Elite Dangerous: Odyssey - Game Review

Steam deck echo cancel sinksteam clean leather seats ELITE DANGEROUS game Music back when elite dangerous was released in 2015 a lot of people immediately saw the potential it had with the procedurally populated one-to-one scale milky way that remember came far before games like no mans sky would do similar things it was vast and far ahead of its time and the paths he could take to explore it were very nicely varied that vastness though was only surface deep and while the scope and scale of the universe felt and looked amazing especially in virtual reality the core gameplay over the years has continued to feel relatively shallow in comparison and none of the surface has remained a thinly veiled numbers driven grind that i myself and others often let sit for long periods of time before eventually revisiting one huge disconnect in the base game for me at least has always been character interactions because while you might say receive a mission from a client who wants you to smuggle and pack your ships cargo bay full of refugees and fly them from one space station to another you never physically saw or spoke to the mission giver and more importantly you never saw heard or spoke to the people you were smuggling and all that really ever happened in those missions is you flew from point a to point b and once he completed the mission some numbers changed announced in 2020 the odyssey expansion is an expansion in the truest sense of the word it expands upon what you can do with the game and attempts to address some of these shortcomings along the way it doesnt add one huge new area to a map like some other game expansions might but rather extends the experience with new mechanics and loops to everything that already exists within the world and does so in a very natural and organic way for the first time and fairly seamlessly you can depart your ship to find yourself on a massive space station docking bay walk over to the elevator take it up the lift and then converse with others face to face as you plan and sort through your options and plan your next move interested in getting started get this right and you could have a bright future in logistics did you trigger finger let me scratch that for you i do like people who are unencumbered by principles seeing as ive got some time off do you have any advice about where to go you know what i generally prefer to be productive with my time can i help you commander looking to make a business transaction from there you might take the elevator back down to your ship or take a taxi service welcome to apex interstellar where can we take you today and set off to your next destination which then might land you in front of an old west feeling planet colony where your journey then continues on if all this sounds incredible its because it most certainly can be and at its best it can be magical the tutorial mission that the expansion kicks off with definitely paints all this in the best possible light it has multi-part narrated objectives that walk you through all the major mechanics and theyre all tied together in a nice cohesive format while i was going through this beginning section i found myself thinking if this is what the entire game is going to feel like this is exactly what i had been hoping for for all these years in elite dangerous put your shield on and get moving before the shooting starts shield activated Music sadly though its not the tutorial seems to kind of be the high point for the narrative even as sparse as it is but specifically this multi-part structure of it is a one-time thing the majority of missions you will undertake at least the missions you will be able to survive for the first many hours you will be playing odyssey content will be the absolute definition of fetch quests beyond that you will spend vastly more time leaving the space station flying your ship or taking a taxi checking a terminal for your container that you need to retrieve something from locating it and then finally grabbing the item to then well to find that was the entire mission and now its time to go all the way back to where you got the mission to turn it back in now where you went and what you did along the way might have been a beautiful and worthwhile journey but you will be doing this basic type of fetch quest even if its different type of mission over and over and over again without hardly any variation or deviation and structure thankfully there are some differences from this formula in certain mission types but youre given a lot more freedom and flexibility in how you go about achieving this objective for instance in order to gain access to a specific building or sector of a building you could look up who has security clearance to that spot you locate them and then sneak around a corner and from behind that corner you try and scan and clone their identity you can also just easily kill them and do the same but potentially you could get caught doing that or a guard on patrol could see the dead body and put the whole colony on alert either way you need to be ready to quickly pass away and erase that cloned identity if you get security scanned otherwise youre going to get busted you could also get into that secure sector try and overcharge the door to force it open but that looks suspicious if the guard is going around and sees a broken door and you might get busted again these opportunities and approaches are much more novel but the spawns and scenarios on the buildings and the characters are very limited and again as with the base game after a while what seems like a vast opportunity shows its shallowness of depth and that becomes apparent with other players in your party though i could see this becoming far more dynamic but for reasons ill get into a little bit later in this review a lot of long time elite dangerous players have been apprehensive in buying into this odyssey expansion and with that lets go ahead and jump into that section because it is important to comment on odysseys performance and content when odyssey first launched the public it was woefully unprepared it was basically still a beta product and the games fanbase was not pleased to say the least server issues and bugs were everywhere and as a result they received mostly negative feedback and reviews and the reputation of the product is still suffering as a result i myself didnt pick