Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen PC #4 (Bad times down in the well)

Carpet steaming near mehow to buy games on russian steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN steam whats up everybody with madcap here and welcome back at Dragons Dogma in the last episode we uh as she walks away from me because apparently she doesnt like me already but we got meta cap my super-awesome on that I created never mind sorry she doesnt like me moving on lets go talk to this guy shall we why not you have green hello the man of the enlistment Corps never turn away the eager we are ready to begin are you I sure donessa look in unison luckily on the outset Im a harsh master whoever they pew hey I got two pupils so get ready son youll complete three forms of training in sequence okay each serves to hone a different quality youll need more than wrong muscle here have you seen my character I aint got no muscle at all Im the time too difficult to manage you might reconsider your party oh god what I got myself into you were links among them if you care - can I not have a turnip roto hurrying free but old a lot of them before my count in I dont know how to haul Freight oh wait yes and us who was your company but this is oh crap I dont know how to assign things many hands lighten any load as they say crap I dont know how to please  __  well begin as soon as youre prepared help maybe yall know Im not doing this right now I dont know how to control my party yet okay thank you medicham I appreciate the tips were not doing that yet not until I learned how to do my party what the hells up here oh thats a house and thats a flag okay cool lets go where are we oh do what wait what do I have to do this why is that when I can break this box instead poison flask I used to poison being blue is there something in your flask of water okay fine I guess we have to do it because I am trapped somebody threw me in this arena and Im doomed whats over here lime the ladder I can see my escape but I cant get over there okay this this must be then the tutorial for how to use your character XM begin assume your task is to I am ready sure I guess just look awfully heavy I cant climb a ladder with that what you want me to do thats a lot of freight put it there okay oh crap were starting III dont I dont know what Im doing this is your main pond yes it will forever act as a faithful servant thats good press F to pick of Isis people are enemies you can also restrain or throw targets press F youre going to put them down the deadline draws near wheres the timer I dont see a timer nice bring this I cant I didnt see where to put these I might have not been paying attention as well as I should have been is it up here yes okay what I dont know what the time is are these even in here as I move these a little bit okay as if we failed where to wait where do I choose my party  __  oh god we please John with not women I mean of course I wasnt worried I had that in the bag the whole time hes gone but Oh Conda I got this beauty here grow the Scarecrow  __  I better call Bruce  __  destroy them form account ends will be of help again but you must choose your companions wise okay all doing the same thing is less effective than using a bearing approach I dont think I need a healer for this well begin as sludge repair you I have faith in my team roaring scared I got complete faith in my team can I go actually bo is probably not the thing to be using here yeah that went much better where else where oh  __  theres some over here I didnt see that okay there theyre hidden all over are there gonna be some up here there are  __  oh  __  we have oh thats right shes a mage know where you have an ace ranger here end off good god hes got angry with when you win we each jump look like I like how hes like ah and you think well done you did good youre actually really good private youll be destroying more scared close but dont expect a repaint on the line oh I dont here are two swords our scarecrow each with its own weakness okay one falls only to steal and brute force the other only do magic okay so in one person the party hurry to mindful of how you attack youll fail strike fast and strike hard grown up Frodo being a brute force magic we got medic AB and then theres me I got another very your party and your tactics how do I bury my party I havent even seen that yet well begin I just keep clicking Im ready I dont see like a party selections creation destroy them all it will not count then where is your count is that something Im missing somewhere obvious okay thats week two magic are you gonna say something adult Frodo sorry oh no Frodo okay wait this is a rift zone where okay you youre weak to Bos right youre weak to those  __  I got it look at that ace shot right there wait did I get it okay I did when you guys shoot that I dont have any magic Im just going to shoot arrows my only choice he know thats the fastest Ive ever seen and on a task fit to challenge even a season boy this is real hand cuz its making clapping noise but he has like metal gloves on gonna be like winking Washington changing well whatever Im not going to judge your trade plus you static clapping with his fingertips like yeah see now the entrance well it selected I kind of didnt change anything so no I dont see the difference you learned the rest because my part is already perfect am i read you