Duke Nukem 3D (100%) Walkthrough (E1L2: Red Light District)

Cosy games on steamsteam steampowered DUKE NUKEM 3D: 20TH ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR gameplay hey guys Im Big Mac Davis here and welcome back to more Duke Nukem 3d 20th anniversary world tour for the PC played through Steam on the come get some difficulty this is episode 1 level 2 red light district so on the streets of Los Angeles once again we are going to take care of the many pickups and the RV beats the reconnaissance patrol vehicles that the pig cops are riding in with the RPG well just systematically head down the streets of Los Angeles and yeah well just take care of the many RPVs and then once both of these troopers are dead we are not going to progress further down the street what were going to do right now is investigate this window right here and inside the window well use the jetpack we will take care of the many troopers that are inside there we go so now theyre all dead we will come back to that windows later on but for right now now we can go further on down the street just be careful on the left side is a pickup and also there is a pickup inside of this booth we go thats right Duke the game be okay so now the streets of Los Angeles are finally clear so we can investigate in here we see this building is condemned which means we cannot get inside the building and grab the yellow key so how are we supposed to do that well the 3d realms demolition company all right lets go and use oh we need the blue key well well come back when we have the blue key and to get inside this bar we need the yellow key so well be back once we get that as well as I said well be through that window on the opposite side later on so the only thing to do is to go into the forbidden videos and books now theres one note here about this area you see my enemy count it says 17 enemies have been killed well the pig cop that is behind the door in front of me actually counts as two enemies you can kill him once but if you can get him squished by the door he counts as a second enemy just watch now you want to make sure that the pickup dies right on the center line right there and note my enemy count also now says 18 enemies have been killed which is normal but now if we close the door yeah see now my enemy count says Ive killed 19 enemies Im not quite sure how that works but thats just what this game is all about extra enemies you can suck the life out of enemies by just squishing them again so thats kind of cool anyways now well go inside the forbidden videos and books no one under 18 is permitted if you are under 18 do not go inside now Id like to remain crouched in this bookstore as I work my way around because sometimes you can get the jump on the captain that is behind the cash register right there okay and all the enemies in the pornography shop are now dead so we can investigate it now in the porn shop itself we see play magazine Wow of course but we also see an insert for a magazine of a woman in some nice outfit and now well go to the cash register where we have a shotgun over here now if we face the cash register and turn around we can grab an atomic health from up here but also up here is a secret area in the right corner where we can grab a Halle Duke if we so desire and also by the cash register is private property no trespassing with a combination lock right there that well get to later on for right now to the left of the lock we see a bookcase so lets count one two three and four on the fourth one you want to open it for a secret areum good with some pipe bombs and some armor we will use the pipe bombs in this upcoming area on the right side we have the bathroom on the left side we have no one under 18 permitted I like to toss a pipe bomb on the right side that will kill the pig Cup that is on the right side now about the bathroom door we will come through on the other side and youll see how we do it for right now well go down the left side no one under 18 permitted into in arcade well is this a video game arcade for 18 plus well find out and here we have the booths for the video games so inside the first one okay lets see what the pig hum was playing on the screen right here oh its one of those games the games you play with your pants down I see how it is a girl in a bed with somebody else in the second booth a trooper was also watching the same exact movie how interesting in the third one we have what appears to be a I guess two pig cops watching a girl thats kind of scary thats like what is I get like a virtual threesome I dont know and in the fourth one we have an RPG in the screen and the RPG is a perfect opportunity for this crack in the wall now what you want to do is fire two RPG shots in succession so youll be able to kill the captain that is inside the bathroom with our night vision on we can kill the trooper that is inside the bathroom and Onos were out of night-vision thats too bad oh well that is much better now we can use the thermometer setting thing on our bobber to open up some more night vision goggles well there was no need to panic now was there and out through here is the exit to the bathroom though and were back inside of the porn shop so lets go back to the cash register and to the private property no trespassing now to get inside we have to activate the first and third button that will unlock the door with our night vision on we can go in some now what you want to do is hug the right wall keep hugging the right wall keep hugging it keep hugging it damn it of course he would have to do that but keep hugging the right wall until you come to this lighted area at the T intersection at the T intersection I like to toss a pipe bomb on the left side and on the right side well that sometimes kills the pickup on the left but in this case not all the time both enemies are dead well grab the