GIANT BUGS ATTACK! - Earth Defense Force 4.1 Multiplayer Gameplay

Saturated steam calculatorwho improved the steam engine EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 game did you just join the buildings yeah hey Komodo hows it going hey bull crumbs everywhere that we have that oh no what did you do sorry Im so sorry I didnt add me too ah well I guess we got to take these alien ants so anyways guys welcome to Earth Defense Force were here with Komodo and Obi Obi and I have played this game before but Komodo is new so were here destroying some ants can I shoot the pedestrians I absolutely think you cannot do that dont try blowed up are these more dangerous to red ants we havent even seen red ants yet oh geez guys are going through the back route back route Ive got this way around the corner Im gonna front route so I can get some of these weapons Oh a person just fell over and almost died okay this is all your fault I always possibilities brawlers come on Oh hows it going Im shooting step with the rocket launcher hes a professional Obi I know what Im doing Oh saved your life Komodo hey Jer theres an ant behind you and I blew it to smithereens okay guys Im making a guard post here I got a bunch of junk that should help us and buildings yeah thank you now whos saving who come out as a real hero here okay guys guess what what Im calling it a tank but as I get this deep I cant just D guys theres a lot of ants coming okay hold on bring in reinforcements I got my gigantis tank guys are going in my way to rifle yeah yeah you go ahead if you get eaten Im not saving you watch oh people OB where are you Im in a pile hes like literally in a pile oh my gosh so comodo theres something cool about this game you can see Im in a tank right uh-huh further into the game we can get mechs Im running mode over thats fine and then we can get Pacific Rim max I think kind of why I havent got there yet well were working up to it yep what those those are gonna be so cool so if you guys watching this video do happen to want to see more of this game let us know by smashing that like button and tell us what you think about this game in the comments how long do you leave it on the floor for last night oh really overnight overnight yeah last night why didnt you pick it up it was late what I am they dont want to even let your dog eat the pop-tarts no why we had chocolate in them well now look what you did theres ants 50 times bigger than your dummy Im gonna blame spy ok the tank yeah here actually guys try it out I could call in another tank I like going on foot I like being a soldier theres an ant army on the way theres a lot of them Oh get fired another tank you want that one OB Oh take another tank ok cool I dont think I could call anymore and boy I had my iron of the things I shouldnt be on foot how do you jump yeah meat doesnt look very fun right now spy all I see is tomato sauce everywhere they literally explode in tomato sauce they must have been growing not from pop-tarts but from mammas spaghetti wow look at all this stuff oh you were hitting the jackpot yep its running through all of it save me some guys I took like a whole of it get that last fan I think thats it yeah wait what again well just to warn you guys though that was the very first mission I have a feeling theres more than ants I have a feeling its not just an Toby I think that was it oh no the ants came to the city to to steal the rest of the pop charts from the supermarkets whats this thing dude I got a weapon here its oh that wasnt you shoot it to me how do you shoot it Im aiming it I think you got a press here when you were your bumper blinds lock on target they just changed how do i fire it is there a fire button and target I think I just accidentally shot one of our own guys yeah dont tell my mom it was me I felt like his mom oh okay I got a guard post Im calling it a grape dogs are delicious theyre delicious nutritious and ROI room here we go so it acts as a mobile transport as well as a tank so if you guys need a ride just call me okay thank you sir uber Im looking for the last one we got oh its its got him get in obey that so for the air strike okay here we go I cant see nothing in here okay OB yeah were in combat yeah oh cool Im go right there thats the heart the heart of the ant pile theres so many of them Im going Im going right through them Oh favorite baby I cant see a thing all I see is Tomatoes I love them too but I sure hate Tomatoes oh you know like ketchup and stuff do you ketchups good thats what Tomatoes is made out of but its not Tomatoes anymore its ketchup guys I made it oh it took me saying it I was on foot and I got lost oh okay well waited you ate a party late buckaroo oh yeah I just come in in a reap benefits oh Im going back alley with my grape huh wait oh theyre over here now Im gonna blow up this random over do we do it the motive ammo I feel like theres gonna be a third wave coming okay I feel like that you feel like far away from the boy I feel it by only I know how to work the tortoise Id be happy tortoise thats what scoffs called the air tortoise oh hey that was easy Im gonna change my class lets go with the wing divert windows from awesome guys look at this what hes flying laughs youd I have to see you guys later goodbye now put er there buddy Im in here no I cant okay oh this is scary guys this ants everywhere I think we went a little too close to the ants got your closer yeah Im going across species there ants yes we have to learn about our species they by whoa hmm they like toaster strudels and pop-tarts I like myself we got more ants uh-huh oh theres a lot of them that come in through the city Im all the way over here and he hes flying way high Oh artillery strike what just scaring her you know Ill give her a couple warning shots you know you guys have turned this building down with me I got knocked over thats gonna eat me shoot the building down first all them are here cheered it I dont know if the bullets take it down guys were you in there yeah I tried flying but didnt