Earth Defense Force 5 - Air Raider EDF 5 Gameplay PC part 17

Steam compare games with friendsteam generator for home EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 gameplay I had tried this mission again off-camera on hard and I think I did kind of okay I brought the nailing self-propelled missile launcher and I tried to pick things off from afar with it and then try to engage and get the the roly-poly dude to summon in but by the time he came in everything had reached summoned and re a groat again so just you just get completely swarmed I dont know maybe my tummy is wrong but other a Raiders looking to do this on hard maybe something to earth to consider maybe worth considering then I getting self-propelled launcher next mission though is sweeping monster balls Im not entirely sure what this could be I dont know Im sure Ill remember when I see it or it could be new I dont know teleportation ships hovering over dropping new monsters check it out so Im bringing the a1 mini guns as any launch of the limpet gun M 3 and that Nixie one is that mean launcher because Ive never actually used that Elon sure at all its supposed to have like the most power over all those Eddies who are you guys how cute actual Rolie polies okay see how these dude like theyre supposed to shoot rockets and they do I think 400 damage or so I did get an upgrade from limb but gonna add three at some point it has eight shots no which is quite nice Music well they level the city okay Oh Oh fight okay they dont give a  __  about where you are so Im confused the zoos talking about the powered exoskeletons when the black fences were first introduced they were told that they took out several powered exoskeleton suits with Justin country and that at some point we called the aliens that come down with the armor we called those part exoskeletons do they just did they just not give these things different names so its a little confusing over here I dont know because I feel like we didnt know about the armored aliens quite yet when the black fences were first introduced on the field to strive for whatever it was called dont know I think the trick might be to do damage to them to blow them out of there rolling ball form Im like what the hell air have that but theres a lot of them I need some high ground or something this is bad news for me they dont hurt much but man they can thicken stunlock in a way oh my God look at him all the compass there yikes oh my god theres so much actually Laughter okay Oh many say theyre pretty we committed to join the fight against aliens the government has hence decided to grant them it a special privilege every militia will share the same benefits of that of regular EDF soldiers but with privileges responsibilities details we have a public relations department since when theres a cell predation ships leave I think so so Ill do a little bit of looting here because theres one more enemy back there somewhere Im surprised to admit it yeah they died really quickly to the the revolver cannon on this gun this could be an issue for me because they get in so close so fast its like the jumping spiders on crack so easily swarmed its caught between the two building thats great gamma make sure to stay alert when encountering them I mean literally tough not not really there they seem to die actually pretty fast the machine gun on this thing was just ripping them to shreds single barreled cannons see got a major beacon increase hugely better range and massively increased speed for it thats quite good still an 8 second reload though and neutralized cannon see we get 10 beacons for this now wah and 105 millimeter consecutive rapid-fire cannon one beacon 321 damage in a 20-meter radius 35 shots okay two guns will fire 105 millimeter shells consecutively aiming at several targets in the area with the beacon hits maybe I mean three to the Sun thats not that bad damage was yeah Im gonna check it out talk more try a second reloads a bit annoying but maybe recapturing the industrial area now occupied by aliens lunching a massive attack would be optimal have to turn it down to a butch federal damage ballclub la night raid and the men aliens would facility damage blah blah blah alien infiltrate and desk reading shield bearers okay well bring the Kamui be anyway in the lipid m3 the bloggers e to D because its actually a really nice tank and 105 millimeter consecutive rapid-fire cannon will check out these guys theyre small in size the enemy should have trouble finding us especially in the dark lets move all right lets fight together well I guess I could maybe rapid firecannon this guy well hes out of here thats nice the bigger things havent yet sutures being lip out got kind of an opportunity here I would like to get a rapid firecannon that I could okay with some limpets and then we got the fire cannon switch over to Olympic wake it up blast it hit it with this a couple times its dead okay good mmm this thing does so much damage its really satisfying lets see the shield bear theyre often left somewhere theres another armored alien guy hanging out to my left as well just walking back and forth and maybe take him out without alerting people Im not really sure al item up wait for him to come back a little bit hit him with rapid firecannon detonate the limpets as the rapid fire comes in pop in the tank real quick and hopefully while hes still stumbling