Earth Defense Force 5 Part 8 - Funhaus Gameplay

Rumbleverse steamgame awards steam not loading EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 game Aion mirror shield Wow I can turn my vehicle if were gonna go were gonna up to hard youre gonna change the difficulty yeah I did I oh I didnt do that yet me yeah then we can slide a quiet threat cool doula oh theres more flying saucers great terrific Ill still switch it to hard no let me just make sure theres nothing better I should ease I got a sniper rifle all  __  sniper rifle cool thatll be fun while Im flying around this is knife and stuff alright give this a try then Ill try the blacker age cruise missiles yeah our tortoise oh boy yeah I got the air tortoise as well yeah the missiles for that are laughably slow yeah you were using earlier nauseas animal are you okay yeah were going tortoise on this one me too tortoise can work if they like clump up and sit still but once people start shooting them and they start like wobbling the missile will never catch up to it so itll be fun well figure it out therell be a bunch of like very deadly missiles just sort of swirling around how do I call in my equipment or call on my my black er thats X once you have them you little meter closest okay Ive never been able to call on it yeah anything there arent enough enemies on these levels alright were back and were back on hardened even yeah did you think it didnt get more oh my gosh theyre immediately in the air gets more theres more to this game lock-on oh yeah thats the deal with this level so uh just FYI saucers wont attack you until you shoot them so the idea with this this levels that we have to like it a grow a very small number of them and then sort of lure them in fire good is still going this one I charged it once my tortoise wont fire that you got to hold it on for a long time there goes Dan mailed me - Utley killed James sorry dont shoot a missile off under a bridge just FYI yeah but I didnt shoot it although I did it i 100% mean when when do I know I can fire this thing the reticle will change shape Oh see look at that look at that tortoise go there he goes there goes oh yeah yeah its gone form no line come on I dont slow down alright oh there goes yeah I mean also animal Ill tell you this dont shoot the air tortoise if youre looking uphill okay this will fly out hit the ground and blow up turns out my sniper rifles much faster than that tortoise air tortoise is good against whites slowest enemies okay well I want to get my my vehicle so well get it dont worry I was I have a sniper rifle does it zoom yeah theres theres a zoom button good luck finding out which one that is uh again James be careful because once you agro them theyll all transition groups so you see how they like light up and yeah yeah there you go from blue good so yeah James if you can go out grab a few and then lure em back here that B III there goes that cruise missile look at it go I miss its a tortoise Oh sniper rifles way better yeah sniper rifle is actually really great if you all go here it goes Applause you one all girl sometimes you get lucky in the missile hit something else well its chasing an enemy whoa boy theres a lot of them old stuff dont worry Ill send my tortoise missile hurry up any time any day uh Pete you killed it before I could fire missiles cruises and hits a neighborhood full of single mothers Bruce is always running back and forth right in front of you dammit I know I know what this does what else all right is that a gate is that a guy KITT I dont know oh oh you were custard a cruise missile nice so yeah with those those Collins you have to hold it on an enemy long enough for it to lock on then what is it what is it and then a missile comes from like out of the level and smashes into whatever you return okay well so yeah cruise missile should fly in sometimes it takes a while whats real fun is when it takes forever and then the enemy just walks away and they dont get hit Im close to getting my black er hey James if you can go stag us a few more got it but its a health veneer right here theres a crucible you guys see him in the air Bruce to your right pardon to our array Oh Bruce I think for the cruise missiles you might need to keep targeting too oh it says in the description whether or not were straight hair okay thank you I need that real bad okay nope all right come on tortoise doesnt really you got too far were all this standing here lost come on nope yeah were both both trying to nail this tortoise shot so theres no areas this big either in front of us Oh four to five minutes youre gonna be sorry I got him here comes Brett up Aereos I fired the missile right onto Oh are we to beat this no absolutely not we got strategy you guys Thomas James pulled a few well I will have blacker shortly so are there any big targets that we have to kill him this one any big what targets something that the tortoise rocket would be good for well definitely get big targets soon okay all right so Im gonna save my cruise missile then theres my mask oh no I dont know about this level Oh the game will give us larger targets at some point go get some more yeah in Lawrences mine or playing this game for the next five years so hes like we are eventually until the next one comes out about a month like really did like six parts to the Earth Defense Force there are over a hundred levels just FYI I know we got two we played it for an entire week and we got two Im gonna go get some armor while Im waiting oh yeah it that pace will be done by 2020 needs why doesnt mean - something you gotta you gotta stop the noise real hard thats gonna pick up this level or this green dot over here if you stay here I have turrets up okay I already go James is gonna take a while to pull somebodys whispering he got a few though yeah yeah cool wicked yeah we can do with bigger pulls oh thats a health doesnt waste any flight and I can do this all day James you need help theres health theres some to your right there under the bridge ooh oh nice bruise I saw what you did there you bet have you seen this tortoise launcher it takes forever pretty cool I guess yeah hold on check this out hold on wait for it Im waiting for it where is it okay he wouldnt mind that building so might not hit him oh there goes get um there goes my Lawrence I want you to see how long