All Campaign Episode Achievements/Trophies - Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour (PieceOfCake)

Steam deck internal storage upgradesteam gaming DUKE NUKEM 3D: 20TH ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR game my names Duke Nukem thanks for the intro Duke if you do this is Stryker Ill be ready for more actually I dont need you anymore you said your line how did she get in here you guys just get your own room did it no not on the floor thats my coffee table this is striker of annual this is achievement guidebook a supplemental because I already did an achievement guidebook on Duke Nukem World 3d tour I mean Duke Nukem 3d World Tour No xx Duke lets trust me if you dont know the title of the game youre not gonna be able to understand it just by looking at this fricking thing but I already went through all the achievements in the game but I had actually linked some of the campaign achievements to somebody elses video but I went back and figured I wanted to be able to do the whole thing I just didnt want to put it all into one 30-minute video because doing this alone is about ten minutes right so but were gonna go through all five of the campaign were gonna get your achievements were gonna show you exactly how to do it while using cheats if you dont want to use cheats to go through the game then this is not where you want to be back out right now piece of cake so yes Duke it is gonna be a piece of cake because we are going to call up the cheat menu which does not disable achievements or trophies and that is going to be once you get into a game down on the d-pad hit X if youre on Xbox Square if youre on PlayStation 4 then the rest is the same push in on the right analog stick and then right on the d-pad so its up there for you Xbox users place they should users like I said down on the d-pad Square button push in on the right stick and then right on the d-pad and then it will call up these cheat menus and for the most part were going to be using god mode and give all know clipping and show map but for know for two of them they always stay turned on and thats gonna be for god mode and no clipping once you turn them on they will stay on until you end your play session before you actually back out of the game so these are the five episodes in the game we only have to play the last mission the last level in each episode we dont need to play through the entire game put it on piece of cake make it easy Ive already done this achievement slash trophy I walk through the very first one on my achievement guidebook I still recommend going to that Ill put a link in that in my description now that I think about it but just put in the code turn on god mode give yourself all weapons show map cuz youre gonna need that for some of my walkthroughs here and you want to turn on no clip or other words clipping off is what it should say on the top of your screen if you enter these codes again like god mode itll say god mode off so youll have to re-enter it like I said god mode and no clipping will stay on until you exit out of the game were gonna pull up these these double-fisted rocket things because thats what youre gonna use show map show map is good we dont need it in every single level Ill point that out but otherwise ya up twice on the d-pad will pull up your solid map and then you basically just need to follow what I do all were doing is were looking for the set of lava thats off to the right Im kind of hanging out left because youll get another achievement slash trophy when you enter this one secret room up here dont worry about getting hit you cant you cant do anything I accidentally hit a portal though I didnt mean to hit that but we just teleported straight up otherwise youre gonna see this lava section thats right here this first little bump you want to go straight north of that alright were just gonna keep on going up Duke is gonna take damage I know but thats just what it is dont touch that little flashing dot that will transport you back but you can stand on this flashing part because thats where the boss comes in hit up on the d-pad again and you should return back to this then just pump this guy full of explosives and there you go there is achievement number one piece of cake you only have to beat the last level on each episode its pretty easy and here we go this is lets rock this is completing the second episode lunar apocalypse and then like usual were going to go all the way down were gonna pick overlord because that is the last level of the game and were just gonna pick piece of cake difficulty because its easy and were gonna be right here okay so same thing as before if youve been following god mode should already be turned on for you you want to give all you have to select to give all the time show map and then make sure clipping is still on of course but god mode and clipping should be on by default so were just gonna give myself all the weapons in the game switch over to the Rockets right now just because you know and Im not taking damage so Im good to go and I need to show map I forgot about that otherwise it just kind of highlights as you uncover it which is okay but quite honestly we just need to show the whole thing here we go this is the starting area and we simply just need to kind of