Earth Defense Force 5 #1 — Симуляция Вторжения Инопланетян {PC} прохождение часть 1

Cutest games on steampre order steam deck EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 music hello everyone with you alexander and today we will play and of defense force 5 this is such a peculiar genre that I don’t really like sometimes I play the meaning that you play for soldiers who fight off the invasion of aliens which looks like a net of bugs cockroach ants and so on, the game is certainly not for everyone there it’s so funny for me time is 3 minutes cool to play like this to build graphics than somehow it’s not at all here so I launched a stream today 4k I think that in these games usually there is no supra graphics to put in not more serious like i wont get more than 10 80 you cant put that you music float 10 8 cm axial resolution damn okay now i wont sharpen restart these games gardeners are heavy well what did i play in the fourth part there like it reaches the tenth level such life starts acting simpler than not the control does not work not very well the game you lived on concessions squeezes out okay maybe its through ubes oh my god its like someone something else finger before this training so dont move dont do it it is usually easy at the beginning of the game but I only played from the fourth part of the volume that used to be so feat with the stick in different directions damn its a pity you cant train the tutorial to skip to press the jump to jump damn Lord, well done, all his cops have a good jump, well done Zelda, well, in general, the game is good, but the control on the gamepad is implemented to grab it like it’s normal, but still some discomfort calls out, I wouldn’t say that it’s well adapted there, that is, you can go through the game so remember, but that’s all anyway, you constantly struggle with the controls for some part of the time, yesterday I watched a digitalfoundry review there, the dude also said that I really like it tested on a gamepad, so Im not the only one and nina played 8 hours for that, it seems thats enough about the lights turned on actually over the past two years 3 games came out in this universe, this is the fifth part, then also df iron and rain there, like the same thing only with realistic graphics in the course of understanding and most recently a game was released and the girls were a world builder or something like that, yes, some kind of minecraft graphics or something like that, I watch them straight duet series as they can okay lets see hello 4 through it was cool I havent played it yet but because I do n’t like the type of series so much that for full price to buy soldiers not for not only does n’t support 4k, it also works for girls, it twitches, well, yes, part 6 has already been announced, damn it, time flies so fast, I seem to be only going to play in the fifth length it came out for dinner two years ago already 6 announced by the way in the fourth part the gameplay started right away there I immediately threw it into the crowd with agility you know its like a type of contra but only in 3d I would probably write it like alien invaders and its quite an old series its still on playstation 2 started manaus not particularly famous to be honest given in principle Im especially famous to be honest and dont want to come here all this oh the arrow obviously shows it the other way and ignore ran away became the way from the fast run button to them our maximum speed still today I want to play guilty gear strife but I have a story about a game like the beginning of the 2000s, my brother and I were constantly hacking into it, but on the keyboard we are with him they played pretty well, well, that is, all the super hits could do there these vertinsky combinations, etc., but then when I started playing it on the playstation 2, I still couldn’t get used to the controls on the gamepad, well, that is, not that I couldn’t get used to it I did n’t try too hard, plus I mixed what I can play it on the keyboard, so somehow it twists the feints especially even somehow it didn’t work out, I huddled saying it is said from this part I didn’t expect more graph, well, you understand, here is a simple graphon because there are a lot of enemies attacking you right, a real bunch is small when the Ghanaian ants are striding down on you from above, giant robots are walking on top of the le an alien ship melts there sometimes a bunch on the screen turns out to be generally tin, so here the graphics are simple at least I think that I don’t move the flashlight will hurt the blanket I went you know I had such a story came and in short the draft board and was late imperceptibly often I didn’t know the world I remember why and I look at the crowd there are guys, I’m like, well, I think, like, I pretended that I came with them and I wasn’t late for anything, and like I’m standing like this, now it’s become time to run us somewhere through the fault of the house, well, let them lead in short, I come with this the crowd starts us up in the military unit, they close the doors behind us, I started to squat like ips, and suddenly with the conscripts they got like they were all closed here and they will never let you out again, you won’t understand what to do, but I was lucky it was still conscripts then they let us out, yes, yes, this is when I thought that they would introduce the valve to me like that, and now the crowd is like Kazan went bad habit blue o his enemies went fu damn I hate them g de my weapons faster where is my favorite bazuka fluppy and in front of him guts so much give the weapon dudes i could properly bazooka