursts in and in a state of mad stupa chokes her it turns out the Duke isnt actually chill we made this one up the game then gives you the choice to save her or watch her die an actual real Choice with real consequences that will remove a character from the game now the Dukes wife is named Eleanor and as hes choking her he calls out Lenore its not quite the same spelling and you get the sense he isnt talking to her I mean he doesnt sleep with her this isnt a man who married a young woman to bed shes a replacement to fill a hole left by regret you dont get the wealth of dialogue you do from RPGs like Dragon Age or Divinity thats kind of the point your drip fade and you need to piece things together a lot like working out how to approach the game now this is fantastic storytelling but the gameplay presenting it to you means you can miss all of it just by wandering too close to a  __  gate for every bit of brilliant dialogue like this ah glorious Return of the inevitable the indomitable yeah scratched that last one who are you again there is an annoying Quest annoying mechanic like this also gay is a bit dumb that Eleanor goes from hello I am The Duchess who will bang okay in one conversation but whatever the main quest is short she knows she doesnt have much screen time to work with here the side quests range from randomly killing  __  to fetching specific items to other tasks make good side quests for an RPG I helped a wizard find a powerful Tome and later on he showed up in a main quest fight where he utterly obliterated a griffin another Quest involved catching a thief I tried to hopelessly chase after him for 10 minutes before finally throwing a  __  Barrel at him and completing the quest thank you Dark Messiah one Quest features fornival a landlord asking me to evict a family from their home how heroic later by the authority of the Royal Court Im asked to collect evidence because it seems form of all may in fact be up to no good and around the world I can collect both evidence and testimony that would exonerate or incriminate him theres a very good chance hes guilty you left enough Clues to sink a ship but you decide his fate what I love most about this side story is the quest Giver cannot believe thornable got off the charges he is clearly put out and regrets assigning me the task he was judged innocent somehow it was an acquittal hewed in Shades of Gray what a fantastic touch to round off an awesome set of side quests the quality of the cutscenes are really quite superb and while standard fare with minimal style choices theyre just so nice to look at but the deepest cut is that the main story feels Half Baked the cultist angle is interesting but ultimately goes nowhere the core Intrigue is however well done and one of the stronger parts of the game these quests coupled with the small more personal stories are what kept me playing and when the main quest does find its footing its something quite unique there is a constant dark undertone running through the story a grimness that sets it apart from others a world where every hero eventually has had their day but thats enough Quest text for now we move on to the Sound and Music from the moment this game starts it was the music that hooked me that opening theme is how you seduce a player and the rest of the score is equally memorable appropriate for the action taking place and helps immerse you into the world you know youre somewhere safe when the music is light and cheerful and you know to equip your Lantern and ready your sword when the choir singers come out or it goes deadly silent a full Orchestra was behind Behind the musical score led by tadayoshi Makino whose work includes Monster Hunter World another amazing soundtrack to my surprise inonzer made contributions to the score the man behind the incredible Dragon Age Origins soundtrack the team also included Mayo Yoshi ishi and rykondov the latter of which worked on Bayonetta I guess if youre going to make some slamming Tunes you get multiple people whove worked on some of the best soundtracks ever made the score is so lengthy and contains many ambient tracks so to say that all memorable would be a lie but every single one of them pulls you into the game captures a different emotional action the ones that are memorable do stick with you fighting your first ogre fighting the dragon the pipes that greet you as you enter Grand Sauron and the choir that awaits you when you venture back outside the Dragons Dogma soundtrack is absolutely a golden record when it comes to RPG music the active sounds are phenomenal the Clashing of Steel twangs of loose arrows and sizzling spell fire not to mention the chilling groans of the undead lying in weight why no dont want to die then you have the deep voice of the worms mocking you as you fight them the cries of the mythological beasts the passive sounds are as good as the active sounds even just running through the forest you notice that the birds sounds arent just part of an ambient track theyre localized so youll run past trees where birds are crying out as the first light of dawn comes growing quieter As you move past them I cannot praise the sound design enough the voice acting is honestly superb despite how little screen time most characters have the actors really capture the roles my highlights were JB Blanc as eldest for making the smaller role stand out so well Alan shearman as duke Edmund who perfectly conveys the dark hero of old absolutely Kate Higgins as Madeline who  __  Nails the rogus charmer and David Lodge who completely owns his role as the dragon both articular and clever yet vicious and Powerful always knowing the full picture and the true weight of your choices but letting you make them in Blissful ignorance anyway now chew I think graphics are a really boring thing to judge a game on so Im doing visuals and spectacle and thats how dazzling and interesting is to me within the style of the game but Ill also call something out if I think it looks bad mechanically if a games visuals actively work against it and arent just the shortcoming of the era it was made in Dragons Dogma is visually beautiful most of the textures are great the lighting is incredible but something is just off it took me a while but I recognized the same issue I had with another Capcom game Monster Hunter world theres