Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen - Test / Review für Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 (Gameplay)

Steam share game with familyyoni steaming near me DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN Music it s been almost a year since capcom brought the role-playing game dragons dogma onto the market, the title quickly turned out to be a real insider tip with its good story, the huge game world, the good combat system and the vassals as companions. now dragon is whether you can do it again in a slightly expanded form and with the addition da riss for the supposed bargain price of just under 30 euros, the question remains whether it is worth hitting it again or whether the role-playing game is just a nicely presented money-making operation. in principle, nothing changes in the actual main story of the game together with the hero who is simply called the awakened one, you go in search of a powerful dragon in the huge game world border that literally ripped out your heart and stole it can give up as if that wasnt already expanded enough, the main game has been torn by a large additional area, namely the so-called island of dark gram just outside of Frances. There you will experience another story strand that also takes a few hours takes music nothing decisive has changed in terms of gameplay either, at the beginning you will choose the appearance and gender of your character from many different attributes and then decide on an initial class of fighter, strings, or magic dragons explores the whole genre typical fights with opponents the environment and towns and thus advances the story little by little while your character is constantly evolving now the combat system works pretty well as you can use different hard attacks or, optionally, as Maria, also use magic to damage the opponents from larger opponents like this chimera here, for example, you can firmly attack certain weak points in so-called rift stones you get something from a kind of parallel world these are ki comrades-in-arms who support you on your quests and certain strengths or have weak points depending on the level, he gets stronger vassals experimenting with the different characters is what makes the game so appealing you can reach the new island dark gram after just over an hour, but it is advisable to improve your own character to at least level 50 in order to be up to the challenges there, a woman by the name of yours is waiting at the pier at night in the city treasury. If you wish, you can bring yourself to Finster Gramm. There are a number of new quests and lots of new opponents. There are almost 25 types in total, including one particularly large one goblin form or wu mer that ambush you in the dark applause misplaced new indoor cunning are the enchanted items these particularly powerful tools you can find the window handle everywhere you must first have your refine them before he can use them deep down in the vaults of sinister gramme you meet them baroque often takes on the role of almost all the dealers on the island, you can have the items you find improved, sell them or go on a shopping tour for weapons or equipment and how could it be otherwise in a role-playing game expansion to nine sections and the additional quests are yet to come lots of new items armor parts abilities and upgrades for the vassals added especially the latter latif the system with the companions again a whole piece all in all enough stuff to satisfy even connoisseurs and fans of the original game music dragons dogma already at the first release in may 2012 marriage r average and to be honest, the developers have not improved much. the basic fantasy style makes a lot and the areas and character models look good in principle, but blurry textures, minor stuttering, clipping errors in bells of the objects or thering we would have thought of one release honestly promised a bit more nonetheless but also sees that this hits instagram very atmospheric especially light effects like here can be seen the sound there is still a great soundtrack suitable effects and quite a lot of voice output to hear because every little thing underneath e.g the comments of the vassals were completely set to music in the riss you can now optionally select a japanese version a great bonus for all those who would like to hear the game in the original soundtrack so far we have been able to recommend dragons dogma to every role-playing game en and of course that does nt change for lunch, of course, its actually the same game, just with a slightly expanded game world of qs opponents, equipment, inabilities, there are also some rewards such as travel stones or rift crystals for veterans with an existing dragons dogma score for which it is its also worth hitting it again the technical quirks are still annoying but in view of the good overall package you can turn a blind eye, especially since the price is right for just under 30 euros you get a great role-playing game with a very large scope and a good atmosphere that every fan of the genres can buy without hesitation music steam jrpg Dark Arisen bringt nicht nur das überarbeitete Hauptspiel Dragons Dogma, sondern auch neue Inhalte auf der Insel Finstergram. 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