Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Worth A Play in 2022 ? Best RPG Ever ? Captain Steve Review DDDA EP25

What are the best games on steamhow to add epic games games to steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN review Music well how does the day find you it is i captain steve and yes today im gonna be explaining why i like playing dragons dogma so much one its got gnarly camera mode and you can take awesome freaking photos and the game is quite sublimely beautiful considering its age this is a ten year old game this came out just after skyrim and skyrim nicked the freaking spotlight on the spotlight thats a lovely sunny time picture ive picked up inside of the witch wood heres some of my lovely fertas Music Music but heres the real reason that i like playing dragons dogma the combat is freaking insane enjoy this Music no Music foreign heres and where is grab hold of it painful uh Music foreign uh i was clumsy hmm okay well i think thats enough said isnt it really thats why i like playing dragons dominos freaking looks awesome it plays awesome the combat is freaking immense the game is brilliant i mean if you see it on sale pick this game up because its a freaking gem and its a classic and im surprised that hasnt got more of a cult following and im really hoping dragons dogma 2 is on the horizon for his 10th anniversary but we can only but hope on that one but yeah thats pretty much why i play dragons dogma oh and also its got an amazing sort of pawn system so if youre a solo player but you like a little bit of multiplayer theres a system for you in this where players can actually pick up your sub character because you make two characters your main character and your pawn your pawn goes off people can hire your pawn and it comes back with rift crystals that you can use to enhance your own weapons and gear when you get to the bitter black aisle and sometimes people actually even give you gear they give you ratings on your pawn and all sorts of stuff they come back with quest knowledge they can actually tell you how to do quests and kill creatures better well they might go and say theres a chest over here master and they run off behind a secret area and come back with some loot for you its freaking insane the ai for the actual pawns and the npcs in this game is awesome and the creatures feel so alive and organic every battle is different sometimes you get your backside handed to you although that i showed you my best battles ive had some really embarrassing ones i mean the game is freaking excellent people trust me on this one i think youre gonna like it if you like fantasy style rpg type games and you like the solo experience with a little bit of multiplayer kind of interwoven this is definitely for you until next time goodbye goodbye and goodbye again heck yes very much for watching if you like what you see please hit a like and subscribe and id like to say a massive great big thank you to all of my backers over on patreon and over on youtube membership thanking you backers and if you want to support this channel just dont skip the adverts that froze revenue down my avenue oh yeah just stay with captain steve a little bit longer and hit something on this screen theres merch here now too fez game steam Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Worth A Play in 2022 ? Best RPG Ever ? Captain Steve Review DDDA EP25 #DargonsDogma #DragonsDogmaDarkArisen #DDDAFacebook Groups for the Game I am a member of: Dragon’s Dogma Collective: Dragons Dogma PawNation: This Channel is aimed at the older player, 13+. (PS4 / PS5 / 3D Printer Vlogger) Intro Music PS4/PS5 is Beautiful Day UK Time Schedule: Mon 6pm - Shite Game Mondays With Chums Tue 6pm - Solo live stream No Mans Sky Wed 6pm - 1 hour Dragons Dogma Live Fri 6pm - No Mans Sky Live stream with chums Weekends - Bake Off No Mans Sky With Meogi Extra content may drop anytime - (Please hit that Notification Bell) Support my channel: YouTube Membership: Patreon: PayPal: Streamlabs Donnation: Merch: ebay Store: Other: My Website: Instagram: Discord: Twitter @nCaptainSteve steamed carrot can gta v epic games play with steam gifting a game steam years of service steam badges popular games on steam