Star Citizen & Elite Dangerous Are Different Types of Games (Ft. D2EA)

How to find ur steam idi steam down ELITE DANGEROUS Music but that is it is truly something i mean ive always told people you know if you want to get into space exploration do elite dangerous that is that is the best place to do it but it also kind of brings up just going with the theme of this talk a comparison with star citizen because a lot of times what people ask in star citizen is what it what whats going to be a like what exploration how am i going to do exploration when theres only two or three or four systems and you know all the systems are discovered and the joint points and all that but it kind of speaks towards the difference between the two space games and how they can live uh simultaneously yes but going more into that discussion about star citizen do you have any thoughts on that yeah i think um that exploration in in star citizen is going to be on a much smaller scale than what we see in the league in the league you go out and you you might in an evening go out and you may discover what do i know uh 20 50 100 star systems in an evening but the way i see exploration working starts is much more you spend an evening discovering maybe one planet maybe not even the entire planet but i see exploration being a lot less go and map out new star systems and more be hey theres this moon around this planet and i can spend the next few evenings just moving around looking at the different biomes and and there will be new things to see on that moon in in a lot more a lot higher degree than what we see in elite i mean if you go to a moon in elite you can most of the places gonna be very similar across that moon if youve been to one two places on that moon everywhere else is gonna be the same right youre gonna be exactly the same procedural generation um but that doesnt seem to be the case in in star citizen the the terrain seems to be a lot more varied the biome seems to be a lot more varied i mean microtech is a good example where you go up to um to a new babbage or that area everything is frozen and its a its like a winter wonderland but go down towards the equator of it and and its its a forest and you will have flowers and mountains and its a beautiful area and uh in 317 were also going to get rivers flowing around that area too love a river love it so so i see i see exploration in star citizen set smaller scale where were gonna see people move around and then maybe they find something on the surface thats cool because we know that cig is hiding things on the planets without quantum beacons that we can go and find right um like theres big crashed ships you know there those are the things i think people is going to be looking for and thats how i see exploration happen so where you in elite will probably find a cool planet that looks funny or thats in this weird orbit in star citizen you will find a cool place on our planet yeah i im in agreement with you there and as somebody from our supporter chat during their podcast has said um whereas elite kind of feels like macro exploration finding star systems and stuff like you said star citizen seems like itll be more focused on fine doing exploration that fits into the economy you know finding resources for people finding points of interest and um and occasionally maybe a jump point or something but it really does feel like its going to be a more intimate kind of find the details as opposed to that just discover something grand Applause Music is Music Applause Music bye recipe steamed spinach While the 2 games are often compared, Star Citizen & Elite Dangerous are quite different in their goals and experiences. In this excerpt from my podcast with Down To Earth Astronomy we discuss the differences what it seems either game is going for.Other Reactions: Audio Podcast: Support me: Patreon: Paypal: Gaming Community: Star Citizen Organization: Start a Star Citizen account with 5000 extra credits in your pocket with the link or the referral code below. STAR-TH4D-PPQL #starcitizen #spacetomato #elitedangerous tofu steamed recipe niko steam steam trains on youtube ps4 games steam steam returning games