Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen PC #29 (Fighting a dragon in Everfall)

3911 steam mill rd columbus ga 31907sizzle n steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN steam whats up everybody mac tap here welcome back to more Dragons Dogma where we actually find ourselves pretty much right where I left off in the chamber of O after defeating the stupid-ass chimera so I think theres still stuff to do around here since theres all kinds of fog of war going on so I figured I just kind of explore around here a little bit and see what else we have if that was actually the boss of this place or not I guess I dont know if I got any stones from that because usually when you meet the bosses you get stones right so I dont know that that was the end goal of this although theres a lot of these locked rooms here in these these places Ive been going dont know how you unlock those I do not but for now were just gonna explore along have a good time in the chamber hope hope another chimera doesnt come out and attack us that would be great and then maybe see if we can make it down to another platform and kind of see what other rooms we have here but first I need a fix or find out what the hells in here other than locked doors giant coin pouch sweet thats right Im low on funds now because of the daggers I bought the constantly cold daggers which is great that means I have to wait for the stupid buffs since they never seem to Buffy you when you need it theres 12 F keys this seems dangerous theres 12 F keys they they should have used a couple more of those functions instead of just come and help one of them shouldve like f4 should have been buff or something would have been great one of these gonna be a stupid perhaps a stupid mimic nope okay well I guess not jewel of time I like to ocarina of time is it just as powerful I dont know what you do with a jewel of time though when you wear it you go back in time maybe possibly who knows locked door locked door and it looks like were just on our way out here because I started the fight with a chimera up top and then ended up having to go down because fighting him up here was just impossible to do dead end thats the door out I guess I could go down here thats just a straight shot through right and then through this way yeah this is just the end of a room but you never know always theres a chest in here bling pouch is this golden lion helm that seems like a fitting reward for this place actually lets see what some of this stuff looks like golden lion oh my god thats one of the most awful things ever oh okay well then great thank you lion home what are these oh I cant even wear those never mind I swear to God I got a cape did somebody else pick that up where is it here no aventuras cloak oh yeah somebody else picked it up uh Music there we go is taking a look at it thats a dignified cape it looks kind of tattered to me I guess it could be dignified died I dont know it doesnt really seem like it this is do a cloak signifying a pious practitioner of the earth or the faith and its got things that I dont know what theyre I still dont know even after playing this whole game I dont know what the hell any of these things are its like I think thats a dude standing over a pile of rocks with a sword so if somebody throws rocks at me Ill triumphantly stand over them percent better and this is like if someone takes a picture of me and the flash bulb goes off I get plus three percent of that I dont know Im not entirely sure what any of those things are and no way we go again okay so that was the last one apparently so lets go whoa God can I just fall into the city I dont really know which one to go to you try this one alright what do we have here I actually havent seen this one because the fog of war is here hello random wanderer chamber apprehension feels like no other Ive known okay well that bodes well I suppose lets see what weve got here so evens anywhere to go in here Oh the hell um no thanks Music hey what else is in here oh  __  I do not want to fight a war crime era after this last episode I just did I dont think I want to do that because I still had massive problems with the other chimera is there anything else worthwhile in here no no I dont see anything else of value here how are you how are you doing you have a lot of health too okay I am going to go to my first apparently Jesus Christ how the  __  did you die so fast but what Im not picking her up have to stop okay yes thank you for knocking me down I am leaving I just thought your ease yourself and have a  __  of a time goodbye great knowing yet the chamber of tragedy good good great tragedy tragedy is fantastic hopefully its something new at least otherwise it otherwise it would be extremely tragic we get the same fossa gate I have two worst luck with this place yeah that doesnt work it just doesnt work that way right thats what it was I remember that now yeah I got you Im looking there it is waiting for that thing itll be stupid harpies theyre not the problem what is there something in the wall here or I just seeing weird stuff what are you are you okay there we go oh right come on get on the ground get it on the ground well not quite what I was looking for it but thats fine Wow good damn it harpy eat come on come on take it that was close to killing it there we go another single bolt my pokémon before rushes me did I just miss I just risk son of a peach okay come on get off of her never mind apparently taking Harrison face did not distract it enough theres quite a few harpies down here still okay come on oh wow Im glad I released that when I did I was contemplating that one no not particularly but thanks for asking this sinister great I can make more health potions okay I want to get a six fold off if I can gotta kill a couple of these I dont get away from me stupid piece of  __  come on we go theres like four of these left still there oh hey hey okay well its just about to help you out Im