have trouble examined your part oh I will I fully intend to examine everything if youre starting to seem too close against your folks try changing your party makeup enabled skills and equipment the only thing I plan to change I dont know how many of these guys you can have I cant imagine you could have more than three right I dont know I plan to get rid of grown up Frodo for somebody thats not that eventually can I go through here now away well Im glad I decide to do that in this video because I kind of had to what the hell dude dude seriously what the  __  man are you like I what oh my god okay Im gone Im not gonna say anything I want to be mean holy crap Wow heaps better armor I think he outgrew that armor when he was 5 or he had it when he was 5 and he outgrew it like 10 years later I think thats a better thats a better thing its more accurate he outgrew that because he bought it when it was five oh this guy in his cool mask stop looking at me like that Ill kill you touch you am i doing what looks interesting you cant just feel stuff hey grown up Frodo Im sorry about that man yeah I havent I have you still a boy at heart you understand right okay mmm somebody green over here lets talk to this person hello fine traveler tonight imagine I am miss lady yes they gonna be an estimate cool if you just make sure they say you all dominion over the board the pawns sure to take up sword and fight myself but they are a clone be know what what accent is this i cannot cool them into this world if you do those youll make traveling companions of them it all sounds like French for saying because all disease of Zima my boobs well it matters not did you write any scum it was for many as a porn our reason Pharma office wife okay Thank You Sophie I got some judicial wives back there you want dont you go get them do I need to rest plasm again whenever you tired I never need wait what am I supposed to rest you saw a green paint over your head mean here alive once more men have got it on to then feel free to use on your dress okay I dont want it to be nighttime to see it Im not ready for that wait can I use this whats this do um oh god theres something walking at me do I shoot it this is a rift to space between realms should one catcher I speak with the pond to listen on our party oh my god Im being surrounded by people this is creeping me out man oh god theyre all leaving you may own the hair oh no I dont wanna do that I miss what it said you may only hire two palms on your party at any one time they can then discharged by speaking of them again okay wait is that two more pawns like I always have meta cap right are you a dude I dont know I dont I dont want to talk to you you youre missing some of your shield man see she has the right idea its supposed to be a circle level six fighter  __  it Im just going to exit this exit the roofed rooks been good to us so far nobody in there seemed to a glass him just yet um okay thats not a promise whew you have a backpack you sell things song hi there order thats it enough time to become will famous in your case or not its ours Lonnie listen this is the second coming of to flag insane idea thing I know right like I like it when can you stop missile so for now let us talk of big right hand what what does that mean ordy I have 40 gold what do I do 40 G required what does it get me did it say oh I think that was the screen I supposed to be paying attention on that screen 980 gold I can afford that easy wait I can do wait what copper or 1700 gold do I have to do all these or can I just skip hell yeah Im gonna do this cuz I would assume that means I just get all three at once right oh cool what do you need for this cedar I have a cedar Brad oh its in my shoulder cave I dont see any reason not to upgrade some of this stuff I shouldnt upgrade my clothes though because Im planning to replace those yeah let me go back and see if I have a scooter wait no no wait talk to me again with money in the right materials all weapons and armor but jewellery may be enhanced if you havent sufficient materials on hands the remainder will automatically oh well thats cool so I have to go back to my inventory then okay good yeah now by what you have large nut Im sure youre real proud dude just keep your large nut away from me please n Taif last festival pies copper ores do you sell those branches I was just looking for now of course not throat cutters I already have throat cutters dont I yes I do okay so hes all the same stuff I already have leather cap no thank you bandages oh thats cool wait what is that is that torso so my shirt goes over that then I guess Im not really sure how that works just yet sectional armor Sheilas row what does this do this give me some special your healing chest guard see that goes on my chest how come the wraps didnt I dont understand that yet armor clothing oh okay I think Im just gonna buy these because they look cool screw it check out check me out not that much change your quipment yes what Ranger doesnt want to have cool army do things wherever that one where did that go do-do-do-do-do-do oh yeah the bandages thats right equip can I give this to somebody who can what meta cap can wear this oh wait here we go oh no neither Ill have to wear it wait if neither one of them can wear it who wears it because we have all the different classes right I need some better pants no I dont know