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Oculus rift compatible steam gamesthe most expensive game on steam EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 game Music all right holy cow you guys holy cow its a special day its a special day in fact it should have been a special day about a month ago but I got disconnected fell out of the loop I was actually watching a compilation of the Japanese commercials and I saw a release a release commercial for EDF and like they do they theyre civilized so they do year month day with their like uh with their formatting and it splashed the date and I was like wait a minute yeah I was sitting there you know the sounds of an old modem cranking in my brain smoke coming out of my ears and I was like wait a minute eight eight was last month so yeah I looked it up and theres like one headline about it about it shipping pretty good I guess who knows but uh the good news is ps5s are not region locked you just have to make a PSN account in the region and then find a way to buy currency with Japanese Yen which their ways but once you have it you could play it so lets play it EDF six heres the problem Earth to sandlot is not known for like making the best user interfaces theyre not just masters of the menu the video game menu um and that gets way harder when these games are not in English so lets see what happens okay Im Im thinking at this point like five was not that dissimilar to four so Im pretty sure Ill be able to figure it out my name Im doing my part Im about to do mine theres uh hold on a minute and then bust out my handy translation app Im pretty sure thats just a profile name but I might as well get it all warmed up yeah same UI as five so far I honestly dont expect too many differences because there really werent that many visible in the trailers see here Ill be Captain America no thats Captain USA Im trying to think of like what the what would the the EDF knockoff of Captain America be kept in Japan and doesnt have a captain they have a referendum okay single Co-op online Mr cheeseburger thats it actually Mr cheeseburger sir in 2022 all right lets see what lets see we got here foreign a guard Fleet suddenly appears in the earths path launched an attack on Humanity First Strike was iconic planned and sad half of the military bases were destroyed in just one day Humanity lost a great deal of strength Music I thought this was gonna I thought this was gonna be like more voice acted a visit from another planet people called them primers desperate battle continues it seemed that the human extinction was just a matter of time until special special strikes storm group shoots an enemy ship chaos of the the person came from a light bulb so I blew up yeah we blew up God at the end of edf5 maybe thats what theyre referring to here shooting God until he dies until it dies silence returned after two years of fierce fighting people something like planet or the number of people is up to ten percent civilization is before seizure nevertheless the people pave the way to recovery and then three years passed majority clock thank you for the sub oh the edfs gonna gonna be deployed Im really are they really like previous CDF games have played around with having levels where its like the beginning of the game is showing the invasion happening like I think youre youre like touring a base at the beginning of edf5 as like a civilian or wait I might be mixing that up with uh iron rain no I think youre no iron rain is different youre like part of a PMC in Iron rain youre thinking five right youre like youre touring a facility as a civilian and then you just get swept into the military but like theres a mission dedicated to the The Invasion happening uh this is pretty clearly I guess after after five uh in the Canon the cannon gets a little gets a little messy although no wait they refer to the events of iron rain I guess World Brothers is the only kind of non-canon one but its also like all of them thats definitely five iron right opens up at the very end of the first Invasion ah okay tiberium oh Tiberian Matt thank you for the sub okay well this is pretty straightforward it looks like Im a little Im a ranger do I dare dive through these menus Music I also cant tell lets just lets just hit buttons until I play a video game Im gonna go on hard should I Im gonna yeah of course I should come on looks like its got the same four classes God  __  I love this  __  oh no I love blank text screens with like fadens its so so dramatic so epic Music I have a wish because we are our name is oh yeah Music one of them is gonna be singing and Im gonna have to find that nice Music Applause Music nicer hey Music oh okay well okay yeah right um it occurred to me that there could possibly be like a there wouldnt be a language setting right if its only released in Japan theres no way they just made that or just did that for no reason now theyre I can safely assume that theres no theres no language I think um what its worth checking yeah the only thing Im curious about is if uh if theres volume settings because it seems like its really low hmm okay somewhere Music thats thats more what I would expect okay Music Music thank you lets see Music oops how do you wait how do you change it maybe you cant change that while its in a mission thats like the resolution setting oh subtitle on Music music is really interesting this already has quite a bit more like EDF music usually usually plays it pretty straight laced its like all very theatric kind of 50s monster movie kind of sounds it works this is really this is really kind of Moody what the heck oh you can customize controls per class um okay foreign I can try to go out to the main menu just to see what happens Music Id be curious about that resolution setting I just want the uh I just want the the frame rate to be as high as possible I am Im very sad you can change language settings in the main menu of five second from the bottom okay uh again if its if its just a Japanese region release Id be really surprised oh thats restart Id be really really shocked if they uh if they included Global language settings just for the heck of it but who knows maybe they did Music and this doesnt change maybe this is something they were like going to maybe thats something they can like change later Music okay theres no excitings out here I think thats just it no problem it has English text this game does I mean it does yeah sometimes okay Music done rooting around its time to shoot ants also see the superb superbly dramatic intro again Music foreign Music looks already Music foreign man Music hey Music Im gonna have to I think it was like Music trying to it was like the fourth or fifth down where all the singing was Music go go this kind of reminds me of uh reminds me of the base and Perfect Dark also with the walking around following like following people who are just walking really slowly hey Zach hey adf6 it came out a month ago in Japan its not out in any other region yet theres not even a release date for the regions yet but you can buy Japanese games with a with a PlayStation you know you have to wait for them to get imported its great lets go clean my girl torn up I dont know so this is this is After Earth was almost decimated in the edf5 things are still bad I guess were still raggedy out here yeah but maybe hes a hes a pencil Pusher bureaucrat s this voice makes him sound Earnest and trustworthy though its gonna be real fun playing this Mission Co-op where you have to walk around on a loop really slowly with four other idiots who are just yelling the whole time or three other idiots Music foreign Music I was watching Bruce play trying to pick up pointers and stuff y Music Laughter soon foreign I really hope they go for it with just like a number of like tongue-in-cheek sort of cutscenes like this is Music foreign this isnt the right way to experience the story right Music hes asking what people have been up to this guy says technical research um Music hes telling us that were useless soldiers because weve never been in battle foreign Music I will train you guys again thoroughly do you understand Invaders are gone the EDF will leave Earth or the EDF wait I went a little fast foreign Music wants a peaceful non-threatening life it depends on us Music our responsibility is heavy see hell you need to be prepared foreign years ago civilization was on the brink of collapse we maintain public order and Grave that mission in your heart protect the city protect the people are you ready the theres a is there a whole mission where you just have to listen to a big speech so maybe this is where the mission starts yeah I dont remember other edfs having subtitles so thats pretty cool what hey Music foreign Music okay all right all right all right oops we are too its music Music if they lean into like the threemen sound thats so good there was like there were like little shades of that needy F5 the more it sounds like a b movie just like a real crap Drive-In film the better I just keep shooting oh grenades all right mama there it is trademark EDF accuracies back at it geez ah oh yeah theres damage numbers yeah look at that hes becoming a professional game maybe they wont let me shoot the under the under slung right now okay do you have a surprising amount of air control usually you when you jump youre just floating though thats interesting Music huh feels kind of weird like it feels like what youd expect it to feel like you dont feel like an you know like a oh there we go let me Dodge now you dont feel like a castle vein like a Castlevania character or something oh the Sprint Music foreign ERS guardians of humanity honorable work this job comes with duties and responsibilities though so theres a trespasser hmm who Could That Be oh I see some uh some Gundam strats getting traded in chat I like that didnt get any armor didnt get any weapons tis tisk okay yeah maybe maybe that is just a full-on tutorial Mission which is why they have you go through the yeah look at them theyre all running with guns even The Tech Guy Music foreign Max oh yeah the fencers fencers so op once you learn how to play it okay yeah this is like edf5 now theres no way theres ants outside no way although knowing EDF it would actually not be ants itd be like a pizza delivery guy that would then get eaten by ants oh  __  I was so confident that something was gonna happen I wanted to get ready to translate instead we got a nice reveal Music Music this music plays like hes like in descendant horns and stuff shouldnt have