EDF 6 Is the Best Game Ever Made

Trombone steam gamesteam cod EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 game Music okay Music Music Music Music ah oh my god this is really happening Music ugh yeah hidden object guru here with haunt new game earth defense four six this is the newest entry in the dubbed by me genre uh the epic action genre as i call it its very very exciting Music i have no idea what any of this says so im going to take a ye oldie translator uh here translator translator there it is Music okay switch over to camera mode uh this title supports autosave oh thanks uh obviously im gonna play a slot three im not crazy thats fine im gonna worry about my character name you know when im actually playing it in english and have the slightest idea whats going on so this is uh come on split screen two player game offline mission mode online mission mode so the normal notes oh damn okay a character space okay so this is just telling the story the previous game uh basically what happened was spaceships showed up they trashed the place and you spent like more than a year fighting back against them and as they say half of all of the worlds military was lost on the first day uh we defeated space god you know uh but unfortunately the earths population was reduced down to just 10 and as a consequence uh the planet looks like its screwed will we be able to save the day with only edf left protecting people who can say Music nice after two years of fierce fighting the number oh two wow uh two whole years this is not a good translation maybe its my phone oh Music three years have passed okay uh so three years have passed since the end of the previous game when the world was basically destroyed yes obviously im playing as a soldier to start with but were just gonna find out what the options are so that should be start mission uh so game setting shooting manual nice weapon selection battle history confirmation not sure what that means for some reason he cant read the first uh item field attack is how its translated to start i dont have any items yet so im just going to go for it all right so the mission is called 251 uh anytime youre ready translator recruit people from uh base 251 thats the plot i wonder how many missions this game has last minute 110 which is insane okay all right oh i totally didnt get that at the time Music all right what were doing cinematics in an earth defense force game this is fantastic all right oh ive got a scarf around my neck all right i definitely know what im supposed to do now i assume its follow him okay like you know im playing this language i dont understand there better not be any uh objectives more complicated than kill all of the monsters or im playing the wrong game Music he walks a lot faster than i do but then again im wearing armor and hes not Music so all right lets do this okay going to get some equipment heres all my fellow soldiers from around the world foreign okay apparently they finally accomplished taking out the aliens Music it has been a long battle Music was the weapon i made useful okay he said we have a lot to talk about Music all right oh these are the new recruits okay theres not enough soldiers and its affecting the missions Music and were the elite guys who were sent and hes saying we dont look that way okay youre trying to figure out what this says before it goes away tell me what you did before yesterday oh one of the guys is a cook oh he was a researcher and what did my character do are we part of storm 1. so they were sent they sent a cook a new have no right to be here and call ourselves soldiers you know the usual drill sergeant nonsense so hes gonna you know whip us into whip us into shape turn us into real soldiers Music again the strategist is gone edfs gonna save the world but theyre gonna need to fight to do it people can only have a peaceful life if we fight to get it for them this is some real fascist talk but you know what its nearly invasion im not gonna get political about it yet oh my god like iron reigns should have gotten so political but they didnt have the guts to do it there was a fun thing about earth defense force five for the first uh like five missions or ten missions is literally the first day of the alien invasion when all of earths forces were destroyed so like for that whole mission youre not in the edf yet or well youre not a soldier youre a security guard or a a guy a mechanic or a power or a um a logistics guy or literally a pr person who poses in a jetpack suit oh my god im so ready for this Music lets do it oh ive missed this so much and it looks so good by which it means it looks just a little better than the previous game but it move its smooth as silk okay how do i switch weapons Music all right so now were going to get cut right to when i do the training right Music yep all right lets do this wow this is really not accurate Music okay all right whoa something is just wildly inaccurate thats gonna take some getting used to stop destroying the scaffolding and walls damn it oh my god how did i miss that many times with the grenade launcher oh wait i have a grenade i can throw whenever i want is that true backpack equipment dont usually carry grenades in your hand carrying your backpack they seem useless to start oh theres a cooldown it says it right there what this is such a great addition jump dive roll l3 to sprint which is also how you pick stuff up see the ring around your body anything within that ring you pick up and you can add uh you can add character uh mods to make that bigger for example or like make it turn it on all the time not just when youre sprinting this is so cool hes