atomic health and again we will hug the right wall keep hugging it I know its very dark but you just hug the right wall until you come to this lift so well go up it of course Im out of chain gun ammo now you hear that sound that was a pig cop spawning below the elevator there he is he does count as a kill so make sure to go back and kill him and inside somebodys apartment room we can grab some chain gun ammo as well as grab the blue key for the demolition area and these two troopers have also spawned in this area Duke Nukem must die no I dont think he will and also in this apartment room guys we see a bigger portrait of that woman in the sexy outfit how nice is that to see anyways about this apartment room were done with it so we can just jump out and make sure to fall on the sidewalk so as to not take damage from the fall well jump on the ventilation shaft here on the right side theres nothing but a palm tree its on the left side that we want to go and up here we can grab some body armor if we so needed okay we have the blue key which means we can go inside the demolition company area and use the blue key and the combination for this is the second button and the third button and lets blow this joint that is so awesome to do thats why I love this game so much and so now we can go inside the ruined building where we can find the yellow key just be careful because on the left side is a pickup that still managed to shoot me but thats okay now you can blow up the manhole cover and jump inside but we will come through on the other side of the manhole and youll see how we do it up here is some more RPG ammo so we have the yellow key which means we can now enter inside the bar so lets do it so just a couple of RPG shots will do the trick for that area and here we have a a security checkpoint for the bar where were supposed to check weapons at door well I get the joke were supposed to leave our weapons at the security checkpoint but Im gonna take this absolutely literally Im going to check my weapons Im going to see if my weapons are all accounted for hey I am taking it literally arent I Im checking my weapons anyways well just move on now inside the pool table area we can slowly wellmaybe there we go we can slowly and systematically take care of all the troopers that are inside this area now we will play some pool very shortly but for right now well shoot a RPG into the phone area you know the old-fashioned phones they used to have back in the 90s remember those and in the bathroom well just take care of the troopers that are inside there as well and so now we can finally play some pool so lets test our skills and I scratched I scratched on the first one goes to show you my skill huh well anyways I dont know if there is an achievement for sinking all the balls without scratching but I blew that on the first attempt if if there was an achievement anyways inside the phone area we can grab some shotgun ammo from the trash can and we can also investigate the phones well that was kind of weird and we get the dial tone from those phones so theyre not working so in the bathroom area what we can do here in the bathroom is go inside the ventilation shaft but it will take us out to the security checkpoint so theres no need for that so well go back to the bathroom and theres one other thing to do here in the bathroom and thats near the toilet we can blow up the toilet and go beyond it a door has unlocked and that door is right in front of us well just lay one pipe bomb there to kill the enemies and now whats down in the sewer area is scary it is in October 8th with a very scary sounding voice now I I want to take some time to tell you about a nightmare I had like within the last 5 years or so I had a nightmare that I was in my house and the octa brains were chasing me throughout my entire house like from room to room to room it was damn scary I dont know how else to explain it anyways down in the sewer area well hug the right wall do not touch the sewage where we see a babe dont worry babe we will save you well jump across grab the atomic health and once again hug the wall as we go back and grab some pipe bombs and now we can go back to where that babe was because up above we can use the jet pack to go up the manhole that didnt sound right but thats ok were back up top here and well just go back inside the bar so we cleared out the pool table area and we also cleared out the phone area and we also cleared out the bathroom area so now where do we go well lets move on and up this ramp and well also take care of the pickup that is on the other ground as well but we will go up the first ramp for right now and Im trying not to kill the girl that is in this room and we can see the money that is strewn about the bar as well and yes here is that girl you are looking mighty fine I should say shake it baby shake it baby you get $200 why because you are standing there like you dont give a damn while I shot up this place that is an awesome girl and also on the TV is an Easter Egg yes that is OJ Simpson trying to flee from the police and hes going to get caught and hes going to be tried and he is going to be found innocent so now in this bar what I like to do first is lay a couple of pipe bombs in the entryway of the bar and I like to go inside the bar area backwards for that right there you can kill both of the pig cops without ever firing a shot anyways well go inside the bar area and what were they trying to hide from us in this bar ah there it is it is the red key card the red access card and so now were done with this bar area so now well go down and into the dance area tonight hot hot hot I should say so well go up the ramp with the RPG ready and oh wait a minute there is a pig pop you know what if youre not gonna die well do it that way with a pipe bomb anyways like I said with the RPG ready now sometimes it takes