my guns gonna fire wait where are you Im right here just just watch okay there got one shot look at one of those where you pulled a trigger and it doesnt stop firing and hold on runs out I stop pressing the trigger as soon as it started just hold on watch it all right you really really lighten it up there about halfway and you havent hit anything by the way I know that you far well hold on theres this guy Oh Oh No are you taking a lot of damage there yeah I think you took damage is flash damage and its still going one of those fireworks will hit them and done honey that was a good thats a good gun I guess we have to move forward now well sort of we just need to we need to make more of him Ill draw more out yeah hold on I think we can probably just take the rest of them yeah I think youre right Bruces turrets would be good yeah Ill post my turret sound further up here you guys watching this tortoise launcher oh there was a couple over here that are a growed yeah nothing right oh theyre finding other guys all right we have friends who are fighting over here we didnt even know we can see them where should we set up Ill put these turrets down wheres what were like in the middle yeah theres like a field over here that might be good okay hold on come on tortoise launcher just pick one Im gonna walk with it James always excited hes so excited he wants to hit all of these targets I wish you would suck why cant it just stick to one theres just so much work for the tortoise launcher to do Im walking towards James right now so I gonna help James yeah and no yeah this is way easier hooking up with the idea good idea go tortoise go accidentally hit somebody come on please please come on baby youre gonna do it although shes coming back around hold on there she comes oh if they would just slow down the missile would hit it come on okay Im gonna try to get to the top of this tower hit something is this still going oh come on have you looked to the sky you can see oh it ran out of juice okay how do they just stop eventually it just stopped nothing is so useless theyre all circling around over here theyre not angry yet why we havent agro them yeah oh shoot them I get to kill more of their friends and family Im just trying to that tortoise is on its way though my agro Han once it pops off in there its gonna go nuts win there I think its past them yeah it just gave up oh there we go I shot one with a sniper rifle and it died one after like one shot I made it to the top of the tower its up we did that we won I heard someone say we won yeah its cuz James made it up there I won guys there we go okay I have shot one and it pissed a lot of mobs though whos the red guy we got the red arrow on him huh hes a friend oh oh thats a NPCs if they have an arrow over their head if you walk up to them theyll be like hey awesome and then theyll follow you around and shoot stuff I dont see any look up at the tower well I oh Im like uh watch this guys check this tower up Im gonna blow up from the blowdown what dont worry about my fetus that doesnt have anything to do it yeah this any health lying around yeah theres a small health over here Im gonna run towards it and not pick it up oh yeah there you go all this guys in tortoise range yeah lets just piss off the rest these guys I dont have a gun that can hit him but I got a sniper rifle there we go I nicked one all right theres that theres that gun there there goes this is I only pulled it halfway for some reason taking forever normally these we die in three minute then this was a oh theres a bi-week its a gunship right there yeah go get whoa dang it the tortoise is going right for him you round it you do something why you the toilet was a tortoise just slow down the oh boy oh boy building these stuff so if you look yeah if you look on the mini-map whenever Bruce calls in an airstrike Oh better little red circles itll pop up thats thats your one and only warning to our United hey check this out oh yeah there it is look at that wheres my black er I just hit Xs just drop at some point uh a ship comes in and drops it for you so you got to keep your eyes on the skis oh were doing great that killed myself Ill execute it myself Ill uh get o get James youre like a lecturer you flew too close to the fire yeah oh this guys helping me this NPC is gonna save me save me is it a a B Z no dont run away hes talking right now dad Im trying to get James both Morris Claire there we go yeah wait why isnt my blacker coming mines almost up all right thats it Im done playing around so weve done youre toying with them I was toying with them and now Im not same tortoise missile away wait for it Ill be killed at first Bridget or dismissal here here comes gonna shoot the guy in the top all right hold on it real acht hold on guy nears the tower okay here it comes whyd you wait alright here comes our you and Ill firing here comes my the Nick sir there comes my my mech suit all my blockers here dammit what you want to prove youre faster than my slow as missile I tried to hit it here comes st. yours yeah oh wait wheres mine ok the rest of the the rest of the drones look like they are activated shoot now thats right now I got him Bruce what did you get I want one the Knicks credit  __  did a one or two man thats a wonder whats he drinking oh why cant I call in my black er I dont know why cant you Im hitting X and it maybe you got to switch to it Boozer a button Im missing oh there was it on the d-pad maybe oh my gosh the game is lagging out Ive never liked but d-pad was just I dont know what D bet is I think I keep has communication d-pad left is yeah here comes I dont know walked into the this thing cant back up really a lot of things you cant do good jump though they cant right wait how do I jump oh boy were gonna have to find that button oh there it is yeah I think it hovers to really think B hold it oh thats cool Adam together we can be the strongest no no where are the bad guys whats up come on theyre all dead then shouldnt we go get armor and so thats what Im doing okay wait I won we won that was easy Wow so I and I got my blocker just needed some strategy were back on hard baby thanks for watching everyone we will beat this game next week Music Music steam games concurrent players Wanna see the whole gameplay? 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