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Play steam games mobilesteam summer sale 2022 dates DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN review all right Howdy Folks welcome back to wait not welcome back welcome to Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen a game that came out back in 2012 remade for the PlayStation 4. Ill play it on the PlayStation 5. Im excited to get into this um this is recommended to me by a friend uh as I continue to look for a game that I really actually want to play um Ive played like five or six and none of them have worked out Ive played kingdoms of amalore um you know Ive played Elder Scrolls Online its been a lot um to anyone I guess I dont know what is a pawn dont invert anything yeah well do those what is a pawn normal sure but this is a pretty big fantasy RPG thats what I want to play so Im excited to get into it but well see what its all about Ive kind of lost Hope on a good game I mean like I took Elden ring for granted for sure well go options see if theres like a controls all right jump action heavy light yeah all right this looks pretty basic start a new game do I create a character I have to imagine so or do we play as somebody oh boy how dark its gone have you a light source no I dont what in the world Darkness at that all right how do I do that there we go the game looks all right for being a 2012 release okay I can sheath yeah I gotta do this stuff oh my gosh meals imaginary all right what are we doing all right movement feels a little like pretty good Im a gateway to the left here invoking the stone can gain you new allies known as Pawns Earths Stone etched with strange markets maybe some pawns oh what the heck hi what are your names oh just like a couple helpers like uh like Ive got a little party with me thats fun I see out of here bring steel upon it huh Im lost dude get buried we pick up items with R2 people are ready thats interesting am I like missing stuff as well I dont think so this is a good playing game though have I not Ive heard of it but Ive never like really considered it thats a monster all right Music get him Morgana foreign so Ive got some cool skills I can use anything over here all right what in the world be wary oh were jumping ow this game is good bro oh I picked up gee out of here out of here is that a boy good shot so am I gonna get like customize my own friends how do I get up there all right this is a chest all right we killed him are these bad guys they look nice a horse Spud juice what yall got over here I should be proud to guide you okay here fear of beasts all around this this sir beyond that grand door the dragon makes its roof okay this is healing me what is that even doing I dont know okay cutscene thats a lion just goat what is that what are those called its got a name foreign thats it ow kill the freaking snake got the snake Music Music get off die die die die die die die die die kill them freaking goats foreign Music the goat is dead Im a little trapped here get down die die die Music foreign nice I dont know what in the world is going on Music but the Chimera is down Proclaim Mastery over what are we facing that dragon nope okay were not fair enough Music foreign oh my gosh final boss I take it oh hes dead no hes not never mind I lied foreign guys in this thatd be cool for once all right I take it theyre not Knights need to peel them up ah character creation beautiful well Im a dude cool poses man Im a confirmed dude because Im a dude um all right Music I like it when it gives you a name but I have one carrying oh carrion oh I have to do one of these well Karen carrion Karen there you go I guess other people can play with him or is this an online game is this a class or is this just like picking what I look like whats that Jesus honestly do I want to be a mage like am I feeling mage I I kind of am I dont know I kind of want to be a mage Im never a mage in games but Ive wanted to be recently lets rock with this then this is a good look for mage uh lets test it oh yeah thats good type six oh thats it I I dont can I change his hair yeah more detailed as it edits I I love this hair a lot actually that ones pretty good I like long hair I have long hair in real life so long hair kind of curly-ish I like the buns too all right lets go up to one see what else we have here thats a good hairstyle right there lets do this right here this is the best looking one in my opinion um got some faces oh and this changes hair but I I want a beard so this looks like my way of getting a beard freaking old people bro honestly that hair looks good foreign I like the beard so lets keep the beard do hairstyle 20. oh my the color or anything this looks pretty good to me oh I can change facial hair as a mage type character maybe a mustache kind of like a a two-piece type look what we think like a two-piece you know what Im talking about when I say two-piece ah not that that looks weird there we go theres the two-piece all right um I think Im good all right carrion uh moniker Karen kind of oh wait can I change my height and stuff yeah Im