been so liberal with those rocket launchers huh foreign Music this game is becoming disturbingly civilized look at that just right over it whats the point of having like six inch Pebbles on the ground if they dont stop you when youre about to get eaten by an ant what what happened oh my God oh God the little bits are blowing off still alive you are ah oh Christ yeah so meaty oh I left all my guys behind sorry fellas Im coming he got distracted by the shrieking frogs oh you can hear them more now all right I just wanted to just some volume levels okay theres still armor drops just leaning against the wall just like  __  oh it hurts Ill cheat looks awesome yeah Im like these games always do really well of recognizing scale especially when they go to new platforms so Im curious to see what that looks like for this game Music only taken by this the soundtrack so far Music wait how can these Invaders survive the EDF literally found out they die from air pollution in five it would have to be like thats the sort of thing that gets revealed in like Mission chatter in the middle of one of the missions like mission 48 its like youre youre intelligence person just offhandedly mentions it who knows whatever lore nuggets we pick up on we must treasure hey whats up ansem is he making the frogs the first enemies though theyre very satisfying to shoot and I think it does like it informs informs tone pretty quickly ugh were just so grimy theyre not as like happy looking as the the ones from five oh God all of his bits broke off already hes just standing there mad at me oh yeah I havent even blown up any buildings yet I gotta get get to that see what the destruction looks like its a lot more colorful like the skylines and the environments are pretty desaturated but geez the enemies themselves just turned iridescent as soon as you start shooting them which is weird because theyre kind of drab uh just normally Im not saying like emotionally grab I mean just like actually olive drab more of a muted color foreign fox six is out in Japan it came out about a month ago Stomps oh no I gotta do it though I gotta do it for Earth oh yeah theres like theres like Rubble now oh it didnt just it didnt just sink into the ground like a full box Ive been kind of waiting for a destruction to uh to level up a bit I flee the same in five like it looked better but it was still like so like buildings are giant rectangles that just sort of sink into the ground and go away once theyre once they cross a certain threshold I think its I think its good that some of the Clutter goes away otherwise theres just piles of stuff on the ground it breaks into more pieces more uneven pieces it looks like thats pretty cool blue is leg zombies just a stump hes just a frog stump ah just let him suffer I would but hell grow his stupid arms and legs back dont pity the zenos the ravagers the Marauders Im trying to remember what the last name for the aliens is thats not aliens Music beings From Another Dimension are attacking earth we dont know what to call them yet all right the scientists have been thinking about it were gonna call him ravagers its because of their nature and the fact that they ravaged the countryside oh is that why okay sure I guess were doing that now thanks science department bullets are whizzing past aliens are vomiting acid on people Soldier we have an update the scientists have updated the names large spider-like insects attacking earth were gonna call them grab noids look out Soldier grab noids uh EDF rules all right stupid frogs theres always this weird period I guess where you can like try to try to get in try to Ambush them I guess because they dont like their AI doesnt activate maybe theyre trying to like drill in the aggro mechanics really early of like only pulling the enemies you need and trying to bite off smaller fights maybe there were some missions like that in other edfs that were that tried to drill into you how like AI works like drones are usually what they do give me your goodies frog yeah handsome Im glad to hear that yeah I thought it would be it would make for a fun gameplay series just got to ah just got too many cool moments in it got little that one has like a little armor arm pieces I wonder if theyre protecting something specific like that I wonder if they have a weak point in there or something foreign yeah buildings are made of of much more parts but Ill have irregular sizes and that makes the that makes the debris look way cooler it also looks like they dont necessarily break into even pieces and the AI was able to like crawl up in a regular surface which is kind of impressive I guess corpses still block bullets foreign Music do they have to pick up their gun if they lose that arm no their new arm comes with a gun it just like shoots out of the stump with a gun on it already at least thats how it used to work who knows because yeah I remember I remember being like can you just shoot their arm off and not have to worry about them because yeah when oh when the difficultys higher that would actually be great if you could just snipe their gun hands off but no they grow them back yeah back up a little bit oh I just blew up my own dudes big time foreign s oh heavens all right all right all right all right all right this music is so great heard that dude screaming a lot up there I think they all died yeah that means Tech dude is gone he had custom clothes and everything yeah they are not on the mini map anymore okay time for some good old-fashioned DDF then Im gonna run backwards and pray I dont know if this is healthy but on top foreign ah oh boy were in a tight spot all right hard may be too hard right off the top Music if I had bull rushed some of those frogs and thinned them out that might have helped okay so yeah if you fail you get a portion of your armor Music hmm smoking onions says youll be in LA in February next year for work have a lot of days off I will stay for a week after that I want to shoot guns is there a good shooting range in LA or should I travel elsewhere uh yeah the only the only range Ive been to in La is indoor I dont know that LAs too dense of a city to have an outdoor range I feel like yeah Vegas is is uh is more free if you wanna if you want to do some wild stuff yeah Vegas has a lot of gun stuff a lot more gun tourism I guess yeah if you just want to like fire rifles and handguns and stuff you can do that in indoor ranges in LA oh yeah yes doctor this is a live stream which its good to see you by the way hope life is good not Nick I cannot read Japanese I can more spiritually understand it that makes sense now you can be like other Ken and stuff Im like Japanese reading kin yeah Nader of Doom edf6 is out in Japan it came out about a month ago three weeks ago Im actually behind uh I did not did not remember that it had a Japanese region release date Cosmic slop thanks for the sub s Im scramble away you probably want me to stay with my squad definitely being a bad teammate right now because yeah I wonder how much Ill be able to keep them alive because it was nice to be with NPCs in five it would absorb fire and do some damage but at a certain a certain difficulty was just on you jeez the bolts are just like shoving me around foreign Co-op uh yeah but I would I would really wait for it to come out in global territories because I think for that you and somebody else would both need Japanese region PlayStation accounts Maybe yeah it is an online co-op game its doing good A little better than good probably all right a little better than good is a-okay yeah Im Im excited for it to come out in global regions as well Im excited for it to come out on PC like its running well luckily its I think its like a 1080 right now a little grainy but its not bad its mostly just that the frame rate is above 30. foreign youre pulsating yeah youre like breathing ah all right Music NBCs revive after a wave oh okay cool I wasnt paying attention then I dont have to keep a close eye on them Music Music oh here it is incredible bombed his ass out oh Im up there look at you up there yeah frog cheeks just completely blown out what froggy cheeks clapped the plot of six that Earth lost in five I mean Earth pretty much lost over the course of you playing Five right you got to I guess you got to kill God at the end but by then I guess most of Earth had been decimated so yeah and shockingly killing God wasnt the end of it seeing any new enemy types yet not really I mean come up and theres gonna be one or two Im not gonna breathing still ugh just sitting there waiting yeah chroma Zeta its its some kind of god-like figure some kind of divine being definitely descends from a UFO and you shoot it until its dead at the end of five it was a hell of a trip the primers retreated after God died but the Earth lost 90 of Life yeah it was a some similar stat to that in the opening crawl humanity is 10 of its original original numbers I love that threatman in the in the soundtrack it fits so perfectly and so glorpy Music yeah Nick Im excited too just here doing some preliminary scouting Music everything is over Music thanks for reminding me oh theyre gone oh yeah we need that crazy Sprite fall operator its a weird sexual thrill from firing lasers missed yeah wheres Sprite fall Opeth Im sure the wonderful cast of characters will build up over time right now we just have hard-ass old school trainer who keep thinking theyre dead oh do you get wacky upgrades in this one I certainly hope so a language barrier may make it more difficult to tell whats meant to be wacky and whats not Music and Ill figure it out chronologist thanks for the sub appreciate you know well that is outfit has a muffler for this outfit has a muffler when my guy is wearing oh yeah Morrissey Im confident Im confident that uh just by virtue of picking random guns Im gonna find something horrific and unusable I hate when theyre just on the ground just throbbing and vibrating like that just a wet fat lump of frog foreign yeah screams they were they regenerate their limbs I think theres a couple that regenerate and youre watching this guy regenerate his gun arm I wonder how long it takes Music just blink all right take a cover look at it you lost your arm again you idiot laughs oh yeah 20 absolutely it seems like everyone has a real good time playing EDF so I dont think itll be a hard sell getting the crew back together but yeah asking a bunch of people to play a bunch to buy a game in another region and then play a whole game in Japanese on a PS5 no less thats a bit of stretch also we got a