at a cabin but apparently that was not necessarily the other night I wish they would have if theyre going to do QuickTime events I wish they would make them more consistent like if the heartbeat is attacking me cant they give me a quick time event for that if theyre gonna do them all over the place for bosses and stuff anyways be great otherwise you just stand there and watch yourself and die not that Im actually able to complete the quick now thats it anyways I suppose Music okay come on thats still a couple these guys theyre still what at least two left three if theres one back here yeah if theres one back here getting stuck in the wall this is like Harvey land these please okay come on come on some ground stroyed and my valentine would be in love of this place country is her game after all some of these on these things are strong so many burned the harvesters I dont know why Im not able to kill this thing very well No maybe theyre strong against magic lets give the old dragons vein daggers a chance I dont exactly know what the harpies are weak against where oh shoot I didnt see you sorry about that okay come on somebody get on the ground theres still three of them left wearing these harpies coming from come on follow the ground on the ground damn it now you fall in the ground when youre almost dead I wanted to dagger you there we can go okay come on whoa okay somebody just annihilated that Harvey it had like half health and then its died ignore the comely face I havent seen the face is it a comely face yeah get rekt there we  __  go Ive been badly cursed yeah probably nothing I can do about that ever ants youre the magic wielder not me okay where are we going now after that 12 dozen harpy fight cant go there we can go up come on I think I want to keep going down here so youll see whats left down in this place I know its that thing come on okay lets go with the six fold that down it yes okay good go go go go go oh thats not doing much at all thats doing a little bit more than not much at all ascension isnt going to do anything Sun flare probably wont few plants rise somebody killed it there there are pawns for more powerful than I am around here apparently because they just do a single tagging theyre dead Sullivan secrets watching out flying stuff apparently around here ok whats the track rivets go oh thats fine they were going after me they are dammit come on theres three other people here if you get to pick to get attack then maybe thatd be great greatly appreciate that if you could attack my my allies oh  __  getting knocked on my ass thats Dragons Dogma in a nutshell do I have your support and open up for a rim its okay that guy is double rivited guys got one rivets okay now somebody could use their bow sorrel Im looking at you come on shoot that didnt do anything okay apparently her bow missed here we go take it is that even do any damage nope rates  __  okay these guys normal daggers it looks like lets try switching back to ye old magical daggers it might just be picking out too weak I dont actually know what level they are thats not doing anything either guess what this slog through this and wait for somebody to do something like that I got a bastard wasted thats interesting no idea what a bastard wing is are these bastards is that what these are called are you dead but one of these guys again youre almost dead okay good okay come on stupid bastards and actually say that now it makes makes sense damnit okay lets try six whole bolts we have time to char boys on the ground at least its still not doing anything man I am very super weak looks like there we freakin go okay what else is in here is this the boss door account looks like the boss door this was a couple chest back here steel curious and Im over encumbered interesting thats the other half of Dragons Dogma me being over encumbered dem bones definitely dont need dem bones this what else am i carrying thats very heavy but imagine these are fairly heavy already given some of those away though dont need the golden lion helm steel armor crafted those I could see what that looks like what is it steel armor I cant use it getting a whole bunch of stuff I cant use down here all kinds of fun stuff I cant use nobody can use these man oh man my team is just like um could we get some gear that we can actually use please who is this thanks dont shard chef eat oh this is locked of course it is fantastic am i just well no I have a skeleton key so thats not the answer dont know how to unlock any of these doors the chamber of distress well hopefully you dont have all locked doors like the last place man a flock of snow heart beats race and I cant even move how was that man I walked right in and was attacked so much that I couldnt actually do anything lets just go ahead kill you off real quick like level 49 Im out of breath I forgot I had to run here right where did that wolf go oh Jesus I thought he just blew up holy crap Jesus well they dont eat meat ponds dont need stamina so theyre far better than I am you just rip off all these cool moves well Im sitting there out of breath damn well done job ponds well done indeed whats behind this door finally something thats not locked good God better not be a frickin chimera what is that okay he doesnt see me yeah Im gonna save that looks very bad whatever that is oh oh okay what are you thats not doing anything what the hell is he doing fireballs whoa oh my god okay fire does good against ten Im just kind of waiting to see what the hell hold my god proof just kind of waiting to see what exactly he does so speaking its fire okay I have explosive rivets damn it why didnt everybody just die what the hell just happened what what I didnt see what happened something didnt affect me whatever it was hey come on Im just gonna Im just gonna sit back enjoy some explosive rivets and wait for somebody to trigger them if at all possible this is my plan for now yeah Im on my way I should be targeting just one spot of it dont