Dragons Dogma: Meus Mods Gráficos e Funcionais

Games da steamhow to delete games in steam library DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN steam who would say that the resurrected dogma after five years of release because it is the 2 that is good here is how it is now relaunching one of the next edition consoles is worth it but anyway the more exposure this game gains the better I feel that every lover of rpg has a moral obligation to play this so Im doing my part creating my own between quotes re master of it with motorcycles on the pc it turns out that this essay is its version for the ps4 xbox the year these days ago the version of the extinct also received an upgrade olímpico at the time I was excited about your people a remastered game and the __ tobacco changed __ at least I couldnt notice any difference they didnt post a pet anywhere on the internet the only thing they fixed that I noticed was a bank they had played for five years since it was a passive missile that made mages take less damage while crawling for some reason you took double damage so just now they fix it ram that and finally since I always enjoyed playing this game without modifying everything that I see ahead and I thought why not go over my mold configuration that I put together with so much love and care over this time since the guys are getting back to play and those who never played it are now watching it on the consoles next year lets respect this game a little bit and lets go first modification is obviously the nbb and dont think its a bunch of scrotum makeup effect supported your game on the contrary I spent weeks getting every inch of it 127 dnb configuration to make the game as natural as possible for those who dont know it can simulate and realistic lighting effects in several games that dont have a system normally it simulates light coming from the sky that illuminates the ground reflects on your character causes shadow on things along the way everything that seems like the game already does but it doesnt do it right and in addition I made a point of disappearing any color filters and necessary effects In the game, for those who follow me, you know that if theres one thing I hate about the game, its the son of exaggerated colors. in itself the improvement is ridiculously huge but know that at any time during the game you can press shift and having to change it as you want in real time even for those who dont have a pc that powerful dont want the pnb to weigh too much you can deactivate it the detailed shadow depth of field one all the defects that weigh too much so I dont know if you completely deactivate the nbs press shift f12 your problem is over but anyway if you think that only the lighting of the game that screams 2008 in your face you know that many details of the range were also changed to higher quality versions and another thing I did was remove the false lighting spanish from things I find it funny that this game it impresses a lot in certain all aspects but sometimes it gives 11 that I dont understand for example I dont know who the citizen was the intern who thought it would be a good idea to put a bunch of light sprites on top of another light man I your game already has a system of functional lighting you dont need or autumn semi-transparent png on top I feel sorry for those young people with the console cant take these fights understand the magic class move at night in this game is a nightmare with these lights in your face that when I I started playing this here I didnt sing my weapons because I had the giant halo around the sharing and he said he cant see anything, you understand so I made a point of completely removing this crap the game is clean now another detail that bothered me was when they removed screenshots on the game tool they didnt even put the watermark in the big dialog in the corner I moved that too now one thing here that I invested a lot of time was the game icons yes por some reason i have a thing for icons i always liked to invent the cute ones of well drawn icons all over the eu asked that the game and drugs dogma make you want to cry with the subcommittee i did i found the higher quality versions in the game files that is when you examine the item the box of the larger item appears and I went from one by one adjusting color brightness contrast outline size everything each item of brightness bigger problem smaller the result is this everything much more cute much more detailed much more said of a one item for the other in general its a lot of little improvements from randy little things that since the game with the little more political face you understand and you ll enjoy it too santa but its going to be a hell of a lot of work to install all this, right, i dont love it, leave it still simpler possible to not have a problem I organized everything nicely for you just put it in your game folder and be happy in the description 80 two versions of this mode to download in one of them its normal and another request from a lot of people not to have passed the version with the infinite weight so its already clear that if youre playing the first time you dont download the very low weight version the normal version has a bunch of mechanics in the game that revolves around around the weight of your character a lot of infinite weight obviously avoiding a good part of management called inventory only you will lose a rope part of the game also revolves around the weight of your characters anyway just download the hippies betray and throw it in your folder simpler game than that impossible now allow nbb effects works itself you have to in options then video and put hdr high if you dont have it here it wont work nbb graphic changes everything is set up one is cute your game will be very nice prettier much cleaner install and tell me what you think it s never too late to play this game in a way that it deserves to be played taking advantage of the momentum its already on thursday with buy the game if you havent bought it yet, its pretty cheap there and trust me, you wont regret the site link the subscription was Music best free rpg games in steam ▶ ENB + Mods (normal): ▶ ENB + Mods + No Carry Weight: ▶ Kinguin: ▶ Cupom de 3% de Desconto: FILIPE ▶ Facebook: Créditos de mods da Nexus mesclados nos arquivos: ▶ HD HP: ▶ Community Compass Overhaul: steaming carrots on stove how many times can you yoni steam a week game won't update steam emudeck rom location steam deck best steam remote play games