Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen (Steam) - part 9

Beamng steam keyabrir juegos de epic games en steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN steam Oh dragon Jesus whom reside a--the in dragon heaven of all places I know we dont always see eye to eye I know that your servant ate my heart and that Ive sworn to kill him from the inside like some kind of vegetable but hamster but youre listening I could really use really is some help right now because we are exactly where we left off in some kind of fresh help them up alarm on our men and with that welcome back everyone I do have we are more things in this bag oh alright looks like vives finally stopped kicking up there and I have a plan I do have a plan there was a door up here I thought I opened this but i guess i didnt feather cape who immediately getting distracted by the the prospect of a beautiful feathered Cape well favored by magical adepts alright well when we get through this were going to give that to live okay so since loading up the game I guess this is locked as well which is honestly going to work to our advantage for the moment I dont know whether Im brave enough to you know what I am brave enough lansfords about to bleed out Vivs about to bleed out thats the right we got them both all right come on come come come come come come come come come come come come from people all right that door closes automatically behind me its very strange you should be weighted or Im hoping that this is going to lead us somewhere a little more promising all right so weve got some kind of port stone here now I dont know whether I want to take this or whether i want to leave it here pour Cristal I should say because im pretty sure if i put it down here that i can fast travel to it all do im sure someone will confirm or deny that in the comment but Im gonna tell you for now just in case Im wrong and I mean we can always we can always get back here fairly easily and by fairly easily I mean by getting through that groove with the dragon once again alright well shadow forever ah yes excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent all right sure coat it so I picked that up this one pick up that circo did I pick it up did I pick that up lets have a look it also I did hmm ok lets see if I can if thatll do anything for me know so that will be replacing my clothing will it Ill know that will actually be replacing my armor so whats the point of it said it was supposed to go over armor right to protect you from the elements whats the point of that if Im forget it forget it forget it forget I said anything I must be very heavily encumbered to be moving this slowly at the moment alright well weve got the lever now all we need to do is nowhere to put it can a sailor okay lengthen you take that thats fine im going to take this flask of water were pretty safe in here alright were going to hop back down were going to our mind Ill minus or later Im already as you can see pretty pretty heavily incumbent now Im pretty sure if we come back up here sprint straight around here yeah I know I know theres the Cyclopss Ive seen them oh come on no stop God hes engaged the cycle of students all right and I think it was up around here the land food was saying that um that there was a thing what needed a part for the lever to work so is it this is it this thing here I think its this thing here it totally is alright and this ought to let our reinforcements in and this should make things a little bit easier for us all right excellent Oh welcome back everyone by the way I dont know if I said welcome back we did leave it exactly where we left it but its been a couple of days there any any guys to clean up over there now and I think so were just going to go back down the stairs yeah its bits its been a couple of days I I know I always I only ever manage to get one or two of these were recorded at once at the moment because its a middle of summer here in Australia as you may or may not know over a particularly hot one and it seems that every time I go to record dogma it just happens to be like 40 bloody degrees Celsius and after about an hour im ready to pass out so thats my excuse OOP so Roberts dead is he can I was I supposed to not let him die I have a feeling that I was in fact supposed to not blame him down and where is he where is he where is he I dont know why it would have given us that um oh crap bosch report your defeat oh okay all right okay you know what thats not the best of news I think were gonna I think were going to try it again so hang on a second guys Im going to reload and Ill talk do when we get right back here and and land birds not dead hang on ah here we go weve reloaded weve opened the phone again sure Robbie it is is not going to die this time Im going to be sure of that that said hes probably going to end up dying again now its the blister over there arm no its not all right so I just need to get down there and protect him and make sure that he doesnt get stepped on by one of those bloody but although it wasnt even one of the Cyclops that did him was it it was one of them bloody little gobby Sh all right well lets lets deal with as many of the little ones as we can to start with yeah hes already in a very bad way and im already well out of breath she is oh jeez oh jeez remember i was saying were gonna have some kind of dynasty warriors flight i mean this is this is pretty close isnt it so someone is obviously not played an awful lot of dynasty or its alright well I mean were getting sure with the the ballistae but it seems to be doing as much damage to the gold lenses to anyone else so Ill take that for the moment all right theres this little  __  here I was a bit is there any way up there I mean I want to I dont want to leave these guys to the Cyclopss down here but we are getting