starship troopers become reminds me just it reminded me how i became a fight went this no video before led and all over go and i will go alright yes i in order to give weapons, in fact, ants like dumb, of course, they didn’t start, and yes, and for a long time, of course, they themselves lengthened by running the wrong way, as if it’s not the essence of choke, as if people who play this game don’t know how to control the gamepad and there is keyboard mouse, I doubt that some then a casual player will buy this game with a photo in the enforcer of the whole Ivanov and his angel to kick you can’t kick the husband can launch civilians kill enemies I will use the weapon didn’t even shoot the wrong trigger to shoot destroy four targets it has a scatter mega powerful click to reload music letter b to my favorite weapon. I was afraid that Armen had to abolish some kind of peasant slavery for a long time, so the robots really won’t let dominoes do it this time this time exhale, you must not only destroy it, display how to press the left trigger at the same time as the left trigger is something, well, well animation of course here is a state employee I can immediately see so press the left stick to run and lower your weapon down music so its like to run fast so you learned all the attacking controls well done everyone lets ants ah yes it was damn 20 years ago then I dont anymore whoever you didn’t try to fight with, you wouldn’t have taken your documents anywhere, then I didn’t have it, well, you just sit and don’t know where you got yourself, it became dumb when you closed the door behind you with your forging wahoo, now you’re a deserter, I didn’t know how the examinations go through the last addresses of the bank everything says take care civilians can stumbled upon mass volume mission completed thank god itself boring mission gdf you for all five parts of the year manages such a base layer d you don’t even need to pass, they said how to jump and walk so people article gameplay in fact like a monster hunter and you’re like going through missions, we open better weapons for you, then you go through them again until it’s like here the complexity is growing rapidly, not because it’s like a game awesome difficult then the point is that you farm weapons and move on and like the higher the difficulty the greater the chance of falling good poked cooler weapons so you like first on ice to go then on normal then on hard then on hard then on inferno these dresses each once and better, you will love the best weapon while where I was shorter, so at some point, if you don’t swing against the wall, the child simply extinguishes 2 million of their ants, since the weapon is then changed, yes, damn it, the training went through, and most importantly, they didn’t say changed the by the way, these cool lets say songs especially this one loves husa like no chateau all pomors pashki honor us I want not insidious they can in riga he climbs the ant cache the most harmless the most dumb shelf of course although I don’t know anymore who new added helped and the fourth part even played on the record where my bazuka ant works well bazooka works how to remove it you were in court all three bird you will eat the clip then here at least the goal of the pointers is fine they’re typing decided here but to do how to say wipe a cool action movie like training everything is call of duty damn it and pull that on call of duty animation otherwise it’s the fourth part of this beginning there they’ll just throw you into the city the same the very soldiers with guns with a machine gun and, like, immediately kill that and complained they didn’t know how to play it’s doubtful to be honest you know the loot here you also need to pick up an ant an ant to become a little better in form than before, all the same, the previous one playing for playstation 3 was developed this game of the nineteenth year, you can already say dance of life ps4 upholstery here slime from them by the way its funny but not in large doses its like an arcade sometimes I played the game there for half an hour and was it all already kind of fed up with who can’t play a little in this city it was cool than these corridors, as if cybertron got into this damn endless iron corridors, everything there remained alive, the queen or something, but I got cool, it’s good with me, sir I’m running for all legs, I hope we’re still running to the exit, by the way, some kind of door that they’ll let out, here’s a funny answer, yes, you get siro kino yourself, yes, yes, I also installed it, I just remembered that I didn’t play the previous one, so I put them all and iron rain and in Lego style which the future is actually not clear damn even training is for someone for the first 15 minutes of pears you won’t understand I wonder how much if oh damn so they get out of this hole can I blow up the hole you can’t kill closing the gate opening the gate music in some fudge to fill up here here usually you just a bunch of people nailed mission ends color and Im behind me but the feeling of a military operation is not here badly conveyed true military run a very long boring corridors music eliminate the benefits and the rocket flies somehow damn slowly who at the same time have different classes, because you can take like soldiers up to standard there are apartments that can fly and the rest, then we usually play soldiers to make two sounds he likes it only he has everything we all defeated judging by the map and music faces now but it’s three bolts for me to go coldly the video in the jungle started sort of like but here it looks like a jungle