Ill figure that out okay uh now close this program big chance its enhancing cool ass bandages wolf pelt temp I have a couple do sure swear I have wolf pelt or whatever to be good for now Im Swede weve got some  __  and stuff now look at that what Ranger isnt complete without like cool last bandage type things what now do you want to stand in here looking all smug upon stats my turn bites icons donno what that means no you look like a freak I dont want you go away Oh God who wear short shorts what B wear short shorts oh my god his junk okay get out of the screen I Jude the Bulge holy  __  okay whats a boy with trained ground I dont think I need to train Im so lost and confused right now lets go out here I dont know where this is but its away from that guy Whitney or witty witty Whitney Whitney in his short shorts holy crap man one step away from being naked right there buddy theres a keypad call dings I should see a new area has been a log visit the kiss Rd pier at night if you would see it free what if you would see it for yourself when youre uncertain where to go next make for the blue quest market displays on your name app can do where is no mini-map you hey I was going to get that I dont wanna converse where did my MIDI map go wait isnt mini-map always on uh-oh wait how did that turn off Save Changes I swear I knew I had seen a mini-map somewhere I dont know how that turned off really you can take that long to take the mini-map there we go okay blue circle thats more purple but okay I wonder no I dont know how the game saves still I cant risk it I was going to jump off into the water just to see looking a list of over here you pawns gather no one Im not gathering small thats small nuts all nuts nothing but small nuts here which we can find some goblins I think I need to kill some goblins empty flask unless the goblins dont respond because I killed them all nope wait there they are try out this plus three daggers oh damn it Oh president died from that well Im away this game will be awesome with breath of the wild mechanics being able to climb anything actual what the hell my sin we havent even played like probably 1/100 of this game die  __  Im sorry are you getting staggered by my bow lock up dude yeah a  __  village sorry get enough fire bow triumph we have now shes like a fire mage anything here I can grab wormhole with Pete how many more did I have to do quests mm-hmm reclaim the roads c10 bandits have not done that a tumor goblins slice seven dice there were a bunch of mice in the city then there was a bunch of rabbits back here okay so I got distracted like I looked very sure of himself ready one two hit three get him theres some small foler to head like a rabbit got yet how were doing you to kill more pickaxe I dont know how to get this thing whats what can either of you get it no okay carrot yes please has got to be one more rabbit up here there were millions of rabbits the first thank them out here yes there they are yes level seven wait quest I need to figure out the hotkeys for all this stuff two more goblins we did wait what does it just done strength in numbers oh so I just get the gold I guess I didnt actually see it pop up as complete I probably should have been paying attention okay so two more goblins there has to be two more here there was yes whoops hey yeah this bush it hes sort of doing okay good that has to be one more here so many virgin children miss out that guy just said I can shoo Im in midair ho no that counts as my kill I need that yes I got a shot okay I got the gold okay good so you have to go back and turn these in sweet and all this stuff here yep pots and pans and dishes and all kinds of stuff I could sell all of this large nut a lot of nuts thats a lot of not actually didnt see what I just picked up was that water or oil Im gonna grab one of these just because because I dont know what they do I saw the lantern right the  __  it I dont care its not night look at that mad shot bro see my skill he doesnt care okay um we need to go catch some rats we need to go catch some rats did you did you did you I still dont know where this is seek father Clements missing book like as not it remains in the pillars thats a weird sentence we can actually do two of these things those rats back there and the book which I have no clue where that is maybe I can look around with yeah these roads will see God oops started not really Im sorry someday hell learn to bow before me or Im the true warrior the hero bad cup same successful tip you lied to me last time you save what the hell oh my god is dar serious indeed the pawns in a quest to slay the dragon no those equivocal will or knew the arisen is always drawn to the dragon as puppets strong in fate soon friends I hope issues lightning now-now-now and on top the grand capstone of world truth that is the dragon your little closer and arrogance the dragon is ever born and you into the world and with it to the arisen all arisen seek out the dragon but lucky of a few who attain audience with the Beast Wow oh god yeah that was my reaction to watch our world and little within it is more frail maybe I should shoot out his other eye jewel my favor in yan encampment they gather up their knights and hired steel they think to grow their numbers and hunt the dragon but they shall soon learn the lot will there be less prey my darth sidious good talking to you