Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen (Steam) - part 10

Redeem steambest jumpscare games on steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN steam hello everyone and welcome back to the dogma and what sounds like a pair of dogs crying outside somewhere which is it is what it is so last time we had just taken the keep back from the horrible goblins and into the hands of the incredibly incompetent captain holy crap that was some babysitting if Ive ever seen some and what I did on the way back to a grandson which is where we obviously are now is I do a little bit of exploring I wandered around the map a little bit did the the kind of you know analyst adventuring that that youre doing these kinds of RPGs as you can see weve got some new pawns to replace the ones that we very much out leveled weve got as as a rule I should say and weve got out of fonts or as our new tank verb is still here weve got some some new some new threads and myself Ive got thats the wrong one Ive got a new hammer its actually actually three hammers cuz you know three hammers better than one and i mean im not im not super happy with this hat because it covers a beautiful face and those beautiful pigtails but at the same time it gives me it would sense on paper anyway that it gives me sleep resistance but i think what its actually doing is is Im falling asleep with it on and people are seeing me at my desk you know sleeping upright but I cant see my eyes and theres an eye you can see its actually drawn onto the front of the helm so they see that and and they think that Im still awake and paying attention so they think that Im some kind of magical sleep resistant dwarf when really Im having a nap and and just sort of getting on with it anyway speaking of getting on with it weve got a weve got some news to deliver dont we so the captain of the weve taken back that fort and actually all about well Im thinking of it ill show you one of what ive done so heres heres our area map can we zoom further out oh then epigrams assess a little bit though so this is where we where the shadow for i actually discovered that theres an ancient quarry it was actually kind of like did we talk about that in the last one I dont remember I dont think we did but theres an ancient quarry so there was some theres a mine that sort of connects here it sort of a shortcut to get down south and then I also discovered that there were some catacombs and actually no I dont think I did check out the catacombs Im going to mark there but I didnt I didnt I dont think I actually can I remove this no I guess were just stuck with that way mark anyway so weve got Soulfly Canyon theres one Im thinking of which is connecting to the gray wall which is were where I went in that first that first fellowship and that was pretty thats pretty hairy theyll like some ghosts down there it looked a lot like the mines of moria it was very sort of steep and and they need to install some railings or something thats really not up to our H&S standards and they were harpies that were like trying to pick us up and throw us off the cliff so that wasnt much fun and then I found this awesome mansion up here which Im not allowed in for some reason although apparently theres a rear entrance maybe I should check that out and finally i accidentally really ran into Dovahkiin dont ask me how but theres i didnt look into it too much it was like a short cut scene and he like said some things to me while he was sitting on some kind of giant stone and then he went inside to his little cave and i was in his little cave with him but i didnt i didnt want to spoil myself because i figured he must be important for the story so Ive left him well alone but I know where he is and Ive also discovered in a couple of places around the map theres like these Healing springs so we know out in the world theres a couple of theres a couple of camps that you can actually camp out and they sort of actors in in and Ive found a few of them but Ive also found a few of these Healing springs which seem very useful which completely heal you up and give you some some real nice buffs and anything to sort of run across word of your victory over the goblin horde precedes you sir again Im not convinced that it was a horn but there were very few of them that Illinois her hands the south of grand sisters shielded once more youve quelled yet another of his Graces worries may your success continued sir thank you sir completed and then the amount of golden rift I dont know what to call him rift point that we got for that was absolutely not worth it was a worthy experience and youll have more the Dukes trust for it it was not a worthy experience but it seems that what were supposed to do is just take these quests until the juco let us in and talk to us about what about the dirt investigator called the ciphertext eight a research team I mean I always a lot of the chance to investigate a cult the cult of revenue is one of my favorite cult investigations the the cult of dulla mood was a pretty interesting one as well I fear this task is no simple call to action sir it will no doubt take time and the more subtle approach than your other work I was worried you were going to say that so Maximilian haps youve heard of the society they call salvation never heard of it but Im going to assume its got something to do with nihilism in the face of the dragon in truth most of what we know is the product such hearsay hmm they are a band of heretics who worship the dragon from the perdition it brings it oh I know my fantasy only too well the influence has grown ill news indeed pray or watch for signs of salvation as you go about your business if you find God tell me alright so this is a more passive one is it learn more of salvation thats something that would just happen like as Im going about my business I suppose so why dont we also take the rest of these a little research team then here are the details by the dupes decree we spare no effort in gathering knowledge concerning the world as one arm of that pursuit we aid the faith in their examination of ruins and relics one such ruin as of late become home to monsters weve received a request for escort theyve asked for you by name sir what response might I give