and staggered I can blast him in a stupid face missed sheíll bears aggro though thats not necessarily good sign broke his likes and I think hes done okay cool yeah we got one of these guys up though clam one more shot with this rapid firecannon confront this Im sorry for the misses and stuff guys  __  my best shield pair okay we got the big thing though thats good get off that thing okay well it abandoned you so thats good put a rapid fire on him  __  almost dead dont  __  at me oh my god Im gonna go over here a lot you stay away from me is that a health over there I make it close enough to find out Music everybodys dying its so bad maybe I can get into the tank I think they may have lost spent everybodys does just me now tankless Oh is in great condition but Im totally trapped here broke some legs and hes pinning down for a moment that big  __  ah Im so done I think yeah damn all right lets change the inventory around a little bit though another know kind of what to do alwa I did not realize that did was hurting me so much that gun going to try the type C robot bomb cuz it just kind of okay damage maybe I can get into the shield barrier shield and throw out some of the robot bombs lock-on on it and maybe thatll just chase some or maybe I could just send the type C robot bombs in maybe theyre slow enough they just passed right through the shield I dont know robot bombs OH limpets out and I think I got the red guy down sent the robot bombs I have to hold them out to reload them which not great but I can just like try to do through a wall kind of and I know the battle hood eventually eventually somewhere back there hello cuz he died yeah hes dead okay well I got my tanks stuck somehow I dont even Im not even sure none of this crap moves its all just stationary and locked down and the tank is officially stuck that sucks but at least I can summon everyone  __  I guess okay but man how annoying we just have a couple more things here let me see what my robot bomb plan that doesnt Pierce I have to get inside and then throw it out unless it might move too quickly that the the robot bomb is just like our chasing it but then the shield moves and passes through the robot bombs and destroys them that could also be net thanks Music the robot Bob actually helped more than I thought like I were thinking that if I couldnt just send that into the shield and  __  but actually it was pretty nice for the dudes just like getting the robot bombs out there and knowing that eventually it will catch them and like they provided building an ID and then the robots blow up and theyre actually pretty handy for him we got upgrade to the neutralize cannon see just some beacon stuff nothing too wild a sprite fall shooting mode beta 918 damaged one shot though Im its only one star okay combines all the sprite Falls interesting releases it instantaneously it only fired a single target impressive destruction power if this is some this is some dozen overload so it requires less credit URI requests oh just a hundred points oh wow aha okay a couple damage upgrades for you and you might be really nice hundred points is no problem and splendor shot actually getting kind of strong thats not bad thirteen point six times 12 times eight its quite okay and two depth crawler heavy custom for a five thousand each point we request its got an FK 200 Gatling gun and two bursts cannons that Pierce targets in a three run burst the whats the FK 200 though you dont know its heavier than other models lore rotation speed wind Legion we have the upper end when it comes to urban warfare against aliens battle is still on but its only a matter of time to win engage a fight upon arrival trying out the death color have accustomed to see what it is China splendor shot its winged allegiance Im assume we were fighting a bunch of flying things maybe a new flying type the sprite falls shooting bow at beta because why not and decoy blokes have not used the decoys yet and against flying dudes that swarm could be a cool thing decoy down Isis prideful yeah just one bang decoy oh do I have to uh I got a right clicked actually whats he move I I miss uh what am i doing just kill thanks okay sure BAM and theres some splendor shot to piss everything off bang its dead theres somebody around the back here I can probably sprite follow you as long as I get like a couple kills with the sprite fall shooting mode beta I could just redo it missed yeah hi I got the upper hand not really seem to be communicating with each other probably requesting something something confidence slow insidious kill Jesus Christ theres a lot of things over there now thats Carla puss lying frog things I mean a bit different of an Armour these two basically dragons right from 4.1 I dont think the splendor shots gonna oh my god you turn just fine what are you talking about pretty squishy hi good shoot hello sprite fault okay I think Id hit the building baby yeah I think these are basically dragons from four-point-one they seem basically the same type of deal well thats most lute see if they can pick this guy but I think hes still breaking on the second decoy that Ive got they dont seem to do a whole lot of damage which is quite nice but like those really poly dudes it as they swarm yeah oh my god I got him Im gonna head this way back toward my vehicle theyre all heading that way first to take out any of the reinforcements you