finished Monster Hunter Im excited for that see more of the Ice Break Stuff there it is its a gun Music I got so many guts aliens are like a hefty bag filled with Chunky Soup just pop Moosh like a firecracker in there and were up is that like a duplicate gun or maybe its a gun for another class let me see okay yeah its giving me armor ups for all classes it looks like all four yeah Ranger Wing diver aerator fencer all right same old same old setup and then yeah fencers ah all right oh yeah its got the star rating system too where like it keeps the best attributes of the drops you get Music all right yep its EDF baby because we have no EDF themed emotes boy thats a really good really good observation I should change that maybe get an EDF emote up in here its like a perk or something lets see yeah okay Texan retrieve surrounding items its cool Music what does backpack mean Music oh this is the grenade okay what else do we have here Music recruiter Music are these like things you people you can summon a balloon created by the EDF public relations oh its a decoy okay thats right all right lets get the lets get the uh the lore in here for this balloon created by the EDF public relations department for the purpose of recruiting soldiers a dolled converted into a battle decoy it was made to imitate the appearance of the idol contacted by the public relations department it was used to solicit young people at events splint can be moved by finally adjusting the air pressure of each part the coach of the function are equipped with a function or a quick ah gosh it keeps changing the the translation sorry equipped to the function built-in speakers speaks is also possible excessive functions for a decoy as a result it is difficult for the enemy to understand that it is fake it has the effect of doing and it is an effective decoy the content of what he speaks has been changed while still inviting recruits okay Music a little inflatable inflatable anime wow I could use my color she need my scarf there we go oh thats right armor adjust Music why does it say broken it might be lore Music okay its repaired with existing parts the performance is declined significantly okay so yeah its just like a rusty gun Music foreign Music yeah we already got inflatable anime girls Music okay Im gonna do it just its probably a bad idea sniper sniper rocket launcher oh wait Music thats right thats what I want to do there we go Music look how this class is just to do with a rifle fighting against giant aliens pretty much the same Mission whoa Music okay Music foreign level is it foreign no sounds like the frogs are talking Music gosh yeah cyborg lizards do you remember the cyborg frogs They Come From Another World let us know it is Wednesday Music I can still hear her singing foreign Music its like a whole concert whats going on Music come on Music I mean its working I want to I want to join the EDF now wow Ill protect you from all the frogs I feel like this decoy is too good because the EDF is going to try their hardest to defend it instead of using it like an actual decoy Music yeah the name is the name was uh on the equipment of the the pop Idol apparently some people recognized recognize them I am a head shes from Hollow Stars oh okay this is a real live celebrity integration well maybe not live Music foreign Idol for their decoy it used to just be like a just a random anime I think all right since I didnt recognize that as a hollow live Idol maybe it was some other kind of Idol uh hello Jacob and hello Jacob Raiders Jacobins how you doing let me greet you with a little singing Music Im gonna blow up some frogs oh theyre somehow even worse than they used to be even more pathetic I hate it when they fall down like that because its like youre looking directly at their up their  __  and theyre just like looking down at you uh anyway hows everybody doing whats everybody doing today just scoping out the next EDF when is it released in the US theres no date yet unfortunately I think 2023 is all theyve said I got a sore throat ah I hate that its like every time you swallow it hurts but then that just makes you want to swallow more okay thats not frogs look at all those look at all those readings getting contacts all over my my display the time for ants its time for ants bold choice not making hands first lets finish head Runners for the first time nice I still havent finished it I got about halfway through I still really like it but Im gonna aggro everybody Im glad its uh it seems to have kicked off the cyberpunk Redemption tour Im glad it landed animes doing good work as usual thank you I wonder if they use hitboxes anymore Ive missed some shots that a normal EDF would count as hits just because theres usually a giant hitbox around every ant its working ah I wonder if thats part of the tech for the upgrade maybe its not all hitbox based now or maybe the yeah maybe its just you actually hit the model are there other methods to registering hits besides hitboxes yeah you can just make it so if like the shot actually hits the model those intersections are a little harder to determine though usually a little more costly in terms of processing and performance the math to determine if something is intersecting with a box is nice and simple yeah yeah they could have just more accurate hitboxes or the hitbox is just the model could be could be someones scared I think Music youre not gonna believe this but theres more ants most accurate hitboxes I know are in soulsborne games oh theres that Tekken can be pretty accurate I feel like Im trying to think about like games where the hitboxes are accurate and it also matters a lot foreign between them that was pretty bananas it seems like you have to actually shoot them now you have to actually hit them with bullets it seems like theres scripted stories to story elements to like aggroing them early the NPCs seem to react to that Im wondering if they try to like impress upon you the value in taking up good defensive position before aggravating all the all the ants oh yeah War Thunder yeah thats true Ive seen some pretty outrageous gifts from War Thunder of like plain deformation and stuff Music all right theyre all happy Pharrells never been higher my  __  cheers what the heck yeah he like arched his back up in the bullet Miss ing yeah oh the boys get all worked up whenever the YouTubers are in town the eso ESL V tuber tour Music the boys Spirits have never been higher although I guess if were being honest there is a there is a pretty long artistic Legacy of Pop Idols singing to empower the Warriors of the future I gotta watch Macross again such a weird trip die for her who may have knocked the building onto my homies sorry about that I guess that would be an interesting uh progression for EDF knocking buildings onto things and having that be like a mechanic thank you I do really like the like the buildings knocked over and at odd angles and stuff it really does make the game look a lot less uh templated which was fine you know like its not like anyone was complaining I dont think it was pretty clear that it was a video game but it doesnt look a lot cooler filled with all these like half destroyed buildings kind of leaning on their sides AI pathing able to like crawl over all these uneven surfaces it does seem like you cant really destroy a building in pieces though still like once it once it takes damage it just collapses the debris still looks the debris looks better I was hoping you could like blow chunks out of a building like swiss cheese it thatd be pretty slick what if you had like a rail gun that just like blew a core through a ton of buildings oh thatd be sick and you could just like line up and see like all the way down Maybe edf8 I am totally okay with this series largely being the same give me the like smallest most incremental hardest to understand oh no uh oh shes helping youre being so brave actually just ran out Im shot my own guys I would never happen to needy lets go theyre so happy how can you not throw that out whenever you want or whenever you can seeing the positive effect it has on all the fellas Music does the waifu Boost soldiers effectiveness I dont think so maybe maybe what is the waifu its technically a decoy the lore of it is that the Earth Defense Force PR department made the Inflatables to help with recruiting so you know they go to a mall and set up the set up the inflatable but Music uh it has found another use in the war distracting the the ravagers Music oh new weapons all right I got a new rifle okay Im gonna go rifle and mlrs or mlr a I think that requires air targets so theres a couple of different waifus I can equip here yeah I am a uh hyaki shirigumi and Okami miyokami oh mitsu Okami Music lets go down the list Music Music foreign Music Music I dont know that anime yeah oh its literally all haul a live article or Idols excuse me yeah its bait for the aliens you can hear it going to be for the weebs as well thats true working oh its one of these guns God damn it God damn it all right of course of course it is didnt put the barrel on this one anyway have at it Im sure itll be fine foreign ready for the most hard weapon youve ever seen there we go to put your thumb over to give it a little pressure you know just pinch it off a little bit whats up I wonder if theres a lock on the ground oh can great fantastic oh that should be fun Music foreign what is the lore now for the current timeline of EDF um I guess this is this is after five where Humanity pushed off The Invasion again but is that 10 of its popular world population so the Earth is pretty much destroyed through its five years after that I think because the recap was like two years after and then three or maybe its just three uh more than that I dont know because uh I havent been able to translate a lot of the dialogue too busy playing to hold up a phone ah thank you Music yeah screams a lot of the lock-on rockets in the past you had to kind of aim up because they would just shoot straight out hit something in front of you or if youre running forward you would just run into the missile and detonate as soon as you shot it foreign memories of playing each EDF foreign EDF 2017 or edf3 after I got my wisdom teeth out a friend picked me up from the dentist office and drove me home and then we played EDF and I was like passing out on the couch was the effects of those sweet sweet drugs were off its okay being anesthetized wont keep me from my duties to defend Earth foreign get in here and mix it up a little bit oh wheres the dispenser forgot