Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen PC #23 (Darth Sidious defeated)

Steamer's los gatos menucan xbox game pass play with steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN steam whats up everybody mad chap here and welcome back to Dragons Dogma where we are standing above this nasty little bog here on our way to the Great Wall which we are very close to I guess its been taken over by salvation so we need to go free it up as is our usual job I wish we hadnt come here in the dark as always whenever I start recording its nighttime and its foggy so yeah nothing super of note on my way here I got my spring water like 200 something spring water I think yeah you can see everybodys super heavy because I gave it all to them seventy to eighty seven eighty five so yeah I got every bottle I had I had bought like two hundred and thirty five bottles empty for some reason just to have it for the next time I needed spring water so I filled all those up and then I was too lazy to go back to grand Soren and then travel all the way back because I was already kind of in the middle so I just kept going I figured well drop them off at some point I mean I was already up here and going back to grandson and then walking all the way back up here seemed kind of useless so I just took out left from here and walked up this time though I didnt go through the canyon east entrance which I guess is faster but I went this way up up this path along here just for fun to see what was up here it was kind of exciting I actually met a female bandit camp I guess up here in heaven speak fort and I joined them so I have this new quest which we can do some time I dont I dont know where the rival South Ron bandits are but yeah for now were gonna keep going along the story quest and see what we can do here got plenty of spring water now so thats nice should be real good to go I should also probably save I did encounter a thing its not chimera is it maybe it is I dont know its the lion snake goat head thing easy breezy that they brought that into first the tutorial part of the game so I knew what to do for that jump on kill off the spank kill off the goat and it was pretty simple so that wasnt bad will we find a place to rest or is it taken over now how does that work is this actually still cool like do we have to we have to fight going in is that where the problem is demons parapets I dont really see a place to rest arent you the guy that does everything no no hes not he just enhances I picked up at the lady band at camp I picked up there are the Bartok daggers how good they are but they seemed fairly decent so I mean I looks I can get to the second level and hopefully youll see crimson teeth I have the second level on so well see how close these are to actually the other ones strength 200 200 and double 216 200 double 216 what are you guys at 195 okay so these are technically better at level two then the other ones are so I think Ill leave those alone for now I dont really know that theyre any better with any kind of abilities or anything either so its probably not terribly worth it to waste my money uh no I want oh  __  I have to bring the equipment menu dont I there we go thats so confusing yes if theres nothing else here its not like they use moon beams to attack so theyre just normal daggers as far as I can tell so well skip those we will definitely skip those are you a person ah yes youre the guy okay so I can send items to storage here which is good so Im not gonna need all of this stuff with me at all I should put this down here not I mean this seems like a decent spot right because from here I would have all access to this side of the map and it looks like that side comes down here maybe a little bit so this will give us like a northwestern spot and kind of an Eastern spot here and if theres one spot up here I might be able to do something maybe to get a little bit higher and then put something either here why am i pointing with my hand here or here Im thinking depending on how many of these we get but this is a safe bet I mean its a warp spot to resting inventory and buying and selling stuff and enhancing so I think Im gonna do one here do I have to put it anywhere in particular I can be cool to put one in a tent thatd be kind of nifty but I think Ill just put it out here in case theres some kind of weird glitch or something how does this work were gonna be placed use wait oh I can take it back oh so these arent permanent then oh thats cool so I should be able to do this go into no not their inventory fairy stone use and okay its just cold bar to Craigs Im gonna try it just see if it works make sure it doesnt disappear on me like it breaks after one use might as well find out now since this is where Im going anyways if it breaks after one use I havent lost anything Im just where I was uh its still there bingo all right we got our first report crystal down fantastic okay so lets talk to this guy lets get rid of our  __  really fast this shouldnt take too long I wouldnt imagine like dont think Ill cut this out I did I just need to talk and keep the conversation going while Im doing this right I mean I dont think these guys are gonna have much I just need to dump some of their normal crap off and take their spring water down - oh god this is a math puzzle what to do like if g48 maybe oh damn I was