Earth Defense Force 5 - Godzilla (Erginus) Strikes!

Game wont start steamsteam overwatch 2 EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 foreign there was a lot of them not anymore I just bought Parts flying out of the hole wheres the mechanical spider because it is Mew busted dont give me juice give me kiss I dont want this no okay what they miss oh turn around yes that might be a problem oh he stamped on me I dont know what were speeding up with all of us like absolutely smashing him spaces I think its nice Ive got more than one weapon to damage it with oh holy  __  Im gonna be honest I dont think were saving you any time soon boy oh bossy I got it dont worry youre gonna have to shoot me down Im on my way on the Mac  __  you know I can see the edge of the world foreign I didnt know he did body slams oh no God oh my God its cool as  __  but my God they just trusted Infantry big Jeeps going hes going yeah it looks like hes leaving Laughter oh God that was a building its not the wrong thing all I see is like part of a bit of rubble just dissipating the distance oh my Bryce the range on this thing is that what you just got yeah thats what thats my new one hinge on it is nuts out of the way Laughter Retreat retreat oh God you just got heated into it oh Im sorry oh another one you  __  me up four times already look up it gave me so stupid Laughter a little  __  robot running through everything Laughter that wasnt even me yeah come on no Health oh my gosh why is there a red spider online is it below us yeah probably go investigate yep theres two of them down there Laughter awesome okay Im just counted Laughter Music about to take my  __  head off with it but this is 33 so it might be this one yes it is oh what is this this is hell oh what is that pink come it hurts like a  __   __  Im dead oh were gonna need some proper weapons for this rubber weapon thats an under understatement yeah the C4 is not the way for this one all right its actually damaged now which is something  __  dead now  __  right so thats the weakness C4 for c21 thats it again oh my God ow a wing diver just some fluid thats Christ right hang on right right Applause how to make a steam game full screen We are finally getting through some decent levels and now our first challenges appear. First one is a creature known as Erginus but lets face it.. its basically Godzilla. Then there are some other creatures known as Mother monsters which are a nightmare to deal with early on..🎵 End Card Music 🎵 GeoffPlaysGuitar: 🎮 Want Cheap Games? Try Green Man Gaming! 🎮 🔔 Like the video? Remember to Subscribe for more! 🔔 – – – Video Creating Stuff – – – Recorded with Streamlabs OBS / Geforce Experience Edited with Sony Vegas 19 – – – The Social Stuff – – – 👉 Twitter: 👉 Reddit: 👉 Bungie Profile: 👉 Destiny Tracker: 👉 Raid Report: 👉 Twitch: Hashtags #edf5 #earthdefenseforce5 #gameplayfunny steam room stories welcome to the game 2 steam steam co op horror games how to see recently viewed games on steam broccoli rabe steamed