this problem is that not only in a long corridor no of course the same year that the enemies are not really here, bring them crawling, not the people who scream to be saved, this is more serious, it looks like a hole in the wall, now mine will get out of it there among the previous parts there were missions in the caves, they also had such magazines here at least everything is lit cave lice and type but damn it was I think to take into account that I have flashlights here and the caves will not go anywhere although this is actually not much of me so that the graphics become like a beam, although you can’t say risespor from it, you will be, finally, the last door, I hope from and Andrew played something in and df, there may be monsters there, so they will definitely be there, I’m ready, but before there or here endless I think you need to sing a song here there are no cartridges then only you choose a weapon everything here the whole gameplay is focused on making it fun for you to kill a bunch of insects such an arcade game strange damn it somehow works here and twitches its not loaded its not very demanding 3 its demanding as i watch it just animation to corvo it doesnt say cool play in the crowd a number like that by the way music car music grabbing them to make a signature you wont listen to music part they are cool petlin of a brownie voice actor the other was bronislava, the same, well, somehow it’s not so fun, only with the help of our sacrifice, humanity can live here in paradise below, but it’s still positive for neither x it screamed hear applause Im the enemies damn the whole gameplay usually here should be like this where you dont go there 2 million enemies of the atom of different sizes and its also not only Godzilla ants and in my opinion all those giant robots added crap in this part and used to be home rank applause in order to pump a bazooka to shoot faster about attacks this is a rocket about urine and slowly and in general often this series was compared with a starship landing rubles but not so much in common that stuffing ants but when we get out of this bunker then my love sketch you are him, this is the exit of Peter himself music this is not animation, pay attention here, rising, look how these lanterns on the back wall move jerkily in a strange game, there are no problems to change, but they have a weak mission passed, I see the light at the end of the tunnel communication saying was on the screen, we’ll check something without a format, although everything seems to be fine so the system settings display is full scree n if there is it right you are about boxing now is music blue your content does not need to be turned off so the class ranger screw diver is a flying raider I don’t remember the heart is also incomprehensible now on some kind of weapon with a true 1000 bazuka well, for now you don’t __ open well, it’s obvious why it’s okay everything and everyone 3 crisis on base 228 part 1 surprise me send it quickly but it flew in or it’s our ships now we are dancing until the lay is gone and the enemies will really let the lady climb into the can well now it’s more like putting on if someone yells dad, millions of ants are missing, but well, on the map I already see them running, but not to have fun from one side pin this for a circus it’s disgusting cause simple I don’t like these bugs now damn stupid to lose weight I’m disgusting to create worry your suit it’s not acid that will protect them from them, but this is someone else larvae something applause protect exoskeletons for such 6 years, but put these testicles back on these armor, some of them are lying around and restore they turn the armor green in my opinion, some boxes have the health of some weapons lying around, you can’t say goodbye to them, use it, inventory is added, then you can change the weapons on the mission settings music there, the cover boxes have a chance of falling out in general, on average, for passing through hell, messi give this gun you can collect the gun weighs better for everyone, and before that, the truth has survived why these same fights and they do what they do with mega lasers, the first ants then there will be more enemies at the same time and they have a variety in these curves that they are so healthy and you don’t even need to aim and it’s so difficult here miss it for you a machine gun switch to these so fun well it happens music shaman lo the red zone has scattered all over the world this in every part and df you kind of like defeating enemies but every time they survive it mysteriously late subtitles no russian at least i watched the site there is no translation into Russian there is a drive Chinese Korean Japanese but apparently the children of the game we sell almost no one knows about this series, by the way, I have never seen that one on Russian youtube and discussed it, I didn’t particularly look for marriage, of course, at the very least, large channels and never saw it, so we decided not to translate even though damn the sixth part of the tower df will change here, which I love the giant robot their giant ant rift mission completed cheers worked still smoothly it was generally myself I further nifigase methane was given like so many boxes of weapons collected up to part 2 the crisis on base 228 gave it is not necessary to collect it by someone because it is not going to a group to go to something new after trading before I was I thought the battle of each crashed into a tank Ilona teleports the monster kills this group faster and even frankly compare it with nothing, it has remained unique for the last 20 years