one off I was trying to think too fast I was gonna do them each with 25 maybe so well fix that in a second get rid of their crap Im needing this garbage get rid of this like I dont know okay so get rid of three more no just three okay youre crap and then take you down to funk - no oh  __  well thats not what I wanted to do but thatll probably be easier in the end and I think everybody should be good for other stuff I guess Ill check really quick yeah you dont have anything you have a couple random things I stick some of this crap and thats it for you Asha thats it for you perfect okay  __  this guy dude yeah very light light light very light okay thats not bad then its name is that oh this guy doesnt let you withdraw it though does he no he doesnt oh crap well I just sent all of that crap there shoot okay well at least I could send two items - um I guess this at the end of the world maybe what Ill do then is take yeah maybe Ill give those around do I need to rest lets take a look before I head into this big battle yeah yeah probably best hes pretty cheap anyways yes morning like bring me to the Sun that way you dont have to use lanterns that would be great okay good so weve got that set what I want to do now is split these a little bit better give two and I like seven maybe thats close enough I feel like and then do the same thing for Lucy give seven there we go so they each have about twenty roughly thats close enough I dont need any currently just yet so I think were clear to just head on in and kill a whole bunch of things I think we need anything for this guy right pheromone a health flask of water I dont think I wish I would have brought is my anti stone potion but what are you gonna do wait is this actually better I think this might be better eighty-five thousand well I got almost a million thats not that bad details a magical bow around specially find metal damp Eisenhowers arrows in flight magic 189 189 207 207 interesting 189 207 207 okay well lets check what we have can I have to do that in here dont I yes 180 was at 207 208 180  __  already forgot what the hell it was magic Archer 180 207 I think its better Im just gonna say its better there we go 180 207 207 yeah its quite a bit better than the fully upgraded bow I have Im gonna buy that Ive been waiting for a bow for a very long time very very long time one please thank you change equipment yes absolutely look at that its so much its so much better and I havent even upgraded it yet ooh this is exciting I need to go back to the other guy though is everything well maybe I should look if hes actually gotten new wheres everything exciting in here clerical cap see I wish this did more healing I feel like it doesnt but then I get out know what any of this stuff means so yeah maybe it does for all I know lime Lord Cyclops available those are all hoods theyre gonna be disgusting anyway so it doesnt matter gambeson yeah ugly things is what this is telling me basically its not bad wrecks lion plating nothing super interesting in here great and hosen new thank you character has to look good along with functionality so there this things you just cant do thats not terrible but I dont think theres anything in here we need violent neck rack I already have that dont need that okay come come come get a one-level better than nothing oh wait thats right the money we figured this out before well its only 6,000 gold thats +10 magic might as well get it at least one the whole then maybe back and skip the second level Im sweet alright were rollin fancy new bow totally ready to kill some  __  okay lets go ahead and save then and see what awaits us oh I cant wait its gonna be exciting here we go ready to kill a whole bunch of bandits all of them like us are not bandits their salvation freaks hello over there Ill see you my magic bow will tell me if your enemies so will this cutscene probably hi they didnt even stop to say anything a psycho wow that looks like a heavily armored Cyclops theres two psych boxes does that make you a normal collapse like a bike lops well then this just got interesting oh theres burpees okay well were starting off with hunter bolts Jeremy this much this crap we can get all wants and how well its going to do okay were gonna have to 6-volt the snow harpies oh shoot you were supposed to get in my way okay take ticket ticket yes please medica I would like your fire she gave it to somebody else damn it okay bolts run up there was a freaking barrel there six Boulder entry these goddamn snow Harveys crews that is for sure do we get it no still Oh what the what oh okay I like what the hell just happened you stay down watch out for that Cyclops people got it got both of them okay do this  __   __  it didnt use my skills right oh  __  I feel like sometimes theres a lag switching skills cuz all my bow skills miss and I was trying to switch over to my blade skills and it wasnt doing it I dont thats something Im doing but oh good you turned it its already did they take that whatever it is long any pond might need that okay we should just have cyclopses we can take this now what do we want to do first the legs maybe yeah theyre so close together Im gonna have a hard time targeting these guys you can just do this and attack here in the kneecap you forget him wait what am i hitting Im confused come on get up here  __  hes gonna knock me