absolutely ruined by the or good catch Rocky good catch Ronnie locked from the inside all right I guess theres nothing we can do at there at the moment so lets go where is he where is he there is all right hes hes in pretty good health now so i think that cheese Ronny every time I really need to start paying attention to my to my stamina bar so weve got something that will give us a bit of both weve have a great deal health and stamina yeah okay Ill take it get up were going to do these guys one at time were going to do it the old-fashioned way old-fashioned way oh by jumping right over his head oh oh oh no oh no oh no oh no I dont youre my head bitten off Oh cheese or cheese and sorry for ruining everyones ears by beating the  __  out of my control of their because theres not really any two ways to do it God and Im on fire I dont want to be on phone Im not supposed to be on fire these guys are supposed to be on fire all right I thought he would have grabbed me there but he didnt so it looks like Ive completely put out his eye I think its completely blind no no no we go home girl but you standing here giving him some trouble all right crap  __  on it  __  get out vivre we need you yeah well your best hasnt been all that promising so far has it all right lets go up to his head again maybe if I do this arm youll love hell actually just straight up and drop the drop is club thats probably wishful thinking its not going away thats not gonna work oh shes oh no then do that now hes going down straight on top of me all right this has got to do something laughs oh yeah that was snow its pretty effective all theyre both down again hes too  __  guys a sweat Ive really got to be able to do something about this ballast day what do we got consumed a bit of health human better health consumer better health so you were to stamina you seem a bit of stamina um more stamina all right I dont have to do crap that fly does a lot of damage but like like I should be surprised that some being on flyer is doing significant amount of damage to me all right lets see if we can make him fall down again lets see if we can do it without him stepping on me come on come on no because we want to we want to get him to the point where youre starting to trip up right and then hammering is a leg at that point seems to put him down pretty quickly so lets see if if this is going to do it for us yeah yeah all right now we want to keep the other leg no thats too slow oh this is stressful oh this is very stressful I thought that that one was unarmed up there but maybe this one Manning it now well theres totally someone Manning it up there all right we got to deal with that and weve got to deal with that right now because when I when I last looked up that it was definitely no one on that shes shes um oh oh come on as soon as I walk away from you youve got to be freaking kidding me Im just going to completely destroy this thing there and now it doesnt now they dont matter at all now where is he where is he where is he wheres he gone I was he up here oh no hes right here all right okay its interesting how the the Cyclopss dont seem to do much to him but as soon as theres little ogre stuff to my only on him oh jeez Oh although I just said that now this I say oh we got cycle cycle its going to go straight at him please my my pawns cant last five minutes against this Ken Lay Oh God and hes about to die all of his mates are dead beef go heal him dont follow me I I think that thats a bit pre-emptive or they were training I think they were treating Oh excellent excellent excellent excellent okay that means Ill be able to get up onto the ramp its is Adams album while oh man oh man thats so funny all right well hopefully that means that we dont need a keep defending the captain I mean I think I think that we need to kill the chieftain to have is considered one so thats all wrong so Im just going to go and do that and hopefully once Ive done that wont matter whether the whether the captain lives or dies thats what Im going to be banking on for the moment so whether Im right or wrong I think thats what were going to commit to for the time being oh I just put them both down all right I was going to say sorry if I havent been providing much to letting her commentary in this one because this is uh I dont know theres a lot to focus on this game is uh I dont know if Kevin get it I would say is getting on top of me but its its definitely not easy is it definitely not something I can just zone out and play all right theres no way through there for the moment we got to get some level Ill worry about the treasure once weve killed everything where is he shifting should be up here I think I think oh please dont tell me that the over is a check then please dont oh no oh no oh no oh like me oh thats a long ways back were healing up so Rosa little bit yes this is a all this is a goddamn nightmare you guys this is absolutely insane i Ive got prepared for this gives Down Goes Down we do it if I could just like pick up that club and start like one on these guys Dark Soul style or some club thats  __  three times size of my body Ill be pretty sweet now I have no idea where land fit is is he is he stuck in here or stuck up on the on the parapets or something I think he must be stuck up here so lets sort him out where is he oh yeah hes up here oh jeez come on lets restore some stoner yes stamina bit of stamina yeah all right fine put these guys down all right good now Oh get out Ronnie all right I can make this jump I can make this jump here we go i knew i could make it aint no thang now i dont know if Ive mentioned this already but viv viv was having a got me the other day for the fact im always yelling at her when shes a you know a pawn or a follower or something and she doesnt doesnt ever have the chance to answer to it so shes decided