saying that were going to be able to handle it were going to become the guardians of humanity and its coming in to tell us the monsters are attacking Music gonna go kill the trespassers oh i thought we were gonna do it now but we actually have to start a second mission which im happy to do because this is the best game ever i mean i say ever but thats only because i mean ever okay i i got nothing its interesting theyre letting you use um x for yes oh thank god so theres been an issue with the game in the past where if you do a higher difficulty level it doesnt count as you completing the lower ones as well but they fix that im very happy to see it im playing normal until i get a sense of the area but then i will switch top all right thoughts i should probably go with them instead of trying to read the translation thats no longer on screen all right lets do this i cant sprint because its a story segment yeah i cant dive roll either so theyre taking away specific controls its a broken assault rifle damn it what i cant believe how good this looks and the questions gonna become who keeps rebuilding these buildings between missions so is the guy in the suit my old buddy from storm one and im only like returning from what theyre still around Music the colonists are still here theres this amazing sequence that i didnt know when i was playing the japanese version where the first time you meet colonists like a guy gives you a two-minute briefing on how to kill them at the start of the mission but you dont have to watch you can just go start the mission which i did when i played in japanese it was such a cool thing to find out when i played the uh full version in english mental note apply to be a voice actor for the english version is that it okay well that didnt get it done possible i should have tried to get a little closer god i love the way they scramble away from getting shot trying to take off an arm yes as you can imagine that is one of the coolest parts about this game the anytime grenades are such a good choice and if you can take off his gun arm boom you take off his gun arm he cant shoot at you anymore thats great god damn right i got a weapon cant wait to find out what it is wait did this guy drop an either did he not drop an item you know im gonna help my friends and i worry about it what the hell oh damn that looked amazing this really is reliably the best series all right let me try this grenade launcher what oh didnt enjoy that did you froggy oh damn and the computer crashed no okay that was weird my uh video recording crashed briefly he said as if he hadnt planned on there being more of them as if he wasnt praying there would be more of them for him to kill yeah okay adams getting stuck in buildings that always happens in this series and it used to be that you know this would cause a big problem because well what if i didnt bring an explosive weapon but the game has now fixed that by giving you anytime explosive weapons all right so lets see if i can show off the sprinting picking that up automatically Music all right so as you can see im sprinting sprinting sprinting and automatically picks up without me everything to touch it thanks for waiting for me guys uh the if i recall correctly the speech of the frogs is them speaking japanese backwards will they change into english backwards for the american release i dont know just blowing off legs left and right as one does come on ah flanked you whoa dude nice moves oh my god that hurt okay its disconnected the image again having a real problem with my uh uh recording software disconnecting i feel like thats gonna get me killed at some point in the future maybe not that far certainly affecting my ability to record the game Music uh is it still 10 no 15 yeah you get 15 of your overall health from the small ones and i think like 30 from the big ones i would have to check that is he on top of this building oh no hes just hiding back here there you go well that was disgusting whats next all right oh no dont worry guys im coming one of the best things about epic action games is youll generally have ai sidekicks that are useful i mean except on the hardest difficulty levels when you know what the hell are you supposed to do maybe you should have brought a sniper rifle given that we suddenly have incredibly long sight lines in this game which is a first for the franchise see yeah the graphics look a lot better but like this doesnt look a ton better than iron rain did but the genius is theyre gonna have actually in some ways it looks worse than iron rain but i assume theyre gonna use that technology like to give us a good looking game with an obscene amount of enemies rather than a great looking game with a small number of enemies all right we doing this by the way its crazy that i actually recognize the map were on like they did this thing where they took an actual map from five same layout and then they destroyed it and now so if you were a big fan of five you could recognize that you were playing in the same town that you were in in five such a cool idea nothing will survive the apocalypse except for trying to tell whats on sale here t you know what ill find out later some sort of gift boxes i dont know how that survived the apocalypse but im glad it did ill be there to help in a second guys dont worry uh have they killed all my teammates did all my teammates get killed well i was busy looking at that shop window because that would be really embarrassing whoa dude not cool that on the other hand was very cool oh my god ive missed you so much earth defense force why did you stay away so long because its hard to make one of these games oh okay