off I want to tranq it up here and I just get this yeah I might as well one here Ive got my electric Tigers thats good you jump off and were here oh  __   __  uh hope help anybody Im  __  dead Im  __  its totally dead hey anybody nobodys gonna help Im totally Bo man thanks for the help guys and I got whacked in the face by Partons bludgeoning Cyclops gotcha yes oh  __  you threw me off this doesnt have a club anymore okay Tiffany get the legs get it back on the ground here the other guys way off in the distance oh thats perfect and said Lucys going up thats good hes on the ground get off grandma there we go oh god hes coming hello man run away dont you  __  grab me again you son of a  __  come on get up oh crap I wasnt just about for there we go thats what were looking for can I break this  __  okay jump up I need to try and get this helmet off possible oh I feel like Ive tried this before didnt work so might not be the best idea his arms on fire thats cool Oh God can we get can I six full boats bolts to help it off I think I just missed entirely there we go thats a good shot I dont even know if I can break his help oh look at this I did it crap crap crap jump away stuck in the corner okay six fold get him right in the eye thats a perfect shot beautiful shot and we got electricity okay stand back fine get it on the ground I got him just okay thats one thats one hows the other one going does she saw the helmet on I cant tell hes swinging around so much grab this stuff before it disappears or does something weird okay this is a good six fold target hes gotta walk all the way back yeah he has no helmet lets even get some of his crap off hes gonna hunter bolt yeah you dont like that do you hitting you on every part of your body yes thats what I was hoping course she would get me lightning in the meantime so lets do this okay hell Im up Im up okay were not climbing out these Duggars ground-pound jump up grab this while I remember where it is ow yeah thats gonna hurt if it stepped on hey jump out of the way all right here we go get rid of this leg armor yes I may have dropped this club okay get off real quick now they stopped moving a bunch come on get the armor get your armor thats not doing very much but hes down so thats good hey dont dont grab me I know your trick okay move up oh hes dead just double Cyclops not bad yeah what a way to start this this episode did he drop anything wait for meeeeee to disappear wait for him to melt into the ground yeah puddle of goo and bones so appetizing anything they might have already picked it up I guess but I dont see anything here okay so the guys ran up this direction I believe is there anything useful over here I would imagine not just a boss fight arena yeah save we just beat a boss its important to save since the saving in this game is so awful got to remember yourself to do it theres a flower here I think we need that Sun bright is that the opposite of moon glow I would imagine that does do anything now what do I need those polar mushroom it must be in a super chilled mushroom where are we going here this go this goes all around they both end up in there I guess I could look in here see whats in this area maybe there may be lot of use in here who knows yeah you show that box Lucy I taught her well bust up them boxes we got everything those bags large nut those are actually pretty handy yes I dont know what was it I didnt see what you picked up two stones what are you doing here its not nighttime you should not be here oh we got a whole bunch of three I guess unbearable Oh manic apps already unleashing hell on them shes already got her next fire spell going shell take care of that thats a Trish chest we dont wanna break it we wanna open it foreign medic Annette medicaments medic you meant I didnt really see what that said something about medicine oh I have fire blades yeah its time for some people to get correct oh yes that was a brilliant Thank You Metta Catherine I wish you would do that more reliably but it was a waste of time wasnt it lets just get out of here theres probably nothing else here some right take it what the hell who are you so salvation bastards shown a natural unity in their actions what are you doing in here good man left in the hold I wish there are all I could do to help them I mean you could join us but I dont want you to so never mind I was gonna say are these skeletons do it I got my fire go here Woking booze with me I have this thing what the hell we doing where is it some player oh yes look at that oh you want a guy not so brilliant oh oh so powerful just under the bones consider it splint every time and we got a level from that even better even freaking better flask of oil dont mind if I do can we go in here special means a alright suppose that means we need to do some exploring maybe this way yeah dont you go summoning  __  Im sorry mr. skeleton bones yes do you feel that mass of me about to die I dont want to have actually a big case theres something useful for free in guys Im able to help us later oh yeah that guy is helping us thanks dude if we can get a whole army going here does he get healed no problem you got it if you just hand me something I didnt see anything but ok I guess hes running away so we dont feel worried about him then theres a passage here will take you there more quickly ok thanks wait what again