Dragons Dogma PC Gameplay - Even Better Than On Console?

Share games in steamcan i play my steam games on ps5 DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN review steamer lane surf Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen has just been released on PC, and its fantastic. Our Jim Trinca loved the game on Xbox 360, but the PC version runs in 1080p60 (and higher, probably). It includes every piece of extra content released for the original, including the massive Dark Arisen expansion that you had to re-buy the game to get (which was a bit daft, Capcom, to be honest). Check out our review of the original here: It’s taken a long time for the game to make its way to PC, but the wait has arguably been worth it. The smooth framerate does wonders for the previously shonky combat, and there’s no more letterboxing (the original versions famously had black bars cropping the screen, reducing the number of pixels being rendered). However, the texturing, character models and UI all seem to have been transferred from the 360 version untouched, and while it does support mouse & keyboard, its implementation is a bit rubbish, meaning that PC users need a controller to enjoy Dragon’s Dogma properly. We’re pretty sure most serious PC gamers do have a 360 controller sitting around, though. Pro-tip: the Dualshock 4 works great as a substitute. Its still very much a 7th-gen game, then, but by far the definitive version. Join Jim & Alice as they play through the beginning of this wonderful, weird saga. Join The VideoGamer Community Club: Like and share to help grow the channel. ►SUBSCRIBE ➜ Check out for the latest news, reviews and features! @VideoGamerCom steam games keep crashing tampa steam team steam profile pictures can you play blizzard games on steam deck korean steamed egg