Elite Dangerous Odyssey I Análisis en ESPAÑOL

Steam deck after q2play steam games on oculus quest 2 air link ELITE DANGEROUS Music ones latex Music steak eva klein and steel works very good everyone and welcome to a new video from fs gamer today we are going to analyze the recent launch of the new expansion for elite dangerous odyssey and it is that although the launch has It was about two weeks ago due to the initial problems and the lack of performance and optimization, I preferred to wait this time, frontier has to fix the mess through patches and although it is true that there are still many things to correct, especially in the matter of bugs and optimization the game is already playable enough and not like the mess we experience from departures the first thing will be to place ourselves for those who have not followed the alpha phase of the game where the classic elite dangerous through this odyssey finally gives us the possibility getting off our ships and carrying out missions in the purest shooter style is a great change and from there the numbers are books but without a doubt the horizon The thing that opens is exciting at first glance and for those less accustomed to elite dangerous it may seem aesthetically it is the same game since the essence is practically the same and for those more accustomed to the item they will notice its subtle differences in satellites, planets and bases where it is located. It has been given a different redesign to try to be a little more realistic. A mandatory tutorial is implemented in Odyssey where the basic concepts of the game are explained to us, especially the new mechanics of the expansion. Once this tutorial is finished, it is left to our free will To take the destination that we want to explore space, be a mining bounty hunter or a freight transporter, obviously those who have already played will have many reasons to start with the missions in planetary bases since it is where we can enjoy the novelties of this expansion, being able to download the ship to complete the quest some item or clearing the mercenary camps it is true that the content seems quite scarce to us once we carry out a handful of missions they will tend to become repetitive since the mechanics are practically identical in all of them this expansion is something that we believe should have been since the start in iter since although for those of us who have been playing for a long time it is a long-awaited addition for those who start in the space world it can be a fair content, frontier does not usually disappoint in terms of constantly introducing elite content and in fact In the next few days we will be shown the roadmap that this expansion will follow where Frontier will detail the content that will be implemented throughout the life of Odyssey, and those who are looking for a game where investing a huge number of hours is facing one of the better positions that can last as long as you want without going any further I wear some Approximately 700 hours since I started there are so many things that can be done that you can entertain us as a journey of the galaxy in deep exploration and collect objects for engineers that will improve parts and weapons of the ship to be a carrier of material is to be a bounty hunter pirate pilot combat each of these professions for calling them that has a complex framework that will mean that in order to perform it with guarantees you will have to go little by little to prepare the ship as well as possible, also having to go up reputations to be able to unlock the possibility of buying certain ships as final conclusions, that is to say that this odyssey is an essential and necessary expansion for those who love the game since it is the first stone for a promising future in the franchise, it is true that the content is somewhat scarce and it is repetitive, which together with a run over start of books has not gone well at all frontier It usually complies by and through patches, it is solving and optimizing a good number of them, the roadmap will not clear the way for you to follow and it will surely present us with incredible ideas for the future of the saga and for my part it is all to say goodbye, but not before ask for your like if you liked the video and to subscribe to the channel so you dont miss any of our content and if you have any questions or suggestions, dont hesitate to leave them in the comments box, a greeting and see you in future videos steaming asparagus instant pot Podéis SUSCRIBIROS aquí (¡agradecemos LIKE, FAV y comentarios!): Léenos en FS Gamer: Síguenos en Facebook: Encuéntranos en Twitter: instructions for bissell steam mop detective steam games best low spec pc games on steam steamed clams recipe without wine game of thrones - a telltale games series steam