Im good with the way I am I think I look sick all right carrion has been created Im ready to play height and weight never really matter its just on the appearance of your character commonly lets get into this baby it didnt ask me a class did I miss that maybe there he is handsome devil Music wow this is pretty 2012 game the dragons return is nine strengths and help us be rid of the foul Beast the days come to lay down rod and reel and take up the sword Music just when I thought we were gonna get some time just to walk around the city I lied is is the Dragon oh shoot no way this is a boss fight foreign a sword youre a mage get you a staff or something oh are we about the 1v1 this thing this is an insane start to a game bro you just killed him yeah he did this is like freaking whats whats the game Shadow the Colossus I feel like I have to get to his head hold on carrion hold on what the heck bro huh oh I hit him am I dead thatd be a way to end the game oh no oh my God be my friend oh my gosh he just took our heart out how are you still alive brother foreign is going on the dragon speaks but I dont know what hes saying thats the wildest intro Ive ever seen bro Music hes dead theres no way his heart is gone theres no freaking way oh his heart like or his chest mended do we like live through the Dragon foreign theres the options so the dragon like were like twin its not like we we know each other like Voldemort and Harry Potter its time for you to begin your journey as a risen but before you can win your heart back from Dragon youll need to prepare I figured foreign your vocation determines your basic attributes buildable equipment and skills so if this is class sword shield yeah we played with that uh daggers bow and then the staff um yeah we know the the Mage is what we want to go with all right primary sword is there coming back okay yeah I think I only have one because I just have the staff right yes the wound has closed and it seems the worst has passed but the heart a lie silent Music you are sure of this yes ill magic the work of some curse The Whole Worlds already gone mad for fear of this Dragon wont no good come of this I must go see to the otherskina tell me if what changes here all right Music okay defeating foes and completing questions you experience in each level yeah I dont like allocating my attributes I wish you would not strain yourself so oh the chief says your injury could be a curse from the dragon yeah thats not something I know how to heal there must be a way we were not the only one to suffer the Wrath of the worm cause yeah there were many wounded others some were not so fortunate the whole village was worried about you theyd be well relieved to see you up and about perhaps you might go and see the others if you feel well enough you fight for this Village and here I sit with my hands at my side poor Cana so very hopeless I tremble to think what the dragon might have wrought without your Brave Defiance our village burned with all of us Supreme all right shes just saying like the same thing just in a different way sleeping quarters Music so the home city is called casardis uh uh I had you an empty flask you might take it here um its food and water a thing in this game oh some jazz in the world Music can I see the map this is kind of where Im going any other points really no okay purchase equipment from shops okay gotcha the shop hmm how did I find you I dont understand when the world is going on but Im sure Ill figure it out well were at the gate Music foreign Legion huh they come from some unknown place just appear without a warning not human quite they looked apart sure enough but they lacked the will the spark would drive us so they live as cell swords marmadons their called the village where men gather to face the Dragon Id wager a fair number of his kind will be there as well why dont you take him might be you learn out of why he came to you in the first place before leaving visit the store to make sure available cost changes your Progressive damage and you can always consult the quest section at the pause menu oh red means Quest got it okay doing so make all people places and things are open priority Quest appear prominently all right gotcha that pawn will be looking to Head West with the encampment why dont you see him then hes kind of rot where they stand okay come on Pawn leave what in the world this is gonna be fun I have a feeling I havent even played with my little all right Ill be with you in a sec Rook but um Im gonna call it an episode here because we only do 30 minute episodes Ill see yall in a couple days with episode two Im gonna play more of this Im excited to see what it it holds us or if you like the video hit the like button and subscribe um to the channel Ill see yall next time Im out prostate steam A friend of mine recommended me this game because I could not find something I really enjoyed. Luckily, I think we found a winner. Enjoy the blind playthrough. steam games that came out 2021 can you play games from steam on xbox steam plague inc top game steam epic games play with steam