watch anything I open the door see what hes doing and trying to kill these guys the same time wait two minutes Ive got ricochet hunter we are in an enclosed area yeah this is gonna be good I hear people getting hit oh yes look at that beautiful beautiful damage its just so much fun to watch the arrows just go through them repeatedly I probably didnt need nobody to you its fun so sue me sucker oh pretty sure it was great okay so weve got two paths to go here not sure which one is better I cant even get through your are do I need like an explosive to do this kinda seems like I need an explosive that was just fire yeah I cant do that well okay get in here unless oh hold on a second is there a boom-boom barrel out here somewhere are you a boobie boom I think so come with me good sir were gonna light this  __  up oh this is gonna be good my only regret is that I cant blow them up in the process set that down and are there any more no okay I should be able to just do this right yes it worked I feel fantastic no no thats wrong button okay back up a little bit and do it again there we go and then once were in do this works like a charm look at just  __  damaging all these guys at the same time I like it get off of me yeah thats right what bow youve had enough of battle weve just gotten started I need more battle is that all that is an apple I guess so okay oops for a knife sure like that see why not this is a chain I can pull no okay were going down where does this go this is exciting I dont think Im supposed to be down here what who said that oh its you Ill take care of you thanks for hanging out in a really tiny corridor by the way suckers shes throwing a  __  barrel down there way to go Lucy Jones showing some ingenuity ooh thats a lot of guys down here did not realize that its fun actually not aiming it guys - its like I need more damage Im gonna shoot over here Im gonna take this guy out gotcha whats up get out of here Ill be crawling around like that you either who else is left over here theres a whole bunch of guys down here why do they all keep like moving their fists at me meet you what but why is it not telling you what theyre giving me oh you see open the gate thats one tangible thing that I understand that he did claw blind pretty stone poison flask what else is up here theres something Baloo purifying Beru sounds useful I dont think all I know is that Im going that complete opposite of wherever Im told to right now seems like a fancy chest you that looks ugly silver chest plate wait I need to look at it now because Im gonna get confused later and not remember what the hell I picked up oh yeah Ill just pick that up debilitation resistance everybody can wear it i breastplate a solid silver metal sounds like a better thing to sell doesnt look terribly exciting okay so we are clear down here lets head up oh man my fire daggers theyre probably running out okay whats this theres lot of thing here dose of courage and a skull and some boxes we have a broken could all this stuff left undone nothing else all right back up the stairs thats good thats one whole room covered then and this all stemmed from our awesome zombie encounter about the door this time for fun and then what else do we have here he went up so that could be one of two directions it looks like where does this go this goes up What did he say I feel like he said this is a shortcut you go where we need to diddy yeah cuz I think the guy we saved said oh yeah the master wizard went upstairs let me open this path for you to go there so Im gonna try this way first just in case because this is going up too so they might both leave there for all I know locked okay good fire spell could get through that if we were to try hard enough theres this even going this is a really claustrophobic little space here oh geez okay fine by me bring it on where is he theory is way over here on the other side of the boxes no you jump backwards clever wait can I just use that thing god damn it here we go thats not let them do come on come on come on Im gonna tail cement tail yes poison no more all right move on to the goat head get out of my way damn hes like running all crazy right now stay away from him okay Ill get up there get up there ere we  __  yo come on get up  __   __  goat with me you son of a  __  Music a girl arm now oh that was a terrible job no I thought I could get him looks like I can jump it around like a madman Oh what the hell what happened I got you dont worry Mike well  __  it up Corsi brewers right as I get on top damn this ones not allowing me as much ability oh thats all right who the hells on oh go for it OSHA thank you wake up okay come on were going were going were doing it this time get up there we go there we  __  go yeah here go Eddie fine I feel like this like some kind of God of War  __  jump up a huge enemy slice away this is one strong co-head come on am I not even getting the goat head there we go yeah Im off do some of this Im tired a terrible time I retired take my life please do that there we go really incentive out of energy again dont worry dont mind me I just need a quick rest and Im fine I still cool as  __  heads on fire thats awesome for me attacking its just a brilliant brilliant attention to detail love it okay you know what were gonna be moving around a bunch except thats not fire do this yes one board