that thats what they look like foreign foreign pile up is pretty nice I imagine with the way this game escalates too by the time youre playing on Inferno thatll be like 10 20 30 000 who knows but Music damage numbers an EDF first its not quite a life bar but uh its something I guess feedback that you are hurting something which might be the uh most important thing its an interesting technique to put them in the corner like that instead of floating over the enemy youre shooting at I feel like thats the big technique or has been so far in video games to just have floating numbers flying out of everything I kind of prefer this I dont mind this it makes the damage numbers more of a more of a mechanical utility and less of just like a serotonin pumping uh gimmick that kind of wears off after a while thats also true dionics yeah an EDF a floating number would be lost immediately yeah if you shoot like AOE and you hit like 20 targets yeah thats true yeah maybe they experimented with that and it was just too hectic Music foreign oh maybe I dont kind of cool down doesnt have to be destroyed thats weird I thought it just timed out before I cant even imagine doing this on hard right from the start yeah maybe shes still back there singing her performance is longer maybe shes just a uh more giving harder working harder working Vocaloid oh btubers are not Vocaloids no those are separate although it seems like theres a lot of crossover sometimes Music foreign oh boy more ants all right seeing they dance they game I guess its the gaming aspect that makes it a little different okay now the now the refreshes here yes Music pants you mean monsters right yeah sorry I meant monsters these are not ants theyve been named by scientists Applause Music Music oh Cinder yeah I dont stream at 1080p because I dont think twitchs bitrate is good enough to justify 1080p if I were playing like slow moving text-based game or something without a lot of motion then then it would be fine if I tend to play a lot of fast-paced shooters and I did a couple of tests and I found that for the hardware I have and the encoding settings I use 900p was a better sweet spot for image quality in motion Music never dropped frames although I dont know I feel like I can give my I can give my encoder a lot of overhead but even still itll still just drop a frame or two some just get lost in The Ether lost in the tunnels yeah not many people have 4K screens OverWatch the stream in full screen yeah oh  __  where did you come from that was fast oh already like Mission four okay yeah theyre theyre already like really going crazy with the numbers and the scale of these fights usually it takes like 10 missions to warm up to something like this ugh foreign run back towards this thing oh Mex showed up Truck Max wait does this mean like one person can drive and the other person can shoot Id be sick oh she fell over or maybe we should just landed on the corner Music oh boy this is like an interesting level to have early on because it just does tons and tons of item drops Farm weapons pretty early here maybe feel like skip up to another difficulty Music foreign Music I dont know if theyre ready to give me the good stuff yet Music geez okay lots of new guns lots of upgrades Im like 20 new decoys thats at least 20 more levels I gotta play then Music Ill go with this one now that looks like a cool shotgun or sorry sniper rifle foreign ER Music Inferno gas hmm oh yeah miles Im just I do not speak Japanese or cannot read it Im just uh its pretty easy to figure out based on other games yeah I think thats a repair probably why is this description so short Music flamethrower and then the description just says flamethrower with a period Music we have sprays Nano machines Music okay this is a welder Music flamethrower okay yeah got my got my new idle equipped Music lets go Music this is Mio foreign Music Music shoot it yeah they make little ouchy sounds oh no Music her clothes get burned off come on Music this just makes it a more effective decoy device thats all thats all thats all that means not weird oh whats gonna pop out of this thing spider okay and egg Music this be one of the rare good video game flamethrowers find out flamethrower Music this version of EDF more fun than the pixel one I saw you playing a while ago I dont know if Im ready to say its more fun its definitely maybe more of a complicated and nuanced gaming experience which is kind of down the realm of what I like but Ive also just started it and its also in Japanese I think if you liked World Brothers the pixely one you would definitely like uh one from the mainline series an EDF game that is Im pretty good at FPS games Ive never played something like this would it be hard for someone like me to learn to play it um if your skilled at FPS games hitting the buttons and playing the game is not going to be a problem I think the the bigger the bigger point of adjustment will be figuring out how to play this game specifically but thats going to be true of anyone that tries to play this game for the first time um but the good news is you dont have to like be you dont have to understand all of the complexities of it to just have fun with it if you just play it on normal that stuff doesnt matter and if you feel like playing on a harder difficulty where that stuff does start to matter then youre already in the spirit of like wanting to learn that stuff if you want to bite that off but just playing through it on like normal difficulty with friends and Co-op or even alone in Co-op is always just a really good time I kind of think about it its like its like where the Omega Force games were kinda going and then didnt uh the Dynasty Warriors games they just kind of kept making the same game even like for the last 10 years so this is kind of a scaled up version of just a big action RPG kind of experience all right its a little hard to hit with a flamethrower oh man speaking of just core Shooters Ive started playing proteus yesterday I came  __  rocks I remember playing it in Early Access and its its fairly different now its like I can recognize it as the same game but theres so much built on top of it oh music is so good I feel like Dynasty where your games got worse they didnt get very much better I feel like they stayed about the same and then they kind of got worse just by by default thats how it feels to me but its weird too because Omega Force keeps securing really big properties and they just make the exact same game every time Persona 5 Strikers was quite a bit different I I like that a lot is the first time in a Megaforce game like had something else going on in it but uh that was also like co-developed with Atlas so I figured thats where that part of the game came from Ultra kill took that dusk style Boomer shooter to another level its really special I really got to play it I gotta play Ultra kill I played it a little bit um the I played tried yeah I tried playing the demo when it had a demo and it just ran really weird for me and I couldnt really get into it but Im sure it runs well now yeah theres a whole theres a whole clutch of really good Boomer Shooters I gotta I gotta get through I havent finished dusk I think theres new content in the medieval theres like ion Fury I never finished project warlock one and two I started playing project board like one its pretty fun Chasm is coming out soon talk about it postal brain damaged is that any good oh yeah I gotta finish Turbo overkills Early Access oh this is a new oh its this guy okay I thought it was a new Queen I wonder if this works out like this if they have this little arrow if I can recruit them yeah turbo Overkill was rad I had a lot of fun with that oh careful now okay yeah jeez thank you scramble up there yeah everythings so juicy if Im if youre using explosives the uh the frogs blow up into tons of chunks yeah the decals seem to be a big thing in this game hit decals on enemies and on like blood spray on the ground Splatoon levels of goop getting everywhere Music yeah aerators in this its the same four classes from five Ranger Wing diver aerator and fencer see if I can catch back up with that fire truck whered that thing go I dont see it on the mini map anymore maybe it blew up ow yeah Ive only played Rangers so far basic keeping it vanilla Ill probably switch to Wing diver from the next mission the F5 was so weird about the Frog aliens they never used the word frog and they kept saying they look like humans yeah people in the EDF universe have weird takes on things part of the humor I think I cant tell if its like Lost in Translation or intentionally Lost in Translation but its great people in EDF verse are the most confusing yeah there do seem to be some nice quality of life upgrades in this game so far your little dude can like mantle over stuff you dont get caught on ground geometry nearly as much theres damage numbers you can still sing Music yeah you can burn you can burn the clothes off the hollow live decoy and how long do you think it took the developers to do that who stayed who stayed late in the office three months they promised that the technology would be really important for the engine to have because they could use it in all sorts of things and then they didnt use it for anything but burning the clothes off the Hall of Life Lady this is pretty cool this is like a really detailed storefront for just a random building youre gonna run past I mean Im sure they use it multiple times but yeah the Fidelity on the buildings went way up theres like a whole like store wow look at this signs you can read this is current gen Tech I remember in like a dragon when I was like walking down the street and I just walked into a convenience store and the camera just followed me in and you could walk right up to the shelves and like see everything on them and read read all the packaging that was super cool like oh technology this is the interactive fiction that shenmue promised us send me readable text on stuff was a bigger leap in Tech than anyone really noticed its kind of the the final embracing that everyone has at least a 1080p display resolution for this current generation consoles can they even do 720 foreign Music engine uh what if the way to finish the shenmue octology is to have it merge with like a dragon I think a radio would get along fantastically with the cast of of Yakuza Music foreign energy and you can just like get hit by a car and be fine isnt Shen we set in the early 80s someones Yak is a zero its fine could have salt and pepper Rio hazuki punished Rio Music