Elite Dangerous - The Shelf Life Of A Space Game

Singleplayer steam gamessteam unlocked] ELITE DANGEROUS game the show flow F4 of elite dangerous its either up or down depending on who you ask I have a slightly different take though Elite future is a save but it might not be what you expect in Ill get into that in just a bit but first we need some context and that context is not only player numbers but also player interests so starting with the player numbers in recent weeks both the gaming press and some YouTubers have been discussing the topic of player numbers for gaming in general the consensus from these pieces seem to be that people are focusing far too much on the topic and then its largely a nothing burger and meaningless and that in extreme cases the focus is also toxic personally I think that line of thought misses a number of key points yes player numbers do matter although theres a very important context to this one that has a long history to it and that context is The Games industry has changed its obvious to anyone who takes more than a few seconds to think about it todays gaming world is very different to that of 10 or even 20 years ago today the biggest PC and console games are live as service games look at the top 5 games on Steam as of this recording steam has a little over 22 million players online and if we then look at the top 10 games currently being played thats the top 10 games alone we can see that over 2.2 million players are playing online at Live service games yes thats 10 of the total online current steam player base now theres over 50 000 games on Steam and ten percent of that player base are playing just eight games out of that fifty thousand and all of these eight games are live service titles so yeah theres a very real reason that some people would care a lot about player numbers when it comes to live service titles and Im not going to talk about pop psychology here or the idea that people want to be a part of a large crowd or a popular movement or that they want to feel special lets just keep the focus simple and realistic here the point is then how many people really want to invest time into something that has no future heres a fact the more popular a live service game is the more likely its going to get regular content updates a simple equation likewise as games drop in popularity as time passes into years and then into decades live surface games tend to dwindled in terms of updates now how does this all relate to Elite well at least player numbers incidentally are pretty stable in fact over the past few months they seem to have increased slightly I know Im not going to get into the hole but steam charts thing regardless of what people may choose to believe steam charts do show a trend player numbers are up then however interest in Elite dangerous is very much down and it is continuing on a downwards trend but what does that mean for the game and its future and any potential updates yeah well thats difficult to answer but lets look at the data updates for live service games are do two distinct things when an update is released players return to a game updates also cause temporary spike in interest for game and this can be measured by the volume of Google searches for the title we can see here how that happens for No Mans Sky every time an update is released theres both the spike in player numbers as well as a spike in Google searches its very clear and extremely obvious historically at this very same trend has always existed for elite dangerous as well every time a new update arrived player numbers would increase as did a player interest that is until this year as far as I can see updates 12 and 13 did not appear to increase player numbers on Steam neither did they increase player interest overall this isnt necessarily a problem for the game however but it does Mark a change for the game and as a result its future might not be what some people expect the truth is that this is the nature of live service titles they all have a shelf life it doesnt mean the game closes or dies when the end of the shelf life is reached its purely and simply a best before date yet you can still eat too many foods that have passed their shelf date theyre just perhaps different or not quite as good now World of Warcraft went through that very same thing and very visibly as well Auto online did the same thing long ago even Lyon is perhaps an example of a title on the extreme end of that equation in either event all those games are still around today but they morphed into something different and in some cases something very different in my opinion then Elite is currently going through this very process is moving into a new phase it seems to me at 2822 is the year Frontier turned the oil tanker around for the game a bigger slow Arc of a course Correctional of course change update 14 of course is the last major update for elite this year and it might introduce some new gameplay of elements it might not would have to wait and see update 14 there is also the last visible update on frontiers roadmap next year Frontier working on a change to a single component to the game this will be a change to just one single core feature build that Frontier havent announced any of further plans so what would a threat call a 20 or 23 or 2024 Elite dangerous roadmap look like my speculation is that it would look a lot like 2022s mostly as such a roadmap will consist of minor fixes and changes with the headline features being a narrative update additionally there might be some Narrative of related gameplay additions in my opinion then this is the change in Direction Elite seems to be heading in lets move away from the Big Ticket content updates of the previous years updates such as engineering and multi-crew the mining overhaul the fleet carriers and the hold beyond the season and to move towards narrative related content such as updates 13 and 14. of course all of this is speculation on my behalf I dont have any inside knowledge lets be clear on that its also possible Im entirely wrong and I would be fine with that if so but that said my opinion is based on the direction a frontier appeared to be heading in along with the public data we have available and yes I do think its prompted by the change in both player numbers as well as player interest these things all go hand in hand now how you feel about this potential changer will depend upon your playstyle and what you enjoy about live service games if you like regular Big Ticket content updates then the shelf life of elite might well be Beyond its best before date for you on the other hand if you like curated narrative updates with some in-game and set pieces and maybe a sprinkling of new gameplay from time to time then you will probably be totally fine with all of this alternatively I could be completely wrong and todays Elite dangerous is exactly the same in terms of development and progress that its always been and Im just in hand imagining things either way here do let me know your thoughts and feelings about this in the comments section Id love to hear from you as always thanks for watching and Ill catch you guys and girls next time Music thank you linux games on steam How long is the shelf life of a game, and is there a correlation to player numbers? 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