Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen is out on Steam! Go Get It!

Steam deck egpughost song steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN steam hello everybody BAM boom here welcome to a very quick video I want to do very quickly on Dragons Dogma its just come out for steam yesterday or the day before dont know exactly remember get my dads a bit confused its come out a cheaper price to what it was originally came out on the PlayStation 3 but he also came out the 360 dont quite remember though because i only had it for the playstation 3 and the port just say you all know is really good its very responsive ive not any problems with it going into the settings quickly if you wanna know a gander at that theres lots of different options for the graphical settings which is really good and its not a really huge amount for gameplay but yeah so by capcom its got some heavy influences I would suggest from the dark souls series but it does it really well its more of a party based system or they do any control one character theres more of a party based system where youre working as a team as opposed to on your own I also dont think its as unforgiving as dark souls but there is as you can see here hard mode which I have absolutely no desire to play on I think im going to be playing it on normal just so I can you know get used to well because i think what normal is probably the best way to play it I would have hook anyway but the game does lot stuff really well its quite balanced in terms of the classes and it also lets you create your own pawns which our characters are in the game and you can then share them with other people who also have dragons dogma and they get to play they get to play with your with your pawn in their party so to speak so thats pretty good it also takes on the same characteristics as you have when youre playing in the game so if youre quite aggressive for example if youve got quite aggressive battle style then your pawn will also take that tray into other peoples games as well so I think its really worth getting is that a cut-price its 2299 in the UK with all the dlc that came out for the console version the graphics look really good in the game as well have to say I dont think Ive actually got a safe at all oh boy anything just a  __  I was just going to show you some my graphics but i dont think i have a save on here unless it loads up something twinsies but yeah the graphics considering the age of the game its really good I havent Ive just got a its just a start the game i know i did that load game in the new to all of us and gives me the intro which is very strange but yeah as you can see the graphics are pretty good this is all on high of course and im not sure f kisses run now actually but nevertheless it doesnt seem to be any performance drop fighting battles or anything like that but Ive noticed so yeah really good so if it is something you interested in Id suggest going and picking it up and yeah if you make any porn so you want to try out mine let me know and you can have me on steam or however it is its gonna be done anyway thank you for watching Ill see you very soon guys bye crossout steam charts As always dont forget to: Like (If you liked the video)Comment (If you have something to say) Subscribe (If you want to keep up to date with my latest videos) Fancy a vanburman T-Shirt? No Well look no further.. No really stop looking... oh okay here it is: Want Steam codes at a great price? check out this link. They are trusted and approved by me due to using them many times :). Thank you for watching. Want to watch my live streams ? Follow me on twitch to find out when I go live at: Twitter: Facebook : Website: Also have a look at my second channel for more content Markee Dragons Store with my referral link: shark steam clean shark lift away steam mop pro steam deck game recommendations conair turbo extreme steam hand held fabric steamer steam disk write error