them for an escort mission Id be crazy to say no Grace has commanded the utmost attention be given to something but get this well someone is on a mission speak to father Jeffrey at the Cathedral in the city for DS holy crap where the decision mine I would set every man we have to defending our strongholds dont that you were in our duty Im sorry sir Maximilian what are you saying Im just kind of distracted huh what are you doing what are you doing what is it I shall thank you not to approach me so brazenly oh its a whole bit of class stands between us you would do well to remember I dont think its a child I think its a whole bit all right youre coming with me lets go someone gonna arrest me for this no no I some Chamberlains most like now L need me in the throat this is not like im not im not picking that up i say immediately after right i once again pick her up youre gonna youre gonna need me in the face again your pizza oh shes no you think youre too good for the common folk so whats going to happen now little whatever you are I mean female dwarves are supposed to have beards i would i would assume that this was a female dwarf bump right quite short through my daughter spice have beards youre going to come down and make some friends with common folk all right were going to do a good old out what was that French that French playwrights name art oh thats the one Im thinking of so he did his own kind of absurdist theater I mean it wasnt strictly absurdism but I think he called it theater of the theater of the theater of the something I remember but one such thing he did was invited all of the the noblemen and ladies to a show and what the show was is that he led them into the auditorium led them up onto the stage backstage and out through a backstage entrance where hed set up a dinner set up this beautiful lavish dinner and invited all of the local homeless around so he had you know all the waiters in in tuxedos and all of the homeless people having a big feast on I dont know shrimp cocktails and and and whatever else that you you a at that time at these kinds of things and and force the nobleman and noble women to sit down and and have a kind of conversation with all of these all of these local homeless and with the hope of kind of producing some sort of you know sympathetic education anyway what were going to do here is I know that there are people what live down in the no I didnt mean to put you down there people that live down there all right so youre going to go make friends with them all right see shes fine I dont know where she went there was a lot of blood which is fine what are we doing guys what are we doing oh my god youre coming with me to youre going down there too all right because Im Ive had to kill you far too many times and Im frankly getting sick of it you go see you later 07 Marcus so Marcus my old friend how good to see you oh I hope youve kept my room clean I mean its pretty much how I left it isnt it Marcus hello ah hello Jacob good to see you too you know what Ive got a lot of coin at the moment pray move along all right delightful to see you Jacob as you can probably see here I also worked out how to upgrade a lot of my weapons and armor and stuff like that and its not something you have to really go out of your way to do its just like when youre out adventuring and youre collecting all of these materials that you would otherwise be selling before you sell them if you just go through and see what youve picked up that you can use to upgrade things theres theres usually at least a couple of upgrades to be done and and it does it does seem to make a pretty I mean it doesnt make doesnt make anything overpowered it doesnt break the game in any way but its very very useful little upgrades now wholl be specially talking to you of merchants and monsters clean the mind of monsters lets have a little where that is that is come on e aqueduct really oh no thats just exit were just leaving which is leaving town were getting out of Dodge alright alright its a really hard not to get distracted in town isnt it now lets say we dont run across that  __  or across how do you beloved anymore I mean if she survives Im probably gonna have to marry her one day hun oh god I hope not I hope my options are a bit more broad than that so I didnt even realize there are any kind of Romancing in this game but people who are telling me there there there definitely is people also been telling me that I was getting a little bit of misinformation regarding the whole you know catching thing with viv and that she wont she wont catch pots and boxes I actually have to throw bodies at her and what is that why are we what is that um thats the most dramatic music Ive ever heard hit my ear holes in this game before I ok theyre already on fire right I have to do an escort mission and we are exporting an empty cart and a bunch of dead well R escorting no car at all whatsoever because I just accidentally destroyed it bloody bollocks is this is this my quest or is this just like a random attack here I think its the latter I really hope it is the latter oh  __  that is a Griffin that must have been what the dramatic music was about Ive never seen one of these before and I dont know if Im doing this right it looks like its a little bit more highly than a chimera or cheers old geez and I know that if I climb up on that thing thats going to end up taking off with me on it isnt it oh Jesus Christ all right I dont know where this has come from is it leaving or is it just turning around to make a make a run at us yeah its coming back around oh  __  oh  __  or maybe its just is it gone is it is it going oh my god wheres the people that we were supposed to be escorting okay you know what Im gonna leave that well alone and were going to continue on our merry way and hopefully we scared off that Griffin which it sounds like the music is fading and we are once again alone that was uh that was something that was definitely something this game proves to me again and again that I dont know it just you should have get comfortable youre doing stuff in town in their games just like hey I see youre youre relaxing there huh I see you buttholes not clenching as much as it should be ancient Corey north entrance ancient Corey south