i guess that actually makes sense that was just health unfortunately i cant seem to force reload of my uh force reload of my grenades so you just have to use them all but oh yeah my guys are back that felt like a glitch right yes and there goes my recording again this is chilling i can have trouble playing this game Music hopefully uh the version you see isnt too out of sync because ive had to scrape all of these videos together all right here we go its so interesting that the frogs are the key villains instead of like insects like theyre starting us off with the frogs like if theyre starting us off with the colonists where the hell is this game gonna go spoiler alert i havent checked i dont know any of the new monsters i dont know which monsters are coming back i dont know what the new monsters are i have done zero research like are hectors back i dont know i assume there will be insects at some point and you know in fact new insects because we generally get new insects with every game damn you and your energy shotguns what i feel like my uh partners oh my god hes got armor how did i not notice that hes got like mad max armor on all right well thats a leg yeah so my guys decided not to come and help and thats whats thats how my day is going you guys done not quite huh okay there we go i hesitate to use the word perfect to describe a video game but sometimes no other word is appropriate oh i almost blew myself up with a grenade the point is these dudes know how to scramble not fast enough but they are good at scrambling thank you see the developers get understand how important it is for like enemies to react to getting shot are you done feel like youre done okay let me help you with that wow Music so the grenades dont do much damage but im going to be able to swap those out for better grenades fire grenades whatever you want whoa i love it when that happens mission accomplished all right lets see what new weapons we got they better be awesome so we got uh Music all right so uh ranger we got a rocket launch we got a shotgun we got a reverser which is usually means uh it repairs uh like vehicles and ive got a handgun wait that cant be a handgun seriously and okay and uh that says four two pieces so with any luck i will have increased oh so everybody got four armor up except for the ranger or the flyer fencer why does it take more energy this is something i dont understand why does it take more energy for energy more um cubes to increase the armor of the guy whos supposed to have the highest armor shouldnt the heir the flying lady whose name i definitely remember its about to say aerator Music wing divers shouldnt they be the ones who get less all right here we go sgn7 okay uh i cant read anything uh okay lets see this semi-automatic shotgun fire once for each uh trigger pull all right this is Music small rocket launcher prototype all right this is a blast hole spear i think oh what is this okay and this will do this will increase what Music um farthest distance home attack job one now this is all gibberish to me uh okay mechanical spear produces at high speed oh cool this is the blast hole spear that they were talking about all right so now lets change my equipment all right instead of that i would like the new rocket launcher oh okay so theyre two different types of rocket launcher i see smile rockets shooting enemy small lace accurate rocks explode on impact so this says reload okay so uh 20 shots 6 a second 32 uh damage blast radius c plus and this is 189 two shots one per second uh blast radius of 9.9 4.1 seconds to reload super accurate so yeah lets bring that and lets try out this new shotgun auto shotgun so thats uh 37 times 9 28 times 10 so this probably has better damage four per second is pretty awesome though so were gonna try that out im gonna and i dont have any mods and i dont have any oh i do have a new option for the grenade it does less damage is that weird Music ah shield shield 1.5 youre saying it does extra damage to shield oh okay lets try it and these are other optional weapons which i assume are the reversers recruiters oh okay so thatll like send a decoy because i pre-ordered it i think i have decoys and thats the mod all right i dont know what these two down here change the color i assume color change armor value adjustment armor value adjustment is literally what if you want to play the game with less armor um well i dont hate myself so no thank you for seeing it plays hard then that will wrap up this video because wow earth defense forces everything i wanted it to be a rocket launcher oh five of them nice all right lets do this damn though all right so lets try this out thats a lot of grenades it doesnt have a zoom on this one all right lets start hammering these dudes maybe well get lucky im gonna prize i dont know what bit im doing there have they brought back the genocide i mean that was close i love the little camera effects you can turn those off if you played the mission a bunch Music booyah i saw you used to have an arm not so much anymore huh is he dead hes not dead wow yeah when they say that this is hard difficulty theyre not kidding i might not be winning this Music all right mom reload luckily hes missing his arm so theres not a lot he can do to me and there goes his leg science all right nice try pal is that it no it takes a while to reload this thing and prob what the hell was that are wonky physics the best part of this franchise no but they are a lot of fun oh chaos my name is earth defense forces whoa dude not cool boom this really does just get better and better doesnt it there was nothing about that that wasnt amazing all right lets go wreck