Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen (Steam) - part 2

Black + decker easy garment steamerrivals of aether steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN steam glowy pots All Right see what we can do with this oh well we can pick it up oh we can throw it we jump with it oh man hey hey kid wake up yo Im sorry lets try this one hey wake up no I dont wanna put it down the throat wake up wake up now prepare then mine wake up pick up a rock oh no we can do with that all right lets I guess were gonna pick a class alright sweet flatter straighter mage daggers and bo staff well I mean we got to go fighter domi yeah I think were gonna go short and bored so I guess we cant use Spears at all which is  __  to be fair why why is so few modern RPGs then you use Spears I dont understand it its like theyre there its like everyones intimidated but your goons or something thats definitely what it is but I mean think about it like morrowind you could use Spears Skyrim youre definitely caught well Dark Souls you can so i guess thats a bad example but you guys know what I mean like its its not happening less and less its not I guess Spears just not fashionable anymore were gonna take a spot with us CFO we can go ask Maria the wound has closed and it seems the worst has passed but his heart if you are sure of us yes ill magic the work of some curse the whole worlds already gone mad for fear of this dragon wont no good come of this I must go see to the others kina kina now I prefer more real very perceptive either all Dales right there Maria Mia more surprised to see me awake defeating fellows and blah blah blah all right okay can you hold this for me can you just hold that for me Oh No Maria Maria me amor she gone  __  just know is shes just totally gone yeah shes gone all right thats how ron jeremy lost his one true love and had to turn to a darker path confirmed this is a chilis backstory all right I like it how I can like pick up and throw things Im gonna have a lot of fun with this can I tell if Im here by grabbing it yes I can jump up there alright thats cool so this is gonna be very open Ill mantle of the way I look it is through be feeling  __  triceps we can I break through this no I guess not all right be to open be to pick up phlegm eeka this rusty a sword I thats crafting stuff what are you looking at he just like a look at me and just like throw up in his mouth oh you little  __  you little  __  you little  __  small nuts you dont even bleed you dont even bleed hes some kind of demon hes some kind of demon child where did he go where did he go what the hell it is so quick hes just totally gone oh man I guess Im the one with no perception Im sure itll be fine um you know what would help have some water hey yeah there you go oh my god whats in here this is my house how awesome I got a house um well havent got some carrots you know that guys I think I can do better were gonna go find ourselves a better house I think thats going to be one of the first things on the cards is to find ourselves a better house all right quest icons leaving up here by the looks of it but I just equipment useful add some shops yes it is an RPG whats this this is the M and Pablo as your day for you hows ur day find me dancing on your  __  countertop a hey Ron is the man round here Ive you know oh okay as you were gentlemen thats a nice one all right okay okay better mine what else we got um I wonder if we got horses cuz theres oh look theres like a stable or something bad there are what are they the hell theyre like cows or ox or excuse me sir sir excuse me sir Sir sir oh my god all right this is this is the best this is the greatest  __  game already oh man so thats interesting my stamina depletes why Im having on which I guess that makes sense thats also very reminiscent of shadow of the colossus well we go we watch some meat yeah yeah can I look at the cow anyway can I change my view angle to look at the cow I mean thats good enough hey you you tell your friends what youve seen here today all right yeah you tell em fell Ronnies in town and he aint putting up with no sassy cows you hear me yeah all right as you were cant jump over here that makes sense oh man I love the way this character moves this is so excellent this is so wonderful all right I guess thats it for that up here oh its the ghost of the cow its coming up on me so I guess every time I kill a cow I get a some kind of you here to kill me um yes a long live and prosper do you two are you looking at me you  __  looking at me hes of the poor Legion okay they come from some unknown place just appeared without a warning they are a strange long okay not human quite they look the part sure enough but they lack the will the spark what drives us they have no capacity to feel not act alone so they live as cell swords mermaid ons there go ah murmured ons why need to say sir there was an encampment west of the village where men gather to face the dragon okay Id wager a fair number of his kind will be there as well why dont you take him thats a wonderful idea last time I tried to face the dragon it went so well for me that I think were gonna go in and join up and do that right now hello rook you know I thought you were porn but I guess youre a rook thats fine I mean whatever Im not judging thats thats a fun way of approaching the whole like companion MPC thing is like putting in the law somehow that they are literally just mindless and and useless without a player character so thats thats fine I like that its cute so I guess were in the open world now on the coast whats this huh its nice its um I know it still feels kind of dark souls for some reason I know why Oh someones in trouble over here oh jeez theyre going to town how many your gob leash you will oh you wore you or you will get you all  __  do you have I got my already got blink strike  __  yeah get rekt nerd just this is wailing on him its not even trying to help himself all right no I dont think no too much to handle and I chimera thats for sure goblin horn now is that horn out of the goblins head or is that just like a horny owns just one of the characters around do they have on something in their head oh they do like a little ons thats probably what it is all right where you go yeah we cant do any self any favors where you might continue hello during is that it I like more than you thanks if thats quite all right are you kidding me get Becky you on yeah Im grateful little  __  all right on what enough wood as they say like just wait runs Oh Ronnie I love you Ronnie rook you look thirsty Johnson No then what whoa thats a heavy pipe a wealth of useful items can be found by vanquishing warpage or explore you virally keep your eyes peeled yes I I dont know your kind of its like a silly thing to get frustrated by but when like tutorial tips assume that youve never played a freakin RPG before well I guess our every RPG has to be like some kids first RPG you know what I mean so I dont know I dont know I just would have thought that