entrance all right so its the ancient glory okay so i have actually been in the ancient quarry and perhaps perhaps with any luck itll already be clear because i think weve probably killed a lot of whats in it whats this were planning equipped dont worry about it just the one Goblin just the one goin all right so lets try this if not and it was in fact just one Goblin oh man if know why keep viv now that was actually a bit stupid jumping in there without thinking cuz what no I mean the water in here near grand saw and its going to be pretty clean right but some I remember last time I was up north there were like some really vitriolic gross ponds there which would inflict blind and poison and slow and all kinds of nasty things I think I need to circle around this way a wee bit I think lets have another look at out what is that as an undead of it yeah were doing it right okay yeah we need a circle red Ill know they are governments I thought that they are undead for a second for some reason corona / so this one yeah big fan big big fan of the hair where you can get from this thing youll notice that I have changed up some of my skills Ive also got arc of my twitch a few people were recommending to me as a better option for a charge up attack and its good its a good one makes me feel like Goku thats youll youll see that once we encounter another chimera goat roll or something Ill pull that one out its pretty boy alright more of him suits me such a fun way to engage black yeah Id be crying to make black oh here we are at the quarry and I guess the researchers are inside so lets go make some we killed all the goblins as a rel oh hello allowed are you oh sorry sorry myself and central Gramss I said Im sorry I would not have chosen this road had I known it so vexed seems monsters spring up faster than toadstools in such places I it is like to be dangerous i know but okay I thought you might be a traitor and you might have something to trade with me know okay nevermind however i am gonna steal your goodies here for a night wait is that guy foreign up excuse me sir i just found your fryer knife now Ive put two and two together and I got to say we dont take finally to foreigners all right so Im gonna ask you Im going to Sir sir hold that for me take that nice one viv nice one Im glad you picked up that rock for so its going to be very useful in here in this place of rocks it is literally a place of rocks bebeto quarry why am i giving viv shift something like that theres better things to give a  __  for half full latin ash fool enough for me alright lets see if we can find an old mates in here and it looks like the it looks like the damage i did in here when I last came through has in fact persisted and the gates are all opened by the looks of it all the gates that I oh never mind nevermind well I think the gates will still be open all I gotta watch out for these these heavily armed and ones they can give us some trouble oh man this is so so so good for dealing with facts Alfonso you didnt do a damn thing and you know it all right viv theyre already dead oh theyre not hello ello poppet whered you come from mmm I guess they were hiding in there maybe its precisely because Ive cleared out all the trolls and goblins and stuff like that that were getting more bandits showing up in here I suppose I mean obviously things are going to respawn in here but baton okay use a woman Ill uh Ill keep that in mind as a rel have I been in here im quite sure Ive been in here to chest respawn or are they like randomly generated or something its  __  bad get out of here I feel like they must yeah so this this is like a weighted pressure gate thing so when I came originally from from this southern direction this was closed i did it like go around a long way so it has definitely persisted some of the things that I did in here before the ogre lair yeah of course Im prepared Ive already killed the ogre when I swear Lee spiders coming from the kind of spiders youd see in straya hey viv viv guys weve Vlad spiders your  __  lot of spiders there you go okay  __  oh she ran straight away from that one all right fair enough now where wheres our friends our friends are down there all right so we probably should climb up here actually thats thats probably the right idea and down this path here right and we should find our friends Im gonna take this exploding barrel with me oh okay theres a trop there you go how about that for an oath or not huh what do you think of that all right lets do the Goku lets do the go through ah how next time on Dragon Ball Z black come give me another one of those hey Im not gonna try to go any higher than that again wait so satisfying so hes just gonna keep targeting viv hes not gonna be touch anybody its well hes in a position like that Jesus Christ dragon Jesus Christ all that was it what else would really thats all I had to do all that was that a lawn bloke out the front oh oh I see so it actually changed my quest whatever he wanted me to do thats a little annoying copper copper copper copper copper I believe is the correct primitive primitive primitive Nancy Asian capper treasure perhaps yes yes silver all yes all right excellent ogre bone thats thats helpful now how do i change my quest to what we actually want what we actually want what make father Jeffrey in the grand soaring cathedral for mission on the survey me but we just it was pointing us out here and it was before wed even talk to mm-hmm all right well it looks like Ive accidentally done an interesting little side quest and cleared this spot out but you know what Ill take it Im happy with that thats fine we killed the troll we paid the toll we snap the snow land and broke the bowl and now were ready for our reward so Im going to go fix up that merchant for leading us astray leading us in the wrong direction when we should have been in grants around the whole time and I will see you guys next time for the actual thing that we was us to be doing so take care and Ill talk to you racing cheerio oh my how to check my steam deck reservation Making friends; channeling Gokus!This video contains my own commentary and editing. cozy games on steam free steam workshop for epic games doki doki steam steam games under 10 euro cool cheap steam games