yes I need in the corner like a be touch right Franco we belong you deserve it yes you are amazing yes arisen little more than this stuff of old tales wrong I was yeah thats right the door of course sir I shall open these straightaway yeah youre damn right theres at risk just back there Im fully intend to get feel free to tell great tales of the madcap jumping all over mighty beasts and slaying all of their heads thats right go ahead tell everybody I dont know thats good question its inside this treasure chest leather Oh crea I hope we do what wasnt here I didnt see damn it I didnt see what they picked up okay well I know I picked up boots uh well its got some resistances that might be good Im not gonna really look at any of this stuff now but just to see if I got anything crazy right off the bat to the roof that looks like it goes to the roof another way dad other way out of the way the door and well save this out Im gonna go check that bottom path that that guy was opening just to see where that leads case theres anything supercool never equal these boxes theres kind of useful stuff in there theres this melted pile oh I didnt even get the Im glad I came back didnt even get my reward which Im sure is actually good stuff cuz thats a thats like a boss beast so probably those claws are rare only be obtained from them the difference different beast type enemies this is one random barrel in the middle the room thats ridiculous we got cloud wine thats good to have empty flask Im gonna need like 200 more of those eventually might as well get them all now cloud wine theres a lot of stuff in these bags sometimes okay what else anything else any other goodies look like a couple more boxes and thats about it alright lets get back down she didnt even need those ballistas did not need a single one where are we we need to go down yeah thats the thing thats locked okay so maybe this leads up there then I dont know why you would need to go around that way though unless he meant you could dodge those like what was a three or four salvation people if this does loop back around thats also treasure up here treasure its always what Im after here thousand strings Jade bangles thousand strings doesnt look like anything Ill ever use but fairly interesting name at least looks like a spiked club to me okay equipment thousand strings magic Archer cannot use it obviously an iron column for story forts until salt is bedrock its columns of spikes Linda menacing air yeah yeah think getting hit with that would hurt quite a bit and these things that legal versus the fine jade stone well pleasing to the eye okay actually wait didnt somebody else pick something up that you maybe this is what came out of that treasure chest magic but hearing heightens resistance to blindness nothing super exciting hey lets keep going up here just a random flask on the ground Ill take it yep good so now we know where this comes out at least so we are going the right direction out this way and then through this iron door right yeah this is the the way forward okay we ready got everything in this room head up better catch my breath no dont dont dont dont Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy what are you doing to me  __  alright were doing this now I guess  __  its a whole bunch of undead nothing terrible oh shoot okay well hunter you get rid of some of these guys in this little hole here in here I do this  __  race the last second odd-job octave up give you this yes okay jump backwards jump in dress is this really the time to be talking awfully real good for you Im a filmmaker maybe be your shield thanks I appreciate the help pretty good okay okay thats awesome up in the air oh go oh my god speaking being popped up in the air holy crap well done dude you got one up on me no no no youre not escaping there we go I got the sorcerer or whatever he is - magic person I gotta get these unsaid magic guys just about out of stamina though this way he can the old-fashioned way theres one more right no they got not too badly done and theres a secret hole in the wall all of my Zelda Zelda skills are well prepared for that walls and stuff get up no God shes shells she almost knife the barrel in my hands that would have been great blow me up while Im using it all right drop this off and are you guys gonna move close enough sorry Lucy youre a big girl you can handle it oh this must be the leader where that guy opened the gate to this must have been a way to get in if he was he died or something maybe cuz this should go right back down to the stairs yep perfect still 100 percent in this  __  I need to look at this faithful earring though faithful earring what do you do heightens resistance the possession dont need it I see Im not the kind of person its the same thing in titan quest and dragon dragon so Im a technical as groomed on all those games or its like you get to ring slots and like a necklace slot or something and its like this heightens resistance to fire its like well thats great so I have to equip it what Im fighting a fire guy like why would I run around with an anti possession ring how often do I actually encounter that its something I would need to switch in if Im going through like a whole bunch of possession II areas or something so I dont I never use that kind of stuff it just doesnt seem useful to me was this oh Iraq glad