one RPG shot sometimes it takes two RPG shots just be ready for that and up here we can use the red key where we have now access to the stripclub area oh my gosh he got squished look at the blood look at the guts and thats also why Duke Nukem is so awesome we get to see stuff like that anyways inside the strip club itself what I like to do is throw a pipe bomb on the left side as well as a pipe bomb on the well okay on the right side as well that will kill all the enemies in the strip club so now we can enter inside oh oh my goodness everything is lowering well the girls decided to give Duke Nukem a show after all the enemies were dead how awesome is that yeah yeah thats right thats right Ill give you $100 in fact Ill give all of you $100 yeah okay I gave all of them $100 apiece because these girls decided to entertain Duke Nukem in the middle of an alien invasion how awesome is that Thank You girls very much for entertaining Duke Nukem anyways there is a secret up here in this area and thats if you sit on the couch it will open up the door on the right side for some chain gun ammo and now the only thing left to do in the strip club is to go inside the vent it is a secret area by the way its one of those mandatory sequence now they give us some pipe bombs here for a reason what Im going to do is toss a pipe bomb on the right side and kill that pig  __  and also toss two pipe bombs on the left side and one of them didnt let there we go I think they all died theres three pit cops on the left side so when you drop down what you want to do is kill the pickup on the upper ledge up there as well as the pickup on the other side now were not going to go up to these controls just yet what were going to do is go at them backwards because up on the top ledge a pickup will spawn and so now what were going to do is use the monitor over here because we can get a glimpse inside the strip club where there are more Pig cops to kill Im not going to let them kill my babes or kill Duke Nukem babes theyre not mine were gonna press the switch which will open up the curtains and we will kill all those pit cops just dont kill the babes because you know theyre working very hard for Duke Nukem anyways thats all the enemies in the strip club so now we can jump up here were higher than the babes where we can enjoy them one last time before we leave okay now well jump on the higher ledge and from here we can jump up to the secret area with the night-vision goggles but it is a very difficult jump in my practice runs I was able to do it but it doesnt look like Ill be able to do it now you have to be very precise and if you have a jet pack you can just fly up there yeah Im not gonna be able to do it it would take too long but theres some night-vision goggles and thank you girls that was awesome anyways now well use the night vision goggles as well as the RPG because why not except we wont use the RPG or right there but we will use the RPG for these right here now dont go any further on to the exit symbol yet what we want to do is investigate this lighted area right here the lighted wall actually is a secret area with a portable med kit which we have not used yet so but we will in the later levels so for now lets go to the exit we are done Oh No oh my goodness the pit cops have trapped us and are now going well they said theyre going to fry our ass well Im sure Duke Nukem will have something to say about that in the next level but this is this level and we just finished it so my thoughts on it I really enjoy it its I think I mean I havent played duke3d in a long time but I believe it is one of my favorite levels like one of my top three of all time for the obvious reasons obviously Im a guy well I guess not all guys would like the strip club I mean some guys might not but anyway Im getting way off topic Im a guy I like seeing the girls and thats one of the reasons why I like this level also because theres just so much to do theres the demolition area where you can destroy an entire building I mean what game offers that and then theres just so much else to do that is just so much guy oriented that that guys love to see and Im one of them I this level has suckered me in Im part of that stereotype where guys love explosions and girls and boobs and everything else so yeah I mean the secrets in this map allow you to win this well here we go again its doing the same thing I guess theres a time limit for the ending screen but whatever Ill make this quick the secrets in that level pretty much make the level a piece of cake and they give you way too much RPG not so much in pipe bombs you have to conserve them and use them in specific areas they give you a jetpack night-vision goggles I mean they give you everything you need to survive this entire level if you know where the secrets are now I thats all to say really for some reason right now Im at a loss for words Im guess Im so just acted by the fact I just saw a bunch of women which which is always awesome to see I mean sparingly of course I mean if its overdone then you know I I dont know what Im trying to say here lets just move on before before I can reveal any of my secrets yeah lets just move on to the next level Im Big Mac Davis here and I will see you guys in episode 1 level 3 death row so until next time take care everybody lord of the rings games on steam A Walkthrough of E1L2 of Duke Nukem 3D (Red Light District) on the Come Get Some difficulty for the PC. This is the 20th Anniversary World Tour and is played through Steam. 100% kills and 100% secrets.Red Light District is the second level of L.A. Meltdown in Duke Nukem 3D. Following on directly from Hollywood Holocaust, Red Light District features a strip club and a building demolition. is a steam deck worth it steam low poly games best sex game on steam how to fix game files steam how to add more ram to a steam game