The Dark Arisens Lore Explained

Can i install steam games on external hard drivehow to connect steam with epic games DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN steam scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls as a reason we are given power not only to defy Our Fate but to completely reshape the world around us overcoming armies vesting dragons and standing against gods are all very common occurrences even without the seneshalls powers it is frightening what unorision is capable of nowhere is this more evident than on the dimensional anomaly known as bitter Black Island at the heart of which sits the monster known as Daemon born from the heart of an Arisen in despair whatever the true origin of the island whether an externally created prison or self-made trap the influence of Daemon on his domain is irrefutable and yet at his core Daemon is still an Arisen the basic nature of the Arisen is still within him and it shows Damons Story begins with a young boy named Asha in a distant land unimaginably far in the past in a world perhaps completely separate from our own this child lived with his family in a small and cramped seaside village one day Ashs Village was attacked by a mighty Great Dragon it raised his home destroyed his people and left him for dead by chance or perhaps even design that Arisen a woman named Greta discovered Asha in the ruins of his home she pulled him to his feet she fed and clothed him and in the end she took him on her travels Asha looked to this woman as his new mother but in time he felt stirrings of romantic love as well and so he was heartbroken when Greta forbid him from joining her for the fights against her Dragon she and her Pawn olra left Asha behind and the Arisen known as Gretchen was never seen again Asha wandered on his own for a great deal of time before he found olra she was now a human bestoned by Gretas spirit and given her likeness Asha nursed her to health and the two began a romantic relationship but the ending was not happily ever after some years later Asha confronted by A Great Dragon himself he is made Arisen and he pursues it on facing the mighty Beast he learns an unsettling truth the Great Dragon he stands against is in fact his former mentor and savior regretzer to compound his deeper despair he is given the dragons bargain the price to pay being the life of Aura in a fit of Despair Asha curses the world himself and everything Greta is forced to accept that as his wish and allra is slain and that is the sum of our knowledge about Asha and his history before becoming Daemon and yet there is so much missing in terms of context for the Arisen story foremost missing is Ashs Main Pawn many things on better Black Island allude to this mysterious pawn and his influence holds perhaps stronger even than his own Master the first bit of evidence is how thoroughly it appears his existence is scrubbed away some have theorized that Asha adopted Aura as his main pawn and traveled only with her this just isnt possible Aura was human the moment Greta was slain she could not be a pawn so what can we look for with regards to this hidden mermaiden lets begin with some of the Legendary Treasures that are to be found most of the higher level equipment follows some manner of thematic naming and once set in particular stance apart from the rest the sin armor sets in which every piece has a different name notably they are red vacationed equipment so the next step in the chain is to look at the relevant Weaponry the most likely answer to this riddle is the long sword known as Peter end a long sword lined with ominous patterns that reflect the Deep enmity within it senses the negativity of its wielder and sharpens its Edge to match we will return to that in a moment just as a matter of elimination the sword Devils pain cannot be relevant to the mystery as its description states its former owner has died the verge of Madness mace is exempt for the same reason fighter and Mystic Knight are out of the equation the wear of the scene armor was Warrior what does this have to do with Ashs Main Pawn well everything the mystery continues on the notice Boards of better Black Island as we may come across any of the five seemingly unrelated quests nothing in their titles suggests any connection Beyond theme words unlike every other related notice board quest which comes in parts and yet they are all connected all posted by the same person all have the same phrasing in their descriptions I call upon you Wanderer of the Abyss I call upon you lost and withless human of the five only the first and last standout Echoes from the Beyond calls us to examine all of the Recollections of former Arisen to record on the Monument of remembrance this is important for telling us a great deal about the history of those on the island even if some details are fuzzy or just not there of exceptional note is that every memory he directs us to belongs to exactly one a reason out of the countless number that have been through the Islands deaths those are arthicus but better known as death the one writing the quests is familiar with arthecus and they want us to know about him they want us to see into his heart perhaps because they too did exactly that and pushed him towards his change then we arrive at the Heart of Darkness this is where we discover the one who wrote the other four quests in full it reads I call upon you Wanderer of the Abyss I call upon you lost and weightless human you may topple the labyrinths Lord but that will not reveal the way to the light you must see through the lies and open the path of blood that leads to me this chain of quests was written by Damon II all along there were two demons the one we fought at first and the second one hiding behind the scenes this raises a lot of questions by itself the biggest one being why there are two demons if there is only one Asha and yet theyre all easily answered with one simple explanation Damon II is the former Main Pawn of Asha we can dig deeper into this line of thinking too consider the difference in strength Damon II is far stronger than Daemon yet he stays in the background why because hes still bound to obey his Arisen and yet he is corrupted as any other Pawn he resents his servitude and actively helps you gain the strength you need to overcome Daemon his will becomes manifest and why because Damon was slain and his treachery against his master did not begin on BattleBlock Island even as a normal Pawn he grew a resentment in his heart that spiraled out of control perhaps it was jealousy or anger or hatred but it all started with Ashs tormented heart influencing his main Pawn as all Origins influenced their own and this treachery is reflected in The Sinner armor set and the bitter and long sword Ashs Main Pawn was a warrior this explains as well how it became a Daemon a Main Pawn will in Canon eventually assume the form of their Master as Asha Twisted into a demon so too did his Pawn in the end what separated them was Ashs human grounding that his Pawn lacked where Asha never fully gave in to Damon his Pawn jumped in head first and ascended into awakened Daemon or Damon II this creature is an unusual one as well despite being a pawn it is almost closer to being an Arisen it can touch upon the rift use skills outside of normal porn vacations and seems on its way to becoming more bastardized form of great or Ur Dragon this opens up a new line of questions as to how and why but the answer lies all throughout bit of like Island Dead Arisen everywhere you go on the aisle youll find a half-eaten corpses and mountains of picked clean bones from hundreds and thousands of corpses if not Millions these extend all the way into the final chamber the demons have not just been killing a reason they have been consuming them and finally we come to the end of the puzzle Damon IIs defeat once bested a strange figure seems to enter the rift like a dying Pawn lending further evidence to the notion that Damon II is exactly that and yet he returns he always returns the final question how because he is corrupted like every other non-party Pawn on beta Block Island he is the most corrupt of them all he can never truly enter the rift instead being destined to be reborn over and over until the Turning of the Eternal ring destroys Bill Black Island and everything begins Anew often times the worst monsters arent the ones in the world or in our heads there are those within our own hearts and the hearts of those closest to us puedo jugar ark steam y epic games This is the story of the Dark Arisen.Discord - how refund steam games free steam gift card code steam how to transfer games to another pc games for 5 dollars on steam start game in windowed mode steam