weird guy mr. smiland nose bitter black eyes appeared off the coast of Sardis this is the pier at night and speak to the woman there that where Im going next I learned in this area we need to find a book and kill some rats where were there nice rats sit at the special chair to mentor wait what the chair doesnt serve a purpose I knew it when I sat in it I could feel the warm destiny it destiny as many before me you can give direction on how you would like to act in battle and while out on the field similarly you can also advise your main pawn how you would like them or have them speak to you wait what medicham get over here We Need to Talk this isnt working on you aids thats a no palms the one who seeks out and gathers anything of you what do these two options mean I dont know what these mean can I go away can we talk about this another time what the hell do either of these words mean Nexus thats a central location of something a quiz at or a quiz etre or weight a quiz it yeah guy quiz litter what I mean seeking things out is that like acquiring if youre professionals acquiring things are you know quiz etre akuas etre I dont know what these mean I had no tutorial on this Nexus understood 18 my Senate oh my god I chose right its a hole in battle I shall bring them to you master your mouth isnt moving why youre creeping me out medic app theres somebody talking my right ear how would you have me respond to your orders um as you are if it pleases you yes come to Grand foreign with riches in mind that was nerve-racking I dont know what I just did I regret ever so you know who the hell is talking what the hell is wrong with you hello Ive been searching the woods youre a dude you werent talking as a woman help see you hello oh sorry I didnt mean to bump into you like that youre actually very attractive wow you you took up steel and drove the dragon from Cassidys yes I heard about that did you and of course you know me I come here no I dont you of course you you do recall me yes mmm Madeline your finest peddler in all grandpa oh yeah yes ravishing beauty of Legend and song matters well no matter bigger problems youve got bigger problems alright much bigger problems than I do hes a doctor some terrible after driving like my little problem though and yet just when I need the aid of one both pleasure and strong you arrived me truly it means after partner together dont you agree sure only a fool could mistake the threat of destiny what link sir what do you do you will be my savior truth me to me the world and tyre looks like a carried away here Im still learning how to shoot and I believe we must be off where we going you know the encampment outside the village sure travel day with all speed but the wilds are perilous of late would you see me there safely anything you asked for Im just gonna follow you I guess dont worry I know this road oh sorry about that whoops youre not gonna beat me up are you she looks very frustrated and angry at me what do you want okay maybe I should only do one thing at a time or maybe I should do all the things at a time what do you what do you even want gives me chills just to think of it ah what okay Ill make no excuse cuz Im not your cousin and well Sofia that dragon let me tell you this youd be wise to keep your distance from that pit that pit behind you why whats a driven to venture far and look you think a queer growl a callback with the sound of water from further in theres all down there mama words I could feel it I could I dont see me going back down there to find out what I like tis a rank fool who rushes into danger of his own will thats me would you look at madcap in the dictionary just once and then youll understand Ill be right back I just have to escort this beautiful beautiful young lady here to wherever it is shes going and for whatever reason that which I dont know shes got a backpack maybe shell give me something heres youve got gold bars in there all right Madeline wait do we need healing is she weak all right lets go everybody sprint aint turning this car around I want to get through here before nightfall hey damn wait where is she Oh God did we leave her behind battlin metal grab it sucker Ill take that what youll take that okay there you are dont scare me like that Madeline should we do this can you not run okay well just do this she cant run lets look up at it hey you were just walking the other way you cant turn around maybe she was tired pinky can you there we go okay good well just take it easy Hey food endeavor to be ever calm in battle oh shes grabbing stuff Oh AHA gold did we get any of that gold shes taking all the gold for herself theres a fine treat where youre running against something okay lets go Madeline its in the box curious now shes definitely slower than us but she seems to like picking things up just keep an eye on her and everything will be fine okay make sure no goblins pop out and killer dragons or something  __  Cyclops smashes our do-do-do-do-do-do walking along the road its almost nighttime said we were going to be here before night I hope so I did get some earlier what effect I just dropped it did you even ask him now theres a fine tree I like her laugh though its adorable I dont mind my traveling party what if she initiates the door in or if I do I dont want to leave her behind ah good thanks to your fine work we best be active service sure am I not