The Dragons Dogma Remaster Looks Insanely Good

Do you own the games you buy on steam2 euro games steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN review all right what is up guys so the remaster is a project that ive been uh ongoing for uh quite a while now the modder super dante also known as austin shelton in our discord he has been working on this mod for uh i think a couple of years at this point its both textures and enemy placements now and something really interesting is that we can actually and this is actually something yeah really crazy i heard about this yesterday there is a possibility now to actually make new stages like in skyrim so its pretty interesting all in all and well see what what this looks like today lighting mod is also making this look incredibly good its the enb from wigfoot this is not even in 4k this is 2k when we start to start out the game im gonna switch the env off and on and you can see the huge difference Music that is insane that looks insanely good lets just swap so you can see the transition here telling you about my name journey yeah of course so when i started on youtube my channel name was uh i think it was uh sam the writer seven it actually lingered from my uh i wanted to make a motorcycle channel so thats why i called it uh sam the rider seven and actually made some motorcycle videos back in the day and then i changed it to rift stone gaming i think after that i teamed up with uh the lore team that we have now and uh we named it uh team riftstone for that reason can we get a motorcycle yeah damn madora looking sharp as  __  man this looks really nice look at how dark the shadows are oh yeah im impressed damn rosettas looking dirty just the way i like her is your handiwork best girl indeed all right lets take in the view here im not talking about that for you talk about this view so from on here theres a lot of new enemies added and well see whats new here i always like to go left here first oh  __  not this not this not like this oh man man almost one shot  __  hell is this how hard mode is and now i remember kicked out thanks for suggesting that man thats the thing with dragons dogma you are insanely squishy in the beginning then you get powerful and then you get unstoppable this is the best best way to play indeed moldy for more health i didnt know that actually strider for nihil my man strider is nihils class im more of a assassin or mk kind of guy ill make for the castle directly to offer my report to his brace ill have words sent for you friend pray sojourn in the capital a while to the castle step lively oh  __  holy  __  now i saw it holy  __  oh man hes an actual boss we got boss health bars  __  hell thats disgusting you almost cant go at him if we  __  pushed him back to his lair where are we going i have no idea chad i have no idea all right nice nice chunk of xp there very nice austin all right thats a hefty enemy that is a hefty enemy lets get this small voice first god damn hes hes a big boy hes a big boy indeed Music give me your tail all right you and me now all right i cant block that fair enough Music and the music is on fire damn were gonna come back boys were gonna come back for this theres the big one damn thats a boss Music was so cool that enemies are look more and more hurt when you attack them really cool austin all right lets see what you have lets see what you have in store for us man im expecting big holy  __  Laughter that is uh definitely big and we got some saurians all right all right were not uh equipped to fight this one yet come on all right not today not today Laughter just what is this scrap to you loose those lips it might be our repair Music damn the lighting good well anything else i might work on for you damn the chad moves i bid you a good day Music Music you steam sonic mania First look at the Dragons Dogma Remaster. WIP mod adding new enemies & bosses, with improved textures and lighting.VOD Livestream: Modlist - Dragons Dogma Remastering Project: Remastering Dragons Dogma - 4K world textures - LDKSuperDante Cleaner Face/Body Textures - Upscaled and reworked textures - LDKSuperDante WickfutENB - Highly Advanced ENB Preset - Wickfut New Enemy Encounters - Work in progress - LDKSuperDante next fest steam why is steam not letting me play a game steam game wallpaper why is steam validating my game free multiplayer games steam