some more dudes Music lets do this Music all right now we got a bunch of these guys to worry about i love the look of this fallen building oh no i missed with the second shot because i wasnt thinking it through i was going to say imagine earth defense force game without unlimited ammo im like uh they actually did have a gun that didnt have unlimited ammo in earth defense force 2017 or three so its called you get a laser rifle it was like just like the aliens laser rifles but you know you only got one magazine and so it was effectively useless like even the uh genocide gun had unlimited ammo ow oh my god you can still see the meat of their legs when you blow off their arms or legs see that was always such a disgusting visual effect i was impressed that they kept it in Music so my strategy is rocket launch to stun them move in with the shotgun and if theyre not dead yet there we go throw grenades while youre reloading the shotgun it seems to work pretty well you know what i better look to see if uh the mission might end very quickly after i kill this next guy i dont remember if this is the last set of dudes which is weird because i just played this mission but im so caught up in the action that you know im not thinking about stuff like that dude not cool whoa dude your attempts to escape are charming as f love it one nice thing that uh iron rain did no there were more okay one nice thing that iron rain did was at the end of a mission you got 30 seconds to run around and collecting all the resources and collect all the resources you could i i think iron rains a good game i dont think its a great game and i dont think it you know lives up to the reputation of earth defense force uh for a couple of reasons that im not going to get into here but i did really like it a lot had it taken its opportunity to be like the full narrative earth defense force that it kind of wanted to be i think it would have been an amazing accomplishment whoa thank god aliens falling on you still doesnt hurt you right is there a gun over here or what no its just help okay id feel sorry for you if you werent such hideous monsters im kidding i dont judge a book by its cover i judge you for the fact that youre trying to murder my planet damn it i missed the translation oh here we go foreign use cover where you can i figured if the shotguns are good enough for the space alien monsters theyre good enough for me this time im not running off without my partners though this time im gonna let my partners help me with this fight and there goes the video what is causing this im gonna have to try plugging ive got a splitter im gonna have to try putting plugging my uh playstation directly into the uh well not a splitter a um a switcher for my different systems im gonna have to try bypassing the or giving up on the splitter switcher and uh just plugging this in directly to my capture card and hopefully its not a my playstation 5 is breaking because i know they came out its two years ago but its still hard to get one nope no he managed to get his arm back but i killed him before he had a chance to use it any help you guys can provide me its really really appreciated that was a really bad time for my video to go out huh oh no yeah now my videos just going out all the time oh my god that was close huh i could use some health here and yes you can its weird you can reload while youre sprinting but you cant switch weapons while youre sprinting all right lets do this all right hes dead his friends are attacking me all of my friends seem to have been killed which is suboptimal oh thank god dont worry theyll be back next mission its fine yes thank you i sneaked up behind you and now youre dead oh there are my guys this is something that will frequently happen so theyll break the um levels down into phases and like dudes will get killed in a phase but if you survive the phase they will come back to life with like 20 health its a really good system because it means you dont you know youre always going to have side kicks for the whole mission and then as you get health guys and your squad will um also get healed all right lets find out what these new guns are right Music uh ammo one Music uh guided rocket launcher all right six ammo one point six per second for fun probably another rocket launcher uh grenade launcher okay three shots 312 this is a hand grenade probably after the next is backpack tool okay grenade backpack tool and this is something for me to summon anticraft vehicle not only is it equipped with an anti-aircraft gun is equipped with more than barakas equipment protected by the blah blah blah blah who cares i need this right now high guns are lightly armored intended for ground use cornerstone of ground forces all right well how do i how do i attach that how do i get a summon ready does it count as a backpack item or Music i think it might count as a backpack item ah why cant i use it Music oh no this is armor no that says its not armor what am i saying Music that yeah this is it but how do i use it and this is the new grenade which im going to try out and i didnt get a new gun i got a snipe it was a sniper rifle oh my god i got a sniper rifle on the rocket launcher i am as the kid say living the dream sniper rifle or rocket launcher what do you think sniper rifle and rocket launcher all right well im not gonna try this now this has been magnificent i will see you back here for more earth defense force because its all im gonna be playing for the next month really until you know devlin me comes out ways to play steam games Buy #EDF6PS5 - - (Yes, these are my affiliate links!) 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