they put a rock there okay are you youre not talking to me yet keep those saves going because this is all going to be a little cutscene or something before the Great Wall gates okay this guy looks really strong holy crap I think Im up okay sorry my lightening guy seemed to be doing some good stunt work dad were out of lightning daggers guess I tried cutting but no thats not what I wanted right youre not undead are you gonna try this Music seem to do a decent damage though oh damn I thought I could get him stuck what are you doing over to the door I just seem to be going too bad do this give me some of that cutting rim Wallys the corner we got this yes whos talking to me is it you okay what were over here didnt even know there was a storeroom here you could have just said nothing and I would have just walked on cuz Ive got a small box and ardent will looks like something else I cant use but well give it a look-see just in case yeah one class confuse that fire enchantment will never feel that would be awesome I would love to get some daggers that are always fire or ice or something my time will come eventually are you locked so is that supposed to be like a no I cant break that okay it looked like a wooden thing okay if hes gonna be right out here were gonna do another safe I know I know I save a lot sue me what do we got oh its Darth Sidious well hes not gonna die hes main in the story thats a cool shot hello it would seem our fates are closely bound what do you mean what are you summoning the huh need sleep of destruction well find this place god I look awesome indeed the coming night ill needs us its all happened to you just as you your hubris cannot hope to stop the divine beast that Marcin before its might you stand as useless and frail as this ungainly contrivance of brick and mortar what nonetheless the tration coming for me justice how about that I cant my daggers do that what the hell okay something real bad about to happen yeah madcap knows it she knows I had my flock to see these walls reduced to dust but first gossipy flesh from your bones my dear are you just gonna send a bunch of stuff or its gonna be two special things wow shes actually smiling shes getting a kick out of that oh he dropped his dagger its mine I call it I call it Lucy Raja medicham I called it its mine this is not going to be that looks like a lich king Oh God oh I have a bad feeling about this defeat the Wits Whites the Wits Whites thank you for clarifying that terribly sure we wrap all we dont have multiple health bars I guess thats some kind of stupid no not ricocheting under can somebody give me a fire buff please I would definitely not be opposed to oh yes somebody gave it to me do that blow them to pieces and then shoots an arrow mode that still gives me fire right those are fire arrows I think because the six full boat bolt doesnt get fire heroes ice need to get one thing around come on not one of them to the ground at least I dont think its going to work Music  __  thats not what I meant to do Ive done over why memory and stuff Im gonna get rid of you I have my fire Chaman I need to get some stuff done here theres a look I got a book for killing that guy Asha youre okay oh why did the camera pan to him and then me what are we doing oh hes on the ground go go go no I ran right through him Oh Can I grab on to him always on the ground what a waste what a huge waste I dont think I have any standup oceans either I just got to go through these guys mano a mano thats a lot of experience holy crap hey dont worry lets keep these guys in check wait one-on-one or q1x before Im over cupboard  __  I need to I need to fix it over encumbering quick thats not the right button but everythings super heavy that I give away immediately yes all this stuff give no dont combine nows not the time to be combining give medic app works yep give can all give lets need to get down to like okay heavy should be fine there we go at least Im still being able to wander around grab things ok what do we need to do theres a couple guys over here Ill go kill this guy I guess this is where theyre gonna go back onto the ground can I jump up and grab on nope seems like a terrible idea ways Im totally done six-fold take him take him take him okay were gonna cut straight on this guy hes obviously good week here at the to right now spells are sealed great is that meta Kevin set that yes that is not good yeah Im just gonna keep focusing on this guy now hopefully you guys can deal with the cannon fodder on the ground Oh what that you just  __  hammered me in the back all right yeah you are already dead no get out of there what are you doing stop it no skills for you no spells just go back to being dead this I hey Asha is dead go fix her crap whistling oh that must be something they got her on your back okay which one are you tacking do you oh theyre both kind of almost dead okay thats good I dont know if I should be using another skill I dont think I can hit them more than one time so I think hunter bowls is useless yeah I can only target one spot Medusa dungeon so thats completely useless hit you though I dont like these spell casters just kind of wandering around doing whatever they please nope hammer get out of there yes it does can I have some maybe my Coker help Oh No okay I thought maybe calling for help would  __  theyre revealing  __  I