yeah flamethrower actually worked out pretty well a rare instance where you accidentally choose the exact right weapon for an EDF level the first time oh those fell off who did that now they seem to all be having a good time I shouldnt be hating Music foreign foreign Music imagine if they werent gross frogs but cute anime girls EDF would be screwed theyd have to invent some kind of like helmet that changes how they look to all the soldiers because yeah that would be a big problem these guys got to know what theyre fighting for I didnt sign up to point a gun at no waifu oh maybe they already did that reminds me I gotta play that sweet video game Haze free radical the game to kill free radical right isnt free radical basically back pretty sure they announced something new like under the free radical name and everything hey zydonia how you doing run all the way up this parking garage just played a few hours of the Modern Warfare 2 Beta what did you think Steph was playing a little bit yesterday it looked like modern warfare you know I dont know not very profound but at this point not only have we had multiple modern warfares but this is weve had multiple Modern Warfare twos oh you know that reminds me I do gotta I gotta polish off the Modern Warfare one campaign before the sequel comes out never finished it would not be a good thing to do this week knock out the Modern Warfare campaign Im gonna finish up uh Im gonna finish up Ace Combat Im gonna finish up Republic Commando Im gonna finish up New Vegas those are my goals for this week Music Applause oh man I have very specific gripes about it like the view model is too close to the center of the screen such that it can get in the way of the hip fire reticle a reticle uh also has some inertia well keep moving in even after you stop moving your mouse which is very frustrating I like the game in general though always been a Cod guy okay thats pretty cool I mean its pretty clear you have some you have you know like very specific knowledge about about the game elements all right broken rifle slightly better now and some I cannot read Japanese despite being spiritually Japanese part of being an amazing gamer means that I have an instinctual understanding of Japanese but no I cannot read it and not technically read it the way that most people would Define that word a rocket launcher is so fun though got some new grenade launchers this one looks serious foreign Music yeah exactly Zoloft is correct I can feel the Japanese and Intuit the meaning I trace my hands over it uh mentally the mental tracing and then from there I I in the the feeling of the year is the Millennials of culture flow through me um and thats how I come to my understandings yeah to feel it exuding off of it uh Im gonna Cruise the restroom Ill be right back I return and bassoonist thank you very much for the raid thank you very very much welcome everybody Im getting a lot of raid messages in chat delightful hows everybody doing oh Music and these are like different engine or different like energy cores or whatever I think youre gonna quit Music be Wing diver now Music yeah the wing divers have clothes on now yeah theyre not wearing battle bikinis yeah Im actually wearing pants weird Music Music you cant make it stop yeah its its a welcome change I feel like Ill Ill give EDF a lot of a lot of uh fitted the doubt s are in Camp but yeah come on now and if were gonna do that you might as well let the let the fellas run around in underwear iron rain lets you do that so you know its all fair Music took the destruction of humanity to give Wing divers pants I guess I just drop it wherever I am huh oh  __  I forgot I was on this weapon itll probably be fine Music foreign rocks Music nice the wing divers always holler pretty loud Music Music Music today a very determined thing Music Music huh people saying Fs Music I cant Ill just wait on it Music Music Music you know what was extra odd there I just noticed that OBS said it wasnt streaming OBS was just like nah Im not streaming why do you think Im streaming so I just hit start streaming again Ah thats weird I guess there was just a ripple in there that made a disconnect anyway Im back hello everybody sorry about that some people were saying in chat that had happened to Bruce earlier thats interesting I notice uh another streamer I watched last night had like a stream Interruption that that made no sense and they were like yeah something nothing was weird on my end I wonder I wondered whats gonna happen if twitch like starts trying to cut it cut their uh their Network costs down trying to recoup costs by cutting their margins a little closer in terms of their like bandwidth because thats the part theyre not just not going to tell anyone about theyll just do it because theyll think itll be invisible or if anyone does see something like that theyll just write it off Music you and twitch have to go 50 50 on network costs that would be interesting what if twitch actually like instead of just doing like a a more uh subdued partnership sort of arrangement what if they actually did like invoice streamers they just passed the costs on see if I can get a full clip I gotta wait for it to recharge though all right no no I would put weird pressure on streamers to avoid non-revenue generating viewers though hmm yeah youre right it would Music somebody pays enough money maybe they can get away with some business but if you if if they look up your history and youve never cheered or subbed and and you just say something a little off they just ban your ass because like why youre just costing him money thatd be sick I mean not not from any kind of like viewer or streamer perspective just in the dystopian cyberpunk kind of way but theoretically even viewers who dont uh dont put money into the system are still valuable because they can be advertised to Im speaking in the most like business sense here this is not how I feel as a human or even as a streamer Im just thinking of it in terms of the math um and and the value of streamers and viewers to Twitch as a business Music cool yeah I dont mean cool cool sociopath View I like thinking that way because thats where business always goes always always like businesses being run humanely is only is only a privilege of having a lot of money Ive seen so many companies have like feelings and ethics that just just get  __  erased the second the money starts to dry up just like they were never there in the first place like the second it ever becomes hard they just disappear so whatever twitch says about Community or love or peace or whatever it doesnt matter like if if theyre squeezing money thats what its going to come down to is the math of it and theyre gonna theyre gonna talk about viewers and streamers as assets and liabilities we talked about it in some board meeting passing the ban with costs to streamers or viewers Im surprised that that twitch does not offer to let you pay them to have a higher bandwidth cap within reason but like Im surprised twitch doesnt offer some kind of like bandwidth Plus or you can pay them like a hundred dollars a month to stream it double the bitrate or something like that for however much create an atmosphere where like people would accuse twitch of like helping the rich get richer Im sure because if your stream just looks better youre more likely to retain viewers theoretically so like viewers that already have an audience and have money to spend cant afford to have a better looking stream in the case everywhere if your show has a bigger budget itll look better Im going to play a bunch of pixel art games on stream then yeah buy the bandwidth package and then just play uh play retro games but I mean thats like thats the thing theres theres plenty of uh plenty of content on Twitch that six megabit is enough when it comes to Retro games DLS S3 the stream yeah why cant it do that I wonder if thats the future of video compression is going to be like AI upresing on the on the client side you just send it four pixels and it uses AI to interpret the rest of the frame that would that would be interesting because then the more you like watch something the more it would deviate away from its source material potentially or as the AI gets better it would change probably imperceptibly but it would change Music soon to be brought to you by this weed soda that Im about to drink I feel like I dont I dont necessarily want to get high on stream all the time but I feel like Earth Defense Force right I mean am I right I feel like Im right this is a dank video game uh so it deserves to be paired yeah yeah California is a is a wonderful place oh I forgot nice nice yeah this is uh what is this Blackberry lemon how bougie is that resource its so dank you understand the Japanese good tank for that I just have to wake up perform my tea ceremony and then practice my Katana stances in front of my giant bay windows while the ocean breeze rolls in it blows up my night rope guess what Im ripped I have abs oh  __  thats the other thing I was gonna play today I was like man this is great big ass day to play EDF who cares UFOs what is that where oh  __  wasps bees we already got bees oh no Im a wing diver the draw distance is still pretty close uh PS5 and all I I guess this is a cross gen release oh golly its the bees Im gonna have to let me start charging my rifle they do animate a lot more naturally I look better in a big swarm like that God damn bees oh yeah they shoot these giant Stinger spikes foreign Music over here that was weird awesome so excited to see these bees also yeah Robert this game is escalating pretty quickly those have all been pretty long but like for beginning of EDF standards usually its like fight two clumps of ants and then youre done some walking that generally yells about ants ravagers whatever they call them monsters but yeah these have all had like multiple spawns of pretty large enemy groups and its only like I think Im on the sixth level Music so yes very excited to see when and how this game escalates theyve already been pretty big swarms of enemies too and a queen ant no less so glorpy all right this is maybe a time when having 1080p would be advantageous you could see all the little scoops and scorps of the gloopy glorps Music the given individual classes their own story arc or is it all youre just in a generic Army clone yeah I dont remember there being any story elements tied to which class you play thats all pretty thoroughly in the like video game mechanics side of things um The Twist I guess the the benefit there