levitate to the left a little bit and boom thats it we are right in the bosses lair right at the moment as you can see hes kind of stepping all over my my stuff here we go and Ive actually backed into that area where I dropped through the fan oh thats where it teleports you to basically and hes dead there you go so yeah its pretty easy and this is where Duke literally rips the guys head off and then craps down his neck Im not going to show you the whole thing because it is disgusting its its not that disgusting I mean its early early 90s whatever this is the one for shrapnel City the achievements last trophy called come get some again we are picking the last level and that stadium and this will actually net you another achievement because youre gonna end up killing all the enemies in a map yeah dont listen to those people that say oh the first level has you can easily kill all the bad guys like no you will get it here because is the only enemy on the entire map all you really need to do is God mode should already be turned on for you all you need to do is give all and besides the cheerleaders theyre the only other people there but they dont count and thats come get some thats a fast achievement I there wasnt even a video to link you to before but I decided Im just gonna do it quick its easy and this is damn Im good this is the next one this is the one for completing the birth which is episode 4 I know I know Im already in it but we basically picked the birth the last one is called the Queen weve got our noclipping on were just walking forward were gonna walk to the right of this little thing its a conveyor belt it makes us go a little bit faster and then skip those teleporters were gonna walk down here and we want to kind of there we go start up the underwater portion move to the left and were already in the chamber where were gonna fight the boss now and so this works pretty good just you just need to find her there you go you probably will run out of the the double arm rocket ammo here so you probably will need to switch to your regular rocket I know its pretty easy right but as you can see I mean Im already this is eight minutes of explaining to do just to kind of run through you know the first four missions even so I just didnt want to add that to my overall video I was trying to make a very concise you know 20 minute guide on getting all the achievements for this game using upload studio I just dont I dont have the kind of editing available to me to actually edit things down and fast and I cant speed up game footage so I cant be like okay this is the route you need to take and then double speed you know the gate and footage all the way through so I hope this always works and this is Im back baby this is the last episode the alien World Order again all we need is Hollywood inferno the last level we dont need to go through the whole game it makes it so easy and and we just jump into the game and of course were gonna make sure god mode is on clipping we need that in order to scale up the walls you definitely need that and go ahead and give all as well so you can have all the weapons in your inventory and literally all we need to do is go right up to that Hollywood sign you dont need to pop the map if you dont want to you can literally just walk right up to it Ive already got it well this is actually I didnt actually show Matt but Im literally just walking straight up the side of the cliff you can even do this just by looking at the screen theres the Hollywood sign letters the boss is inside a little thing down here so you might need to shoot the wall kind of get his attention he needs to see you if you just run around here a little bit especially with no clipping turned on hell hell pop out automatically because you can actually go down in that hole and you can just clip right back up to the top of the map there now hes seen us now he shows up there we go this is the the Walker Texas cyclone Ranger I dont know what he is just just friggin kill it and then youll have your last achievement thats Im back baby and damn Im good come get some in lets rock and whats the other achievement piece of cake so thatll give you all five of the achievements slash trophies to quit you I wish I could quit you to do thats all five of the trophies linked to beating the campaign missions and there you go watch my achievement guidebook Ill have it listed in the description and that will give you everything else in the game it is easy I give it a difficulty of one because well youre cheating its easy real easy light steam games This video has ALL 5 All Campaign-Related Episode Achievement/Trophies in Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour. The ones covered are:Piece of Cake - Complete L.A. Meltdown on any difficulty. Lets Rock - Complete Lunar Apocalypse on any difficulty. Come Get Some - Complete Shrapnel City on any difficulty. Damn Im Good - Complete The Birth on any difficulty. Im Back Baby - Complete Alien World Order on any difficulty. This was video #306 when i originally made it for Upload on the Xbox One, published on (04-12-2017). (Piece of Cake, Lets Rock, Come Get Some, Damn Im Good) wolf convection steam oven best free steam vr games for oculus steam games que es ark steam charts install all steam games at once