gotta keep up the attack no its to see some more normal tax right now were gonna let my stuff recharge a little bit just a little bit I need to get one of these guys dead yeah if somebody give you fire at the Hartford is they dont ever get on the ground I dont know how to get them choose the ground you need a hundred volts theres too much stuff going around out here pedicab you need to come back dont forget we have spring water guys well thats some weird-ass music okay I dont know how theyre getting help I need to figure that out Music what do you guys like meet you know thank you is he falling something Oh their business summoning again he do this this is on the ground their only chance to do something like that oh yes yes yes yes do it yes  __  yeah and thats a level two grab the black crystals I dont want they do but before they disappear okay its just you and me and that guy and him and those guys and them and my whole team but other than that is just you and me mano a mano come on get rid of these guys all around me hey take this guy out a little bit streak around behind this guy come on jump out of the way I couldnt make it waitwhat I wonder if thats how their gaming hell Im not actually sure and I cant take a lot of pills lets get rid of him here in skebawn over here yes you could technically grind on these guys couldnt you quite a bit okay six fold Music because the general thing Im thinking here is that if I can keep all the guys on the ground dead that means my AI my a I guys will be able to get a simpler  __  I missed hell be able to get their attacks all off on the proper guy hi damn okay get back here yeah theres a lot of guys here just keep targeting get rid of the wheat guys first solo target all the strong guys pretty much everybody left ya shouldnta walked through that that was dumb thats real dumb okay go for it everybody target him everybody medicham can you get some good fire attacks off maybe I wouldnt be opposed to that here weve got some of our stuff back six fold do it well somebody knock him on the ground so we did not come on the ground yes oh that was it yes wow I look so cool I love my character six fold six fold well you still do thats right Im a wall and an army oh dear Im afraid Im not ready for this Oh do that Rapp blasphemers talk about my femur that way I totally saw that coming but I didnt think it would be like that I figured the dragon would eat him and hed be like yes I love it are you talking again no rantings of an upjumped said itd make for tedious listening his ilk serves no role in what is to come well we didnt need Elks anyways my death will starch the flood of destruction a task still far beyond you or me so why dont you kill me now that seek me out and I shall know the salads but until you take my heart again I shall hold your little keepsake saying uh I have a muttering first plate there now you cant take my heart again my diligence and wish I had that always fors known to man nor to the whims of fate well thanks for not killing me oh man see Im glad I picked everything up as I was fighting god I look awesome thats a character right there no I have double-jump dont worry I got you I got you I dont bet you tried how thats gonna hurt in the morning real bad or maybe itll hurt right now that my pawns die you bastard Kenda just flown away thirty thousand experience rough landing and some such nonsense it would appear speak with the dragon forged which is where I guess we could just exits I dont know where the dragon forged is theres people walking towards me as I walk out of the burning wreckage like a hero or theyre not gonna say anything never mind youre welcome youre welcome guys no problem just Ill send you a bell okay not even a thanks its all right I dont need a thanks I do this because Im thirsty for blood not because I want thanks heavy Onis okay so it looks like this is back somewhere far away yep far far far away so Im gonna end this episode here it looks like its almost exactly an hour so thats kind of a week to uh I like it oh that was a good episode to cyclopses I got that thingamajig chimera Im just gonna call it that even if its wrong for now yeah one of those I got another one before even recording we got to fight some thingamajigs whites wits rather whatever theyre called and progress the story quite a bit I feel like so a lot of stuff a lot of fighting packed into one episode great stuff now I need to empty my bags out probably would be a good idea and then move over to that next area and see what the hells over there which we kind of wandered to accidentally right yes yep this is where I fought the Griffin the first time and had that escort mission which failed really bad so maybe well grab another port crystal see where this lands us over in this area and maybe Ill put one down here maybe in this kind of area Im not sure well see I think this is a good one right here should work well but thats gonna do it for this episode thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you on the next one until then stay metal Music can i sell my steam games A lot of action in this episode as I take back the Greatwall from Salvation.*********************************** Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Steam Link - fifa 23 steam not launching steam game optimizer steam poker game macos games on steam steam pot for sale