Pressurized steam cleanersteamed burger ELITE DANGEROUS game claims Music this video has an offer from the rv store in favor of selling games and consoles at incredible prices check out www rv on stoves dot com and there guys its okay Im boring from the channel called game guys bringing you the first interest elite gameplay here on the channel guys lets see the opening lets go for it not the mother Music the world Music although Music i the guys and league from a space simulation game developed by the envelope franchise idealized by soon in one of the creators of the original 1984 cast released for pc xbox van and still developing for ps4 the game was funded by popular initiative through the website kickstarter a successful campaign that raised one million five hundred and seventy-eight thousand two hundred and six pounds from the 1 million 250 thousand pounds claimed the game takes place in the persistent universe the player can choose to play alone or with other players in an open or private mode in fortunately to keep the characteristic of the existing universe even to play alone it is necessary to be connected online plus an advantage is that the connection dropped and the game is safe in the brain of the franchise a little bit of the professions of the game it must or if it puts the player in the skin from a spaceship pilot who starts with a basic spaceship and a few credits in some space station lost in space from there with the player he 10 and 11 crime fans you your own story the missions actions to fulfill but if the player doesnt want to doing them can become a coup ranking and hunt criminals to receive rewards you can also become a pirate this here to merchant ships to steal the cargo and sell them on the black market if you prefer you can equip yourself with mining equipment and mining heroes finding rare ores and selling them for a fortune at some station if you have credit to invest can turn into a trail r or merchants to buy and sell the modus stations and profit from it you can also choose to transport passengers and earn millions and finally if you like exploration you can become a space explorer and helping thousands of light years by selling a map of wages in the locations for where you pass the first thing that calls attention and 2010 josé its scale the game has 400 billion solar systems and a scientific representation of 1 to 1 of the milky way all this done through fan generation of content guys we can see it there the 2.1 expansion called the end nerz engineers are individuals who can modify weapons and modules in your analysis they reside in planetary neighborhoods and can only modify a specific set of weapons and modules depending on your lore and preference some engineers are better suited to the explorers while others for bounty hunters the tek me today is the routine we just have to believe in those who dont want to and win we are seeing the expansion 2.2 legal says the main resource update 2.2 is from são bernado de casa that can be launched from ships larger than 3 to choose initially the fast is 63 condon the imperial agio of 97 and resistant to the sister the biologist aline on the passenger ship with space for a bay of castro ship also added you can pilot the cars remotely or hire pilots to protect it was the last expansion that came out now in the month of april the 2.13 is called of commandos update 2.3 if you command include amazing new features was eaten also the new passenger ship of the end with the new in-game home feature you can create your own commander using a variety of customization options with the new camera suite you can see the its commander a variety of interior and exterior elements using a number of new camera contours we also have musician will has been added with three new roles I won fighter the defendant guys talking a little about the gameplay when it comes to a space simulator does it have any idea where the player pilots most of the time at nasa it is possible to use both the mouse and keyboard or joystick hands-on routes brought additional equipment and controls in my experience with the game against difficulties in controlling anything with just the mouse and keyboard managing to use the xbox one controller most of the time some predefined patterns and controls but the player can customize the commands he prefers guys player starts with a basic ship but can change it throughout the game currently there are around 30 piloted ships each ship has its basic states but it is possible to modify it completely up to the limit that it supports the deponents where the weapons and the shot of fire are equipped seats that remain from the accessory were like scanners and the internal components where the other components are such as shield and compartment. cargo each item has its class and the ship must support at least that size as an example one will have 54 a radio sources two medium 6262 small site g1 so that it can equip two slots was 2 two weapons and one use the monthly lots of two for a backyard and 1 but you cant use any weapons of 3 because in life support it means only 2 you can use only 1 but you cant use 2 salts of 3 to intervene so that you can only be exchanged for another of the same type, others such as the necessary shields can be exchanged with the cargo compartment if the player deems it necessary the situation requires a risk- benefit analysis because a larger cargo compartment player can bring more money in less time however if it is attacked by pirates in the middle of the way, you will have a greater chance of having your area destroyed, including losing your load of everything, but all facing a specific area, for example the initial one it is a function of combat carrying loads that does not prevent the player from entering combat with a rate of 7 and transporting loads with will have but they are not as effective for this type of situation it is not possible to make some modifications with laszlo andor how to transfer the load property of the engine and weapon systems define energy priorities and activate and deactivate the peripherals in space and the player spent time in two neighbors threatening the other with the expansions we can think of the planets used clothes to go from one place to another and in the future next sessions we will have a first- person shot of three factions of the game the empire the federation and the alliance each with reputation rewards of their own if you destroy a pirate wanted in the empire you will have to look for an allied station the empire to be able to get your reward some sensations are independent also in relation to the combats generally the battles are breathtaking and piloting smaller ships it is possible to maintain a battle even against the most advanced enemies but against larger ships escaping is sometimes the best option in multiplayer mode the human element brings extra attention to artificial intelligence during battles even more interesting Music an em in short, he gives josé a very competent game in what he proposes and when he brings the continuous expansion first person it can become a complete game within its scope Music that s it guys who are with the other scenes of the game this week we its going to bring another gameplay of the game Im going to bring you a tip youre earning 35 million per hour in the game everything you buy in the game concrete the game you dont need to put credit in cash they are game credits so thats it guys I want to thank you very much for buying the channel leave comments and not yet subscribed subscribed only news guys Im going for this stay with God until next time Video and will bring who is read Music the fight Music Music the mec Music I dont like it Music the lusa Music hum the way Music Music Music the striker Music the hum Music Music ae Music ae Music Music Applause ah Music the beautiful dandelion game steam ELITE: DANGEROUS GAMEPLAY PT-BR - CONHECENDO O GAME - VALE A PENA? 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