done stock up on fathomable items all you have the chance your blue this may sound untoward but to have you all in a way of coins excuse me you just picked up like all the gold along the path how you should have plenty of gold for the capital and my personal life well thats the only thing thats light sweetheart okay boy what kinds on it takes all I have to keep it stand back I mean Ill trade you some coin for that outfit I wouldnt mind having that sure Im very much in love with you I like it I like the way this storys going already throw coins that a womans hurt again if instead of poor life is a happy one I have never found this to be true yep ever fortune C should grand Soros and me to setting up my shop you must come visit I shall even give you a discount a small one or not what the finest red I can buy stuff from her dough so strength no thanks dont know what those are I dont care uh throw Cutters already have the short vowels tunic leather bandings woo 420 gold this I dont know what those things do yet I get leather bandings just because they look cool baleful nails with what what does that even mean +10 dilatation resistance why okay Im not gonna spend that much though forget that heres to buy some cool leggings they dont go well with my dumpy pants and shirt though only 420 all right lets do it lets have some fun boom yes a quick legs were looking for legs what was this Oh Armour okay so its clothing equipment bingo bango by Madeline Madeline hey I could go for that okay we need to get back and do that up a guys thing its time we go find the lens of truth and get that taken care of Im actually kind of curious to see whats down there some terrible horror oh yeah I never upgraded my character did I shoot vlog youre glowing that means you have stuff oh yeah no lantern now wish Id looked for it well you guys picked that up and look for my lantern uh I dont remember where what category it was Lantern no tools ah bollocks know who who can wear this thing hockey that I will definitely need to learn Oh unless I bought I wonder if I bought the the lantern and then I died I dont remember the last video got kind of screwed up since I died airtight flask where Eddie looked at that I could steal somebodys lantern but Im not going to do that I dont mind the dark so long as I can see its fine wolves were fools look like goblins to me but okay I was hoping I can charge it I got the can okay he gave me fire this bowl is wildly inaccurate somebodys got a nice location ranking crease thats cool unytu i got birth though yes goblin horn I did not get that to upgrade something Leave It to Beaver what if they actually are safer these roads I mean technically when youre on the road everything waits on the bushes to ambush you thats why its called an ambush not an M Road so if youre travelling in the bushes youd be more stealth nobody would see you so I would like to counter that statement I would like to have a debate good sir whoever everywhere we were okay I aint no chicken lets do it small rock think back when I may have one of the investigate the well you need to go down there yeah yeah youre right Im a goalie take this with you were going to have some used to it like oh hey raises hand way up in case going and they put it all the way down to forget your bravery couldnt just call back a lot oh I intend to and does get well Ill descend theres something about this row and I failed to hear what the rest of that was into dripstone cave whats what oh that OLantern a foil no I want the lantern have a  __  great okay well note to self I need to buy a lantern water water and stuff I dont know oh god I thought hes beating yet I thought he turned on me you trade our Oh rats yes I needed like five of these right seven of these the leftward path theres just thinking death oh you know me mm-hmm I always choose the left path it is very dark down here and hope that  __  light shining in my eyes either not something that you cant do that Im dare you tag theres more than one guy why are you following me so close its creeping me out man boy I said stop following me so close what the  __  is wrong with this guy Brooke youre gonna earn yourself a court take it out of the party to do that I cant see anything honorable talkin some time are you arrest because that probably fine you know what screw you dude where is it rook lantern shake I cant take it hey whats reading the fireball rats Oh help that thing where my view is like stuck what why what is my view doing okay there we go were back is this people asked Poisson flask coin purse yes I made my thousand back sweet okay it takes control your camera whenever youre over here nice shoot well this can take forever okay well come back to that Im assuming this way down there god dammit camera talking where am I did I fall down oh  __  okay that guy can move I thought he was an animal oh theres more than one I might have just  __  myself wrap okay lets do some heavy facts what the other guy there is you er I dont know what just happened to me I am not supposed to be down here yet Rob okay its time to go we should not be here Im sorry Im sorry this is not a quest Ill supposed to handle yes there are a lot these guys down here I steal something really quick drown your fallen allies och I didnt read the rest of what that said okay lets regroup back here I cant get up here Oh God this was a mistake all of