Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour (PS4, GameStop Exclusive) • Unboxing

Mad max game steamsteam games anime DUKE NUKEM 3D: 20TH ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR game Its time to unbox and chew bubblegum. And Im all outta gum! What is going on everyone! Thanks for tuning in again and welcome to our very third unboxing! Its been a while, I know, but this time we actually have something interesting to show. At least if youre a Duke Nukem fan. Or a fan of physical releases. As you can see in the background, Im a big Duke Nukem fan myself. So when I heard theyre making an updated version for current consoles, based on the original source code *plus* new levels and music by the original creators.. I.. I just *had* to have it! 😮 This year marks the 20th anniversary of Duke Nukem 3D. Yep, its been 20 years already. And to celebrate, Gearbox Software, the current rights holder to the Duke brand, released an updated version, called Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour. Quite a mouthful. Its technically a download-only title released for PS4, PC and XB1 in mid-October but they also released a physical edition a week later, and as far as I can tell its only available through GameStop in the U.S. Its priced at a reasonable $19.99 and the front shows the familiar artwork used in almost all incarnations of Duke Nukem 3D so far. And some other Duke games. They changed the colors a bit and gave the background a somewhat scratched metal effect which does look nice. And after all these years, its still rated M for Mature 😜 Lets have a look at the back. Join the worlds greatest action hero in Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour as he saves Earth once again, kicking alien tail and saving babes across the globe along the way. Guess they didnt dare to say ass here? All-New Episode 5.. New Episode 5 Content.. Developer Commentary - Hey, thats cool! New Duke Talk.. Some more text.. Its published by Gearbox directly and apparently they somehow teamed up with GameStop for distribution, hence the Exclusivity. I dont know about other countries but so far it seems the retail version is limited to U.S. GameStops only. It also doesnt have an official PlayStation product code on the side like other games do. Instead Gearbox uses their own code, similar to what Limited Run Games does. But enough talk. Have at you! Hm.. doesnt have that little plastic strip either. Ok, lets just rip it open the hard way then. I wonder if theres any cool bonus stuff in here like a little poster or stickers or whatever. After all, Duke Nukem 3D was a big milestone in the history of FPS gaming. The moment of truth! Oh.. just the disc. That got lost in the packaging. Well, at least they had some sense of humor with the print. Its still a bit disappointing. I know, games nowadays rarely come with anything but the disc. But this is a special release after all and even small labels like the afore mentioned Limited Run Games put more effort into the content of their releases. But then again its only 20 bucks and I guess we can all be glad they made a physical release *at all*. And it is a nice addition to the family. Heres a little comparison between the original PS1 release and the PS4 release. I always wondered what gun hes holding in his left hand. It looks like some sort of futuristic assault rifle, but there is no such weapon in the game. If anyone of you knows what weapon this might be based on, please leave a message in the comment section below, Id really like to know. And that sums it up. Its cool they made a retail version at all, even if only in limited numbers and without anything special in the box to commemorate this anniversary. But its the same price as the digital release. So if youre a Duke Fan like myself and have some spare twenty bucks, go check it out. I already had a quick peek at the game as I was so eager to play it and the new graphics engine is really cool and it plays great! Cant wait to see the new episode in action. So thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed this little unboxing - even though I have to admit there wasnt that much to look at this time. But still.. check back for more! 🙂 Those alien bastards sure gonna pay for not subscribing to this channel! santa cruz steam train This year marks the 20th anniversary of Duke Nukem 3D and to celebrate, Gearbox Software released an updated version sporting a new engine, new levels, new weapons, new music, new Duke speech and more.Its a download-only title but Gearbox teamed up with GameStop to release a limited physical edition. Lets have a look if its worthy of the Duke! #DukeNukem #DukeNukem3D #Unboxing steam black friday sale 2022 steam mx blizzard games coming to steam leo kottke last steam engine train do you need a steam account to play games