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Dnd like games on steamsteam download stuck DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN review Atlas Fallen comes out May 16th from deck 13. its a title that aims to hit a wide swath of genres all at once hub-based exploratory third-person action game and its coming out for PC Xbox and PlayStation and you may be wondering yourself what is atlas Fallen thats a good question because not a lot of people know they announced this at an event they showed a little trailer and that was it I got hands on with the title for a great deal of time Im going to talk to you about it this is the story of an ancient sun god heavy in brightness but steeped in darkness extracting the toll of life from the planets inhabitants in a consistent set of rituals until your character finds a mysterious Gauntlet and together they decide that the time is right to split away from the current factions and return the land to the people themselves Im not sure why the 1980s sentient jelly bracelet fat has suddenly come back though here admittedly it is a gauntlet but its hard not to notice just how many games seem to be skewing this way with a character especially when it comes to a characters guide within the game world and Im going to talk about that here subscribe if you like the video my sponsors me my brand is me this will be mostly b-roll As once again we have a company that doesnt really want you to see whats going on on the screen that isnt already vetted by them I do want to make sure that you understand that my version was actually running better than the b-roll youre going to see here but such is life theres no mistake in the thematic and gameplay comparisons that arise from Atlas fallen from Destiny to outriders Avengers and more perhaps the most telling though is like a desert Darksiders hulking men and women with giant gauntlets a pashawn for platforming and moving across a massive world with one Hub a Friendly Village to the next utilizing combos with massive weapons take down an assortment of enemies here the weapons are made from the earth or sand itself like axes and swords as well as adding the abilities to the characters that sort of go into those fictionally like tornadoes adding relics to The Gauntlet and outfitting yourself with various armor and Equipment you find in the games full loot system you can become the savior of this desert world now any action game especially one that has you exploring the dune-like region of an extra fantasy world needs excellent combat and enemies otherwise it falls to the Wayside like an amazing movie idea that never gets to film within Atlas Fallen enemy makeup is more like smaller group enemies medium and huge like creatures enemies in the preview that I saw has you cracking different parts of them to do more damage to the larger enemies so for example they may have some particular armor point that you break you can easily get killed if you push that without paying attention while the smaller and medium enemies are a little bit more forgiving smaller groups of enemies both ground-based and flying consistently close in on you as locations that you explore within the game world are usually strung about from sort of Hub point to HUB Point use two button combos to string together attacks with floating parries and Dodges locking and unlocking enemy targets with the flick of the GamePad stick allows you to Free Run in combat as well or again lock onto a specific body part art if youre fighting those larger enemies be aware that tutorials were with Gamepad so thats how I played with this now as the hero you have a momentum system in combat this is Central to almost everything that Atlas Fallen has and is presenting to you it wants to be this and show you to this but its also subtly delivered so much so that even realizing its a gameplay element can take you a tiny bit of time momentum builds as you hit enemies and as you hit you can do more combos that youve unlocked versus spinning them directly for moves as weve seen in other games however as you gain momentum you start to basically push yourself too hard and hard and harder and harder still resulting in overextending yourself which means that you can then take more damage what that means is theres this odd dance between risk and reward but also on the cross axis of the game player themselves really choosing how far they want to engage with it the huge problem that I can see that this might lead to is some Gamers feeling like the only way to see or do some of the coolest stuff in this game is to play the exact way Atlas Fallen wants you to and it can lead to the developers having to figure out a way to balance it they did make surge one and two and I figured they probably know what theyre doing those games may have had their issues but I actually didnt find that combat was one of them the game has a Dodge and a Parry system with Perry instantly refreshing if you succeed in its use or burning away and needing to refresh if you missed it now while forespoken had sprinting many games have horses or flying steeds Atlas Fallen has sand skis though theyre invisible its best to not dwell on exactly how all this is going on but its another gift thats bestowed by The Gauntlet that you found and you can ski around up or down and across the dunes combining it with double jumps as well as aerial attacks against flying creatures platforming isnt just double jumping and sand skiing though you can also use a magic Gauntlet that can raise Fallen pillars from the Earth to get you to places that you werent able to get to or discover lost artifacts long buried in the sands of time like an Infinity Gauntlet stuck on one color you run around the game World upgrading it and during the preview I got to see how some of this would work with both platforming as well as combat and really the comparisons here are with games that weve seen recently not in a bad way let me explain this for example a lot of Atlas Fallen feels a bit like forespoken but theres something thats less loose about this game and its more fun as a result of that leaping around the game World using the gauntlet to raise up some lost Tower of Babel and then leap on it to further explore was enjoyable slashing through enemies with weapons created from the sifting sand itself is a very unique idea you can watch them solidify and then actually briefly disperse with each hit it makes the solid weapons hit with an impact you expect but also reflects the magic that so obviously been gifted to the main character and I really like the idea artistically the game does look like a mix of other titles as well Hub areas are wide enough to look a bit open world and characters and locales have a very Darksider style look to them with cities and towns and other banded areas also reminding me a bit of Dragons Dogma in the later locations all these ideas and themes may or may not pay off as theyre mixed together Atlas Fallen would be spectacularly unique in an action platformer if it could take everything and merge it into one filling a gap that at times feels like it hasnt been filled by much other than maybe a remake of Darksiders that we saw or it could really fall apart a mess of ideas that never comes together and becomes nothing more than just a passing experience of random gameplay elements as ethereal as the weapons that you swing around and the fiction and the look of the world did grab me Atlas also played incredibly smooth with no FPS issues throughout the demo though it did have some pop in and this is well before the game goes gold artistically I like the idea of the game and the characters but the world does seem a tiny bit off previews have a tendency to be nothing more than public relations most of the time however as with any company I deal with focus in deck 13 are open to me pointing out these weaknesses and just stating this is something that I noticed and having that reflect in the previews and it is something that I noticed at the same time time I also saw some stuff there that looked like it could be really cool thats also why I have to mention again that using B footage is something were seeing in a lot of these previews and this was supplied but my version ran better and in many places looked better there are some spoiler moments in my gameplay I noticed when it came to text so I figured thats most likely why theyre doing this and these days companies are becoming more and more cognizant that even in their own previews they sometimes have spoilers now Co-op is going to be available for the main game proper and during the review code time frame but it wasnt available for this time tracking the combat and checking into how enemies attacked you can already see and start to parse out how Monster Hunter light kind of battles would occur here so far Atlas Fallen has me interested but not sold the ideas theyre very sound the world is coming on in a way that Im Really Gonna Get Behind however Atlas Fallen is a title that looks a bit like multiple other titles put together and multiple ideas this has happened before but I can say that as I played the combat and the moment item as well as the Perry Dodge in your magical Gauntlet theyre gonna have to work together in really a perfect symmetry to not give Gamers that feeling of whiplash like they just walked away from one game that looked almost identical exploring and taking out enemies across the game is only going to be enjoyable if deck 13 makes sure that the consistent feeling of reward is matched by the world and the creatures and the story however like most games its that cyclic rate in which the gameplay Loop occurs across that time that ends up resulting in the sum of the enjoyment itself what I saw and what I played not too bad its just gonna all depend on how much it comes together and thank you for coming together for this video give it a thumbs up if you liked it thumbs down if you didnt join the patron if you like that kind of stuff if not I 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