it yes they do have the advantage Im trying to run come on come on come on I saw him climbing so there might be a way to climb here eat ate okay go go go climb up here yes and then climb up here yes and then run run a lot I cant see oh  __  Im out of stamina oh oh I think both of my guys are dead what do I do shoot how well all right I need to kill this rat I got a rest first hang on rat I have to at least accomplish something for being down here okay we leveled up can I go over here mushrooms he knows hell be back okay can I see anything from up here no damn it I cooked through what that said is that if they remain unconscious too long something happens I dont know what if thats good or bad I cannot take much more like maybe they work next to you because I go back down and wait I just I faked this just the way out of the well maybe losers come back to me or I have to go back and get them I dont know I have no idea whats going on I am severely under equipped and leveled for that though your main pond has become forfeit disappearing and returning to the ripped touch any rift stone to return your loss main Conger side gotcha okay that must have been what it said thats fine theres a risk zone around here somewhere right back Kate in the other village well we killed the rat thats good back to nighttime I still dont know where that book is Music maybe I should student fight or thought stood fight do you know where a book is you look like me but uglier yes yes yes you book man tell me where you put the book I would not ask piece of anyone but true cuz thats ok Ill bar Im not your cousin like useful netting dark news I feel I cannot bring myself to face him will you go in my stead sure whos Maren his brother is dead it happened on the shorter ways you kill him we were fleeing the worm oh youre cowards gotcha before the Beast panels to shield us what would that even do if theres a  __  dragon where his hand is the size of your entire body and hes doing this and swiping his talent at you you jumping in the way its not gonna do  __  or you saw him hurtling through the air saw him fall back to the ground great did nothing just watched the poor man died I should probably kill you right now I cannot face Miriam for this shame he deserves to know what happened you like a double coward please please going sorry man but you deserve this get back here you son of a  __  yeah run like the  __  coward you are next time youre dead all right book die towards me I can I tried to go back and find him but I was in such a panic as I ran I just wanted to look at it just curious Is All forgive me I cannot remember where I lost it I thought to steal a glance and then return it what the dragon came and I i dropped it as I ran cool I goodness but where it doesnt theres no it can literally be anywhere missing book scriptures you on map wait what okay so down the road first building enter it on the left got you down the road first building on the left enter it were down the road first building on the Left enter it oh of course wheres that damn in you were the in right da bollocks you were a shop this was the end yes out on its own thats right hello yes take my coin please hes been coy by what can I do you respite Inga why does that go up restin mommy-to-be I feel like this forty gold last time I was here maybe not i oh god what the hell you doing here when youre connected online Im not connected online I dont care the main town will gain bonus earned in other worlds at the end ok hey maybe I should care I dont know I just love to look at that later see if I do the canola chair okay crap now where am I I went up this way I went through the wrong doors and festival PI flask of water you I cannot fathom what a dragon would harass the people such as that I dont know because were tasty maybe genie lamp bed feels of oil cannot walk through that I might be able to mmm nothing up there oh its you well well well goodbye oh dont give me that addict both lean the beef visit oh youre that person what are you doing screaming aint got the weapons out what if its up top no why would it be up top that would be stupid okay lets take a look just in case unless Im at the wrong  __  house that wouldnt surprise me if I was mmm lost faith however I said this is my main quest I dont remember Oh sounds priority hey there we go great now I probably just lost my main quest okay yeah its definitely in that building lets go up a wee bit shall we thats right I can run forever in the city thats so cool why are you red you want red before okay lets go here grants herbs gather oh there it is green wash sirs and this bush doesnt have anything okay yep I just totally blew that jump 15 goes way up here what am I even doing on the roof why would it be oh here scriptures return the scriptures gosh young lad what were you doing up here I want to tell on you I hope you realize this I cant talk to him where did you find it the roof you son of a  __  right over there what the  __  we doing up there Im glad its found but play it back to the father for me please thank you you should totally give me something so I dont tell on you father father father guess who had it I was like in a devil worshiper I am newly come and Egon great now justice okay I dont think the Scriptures far gone yes whered you hear this here you go if their sons lunches you found them oh maker be praised what are you