Steam game lag fixeasy steam activity DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN steam and your character is not wrong in Dragons Dogma in this video I will explain how you will maximize the damage of both magic and physical attack of your character so you dont get it wrong and yes I have ways for you to use the wrong pair and end up not maximizing the damage you could do at the end of the game, what happens lets go here in equipment, you can see my characters status down there, which is 3432 strength and 453 magic Okay, what happens is my characters base damage based on each level that I go to Pando and that level each level that you wear as your character will distribute a base giving either physical damage or magical damage and what will define whether this damage increase goes to the physical base or magician is the class you are using you can see there in mine is and if you are here next to my strength number there is another number in parentheses which is 615 in this case it is because I changed the saw during the my game for example if you start your game from level 1 to 10 using a physical damage bild in the warrior case and after level 10 until level 200 keep using a building the world which is also physical damage and is based on level increases the force damage per level up to level 200 maximizing with 866 base its the same thing with magic that you start from mage from level 1 to 10 and after level 10 change to sorcerer which is also bitter and keep up to level 200 will maximize your characters base magic damage to 866, so the rest of the damage will be from helping your weapon and etc. start a new character This drastically changes your bilds final damage ok it s something I found out recently and I havent seen anyone make a video about it from Dragons Dogma so keep in mind keep the class or physical damage up to level 200 or d and magic damage up to level 200 so you can maximize your character ok so thats it guys were together see you next time thanks steam game not syncing vitaozito,dragons dogma,dragons dogma dica,dragons dogma build,dragons dogma começando bem,dragons dogma melhores armas,dragons dogma dicas,dragons dogma bitterblack isle,dragons dogma truques,dragons dogma armas op,dragons dogma itens op,dragons dogma como ficar op,dragons dogma como quebrar o jogo,dragons dogma a build mais op do jogo,dragons dogma rusted wepons,dragons dogma como começar#dragonsdogma #dragonsdogma APOIE O CANAL PIX - Gostou do vídeo? deixa o like comenta e se inscreve pra ajudar a compartilhar o vídeo e fazer o canal crescer! Você também pode se tornar membro por 1,99 assim pode receber os videos antes e ajudar o canal. OBRIGADO PRO ASSISTIR E TUDO DE BOM :D steam gift history top 10 steam survival games free sonic games on steam steam bbtag steam okra recipe