may have not picked up and then theyre swooping around to the decoy that I had thrown out that away I think oh man I man I wish had any other weapon of Sciences start not that bad though that just changed my load a little bit so I bring like a mecha the-- like a couple gallons or so should be okay we got a large howitzer 700 damage a hundred meter radius knock thats an accurate as hell 40 meter blast radius though so almost half of itll be taken up by a massive explosion but geez second is just gotta end anywhere throw it as far as possible as it dont get caught yeah 100 meter radius man probably check that out and tempest ooh tempest eight to thirty thousand damage Oh laser is such ass I almost cant get caught in the blast radius with that and bulbs laser are one a little more damage black rat specie a little easier to summon well thats interesting Ive not seen that before there it goes hows Wow doing this again but with the de Kooning missile launcher its actually very very effective its quite nice Ive got a lot of people with me the teams only just recently died and were at the final level of things Ive done it two more times there is a little bit of an issue that theres not a whole lot of loot that isnt health trapping they seem to just wrap a bunch of health maybe because its like a like their introductory mission they drop a bunch out to make a little easier for you I dont really know but we did get a new zone protector I have three of them reduces damage by 20% ish much wider husband protect a lot of allies radius is zero stars of 37 point 5 meters lost 2 minutes 33 seconds reload okay landing giant ship a mother ship is hovering over the city Im launching the aliens who might have no chance to win but we shouldnt abandon the surrounding area infantry units will take care of the alien stop the enemy from spreading all right so lets bring some big guns I guess bombers might not be too much of a help but Ill bring heavy bummer for those plan 3 you never know splendour shot I think Ill rock em 3 instead of self-propelled missile launcher well bring the Music lets try the SPC blocker I havent tried that yet thats a long-range one does a bit less damage but yeah and deeply blue the decoys are pretty nice but lets try out the zone protector they relied too much on aircrafts theres a huge technological gap between us and the enemy we must use the element of surprise if we want to win man I would love to just love all these buildings so theres just love about half way so speed down there lets eliminate the nearby enemies first destroy the shield bearers all right a bit of space its own protector down scout Music I dont know if I can damage it I am back Applause there goes the other half the town Ill help Ill help yeah one gun now family well that shut it up at least the framerate a rep town I think thats shooting again yeah it is what a  __  oh my god the recoil of this they are not kidding with that Music theres another gun well there goes another cat okay so it still shoots Im a little bit messy here right add some webs are flying off and Im not sure what a couple of the aliens are hanging around I seem to have pissed off everybody and pulled them out of the shield theres something else that its actually quite nice but see what all of us now start attacking what look the shield bears when the drums are out I can do it no I dont think so I dont think so this is unprotected for what its worth mother ships out of here apparently really not too bad you just got to be a bit careful the mother ships main cannon that a blast I dont know I was pretty easily able to just pull stuff out of it though and inadvertently also out of the shield bears Im not really too sure bunch of upgrades here and a couple new things a one minigun with a better range and speed for the beacon combat bomber km6 plan x4 only 115 downs but thats zero stars torch another to reload a hundred shots out of 4 units tempest a twos much better laser wrench ok significantly better types see robot bomb better radius and faster reload life sprout life spouts begun and two slightly better radius blue decoy reloads a little faster the Bs 651 Titan m2 still has a rec room cannon doing a massive 3375 damage and also a machine gun doing 45 damage 900 swith it - gunner seats with the armor-piercing smoothbore guns and missile launchers mobile fortress it sluggish what has changed since the original one though were not sure i assume its just a little less sluggish and more health 21600 seems pretty okay yeah 6240 dirty bloody on the standard Titan 21600 on this thing but an 18,000 Planetree request blah and the gunner seats had the howitzer in grenade dischargers this has smoothbore guns and missile launchers so thats a little better than the rectum cannon 3375 damage with the machine gun better damage on the requiem gun better damaged on the machine is just better in like every way and Im tempted to bring that check it out steam blight survival Earth Defense Force 5 Air Raider gameplay on the PC! I played as air raider EDF 4.1 on the PC a lot and hugely enjoyed it, so Im super interested in what EDF 5 has to offer!Earth Defense Force 5 playlist: Support me on Patreon: Subscribe to me: Livestreams: Twitter: what to add in water for steam inhalation play steam games early vpn shrek game steam deep rock galactic cross play steam game pass games support ray tracing steam