while this series exists and on the count indefinitely became better than 4 parts of he principles by modern standards anyway simple will be obvious why I am and even by the way, there will be few enemies then there will be much more tourism, so I say that it looks a little like a counter, you are constantly running somewhere to kill someone, if the counter was successfully transferred to 3d, it would probably look something like that they are talking that these monsters are attacking all over the earth all over postpone the world until the ambulance, by the way, sometimes there is a jamb that in the wrong mission, damn it, it’s really too long, they started because somehow there aren’t very many enemies if you look at the map, I don’t need to hammer in much, sometimes there’s a mission, damn it, for half an hour, the finger will fall off to kill such a destroyed world fencer terranova armed soldier this kaiba game doesnt claim to be realistic its so clean dont take yourself seriously its name is ground defenses and join a fight it feels like the tempo of the first mission of part 4 was also aio i by myself hit everything bazooka is good if didn’t hit myself there is some kind of common storyline there they discuss who created these terrible battlefield things resting orally th resolution the city was completely destructible when it didn’t become mainstream, moreover, 4 honor originally came out on ps3 and on x-box 360 it was called somehow captivity there and some year later a remaster came out, we kind of make sense that ps3 alone worked a little maybe not in 20 fps because of all this, think about releasing it on ps4 she worked 60 all over the world attacking they can’t help there because I don’t know my business completely I don’t know the state to kill no how I have a task about fast chants music kirs some- then this Mosman in the pestle of commands, of course, you don’t understand the English court, you still lose most of the atmosphere, it’s not clear what they say, I can do it here he drank again and someone will fly in like she’s on a shot to knock down the building banned Asian high-rise buildings by the way grief japan wild burger even kashiwagi legs this by the way mb ram fell on me pro on iphone music ka to form the end of the audio crown, hitting unsuccessfully, of course, there it became, in principle, this is all talk about the fact that a pancake is attacking someone somewhere, and so on, there are so many of them help us faster, a giant ship lands, possibly moving to the combat zone, more spiders should be added, we see it next faq missions and he’s like a sedan drying with gas pink infant in one and the other winbo protection he was a contract of Kamensky flyers and thousands of things and a bracket and a zinke and sports design of apartments with providing Frunzen normal I still stand stream pylons you lose as there is no contour without a ticket it was better juices give the media but who me the streets are evil its that aliens why hyde I know applause I dont play the games I want just go take a break games dont happen just before there were no towers and they didnt say it in the queue but the planetary ships arrived this is a rehearsal its like the contacts of mankind with aliens where if arah they flew to conquer I stopped streaming 4k just thats why and record 4k stream is only 10 8 oh well as if its not more than 10 80 stream key b.v. he remained alive, but if I killed, fly on one all stupid targets and the mission was completed more often, the saucers go, the next mission started, we’ll look, they began to kill, Frank Gehry always completes your nails, and I pumped up the gun, more guns can be pumped, it turns out only to pick up the pumped launch is better not pumped looking for your team teaching healing prevent and you can 8 all the soldiers under your control refuses and the salda can be controlled communication my actions I go forward I go to attack the enemy raccoon do not talk shoot at them music I do not lean music and wait when finally I was attacked by a giant godzilla I always wanted to try to shoot and drag the cymbals are dangerous you and permission to kill very dangerous cymbals sometimes of course realistic is lost because it is like pada giant cymbal they movie does not happen but damn put crushed objects on which you fall main character constantly top constant those something falls you analyzed these robots and it seems they are autonomous to me, the main goal is people this is a war to destroy humanity, I doubted we should kill them all, either they or we put it on more, it looks like they are this corridor, which at first was dialed already in the west and the last line I don’t understand what went on from the move back and the picture just change it about two years ago I drew it just I rarely use me super clean I need people not to respond adequately my background sasha green well maybe the money from the account is humble to me thanks oh well I have it you don’t like it I could become and in general, don’t make a picture yesterday to draw up, damn them, so much so that even it’s not even heard very much there they say a real war any sea, I demand that you stop demanding, given that we have the same requirements, we kind of change each other’s floors, they only have quiet emptiness I I demand that you stop, it was required how alive you need to kill, but it all started Yes, what a 6 mission already tired of killing honey everyone is climbing and climbing this we said in this soup game you won’t play for a long time it’s cool but a small order of orders flew it’s like flying disclose which music