Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour Review (Nintendo Switch)

Minecraft dungeons steamhow to get a game free on steam DUKE NUKEM 3D: 20TH ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR game this is an M rated game so viewer discretion is advised Duke Nukem 3d 20th anniversary world tour I have never been a huge fan of first-person shooters Ill play them occasionally but for most the time I find them kind of boring I can only think of two games in that genre that I ever played often one of them even still this day Goldeneye and postal 2 I still loved postal 2 and one day I hope itll come to the switch and Im also looking forward to seeing how postal 4 is gonna shake out so far it looks okay now I have to say I had some recording issues my video capture device had some problems with this review so I was only able to capture about an hours worth of video which is basically the first part of this game so if youre wondering why I dont show you the rest of the game thats why hopefully itll be fixed by next week he says all the levels of the original release as well as a new set of levels made by the creators one of the things that I liked was that you could set the episode or level you want to start on you dont have to trudge through the game normally as you used to you just jump to your favorite level the visuals have been sort of improved they let you upgrade them on the fly but I still had a hard time telling which was which the models were still flat characters they interacted with a 3d world which you can see more clearly if you come with this game at an angle one of the things I dislike about the first-person shooter genre and its one of the reasons I didnt enjoy playing Doom or even this at times is that the enemies are bullet sponges sure different weapons will have different effectiveness but if I shoot a monster they had four times with a pistol it shouldnt take six more to take him down there should be proportional damage if you dont do that its just a race to see how quickly I can shoot someone before they can fire back at me I really like this new feature that they added where if you die you can rewind time and pick a moment where you want to respond and you would instantly be back there with a second chance to fix a mistake and they let you do this over and over again I just wish you could do this any time we want it I really liked it they added in motion controls into this kind of made it a little bit easier to aim since you didnt have to really move the stick up and you just move your controller up and itll move the gun up really fast movements youre gonna want to use your analog stick but if you want to do like very precise movements the motion controls work perfectly this game relies heavily on you finding keys of figuring out codes more than once I was lost looking for a key and I might have missed because I didnt see some wall pal that was there one of the best things about the levels is they secrets to find usually that items that would help you in the level like a jet pack for portable med kits or maybe even new guns and ammo to help take down the enemies faster some of these secrets were really well hidden and youre gonna need to really spore all of the map to find them all but they also tell you at the end how many secrets there are so youll know if you missed one or not there is a box but if you take on other Dukes in normal single-player levels only this time theyre going up against computer players and you just kill each other until time is up theres also an online mode as well where you could play the game like the bots mode except everyone is a real person and it is chaos however it is a good chaos you would die often and he would just basically never stop firing if he died you would just respawn and try again Ive been debating this if I should just do this in every video now says it just keeps coming up but there is nudity in this game as well sorta its covered but theres enough to make me say theres some nudity in this Duke Nukem 3d 20th anniversary world tour brought back a bunch of memories I couldnt believe how much I remembered about the first level and all the secrets in adding that one visually it looked like an old-school first-person shooter just with a little bit of updated graphics it really hasnt changed much what the exceptions of the new levels and the new gun they added this is normally $9.99 and I picked it up for $4.99 and I think somewhere in the middle is somewhat fair for this so I would pick this up on sale if you played this growing up youll enjoy your time with this Duke Nukem squibs were still funny to this day it was nice as they recorded them so if youre a fan of the series this is worth picking up on sale Music free to play building games on steam The Wiiviewer reviews Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour for the Nintendo Switch! steam can't download game no internet connection steam reedem code fun games on steam multiplayer toy steam roller steam competitive games