Dragons Dogma (Steam) Ep3. ¦ Cyclops Down!

Steam room or sauna when sickfree steam games ru DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN steam hello warden welcome back Im Berman here of course if I did more than nothing framework for everything shes actually quite fun hahahahaha hes gonna end up hating me isnt it hello yeah grass can we collect loads of grass youre not possible hes our favorites yes there okay okay money you say blah blah blah blah blah nothing down here should that sheath my weapon Oh goblins hush oh no Im getting destroyed thats right dude did you do throw come on in goblin and you worry about this I love this I got this Ill sort him out oh crap thats what a great things about this game I was brilliant oh the maybe I shouldnt be so impressed by it I dont know all right thats a horn fair enough still to disco no no would you give me something lever okay stab ok whats the inventory button oh there we go so what does this do used in the car ok crafting material what was i given how a cape so just went out and bought myself a cape and now Ive gotten a form and actually the 1i bought is better by one oh well thats all good nough mind Ill just sell one of them I suppose I should remember Doug I remember the last time I had a cape I just remember Ive got it from anyway by vacuuming lunches or mantras monsters or exploring the environment well there is something sir oh theres a goblin ah youre mine now goblin thats going to try to throw him into his goblin friend as you can see mages are pretty important they do all sorts of cool stuff this game around picking up my stuff pawns will collect and use items of their own volition hmm not sure exactly how i feel about that can i pick up this lock really oh no I can gather stuff around on a fair enough right suppose I probably used for something and if its not you can always sell it later Oh cheers ric all i do without you im going to rename you something more interesting though if I get a chance and if I can kill oh yeah sorry rabbit can I steal your okay Brooke calm down I need to tell me all these things all the time hey rook come here a second I have a job for you do do do do fly oh no thats not whats going to do its going to send you into the barrels honey how much you like barrels missed to try again line up the perfect shot throw now if youre going to be that way Im gonna throw you off from here there we go see that wasnt so difficult was it I dont think I actually got a lot whole offer than this will actually played it the first time I came here yeah listen it I tent okay Rick I follow you all there it is no thats pretty good who the heck is this guy all you need we are in first and foremost we can safeguard your belongings have your big do you like 300 old are you serious no way man I can learn skills thats pretty good ah yeah I need a bit more money before I can do that or do that another time okay yes I know but I dont have enough points do I all right unfortunately well okay we shall try if you are an original proof arisen must possess the valor to stand against and tireless okay we dont miss you do you gonna help me record no youre not okay search the area for what I wasnt really a lot of clues was it doesnt help me rook Im Olga do slay some goblins øresund dont give me much to go on of you who are shield can I have shield yes ok Brook but whos this guy oh its a lady my bad who can I give her a prison oh I cant uh Im gonna give us some wine back single-target combine a material restore some health stores much health Oh some health konnen Ill give her that youre welcome after we can be friends though ah ok dr. dope i was even away for oh no theyre not come on then this is obviously my test lets go and fight the thing and some help me does it when foes are too much to handle try gaining levels or yeah great we got a merchant anywhere no maybe see if theres a merchant around if there is ill see if i can get a new sword cuz im not really negative but im not im not hugely saw-saw sure that a rusty sword is necessarily the best thing to use dont as a merchant as the butter I want to save you guys you could at least give me a sword a decent sword anything in there okay whatever whatever yes yes its going to fight whatever this thing is I forgetting oh its just a goblin oh no oh its a troll Cyclops there we go i member now more i remember i need to go on his head look at my stamina going down hows the rubble move all right okay Ive got about that mechanic no my goodness I just nearly got absolutely destroyed heal me rook heal me come on there you go goblet will it jump and grab I think there we go yeah not many things do like fire though do they root there we go oh thats not wanted to do there you go youre safe flower ook no doubt it goes come on now guys throat now Im gonna get flung off in it okay its far too close to the penis there will you go around grabbing kindling for Miss we fighting the bloody Cyclops yeah no one is dead or what you want who the hook alone let us return to the encampment you telling me no hes dead already some Boone Cano surely your hero now know very well mm-hmm oh yes of course I got a rest overnight thats not a hundred percent true is it because they can also server for people thats the point anyway Ive mind mm-hmm well have a male female going to be a spellcaster I reckon so let a female or ink valley things werent earnest oh no I think of bloody name forum running as well isnt some a strippers name to be honest think about a magical item that i can use moving along those lines thats difficult mm I dont know go for it the final fantasy names now save anything that grabs me hmm go Ruby does sound like a strippers name but oh ah never mind okay thats good no no no let me do anything all right there we go is there ruby has a predetermined name or readin goodness advan a good name to be fur ruby is the name here we go easy peasy right so she is gonna be what we got to go warrior up of course hes just for the body types only that is really small I guess thats the right sort of high isnt it for a start of do some voices there we go do all right lets make some changes not just any huge amount of time on this Im just going to like I say make a few changes thats really cool okay Im not worried too bothered face will do as it is I suppose know what do I want you expressions okay Ill steel myself dont worry no no I make my body that tall is she gonna be there we go well be fine arent leg stance what we got here oh no I must be more stuff surely facial hair kidding obviously yeah makeup I really want makeup on how she has got some makeup on scary go in no makeup Ill do looks alright she probably needs some clothes though now here we go maybe ask a few questions your answers will sheep oh ok then when faced with danger which tree would you most value in a follower quick thinking collaboration charisma to leave lead others Im going to go over quickly thinking I think your follow rescue use your party and turns the tide of the entire battle what would you have them say as a ruler which gift would please you most the majestic weights d whoo laws are we good k mage lovely cloak so what does so long I dont know why develop here we go our loyalty is sworn to you arisen from this day okay rich herbs men call pawns live and die by your command yeah intense we now as a ranger and were good to go yeah okay right lots to take in the river represents the form steam children's games As always dont forget to: Like (If you liked the video)Comment (If you have something to say) Subscribe (If you want to keep up to date with my latest videos) Fancy a vanburman T-Shirt? 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