up the game until the update 9 patch was rolled out and so my impressions here will be from during that general period of time and development during what has been over 20 hours of gameplay again a lot of that is spent in other aspects of elite dangerous and not just oddity content because you have to travel around but with that being said there have been very few technical issues i have ran to aside from a couple server disconnects which arent unheard of with the base game anyway there have been really no crashes to speak of a couple of npcs in the odyssey sections of the game have spawned halfway into the train much to my amusement but all in all none of this is detracted from the experience or caused gameplay issues so from a technical standpoint at least on my current system and experiences the game works fine the npcs ai isnt going to win any awards but its serviceable and does what it needs to if anything the ai and the colonies is a bit heavy-handed in security and the stealing mechanic seems a little bit again heavy-handed it saw that they magically know any item that was taken thats marked as illegal regardless of how trivial it might have been if im stealing the stations power source i can understand them finding that on me and getting upset if im stealing a teeny tiny item then magically knowing that stolen doesnt make quite as much sense to me you do get scanned often and it takes a good while the people that are doing the scanning wont remember if they scan you so when youre walking through the town just a little while later theyre going to do so again sometimes you might pick up items you dont think would get you in trouble and you might as well be carrying a severed human finger in your pocket because whether theyre finding something minor or major theyre going to react just the same and youre either going to have to flee or die because theres no in between itd be great if the game just took away your stolen items and charge you a fine right there because again the extreme nature of it is a little bit odd and out of place there are a good number of mission types but a lot of them are going to be basically death sentences for you early on especially if youve not played elite dangerous in the past and dont have the funds to buy more advanced gear you can buy various armor and weapon types for merchants as well as consumables to help you in your missions armor can be heavy combat based a mix of combat and infiltration or purely exploration welcome do you wish to contribute to vistagenomics excellent well lets see what youve got for us weapons can be up close affairs with shotguns or far-off sniper rifles gear also has pretty intricate upgrade systems though this also feeds very much into the grind nature that elite gameplay is known for the base elite dangerous game has always been an absolutely amazing experience in vr and it supports most all of the headsets available with that being the case many long time fans were very put off or completely dissuaded with the announcement that odyssey does not continue that experience i myself still was curious to see for myself how and if it would detract from my enjoyment of the game so how did it go well as long as youre still on your ship your experience is still fully vr you can turn your head in any direction and you will get full stereoscopic 3d that fills your entire view as soon as you exit your ship though the view changes to what is referred to as a pancake view meaning that you basically are viewing a large tv screen suspended in front of you with a gray color filling in all the space around it what is rendered doesnt pop out or have any depth to it in 3d since a different view isnt being rendered for each eye so its not as immersive but it also doesnt cause any motion sickness whatsoever it would be nice if the screen could be rendered in stereoscopic so it does have some depth but that perhaps would cause too many frame rate drops and so overall it is a bit disappointing to not see odyssey carry on that vr torch but the reasons i can potentially understand and whereas in the past i never really played elite dangerous in non-vr during this review i jumped back and forth and while flying the ship still is far more intriguing in vr aspects and fidelity of odysseys content do look a little bit nicer on a monitor than a non-stereo rendered vr headset can much like with elites space simulator based game the thin veil of vastness and depth can start to break down pretty quickly in practice with this first person odyssey expansion there are moments of brilliance and the sincere hope would be that it would be built on up from here if the years since elites 2015 release are any indicator though this expansion is already pretty faithful to the level of gameplay depth that we should expect from elite dangerous or any other content created for it it would be for the betterment of its audience and expansion to see it develop more narratively beyond a to b mission mechanics but to an extent at this point thats what its existing audience is probably expecting elite dangerous as a whole is a better well-rounded game with odyssey a part of it and it integrates into it fairly seamlessly and really simply put if you spend a good deal of time in this universe you will likely want to have it even if the content adds like the core elite dangerous game itself might feel a little bit shallow in depth at the very least you now have yet another layer to choose and experience really it doesnt matter how smart the suit theyre wearing is a thug is still a thug i see welcome tremor games steam Odyssey is a major expansion to the space simulator Elite Dangerous base-game. First released in 2015, Elite Dangerous has a large amount of content available, but never has it let you -- Commander -- leave your ship and interact with the universe from a first person perspective. With a completely different view, and mechanics to match, does this breathe a whole new level of interactivity into the game -- and pave the way for the future of the franchise? Topics covered include Odyssey incorporation / integration, mission types & variety, VR compatibility, current stability, NPC AI, and more. 〰️ lets connect ☟ website: As Art Podcast Apple: Spotify: Nick Instagram @Nick_a_cherry youtube: how to find steam id 64 rubber duck game steam nail steam remover largest steam tractor how to use the steam link