it doesn’t quite fly you it jumps high it doesn’t activate some kind of that device. so please gather intelligence you heard she said we don’t care and the victims understood everything correctly when I have to run here she is the war your life will end quickly and pointlessly come forward late noticed now if the rocket launcher fired right away she would come downstairs to finish off if we want to live we must fight back well, the commander and do it find there is some dude, in short, I forgot some video he watches every day, leaves such messages with some emoticons and there is in the salon, but there was one like them, there was another, there is just some dude who everyone doesn’t comes to the ask, we got plow threads or something, or something like that, well, at least an old video and leaves here a bunch with a little one, he doesn’t even write a word to me, just a bunch of emoticons what it is and didn’t understand you too lazy to ask it was just strange, so I gave maybe his relative I just didn’t forget the skulls of the pharmacies, we defeated the hole, we gave only one enemy, which is not even visible by the way and over there our squad is like a little crippled well no in general it’s impossible not to fight imagine that it’s online in principle there will be no difference anyway music applause today kanzashi is needed if it ends together or someone else comes in the afternoon yes the investigator is built we’re waiting, but the husband of the undergrowth didn’t finish it off badly, I can’t jump high somewhere on this building, he’ll be murome whether he’s sitting at all yes no, I can’t reduce it right away, I did n’t think right away, that’s all I got flying to let the frame behind the building got stuck, probably files, then more voids before Kosyakina was to kill everyone blocks to kill 95 percent whether you catalog music for this is my detachment of the frame glint refugees resist how to collect what music but the armor is already clear what you are full of value 209 my armor glasses with weapons probably pump your weapons confirmed the enemy position where they are 10 kilometers all along the way to run meat music I don’t know where your pros don’t eat such mine that at the gate that I can buy any walls pr I don’t know, you’re some kind of strange running into a banhammer, I warned you, but of course it’s stupid that we’re right to kill every plate, I didn’t know that he was stuck in the building music gaspra swings power over this base, which is stronger you set it was like this a treat and a raider a tactical soldier who activated the communication system when a new bug will be straight up or saucers aspire with a crossbow still today 2 gr pdf and see that a bad idea was okay even often not even on a drone game that titmouse is a light to me dangerously kind to such and such they don’t turn red they are killing machines that they share can shoot their target to kill hello no I have that day and kindergarten pores of the prostate when I came I was already all banned well a lot was now no I like it very much music understandable for manicure you kill children and not the rest become strong or red slabs last time you were so catarrh stuck in Minsk after you here it’s even worse in this in terms of it’s that kind of a mustache from the back crept up every something grandiose and Godzilla’s trailer was shown so I thought that at the beginning of the game there will be music they actually follow the plot to whom they follow the type in the past in the last game the husband defeated the aliens no this and there they already recaptured the aliens but they came back offended again when you kill the drones until near the gray hairs of the drones they become redder than such but can we love you all music give us a sinhala kill everyone I love by the sound for having hit so hit the dishes of which you still get if to slow nearby, somehow not so cool, of course, and they got our great mother earth to upset with their presence, let them fly from where they came from, clean up the earth, I will save the nature of the future generations and all that music hello oh and you double hello gotcha which you rarely 1 out of 20 what kind of protection game the strong forces of the earth protect the earth from aliens so maybe it did n’t shine for you of course that we are at the factory pancake in the morning the storm dlink interferes with killing theyre kind of too hostile music ships are so flimsy sleeps the base is torn for an hour he counts the trajectories to shoot he left before I was a robot driving it was close and I wont get hit anywhere right away everyone will get mad here is the chef commander of ideas adidas star of oz thats all roads from throwing monsters at the city between godzilla we have no choice music but there are no special plots well abstract but the concept does not attack the abstract earth everything just shoot everything that moves does not look like people will feel like a soldier in war its immortal soldiers in war more precisely music amazing job is highlighted and go to the sea to catch a charge there they did a great job on the wall somewhere degree ov plus 20 zashib kirovich on favorite weather pro i won music he is already 8 mission music monster attack cool name steam create new account Плейлист прохождения Earth Defense Force 5 (PC) - Моя группа в ВКонтакте - Все игры на канале (плейлисты) - ♥☺♥ Не забывайте подписаться на канал ♥☺♥ ================================================ Боевик, изображающий битву между внезапно напавшими пришелельциами и EDF. 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