this horrible Haze over the screen a big blurry filter that makes all those wonderful visuals look like trash I dont know why they did this and I think anti-aliasing may make it worse while were on the negative the skin textures are weird to say the least I think they were going for realistic pores on their skin textures but they made it look like everyone has the shingles I do not understand why this is like this because the rest of the textures are gorgeous again I can only assume it is a design decision because other games that came out earlier had much better human textures worst of all in the PS4 re-release trailer we can see this blurry filter is gone replaced with a crisp image it looks like they cleaned up the skin textures as well these are things they should have fixed with a PC Port some people may not approve but Im going to provide two solutions to fix this problem because its a long game Monster Hunter world has the exact same blurry screen filter and I fixed that by installing reshade I did it for Dragons Dogma and you know what tick a few boxes the effect is gone you dont need a preset anyone can do this and Im going to include a tutorial in the description so you can get it looking like mine and if you want to go further install dinkys mod compilation as well it fixes the skin textures cleans up UI fonts it makes things look better without touching an iota of gameplay these changes will do nothing but fix two things that would have been fixed if the PC Port came out after the PS4 okay now that thats out of the way and I hang here from my crucifix for using mods let me say that everything else in this game works together to form one of the most striking visual spectacles Ive ever seen with or without changing anything gorgeous Sky boxes are desaturated yet Rich environment dark dank dungeons incredible Vistas make up the region of grantus and sometimes you genuinely just want to stop and look at the landscape meanwhile on a purely mechanical level most of the textures are good resolution for the time sometimes your eyes notice repeated textures where theres a particularly sparsely decorated area but its forgivable because theyre few and far between the majority of areas are tightly decorated and easy on the eyes the enemies are wonderfully horrible the designs are grim and air on the side of realism perfect for the harsh setting while you will see enemies repeated and reskinned it isnt something you really notice and the animation work is fantastic the undead shamble appropriately towards you the leaping and swiping motions of Boss enemies are fluid with good hitboxing one of the more memorable parts for me was encountering skeletons for the first time theyre janky but intentional movement reminded me instantly of Ray harryhausens beautiful stop-motion animation work so they get some bonus Nostalgia points from me your own animations are as fluid and responsive as the controls an absolute necessity for a combat system like this and they nailed it the lighting system is gorgeously atmospheric and only serves to further immerse you in the world and helps to create some of the most Stark environments Ive seen in a third person game it doesnt quite get a 10 but its up there in the high nines this ones a Garner summary time Im going to wrap up starting with the negative points because I want to end on a positive note we know how to get into the sewer we go in the sewer you find a lot of things down the sewer there are times when your pawns are Terminators and other times when theyre just dead weight with no real Rhyme or Reason for why theyre so bad at the game besides having to learn to fight enemies but I would have liked it if they just assumed moving out from under a dragon to be common sense the difficult multi-curve is a real roller coaster once youre over the initial shock a lot of the enemies become easy but the bosses stay difficult so would I recommend Dragons Dogma only to existing fans of the RPG or arpg genres its marred by clumsy systems and interfaces designed for consoles but has a combat system that shines above all that its hindered by a dumb Quest stage execution and a storyline that never quite becomes what it could have been but makes up for it with a grim setting good characterization and nice lore this is what the recommendation hinges on being able to make it past that initial slog and bear with the drawbacks because what you have is a true diamond in the rough with a phenomenal combat system beautiful visuals interesting characters dark Lore and potentially endless replayability there is a new game plus built in so you can build your strength even further with new rewards a hard mode to make the game even more challenging to end game dungeons with the first being the ever fall and the second bitter black Isle a highly dangerous deadly open plan dungeon with its own quests designed to truly test your skills I went there and properly got my ass kicked by death himself some of the pawns created by other players are so creative and imaginative that its just a joy to see who walked into the rift someone even made Michael Keaton Dragons Dogma gives you a vast world to explore a plethora of enemies to fight spectacular boss fights dozens of items to collect and enhance and oh well of course you can rifle through the duchesss bedroom and collect her panties then upgrade them to rank free and wear them while you leap into battle wading through enemies then fight a dragon with them on so they dragon forge  __  game you better know it Applause Music Applause Music foreign Music Applause Music fallout new vegas steam deck probably one of the best rpgs ever made.instructions to remove shitty green haze- download reshade (google it) and install it to DDs location with the first few filtersrun game, open reshade interface, turn on the following AMD FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening: 0.000 Contrast, 1.000 Sharpening Intensity Curves: Both Luma and Chroma, Simplified Catmull-Rom, 0.121 LumaSharpening: 0.650, 0.035, Normal, 1.000 TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Opening 1:45 The Gameplay 11:01 In the Everfall of the Mountain Ogre 20:49 Story and Characters 28:29 Sound and Music 31:23 Visuals and Spectacle 35:04 Summary Time . 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