c-3po praise the maker I cannot thank you enough truly the people of Casa de SAR a good-hearted bunch Im not from Casa de s-- but okay once more of a proper prayer on behalf of the village but I have dallied long enough there is work for me to do 300 gold I guess I got some experience at least I mean this was probably one of the first question do it not be a dumbass like me okay we need to go talk to that Melbourne person grim tidings yes are you the main quest yes you are okay perfect go find Melbourne melon melon melon torn Megatron down here its so much easier we know how to set quest makes life a lot simpler doesnt it md r back here youre a long ways away youre not on a rooftop also are you so help me God if youre on a roof its boxes yes treasure Lomita Megatron are you in here this is just a fishermans house hello who are you you yellow why are you yellow a most unsettling noise comes from the well of light just half a growl and have a laugh most unsettling gotcha what Cortezs found ya dead I see l VAR has suffered in this as well good days made his choice he faced his end with father and died a man yeah unlike that other dude I shot him a few times with an arrow so dont worry about a man I got your back water bears no fog in that theres no cause to blame himself oh my thanks good Fisher I am sorry Im not a good Fisher you I shall go put that bar at ease youre a Good Man Charlie Brown report back to L bar wait I thought he was going to do that L bar which all elv are you last place I shot an arrow at you was over here was it not did you do jumping all over this fine city where no one walks the streets lr l bar youre not on bar L bar youre not all are either L bar crap thats my primary quest I dont have a quest marker for it he was somewhere around here Omar were you in here no on my way L bar every see no bar or he didnt talk about the well was a soldier what open the well and now I thank him to stay here okay hmm are you all of our negative to old Omar is that you thats a bag damn it I dont I dont know where L bar is or you wont know youre that book kid who shouldnt have been on the roof l bars not dead so it wouldnt be here theres a treasure chest right here well thats a lucky jump hello fine treasure so I make is that another treasure over there you miss will be equipped I find L bar oh I cant get over there ah maybe I can no not like that you all right fine whatever no Omar fishermans house so everybodys been calling me a fisherman this is my house shoot I have no idea where L bar is oh my god I made it Wow I was one hell of a jump wait this does not look very suitable to rain isnt the whole point of a roof being slanted so that the water drains off the roof this just looks like a gigantic disaster waiting to happen but who am I to judge maybe it never rains here I mean I dont know for sure Rhea worktable I picked up a work table a whole table ball clean cloth and Kamandi and an absorbent rag Oh God I saw him found Delbar Im still looking I dont know where he went no response the  __  did you come from you son of a  __  Ive literally spent the last I think a half hour going through every crack and door here and I was in this spot about three times I remember that giant green curtain where the  __  did this guy come from oh you really deserve an heir of the back of head Ill get out of my conversation old man thank you could you shut up Im not your cousin I hate you placed upon you youre forever on my  __  list I wish it had not played his life for mine so I could wallow in idle self-pity I live the best I am able for his sake good whatever I wish I knew how like your actions affected things like I killed this guy if I even care not even if I can if I killed this guy what would this whole city hate me or not can I try save sure actually I dont know how to know I know how to quit Nexus without saving rights up here quick game without saving I dont know the health bar though wow I just destroyed that guy where did he go what the hell what I dont know where he went or as I just walked past him I thought maybe he ran real quick like I should have been down here right Im just gonna say I killed him that seems like the appropriate thing ah man thank God that class is over okay so in the next one I suppose we will not do this maybe I dont know because I got my ass handed to me so maybe not maybe well progress the purple quest instead and see see what we can do there whoo Suns going down right rapid like perfect Im done an episode but least we have some quests done we got some more adventuring I guess thats about it we ran around looking for that asshat all day but thats good Im glad we got those done I should probably already got all the other cyclists on kill the Goblin kill rabbits we got  __  done I respect a whole bunch of  __  done in this episode never mind so thats good and on the next episode we will probably progress the main quest so until then thank you guys so much watching and I will see you on the next one until then stay metal steam delivery game I am definitely not ready to go down the well. Also; WHERE THE HELL DID ELVAR GO?!*********************************** Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Steam Link - games available on steam deck xbox and steam crossplay games how to install windows 10 on steam deck bissell symphony pet steam mop and steam vacuum cleaner steam deck power