Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour - Episode 3: Shrapnel City - All Secrets

Steam shower with jetted tubescape from tarkov on steam deck DUKE NUKEM 3D: 20TH ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR game Music welcome back everyone we are playing duke nukem once again this is episode three from the starting location once you drop it off the building go up this ramp and go inside the door to the next of that hologram you can jump through the window to find your secret number one number two jump through the window again and interact with this poster says tonight you have to get in a pacific place to make it work but eventually you can make it come down now for secret number three if you go to the right door and go inside be careful youll get ambushed from behind now once you have dealt with these enemies youll find a crack in the wall so use your rocket launcher or grenades whichever you have first if you cant find the grenades go outside and go this little crevice when you go up the ramp to find the grenades number four right next to you on the left it will be an armor inside a painting number five once you have found the blue key card go into the conveyor belt section and to the right youll find a hand print and youll find some cabinets that you can open once you go inside this cabinet is very dark therell be a invisible switch to your left so just press the wall to open the secret area number six once you press the hand this will be number six i think i said six twice number seven from the last location once again go through the next double doors in this kitchen area it will be like a wine rack that will be your secret number seven now on to mission two once you drop down from that starting location now just go around until you see the door that you require a blue keycard located directly here now ignore that go left and go to the cash machine point once you interact with one of the walls you can go in to find a secret number two now once you finally gain access to this room you can now freely grab the blue key card once you grab that key card the next secret will be revealed to you just to your left now once again keeping it simple now once you drop down and now we want to go to the blue key card room or the door i should say not the room once we go in as soon as you go and be careful you get ambushed there will be a switch in this very dark corner once you shoot it the phone booth shall disappear containing your next secret as you see im going to show you now its very hard to see the dark at the far distance but once you get close enough its clearly there now number four in the same place before going to the next room press on the patent to find your jet pack and two bits of health here we go number five once you go for the next room and grab your boots if you jump on the beta switch this will reverse round and then you can freely go to your gamma and on the side of the wall here that we can blow up this will be super number five now before we even start just turn around and get your scuba gear from behind you now go forward and jump into the water once you have done this you will find theres a very small amount of weeds or vines at the bottom now if you shoot in that area you can find the secret number one once you go inside youll get a cat a cat attacked by some aliens on the upper platform once youve dealt with them as soon as you touch that platform you should gain the secret ones and also if you do need some more scuba gear um oxygen there is some in the water below as well now just to keep it short and sweet um if you know where the blue key card is part of the store we have to go there right now dont know why i showed this much but um yeah so as soon as you pick up the blue key card now to jump up to the left and go through the invisible wall number three now from the blue key card location jump into the crack and just follow up also this will be where the red key card would need to be placed in but if you go right next to where the key card needs to be placed in then you can place a little ledge that you can jump down and then open the window to find secret number three now once you have found the yellow key card place it in the key card itself now head up to the top level once youre on the roof before going left jump up this little um slope and interact with the wall container jetpack and now from the number four location were now going to fly back over to the red keycard area now once we go through once you get attacked but as soon as you get attacked if you go left straight away there will be a hard hat slime we can press on and this will reveal your last and final secret of this level la rumble once we start well fight some enemies of course but if you throw a pipe bomb to the right side you can blob the wall inside here youll find one of three secrets and this will be a freeze gun secret too now were gonna head and find the blue key card so drop down and just carry the on to your right hand side and youll find a hooker containing two picks i believe a router once you go inside pick up the blue key card and in this room you will find that theres a secret so pressure on the drawers here to open the drawers to your right number three so once youve done some platforming eventually youll be at the very last location so make sure youve got the red key as well so this is at the very end youll go up some stairs and the picture frame will have a secret as well movie sets only four stickers for this one as soon as we start do a 180 jump through the office window and press the computer to your right this is a speed run bit so you have to get to this location before it closes so secret number two since weve got the blue key card now go around the corner here this is where the helicopter came down and crashed jump up and go inside the poster there we go secret number two number three now drop down and now with the key card that we used already go inside go into the movie set to find the yellow key card and a jet pack now go into the