work okay we got one more ah oh no theres more back here guys oh geez theyre coming through the forest that must kill the mist is maybe unpleasant mm-hmm save them not two minutes yeah we have to run theyre trying to save this lady not all of us could fly damn go it is hey what what what is that hes mine shotgun a fusion blast its a plasma cannon oh you can go really high up and then you can shoot down and be like artillery whoa just want to top this roof here gonna try to evacuate it there we go more oh theyre coming through the water people playing soccer and now theyre running start firing random grenades through the air hopefully I hit something Im going up I love this thing this is my favorite weapon now like a the grenade line anyone ants is awesome and all the collateral damage theres a lot of that going on here yeah theres a decent bit of that are we officially the best earth defense crew against ants what weve killed more of insects or potential people well maybe these are abandoned houses yeah pretty sure that one probably had somebody hiding in their closet Oh in that case we might be bad people a good chance Oh potential may be the answer the ones trying to save the city yeah maybe theyre trying to save earth maybe its like I dont like these buildings here and the answer like well save you its change the whole plot of the game boom wait is theres one ant all the way back here go get a spy mr. fly boy I cant get over here wont let me I like see my god over there I think we did it we did it oh come on knock the tree over and knock myself over Michigan fleet company I dont need any other weapons I like this I think Im gonna go back to aerator thats my favorite class guys should I pull out the mech absolutely sure I think its the big alta guys yeah guys I dont like it dance anymore oh its not ads Im calling in an air strike Oh ladies okay should we shoot her Im throwing an air strike pull up and strike three guys back up Im pretty sure you killed her too oh whoops literally nothing on the buildings I think these ones are indestructible oh really fine police just came in oh not the fun police you know these dogs wouldnt flown into the webs we be fine oh all right guys Im okay look what I got what whats that you got it back I wanna make what are the Rangers get whats the cool thing that we get um guns were doing any sort of vehicles at some point maybe a pogo stick or something later duty towards you I hope hell be I think I see where youre getting sucked in from their broken tether all right Street boys ah rockets there we go that spiders down down but hes alive whoa Im trying to take a this one over here hes down I just floated a spider sploded yeah crazy bro my mech is stuck under a bridge on a humpy blow the bridge up okay blow it up a helper wait for she gunshots okay I dont like this bridge rosette fire I think its indestructible oh geez dont they wish I could have made the rest the city like this yeah there we go whoa a lot of our ketchup there is a spider back on these buildings okay oh my way oh I can hop Im recruiting these guys on my team come on boys lets go follow my lead how do I hop I hopped once hit his legs whoa I have jetpacks I have jetpacks on my back here guys heres one for you youre gonna have that one that one boys one left one love it photo shoot it its on this building above us I swear if this ends before I get to play with this mech Im going to be extremely disappointed youre playing with it its gonna and are you serious come on where the answer it come on ants please okay class spiders now boys letters now come on watch your feet man step on them Oh jetpack like this we did it okay Im calling it a bomber crew youre crazy boy and Im calling it a mech for whoever wants it no is it no mech for you hey we tried all right thats all that matters thank you for trying oh there you go oh they come down yeah came down the bridge broke finally yeah Ill have another one in a minute or two you can have it Komodo if you want yeah cool you are cool thank you thank you for saying that well your mech is can expect fly yeah you hold a oh yeah there it goes thats bad - OH ants - ants and spiders oh no all right now hes getting in that way Im gonna do better on foot guys the guy died in the web okay I dont see the spider though wheres it at I got it the mech blew up that was scary came calling another Mac oh come on drop the crate on his head did it oh here goes yeah there we go oh ooh squished him you want to drive this Komodo no Ill take two Mik Mik go that way thank you guys Ill be there in 20 minutes all right Gavin all right these spiders are strong yeah I think a lot of bullets i limited him so much oh there he goes okay okay Komodo its up to you to shoot that one on top of the skyscraper we had civilians at the webs at shooting the webs in sure people there we go I think these are the last few I think the vent and this guy right here is almost dead its gonna have to be low oh there you go slot right here bud out cut it out yeah 100 you saved me bro yeah they saved me too shes a spider turd hes down well no one behind the train station I see shooting web still train you said I dont train no oob right its a tram it doesnt count yeah dont really count does it oh the station Im not the tree over my apologies guys we have a runner get out on foot here I lipid it as well yeah there we go I think we did it yeah yeah yeah why did you request a bomber no reason just in case right oh thats right ah yeah hey high fives all around Ive taken you guys out to dinner tonight yeah I think we got rid of the spiders and ants for the time being what happened pop-tart have you not looking your lesson OB what pop-tart no more spaghetti anyways guys were gonna end this episode off here were gonna be going up to the underground cave and next episode if you guys do happen to want to see more so thank you for watching and subscribing remember always sweep up your pop-tarts and spaghetti sauce unless you want this 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