is that it makes 100 of these games a ridiculous prospects to play through every level on the hardest difficulty with every class is a lot but yeah story wise they dont they dont seem to pursue it all that much Music I think thats fine Im kind of okay with this games story just being screams in the background and like incoherent Babel from scientists and stuff Music yeah same four classes mm-hmm experimenting a little with the wing diver right now okay Shield oh okay I was holding I was wearing a shield thats why uh blink ball Alpha ah Music level seven you show what the other classes look like sure Music aerator Spencer pretty similar actually is The Dashing roll thing for Wing divers in six dashing slash roll thing what uh not quite sure what that might refer to you tell me what buttons to hit Ill hit them and well see what happens foreign Music all right Im gonna go in for it yeah that drink out some bones scratched me up a little bit hmm Music turn I had to get these guys its up there for goopiest game Ive seen theres a lot of goop isnt there yeah enemies are always exploding with goop oh no oh no that was not the gun I thought it was Music uh you okay Im exhausting chasing these guys down and yeah arranged ranged gun would have been great do we still get split screen I dont know that is how I played 2017 though last games I think I played or played split screen oh and for stealth infiltration ah I click the left stick SK I yeah still got a dash okay wow it accelerates you very quickly forgot about that Music Music yep whoa its so great oh okay just wanted to run in there and take care of all the all the nests cheese oh its gonna take a while Music oh no oh no he was doing such a good job too man War as hell and raccoon ah Music Im starting to see the frame rate drop a little bit now it was interesting still an EDF game on console oh theres another one Music that was pretty cool oh hes so scared uh scrummy no not region locked PlayStation games havent been region locked in a while the only uh tricky part is you need a Japanese PlayStation account you know sorry Japanese PSN account and then you have to fund that account with Japanese Yen somehow so you cant just use a Us credit card to buy a game but yeah if you uh if you sign up for a Japanese account and then you load it with a Japanese uh like PSN card then you can buy digital games on the Japanese store I did that for I cant I cant remember for before because I had some Yen and still on my on my profile might have been EDF Music foreign Music Music Music for so many bees its my sworn Duty my sacred oath to murder them all oh theres a lot of bees foreign oh theyre actually Hornets I guess thats an important distinction because bees are cute bees are cute and Im actually kind of on bees side most of the time I dont want to believe that theyd betray the human race like this even if they could be very large being large is a good payoff for something but I still like to believe the bees would just be happy to be Bees Still pretty cool uh Music giving up the ghosts youre watching in 160p huh hows that working out Music an ultra low bit rate garbage stream a while ago and it was just like novelty notwithstanding I just it just wasnt very fun to look at it was just random colors and random colors and smudges I was hoping it would be psychedelic but instead it was just kind of annoying I think if it were just pixelated that would be fine but like trying to blur and smooth a crappy image across a whole screen nah yeah on the steam deck yeah trying to uh trying to stream on Hotel internet oh crash poke with a VIP or bam intense lets see what happens will it be VIP or a new van e oh no oh tragic I hate it uh gosh crash poke Im so sorry youve watched this stream so much you have done it so much and yet now Im going to ban you now and it hurts me so much oh I hate it it hurts me so too ban you now but youre banned for an hour oh I use the time I use the uh is the command wrong youre not actually banned yet hold on I did it wrong one second okay now youre banned all right uh what happened Im so confused sorry left hand uh every twitch channel has the ability to anoint certain members VIPs it doesnt do anything actually I guess it does a couple of things but it just gives you a little Diamond next to your name and theres only so many VIP slots per Channel uh I Have a Gimmick to get VIP in this channel the only way to do it you have to redeem a ridiculous amount of Channel points for an 80 20 shot at either being banned for an hour or getting VIP status yeah its it stops you from slow in emote only mode and I think that yeah I think thats it now it used to be more I think but twitch said no twitch has been saying that lately and saying no a lot uh while Im here theres a lot of people who subbed that I did not think properly Jade and helian live thank you both very much I was far too in The Game Zone thats thats my uh thats my failing and I apologize yeah Im gonna play the next level although Im gonna try a different class Music and these are like limpets usually the same thing Music I dont remember what this stuff is and then a vehicle bomber Olympic gun yeah laser guidance device Music gunship artillery okay Music robot bomb Music foreign Music okay bat crawler I have to be a higher level to to equip some of the other mechs Music the hot green Music foreign Music Vibes the music is really really interesting Im Im really fascinated by the music okay yeah Olympic Gun Works the same way yeah oh red ants already oh there we go foreign just go up the building yes nice to see the visuals have been improved since cdf5 yeah I mean theres theres some things that are improvements um the buildings look way cooler now I think they destroy better Fidelity the individual buildings is higher the monsters are goopier but yeah it still looks like uh it still looks like a PS4 game thats okay thats EDF baby come for the intellectual stimulation Music foreign ants usually are Music excessively goopy bugs the bugs are scaring you yeah some people have that reaction to this game I mean there are there are giant spiders and huge ants and just all sorts of terrible things hey Austin yeah this is this is aerator came with a spider tank theres another vehicle that Im not high enough level to to call in Im excited to see foreign oh man this dialogue has the potential to be so good also like how that one dude that one Tech guy is still here theres like two unique NPCs the sergeant Sergeant guy and Tech man wearing his little vest youre trying to follow me did a nuke go off here it looks more like a quarry looks like they were Excavating something beautiful man maximum goop take care of it yeah Im just playing on normal I tried playing on hard and I just got wiped on the first level so I was like ah I dont need to stress this just yet oh no thats a cool thats a cool level P level Moment Like set piece moment being at the bottom of this crater and seeing all the ants Crest over the side like that bye idiot wow main Cannons empty foreign foreign Im about to run out of ammo okay thats it ah youre trying to Chomp me it just flumps and becomes a thats awesome youd have to wait for a helicopter to bring it in anymore oh no Im getting chopped Music and get a little drone too I think if aerator a ton of toys here Music oh loofbox hey thanks for gifting a sub oh aerator cant aerator cant uh Sprint because whats the button there it is foreign Music oh just at the end there Music ones a big Kaiju fight good question I dont know Music I wonder why thats red foreign Music the Tanks still a thing a guy with the armor can hardly walk yes the fencer this guy which I would play as except Im not confident in my ability to like pick the right Shield that has the burst that lets you do the slide canceling Im gonna go back to Boreal Ranger for now yeah Ill try out this grenade launcher this grenade Music see Earth is in shambles some vehicles and support is unavailable maybe hmm oh maybe yeah could be like I got a random unlock before they want me to have access to something like that oh oh Caster this is on PS4 and PS5 for now and only in Japan only Japanese region oh yeah thats what occurred to me as well is that I think I also want to play breath of the Wild I think I want to see if I can beat that that first uh Guardian Temple well see does the grenade line customizable at all I have no idea no clue oh you can stick it on him and it just blows off the part it gets stuck to oh thats so cool look at the damage ticking up down there oh never been more convinced that Im doing big time war crimes get melted kid yeah jeez oops just explode thats horrifically inhumane what Im doing then again so is invading Earth so screw these frogs something I never wanted to say oh cant believe they made me do this enemies makes it op yeah so good I mean it doesnt do just like op amounts of damage but yeah I guess you could probably fire off a couple and then switch to another gun yeah thats right that guy these are our guts now you bring these guts to Earth there are guts taking these guts or frogs f these frogs Im so surprised sound is so ridiculous oh its like on his armor so its not hurting him thats sound man it sounds like it sounds like somebody getting stuck on the floor in Gmod oh listening oh what the  __  is that what the  __  is that all right weve already pissed off God I guess its like Im done  __  around oh  __  oh damn it oh dude that looks really mad looks like the kind of thing that just make your skin fall off thank you you dont get a day off just because theres a new God in town frogs Jesus this soundtrack is going so bananas too I cant get over how how much more interesting the music is now whoa hold on we dont know that theyre aliens lets not go crazy showing up on the map hmm Music foreign Music Music just more frogs huh yeah its just gonna stand there um just sitting there watching oh its 4am all right zydonia see you later uh depending on how long you sleep I might be streaming when you get up got a nice long day of stream ahead of me show me what you got you know I gotta do what the God says Music something Music all right let me catch back up with my homies it sounds like theyre just calling them aliens yeah are we doing that are we finally settling on alien after five invasions or whatever okay fine theyre aliens Music foreign they look like us they look just like people two arms two legs its nearly the same are they trying to copy us Music thank you God I missed with every single grenade thats a different kind of