door or go into the yellow room or the yellow keycard door once we go in well fight two of these bad guys and then jump into the wall to find number three number four here we go and also the red key cards in this room as well just an fyi so number four is located on top of this box for some stupid reason you have to jump on top of these boxes and then the doors are open but it also closed pretty damn quick for now for some reason you can interact with the boxes down below to open the top so i dont really get this one why it does this but good thing we have a jet pack so now were going to find the secret level so go back into the main movie set with the spaceship area now press on the usa sign this will reveal your secret level now once we start the um the secret level press the switch these are very easy so from left you want to go through this door and then repeat this process three more times around each corner to find all your secrets cool now from the start location of the next level once you get into the train station if you go to the left near the platform of the train you will find that theres a little picture well kind of big but if you press that this will reveal secret number one Applause and some damn enemies that come after it now once again from the last location go right jump on one of these magazine trays and reveal your secret number two number three this ones not too bad you just have to do it quite quick or worse you die so once the train leaves uh directly follow it behind you and shoot the wall to your right and making sure the explosion stopped before jumping in there once you have found the blue card and used it this would be the next area so jump on the um the blue bin and then just pull that cover down to find secret number five so from the last location do a sharp left and go into the next secret room and if you interact with that switch i tried before you have to do it at the pacific spot for some reason this will give you some devastator ammo and a gun i believe so number six once we find the red key card go down to the right or left shoot the wall now once weve done into the crevice of the wall and turn around and jump on top of the bookshelf once you get about halfway the secret door or location will be revealed to you now jump in to grab it next level once we have found the blue key card before going straight head right in into this light storage area now jump on the boxes because we need to go through the window now so once we jumped in there will be a secret place directly into this wall be careful you will get attacked by a turret now once you have done this in the area you need to shoot the um the bottles off this um invisible shelf that we can jump through and of course it does show you on the map so a lot of things show you on the map where the secrets are so not really that difficult to find apart from some of them its pretty damn hard so this one dont need to show you much once you get to the red key card youll gain the secret place kind of kind of a pointless being a secret if you have to go here anyway now number four in the same location go through the red curtain and that will be number four now once eventually it will take quite some time once you get the yellow key card and theyll enter the door once you arrive to this next place you want to go left and go inside interact with the wine cellar or the wine holders we call it shelf thatll be number one in the same place press the um the next wall to your left to find the secret in here youll find some scuba gear as well now with the newly equipped scuba gear were now going to find some indiana jones so once we see this uh two burning pots uh jump into the waterfall to get teleported to a secret place so press the handle or press the hand i should say not the handle and go into this deeper place once you reach the exit or the end youll see um indy and now for the secret location or the secret level this is up to you if you want to grab that atomic health uh you have to get your ass out of there quickly before you die now use your rocket launcher or any explosive to clear the way and ta-da theres our secret before we actually start id like to give you a word not a word of warning but um you dont have to do this first secret as im doing there is another way you can do it because therell be another secret that comes with it as well so its up to you if you want to do this secret but otherwise not to do it as youll find out very shortly so jump back down into the highway area and go right and follow the next round up now go left be careful you get attacked by lower enemies and explosions do happen once youre in this next part of the highway therell be loads of enemies as well near the blue door uh you can interact with a window this will reveal your secret theres a monster on top of the stairs and now use your rocket launcher to reveal the path to secret number one that we already found so tada so now the next secret will be located near enough right next to a blue keycard so once you go up this falling down building wherever this thing is jump in the window and right next we found the blue key card well youre going to find there will be a wall that we can press a bookshelf that raises up to finds ticket number three number four blow up the wall go inside be careful of the little eggs it can be a little finicky to get inside but that will be secret number four now once you made it over to this other area by using the blue key card of course you will get to this very last dark section and to the left will be a visible wall that you can jump through you probably hear an enemy behind the wall but um that gives you a good idea where he is and its right next to a red key card as well and well find a reference to terminator Music you how to play steam games on external hard drive Time Stamps Below!Join this channel to get access to perks: ----------------------- Time Stamps ----------------------- 0:00 - Level 1: Raw Meat 1:46 - Level 2: Bank 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