that in the next episode of the ironically named solo solo what do I call the side boss challenge series or something either way its pretty much the only video series that I dont do solo yeah shes told me them in the next one of those shes actually going to stop behaving like her porn dozen interrupting me when Im trying to do my intro and  __  like that so I mean I guess Ive kind of asked for that that thats something weve all got to look forward to I suppose oh and now hes in good health so hes healing himself now for once your consciousness fades again landford youre supposed to be a bloody tank Lanford dont tell me you back up there again hes gonna be right back up I can top again isnt he ah oh I know viv so why dont you go assist the Knights notches down alright just let me get my breath let me get my breath or not walk when are they going to open that  __  door again we both know that it will happen again in just a moment all right lets lets go for the trick shot here oh there we go thats pretty fancy wasnt it foosh manche we didnt he didnt align himself on fire that time so I guess hes doing all right yeah all right well Im gonna go do as a chieftain Jesus had a baby Ill put into the blaie but I dont use a blade Ill put them to the big the big dick hammer all right and you guys are just gonna just gonna stand there like that okay youre just gonna stand there looking stupid with your fantastic Friendly AI and Im going to need some help and greatly restores health Ill take that and some stellar are excellent excellent excellent excellent once again were going to get you guys jumping on this here I think yeah these guys all take one here im going to let land for deal with them and im just going to push on through were wrapping the Chieftains going to be at the top again and we reckon were not going to give that cycles your chance to look at one shot me off the side of the side of the ramp its man it gave me such a flashback to what happened to rook although when having the route the site bot was literally picked him up and throw him off you know assessee has been so quiet all day shes been so good and as soon as I start recording of course she starts going bananas now is that the chieftain no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no hey was your boss poor these guys just spawn straight in front of me was that just me maybe that was just me get out my way that movie feels Im sure theres going to be points where that move is extremely useful but for the most part at the moment that feels completely useless pretty sure leveling up restores on my health and stamina Ill take that oh no no no no no no no no were gonna stare that Cyclopss way because hes a hes having his caddy we know all about that one hunk of war ah geez all right well that should assist the captain down below can we go still further up no nothing public just sparring for spawning infront of a sporting phone yeah its just spawning infront of me hes gonna give us some pretty bad hay fever you guys doing that shut up Cersei please now is that was that where is this bloody chief then youre gonna Im going to find out the minute the the Cyclops is in fact the chieftain and I dont want any of that I want anything to do with that see look I just bloody this has got to be him commander and teach and learn Oh yours is definitely him this is definitely him but shes cute little crown oh hes so cute hes your cute that blocking is getting home and theres a so Im gonna put him down knock him down and hes dead he says humans like a Ferengi yeah I think Ive won all right come on in oh yeah well Ive seen him once hey talking about is he gonna is he gonna do what I think hes gonna do yep yes that is a long drop and a shortstop my friend where did he go oh oh come on sir robert that gaba muscle run straight past you to get down there and youre just standing there posing with you with your back to the Cyclopss come to mention it where the Cyclops gone because there were three of them and I dont really see them turning tail and running acknowledge Ive learned what to do in this quest well thats thats wonderful for both of you that would have been really really helpful about an hour ago alright Lanford what do you go for sure the hold is ours once more yeah well hopefully you got in here someone of your feets onto the capital did you could be most pleased well pray accept this token of our thanks and a steamer reason well thats what Im looking for must do great no such hoard existed in days past oh I mean there are a few of the matter if I called a  __  there were maybe you like 50 of them ray let it not be too late to stem this tide hmm first I know spirit you back to Grand Soren in an instant no matter where you were located by far the fastest and safest method to travel but it starts theres a move excuse me this V is after single years Ive given us a bunch of hostages conquers pure joy coin pouch all right so hes given us a lot of money and I guess thats something oh geez that was if the difficulty we were having there is a sign of things to come and a sign of me having to kick not only my pawns alive but absolutely Muppets like this guy then Ive got to say Im not too excited for for the way this is looking although Im still Im loving this game loving the combat its its fantastic I still cannot believe i missed this in 2012 were going to see it through to the bitter end I said Ill Ronnie so with that said thank you guys for watching and I will see you all oh thats not one thats not one either the one is here we yeah alright see you guys Syria steam deck amazon prime games Ser Robert, Captain of stupid.This video contains my own commentary and editing. does steam have vr games square enix games steam steam wallet gift card scam new tales from the borderlands steam steam deck turn off performance overlay