impressive there we go now we got a frog roast oh  __  oh  __  what the  __  those little jellyfishes now uh oh oh man I dont want these oh no you gotta you gotta give it a rest man theres weird stuff going on thank you theyre flying towards the the ring Im getting shot a lot I might die oh is it opening a portal oh oh no yeah okay thank you foreign yeah I cant tell if its helping or not Maybe oops oh the sky is all pink now um did we get teleported Music different Mission clear song hmm Music were now in the nether Dimension like the menu changed Music were in the Dark Realm Music I gotta take the I gotta take the Commando rocket launcher I cant not take that look at how cool that is yeah its very ominous tone here foreign special projectile thermite bullet hmm probably teleporting the Frog Planet through that portal oh we might be in the Frog planet now yeah maybe anythings possible Music called Pepe land hipponia foreign what oh gosh are they terraforming Earth now oh my gosh Music thinking about how things seemed a little more desaturated its because of this if this if the sky is eventually going to turn like beat red and purple then yeah then the buildings kind of need to like have relief against that oh my gosh or have contrast that kind of plays off the fact that the buildings are a little more complicated distracted objects now you can see the the bright red sky poking through the little holes in the building and stuff foreign music is so ominous again I cant I cant I think they really did make the most gains with the music oh little dome-headed dudes walking around with their little Zippy zap heads oh okay that ones that ones that ones flipping out a little bit they got little noodle legs like little War of the Worlds guys oh so cool wow hes really losing it fall over really easily oh they got little brains or big brains really oh so colorful its like a black light now oh  __  oh we got a little black grabby claws oh no Im glad they put those little speed ones around them they make them easier to see when theyre incoming they have like little mechanized voices oh foreign okay I wonder if picking up Health kills everybody else it does a little bit okay foreign Music that means theres a reason to pick up Health even if youre at full health hows the NPC still do some work honestly two ends two feet they look just like us weve decided to call them people due to their due to their striking similarity to the human form Music so cool looking foreign oh yeah the Mars people from Metal Slug is that their name its played Metal Slug enough to like identify the Martians and stuff as returning characters but never learned much of the lore the names of anything how about Metal Slug tactics slug a live franchise how about that I was I thought that was super cool Metal Slug always had a really cool art style Nazca makers of fine games like Metal Slug and Neo Turf Masters just like pickle pixel art games is that a Vance Wars game ever coming out oh yeah the one that was like did for like five minutes or something like that or they uh they delayed it because it leaked I think I remember what the story was of that foreign oh yeah delayed because of the the Russian war thats right because I guess releasing a war game would be a bad call yeah I saw that you can deflect the claws when theyre coming in if you shoot them mantling over stuff is really nice it does kind of minimize the aspect of situational awareness but I think theres just more clutter on the ground so it kind of balances each other out foreign temperatures its so good that like red and purple sky with a big green brain alien with just noodle arms and big pincher claws thats pretty classic surprised the theremin isnt showing up in this part of it this part of the game this is pretty Prime Invaders from outer space music yeah I wondered why they were having us go up that ramp again but the reveal the sky was pretty good I got more of them oh its like the end of Half-Life one Zen yeah foreign get off my Earth the human race is the only race that gets to exploit this planet of all its natural resources kind of surprised they dont grab you and like sling you around that would probably be a little much theyre just bonky with their little claws amazing I think I threw fire grenades at my own Squad oh well thats gonna happen foreign Jacob Omar again uh when this game comes out whenever that is doesnt have a release date in the United States yet that will certainly be the time oh my God foreign overran bonked to death yeah I got brained got brain Claude wondering what hmm need some fire stuck to them IMO that actually might help given how much they wobble around fire grenades can really you know pun intended burn through them quickly I just need to be we need to use them more often and then better situations climbing up there gross Music foreign foreign huh man it does also feel like the difficulty curve has ramped up more deliberately and more normally it also feels like normal is also maybe not a challenge just yet but Im dying that other level is pretty close too the OG vampire Survivor yeah a little bit a little bit you have loadouts in this but I guess youre doing vampire Survivor too Music Im wondering if its any more weapon grind could be that yeah its like having a better fix on what even weapons I have Im just having to rely on Google translate and trial and error oh no fell down the stairs glad to hear shes okay I love that dogs bounce back from things pretty quickly Music to get weapons for every class yes you do uh but it it seems to lean towards the one that you currently have but you get some weapons from other classes yeah if youre not just stuck if you want to swap Im pretty sure df5 worked that way too Kindred Hunter oh thank you for the years worth of Subs there hope Ive been doing well Ive been doing very well Im doing extra well today because Im playing a new EDF and I think Im going to swap to uh breath of the wild later pick up my master mode playthrough once I get revolis Gail its our own its on its its on and its off its off because its on mostly at that point the games just fixed oh wow hit the grenade with a claw in the air oh boy that didnt work out right at all okay so you have to use all of them for it to oh okay use all of them they respawn foreign oh no theyre pulling them through a choke point seems really effective the flame grenade standpoint sure Music I wonder how wide old wild itll get yeah me too V2 I remember being initially unimpressed with edf5s escalation and scale but it it very much satisfied me before the end of the game so I think I uh Im excited to see what this game has to offer and then yeah who knows how many missions it has Music nope yeah the Sprint is nice you can actually go over uneven terrain now oh geez okay they all come down this highway thatd be good Id like that foreign oh dear yeah its getting pretty close Uh crap oh damn oh okay train is so uneven makes it actually a lot more difficult to just back up and shoot oh my God it actually grabbed my grenade out of the air foreign still so many of them oh my God everything okay finally getting rounded up a little bit this will be largely under control foreign Music all right now for the time honor tradition leaving one enemy alive so I can stroll around and grab everything and hey Mr terrific yeah welcome this game is pretty ridiculous Music Music yeah unfortunately its only out in Japan right now but uh it will come out in Western regions eventually I will be there when it does Music maybe I didnt leave behind as many items as I thought Bills super zoomed in on your guy yeah it zooms in a bit when I do the do the run so theres that thats the normal normal camera people typically play with like pretty high fov on most most games but this is a console game is it super goofy again uh its hard to tell because I I dont understand most of the dialogue it seems like it has largely the same tone as edf5 maybe even a bit more self-serious the music certainly sounds that way are you able to revive your soldiers I dont think so but I think they wake up between waves of enemies if I shoot this last guy Im sure theyll all wake up Music foreign ER twitch screwed me disconnected me reset my uptime those bastards those bastards awesome I want to play at least a few more levels because Im really excited to see where this game goes foreign Music like you I too remember when the uptime command had value people respected it oh and a sniper rifle foreign Music Music go with the tried and true here Music Im curious how snipers will handle these uh these big brain guys oops sorry about that fellas dont walk into that okay well they walked into it the good news is everythings fine thats the good news great Android okay so these are Androids foreign Music Music honestly cannot wait to play the game with cheesy American voice acting I agree yeah the the voice acting for EDF has always been pretty good which is to say it kind of like somehow manages to grab the tone very sincere over emotional and borderline melodramatic delivery yeah thats great sweet pants these bugs are not ticking anything theyre ticking seconds by until I shoot them in the face kick them off my planet they still have the chance yes Music a little thingy Music EDF is very Starship Troopers it kind of is yeah some of the games lean a lot more into the satire iron rain probably the most of all Music playing Solo or with a group Im just talking about myself I didnt I didnt try with any sincerity to convince uh people to buy the Japanese version of the game just to play it for a little bit although its similar enough to edf5 that it would probably be fine but also p PlayStation locked so Im gonna wait until it comes out on PC officially in the US to try to you have folks to play it look at all this lore Im missing right now who knows what theyre saying be anything probably the most important I bet foreign foreign I wonder if these are like the replacement slash upgrades for the hectors I hope not because I always did like those enemies but these do kind of seem somewhat similar supposed to be like a sniper shotgun I guess it does shoot multiple bullets at once so yeah thats just how Im choosing to use it and its working so no complaints Music maybe theyre baby hectors well those existed in EDF as well that were like tiny little hectors but youre kind of similar to these guys yeah so maybe this is the edf6 version of that enemy yeah I hope hectors are still in it too I really like them with their big old wobbly arms theyre just a