since im selecting normal mode rather than easy it might just assume but i guess not well sheesh a p crest successful what did I do I just found a flag oh thats the same schedule of the dudes that we were fighting the the Chimera with hey rookie rookie coming here say oh come come here a second Im gonna try something out me hey come here alright thats good thats perfect ah help me I youll be fine itll be Riley is that it is he dead its just straight dead no alright okay alright well no one saw that so I guess were okay well thats that I guess we gotta come up with some other excuse to be here oh my god oh my god how did you all right I mean cheese deserve that after a thousand yacht where is he we got a thousand-yard stare like the  __  that hes just been through crawling up that mountain face with two broken legs never able to trust anyone ever again youre good lad rookie youre a good lad okay come here I mean youre good land theres a good boy is a good rook yeah alrighty whoever me the sword and shield is even better oh I love this game is one of them porn stones so I guess with Ronnie always was a king of porn he just he was just you know started with a different kind thats a terrible part isnt it one of these explosive boughs they look like explosive barrels can I tell rookie to a rookie go and hit the bells get him going go on now hes not gonna fall for it all right youre not gonna take the boat a redstone strange power emanates wrong with a rift stone thats what were calling him huh okay what is runes are they like nah I thought since this seems to have like a very sort of European feeling they might be like um a vest and or something but I dont think so yes all right yeah I was right this is guys this is Ronnies the induction into the pawn league thats okay if you would play de jambe illicit prove the strength your result well I figured out how much for choice here do I am I gonna have to have my other heart eaten or flight a chimeric as if its either those things Im straight howdy well Ive already shown that I obviously dont have the power to call them spirit of self-improvement ok so I just need to level up I guess I just need to level up its like status is it legitimately just asking me to level up offenses no skills this is quite a quite in-depth isnt it ok all right condition profile arent supposed to do view the details on your current condition where that whats my quest what is your quest check the area around the encampment so you find a threat that must be quelled alright so were just going to kill something yeah you said that buddy yes I yeah well do that rut roh no one comes without Ronnies permission Ill show him who that what the who and how for on the walk for ya open the gate theres no shame in fleeing from an overpowering fo why you speak for yourself mr. loading screen oh oh oh oh oh oh I supposed to say that doesnt seem like a fair fly and they just got him on the ground wailing on him but or take that back alright so were fine again like right the deep end were fighting a freaking cycleops cheese all right whats the best way to approach this I wonder hes on fire so I guess luring him through the flyer might be an option oh its nearly dead anyway what am I talking about this is gonna be a joke now if i can get it is I I assume that will be like an instant kill so is that worth trying is that worth trying why should I just let him oh I think I should just wail on him he pawned curatives alright I didnt read any of that but I assume it was saying that I regen health or that I need potions or some crap oh  __   __  on it oh oh dont sit down please dont sit down yeah I know goblins ill like fly were not finding a freaking goblin are we oh um all i need to its like an AoE thing I sweep all right fine I can work with that lets try this again I think Im like what I think Im definitely doing this the hard way but damn Im trying to grab onto his time lets try that again scribes came I want to grab his leg oh now Im tired oh come on Ronnie you almost stamina than that nope nope nope dont sit down oh man I thought for sure he was about to sit on me all right all right we got his time oh oh man no way oh no they would have played this game are probably like cringing at me like nothing else but Im having so much fun with this oh my god cut away its support whats its support you are you talking about its taint as well take its leg Im one of that do is theyre going to make it fall over aint gonna catch my breath I was gonna catch my breath here ah there we go we got him did we get him no I thought we got him until I held isnt he I mean I do a pretty shitty little sore down theres a troubling phone youre quite right heres a troubling phone who now hes dead trouble with an EI hey yeah you take it now oh hes lahum prayer let us return to the encampment whoa well he D composed real quick like real quick did someone just like come along in man thats all right okay guess its magic its a kind of magic its kind of magic weve done is asked let us go and get word of it did I ask you sorry sorry sir excuse me sir on your way I was just trying to talk to my friend here yeah you shut up Im gonna ask you all right Ronnie lets talk to the funny stone see if the stone approves a bus speeding a a big troll yay were you impressed beyond any doubt and I think you were watching very closely okay all right I thought we already had one oh we had rookie pullin customization oh oh okay all right Wow okay well I guess once again well be right back when Ive got what I want from this alright guys so were taking viv with us no relation of course but I feel like we need a tall and skinny for our for a little Ronnie all right lets do it point inclination okay when faced with danger which treat would you most value in a follower um well Im going to be kind of tanki arent I so lets say quick thinking I suppose when a better which strategy prefer your follower employ rescue combat in danger would you have them say leave it to me as a ruler which gift would please you a most is this I dont know the question for them I guess location yeah mage because I like some healing magic and stuff like that and some buffs in and whatnot else lets see how she looks oh my ah its everything I dreamed in more our fealty is sworn to you Rukia still here the legions men called I why though it hasnt been very well explained to me well there you go king of the pawns all the pawns now belong to Ronnie and theyre gone where are they where are they yeah I am I understand all that yep perfect we are OTP live when you when you see this look Im sorry its nothing personal all right it really is nothing personal but you have to admit place its its oh my god all right Ill um Ill see you guys next time hey thats thats me thats how we wave in ind Wharf town by game not syncing steam cloud Ronnie ascends as the fabled and tyrannical pawn king!This video contains my own commentary and editing. steam game of thrones telltale best single 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