walk into her please okay yes no dont pick her up moms dont know how to revive people whoa okay oh oh where am I  __  Mike come on yes yes just we got a whole far up that gives me a little bit of confidence here a bar and a half okay back up back up we can do this I believe in myself I do have the thingamajigger okay come on somebody somebody give the old boom boom here I need getting out of the is this head vulnerable okay can somebody attack the head Ive got like a hundred explosive rivets in the head somebody could grab that for me you know be be great maybe okay gotta do this myself here we go here we go yes get the  __  out of here Wow wait why are they dying what is that I was right next to them they died hey go go go go go yes come on oh there we go wait oh no job ah yes okay come on come on give me give me another part here there we go parts Im pregnant yeah except Oh Oh back on the ground again those my rivets or is he just not fired oh yes get nicked thats right game not so powerful without a goat head hell you ever in five seconds are you I can  __  kill a dragon but I cant kill a chimera really did you just see himself I think he might have No  __  me ooh I dont know what that is but not going to go anywhere near that red circle is that like a human magic hes doing trying to walk the health bar like a had it down to one oh god dont go in the ice there we go okay yes it does with magic advice order no thank you Im gonna try and get some of these explosive rivets down by the party if I can wait what yep Im going Im going listen yes somebody blow my rivets I think somebody did yes final hope fart come on I am your freaking master lets go lets go be tasty fire come on get that get that heart whoa what the hells going on are you falling again no theres something here whoa before exploding all over the place Oh whew hot fire a nice fire nice what the oh  __  oh crap oh  __  Oh balls okay yes just throw me thats fine I thought you were gonna thank me or something damn it why kids I thank you where are you going Oh No yes all the ground this is it right here we even work ten people know they all live there the standards are doing nothing come on just about to die why yes you are good sir boom the seat of gold I dont want gold I dont know what that means just give me your rocks where are your rocks I need rocks down here do you have some underneath of you that I cant get to I cant tell if theres anything left were still collecting rocks right that was the thing we do in here or is that or is that bitter black I dont remember which one is which thats alright we killed a dragon it took me like 12 hours to kill one chimera what a dragon easy easy peasy these fancy little broken ice crevices anything else around here how you oh is this horse with milk yeah dont see any trays your joists thats where I came in and Im gonna run out of stamina and you know what  __  it Im sick of running out of stamina so Im just gonna walk over here because Im already over here screw exploring as a treasure chest at least giant coin pouch nothing super exciting though didnt you say something about a room of treasure I cant even get through here dead end yes he was lying apparently dragons can lie who would have guessed not me yeah thats just it closed the door with bars oh I recognize that I recognize a bar door thats for damn sure okay well I suppose we just run on out of here then as far as I can tell thats all we do here I dont know if theres anything up top of though I didnt go upstairs I would imagine these all only have one boss though I would guess but I guess Ill look around and see if theres anything left in here okay so Lisa that was a success well since Ive had one of these that was successful so lets see Im probably not going to do another one in this episode but I do want to see as I stand here and breathe heavily I want to see what comes next one of these is at least chamber oven estrangement ah I definitely havent been here yet I feel like if I can well maybe not there I said I can fall and move fast enough I could just go down the line but what actually started doing is Im writing these down now I mean have to go back and watch my other videos and see which chambers Ive done and then look at some kind of a map and see if I can figure out where the hell these things are I guess if I was to fall back through from the top and hit the first one then I could at least know Im on the first area and go from there basically and see how that goes but I think Im changing the format a little bit here on these last however many Dragons Dogma episodes Im going to cut them down to like half an hour or so because I have no idea where I am in here so I kind of want to do is jump through some of these do it dont you fall off sorrel I just hired you a few episodes ago I do a few of these and then go look at a map kind of write it down and get focused and see which ones Im going through which ones I can do which ones I cant do and kind of figure that out that way I dont spend an hour just kind of jumping aimlessly through all these places and kind of get a better focus for what im doing through here since it just seems really random to me so in the next episode we will try out this one the chamber of estrangement and whatever what other ones we have I guess that pop up and at least Ill have a better idea of if I should be even walking in there or not and kind of go from there but thats gonna do it for this episode thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you on the next one until then stay pedal great steam games to play with friends Continuing my journey through Everfall by visiting several random dungeons and seeing what lurks inside.*********************************** Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Steam Link - max payne 3 steam deck how to use facial steamer how to refund steam games after 2 hours how to play minecraft java with controller without steam how to reset steam achievements