good enemy type too they fill out the game well oh wow got over that whole fence the future I could have just shot it thats real gaming thats real freedom in gaming climb over the fence or just shoot the  __  out of it foreign thank you for gifting 10 Subs thats awfully generous of you crash I appreciate that after being banned for an hour no less you know youre only encouraging me to flash out against chat more often back on my grind VIP or van the grind is the grind is the whole purpose thing its important to savor the journey and not the fact that I banned you for an hour but yeah best of luck next time oh hey Pop-Tart youre still killing you oh no Im sorry to hear that making you nauseous uh thats the worst when like One symptom is so bad it starts to kind of cross over and create other ones especially when its pain related Im so sorry Music yes awfully genocidal frequently accuse my top donators of being genocidal man these tough army dudes but thank you crash poke thank you very much Music from the ballistic force of an army man role its enough to send a rail a railing into space EDF has incredible power Music foreign all right I got it oh I got an itch last I saw the doctor they said your ear can make a person nauseous if the fluid in your ear isnt balanced oh that makes sense thats why you get dizzy right hopefully we didnt fluid in your ears all sloshing around you probably dont want to hear about that though yeah ear crystals thats whatll fix this problem slosh is a good word I agree described perfectly what it does Music oh they no really they are crystals really I have ear crystals sounds like a goop product foreign Crystal hold on Warrior going to teach you crystal magic youre Christian if you were two in your ear Crystal you can Channel your energy maybe thats whats happening when the hololive decoy sings J-pop songs and stuff shes infusing all the soldiers at your crystals with combat energy charging up those ear crystals foreign what gdf is this this is six came out a month ago pan Music since my uncle works for Japan I got a copy isnt that how Macross works I guess so I dont remember there ever being like an official explanation thank you but yeah Macross is certainly a thought that I had I thought all my boys were cheering a little bloke doll was making cute little cute little anime girl noises all the dudes were like yes yeah and then it burned her clothes off yeah have you watched any of the show resident alien yet Im not even familiar with this show oh wait no you told me about it right Music I feel like somebodys told me about it feels familiar it sounds familiar anybody playing with judgment or lost judgment now that it came to PC Im saving it I think Im gonna make like a week in in the holiday season dedicated to just playing through Yakuza I dont know why Yakuza feels like a holiday game to me it feels like the game that you would want to save for your holiday break I guess thats what Im gonna do yeah not on Steam sterlance not yet not out in the U.S because they all take place near the holidays in Japan so I thought so Id always form that kind of Association I I kind of feel the same way about shenmue 2 but thats because well shenmue colon or sorry comma as well in addition to because uh I played it during a holiday break but it also you played during the winter its got a lot of drama and heartwarming stories yeah yes every side quest in Yakuza is kind of like the holiday special of a normal show or like somebodys down on their luck but through perseverance and like the desire to stick it through and relying on your friends and like all these really basic heartwarming kinds of I of ideas everyone gets through their problems yeah hell yeah any idea for getting more Doom novel during the spooky month probably Music I just need to find a good weekend I dont have anything going on ironically it was this weekend I had some things fall through that I was planning on doing but yeah uh or maybe uh maybe I need to look at some big releases and pick one to do a subathon around two okay Im gonna do one more level and then maybe switch it up to Zelda see if I can I dont know if Im gonna be able to finish this uh that looks cool I dont know if Im gonna be able to finish this uh this dungeon without like because I just kind of walked straight there maybe I need to walk around and do some more shrines but ooh theres an insane mod expansion Beyond Skyrim yeah thats finally coming out right its been in development for a ton and ton of a ton of time out of time Applause picking the rock watch Music that was udf6 does it add anything new yeah uh theres some some quality life stuff theres mantling like my character will now automatically step up onto small edges and stuff is kind of nice when youre running around oh new enemy type oh what is that oh no its just a its just a brain thing is it so yeah theres new enemies oh so far and Im only on Mission 12. yeah this is new its a bigger brain okay so they have zappy hands hes like dont worry We All Fall Down sometimes looks like Earth has fallen yeah this takes place after edf5 one of the few stats that I could I could make out via the the translate app on my phone was that humanity is at 10 of its population its been wiped out and the aliens are still coming seems like Music I will definitely be playing this game co-op with people once it officially comes out in the U.S but I dont know when that is just yet fortunately wait did that remove the rocket its got cool little laser sounds oh it tracks Music thank you the sound of that laser is so cool oh yeah these are definitely the hectors foreign those hand cannons are so neat oh the UFOs are back drop ships Music oh yeah theres this big ring theres Halo ring this is your night they added EDF or the start they added he ah they added Halo to EDF there we go theres one thing Ive said about any video game its that the more like Halo it is the better so we finally did it finally geez yeah the big ring appears to be a portal some kind of Stargate oh yeah if Halo had a fishing minigame itd be over but Halo doesnt have a fishing minigame because Halo is not not a good video game its the only thing missing though everything else is Pitch Perfect hmm yeah homing missile launcher from Halo decided to give up on trying to be any video game any other video game its just like no lets just be Halo good foreign oh my gosh you wish you were sitting in a lot of law dog VIP hot tub right now its a shame youre not its free Martini Sundays we got past the ants and insects I dont know maybe for the time being yeah they seem pretty cool making me fight a ton of these guys I do like that this game has little just destructible chunks all over the enemies like the armor chunks that break off revealing the brain and stuff like that makes the enemy super fun to shoot music have just gotten so so much better I think audio might be the like biggest Improvement most noticeable Zippy zap sounds so good oh so lets stick in though yeah very 50 sci-fi there were tiny elements of that showing up in EDF Im glad that they are uh drawing more from it because because it just fits the game so well oh me up foreign okay Music Music oh there is one more over here Music hows FPS been holding up this release its better but theres still times that its dipped its not as grating as like playing edf5 on PS4 was so its still quite a bit smoother than that its playable so far uh yeah theres already been some instances of the crowds getting a little intense and the frame rate dipping though but I would say it hasnt gone below 30. maybe well maybe in the mid-20s a couple times Id say by and large the like the frame rate is a lot higher and a lot more stable but its still not just 60 all the time even on PS5 but you know good CDF the only time its ever been like rock solid and awesome was on PC foreign Music okay I just want to see the beginning of the next level just to see maybe theres something exciting there Maybe you got a new rocket launcher no no I need rocket launcher okay all right Im just gonna see look at that theyre pointing up look at all these little crosses in here this has to be important Music it has to be look at how cinematic this is Prima Music are these what the drones are its like flying jacks oh theyre opening up I bet you have to shoot him in the belly button yeah the little fidget spinners ringu I want to see these guys fly around I want to see what their little Zip Zap lasers are are like um oh toasty yeah Im gonna okay yeah you can wait what is it doing oh its spawning in ants and theyre just like dropping or something I I am definitely gonna play this with other people eventually but this is still the uh the Japanese release its not the easiest to get I had to jump through some hoops to download it anyone else to uh endure an EDF experience without understanding all the lore its giving me a quote its giving me something of a headache right now but Im surviving Im enduring oh man look at how gross that looks thats so good all right now theyre all mad okay theyre big and they blow up really easily oh they turn into starfish and shoot lasers at you sick Music signed his Egghead is still talking are you saying to attack the center of the Stars Im gonna guess instead of like it doesnt seem like theres any really conversation with bass all that much I guess they just put you with these two NPCs so they can do all the chatter okay all right all right all right all right oh I could just sit there and play that forever and I will uh Hey Alder yeah the aliens are really cool in this I really like the new design so far theres just like more animation uh more movements so cool all right Im gonna move over to a breath of the wild I have a master mode run going on that and Im running that on PC so thats always a treat to see breath of the wild and just like buttery smooth frame rate and high resolution it wont obviously come through as crisp or twitch unfortunately but a breath of the wild is always really cozy to have around thats thats how it feels to me so and plus heres one thing Ive learned about it breath of the wild is so like complicated of a game that everyone kind of has a different tip and like fun little interaction so I end up learning a lot about it when I stream it Ill be back in a couple minutes Im just going to get up and stretch Ill be right back see you soon Music how to add crack game to steam Title & Thumbnail by: Chelsea Schneider | Recorded: September 25, 2022 Platform: PlayStation 5 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