This isnt the game I bought - FIX Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Active shooter game steamsteam value account ELITE DANGEROUS game hey everybody Im going to kind of do things a little bit different today instead of using gameplay footage I just want to talk about the state of elite dangerous and some of the things that I think that uh that they could do to actually fix the game and some of the issues that Im finding like right now asthma has come out with some new experimental weapons and its not really stable it does stabilizers so its you were limited to how many um anti-zeno weapons that you could have on your ship which was really stupid so they basically made a new module that you can go buy so that you can put in more weapons on your ship because whatever um I Im sounding a little salty about this because I kind of am we again have more Horizons content this is a space game makes sense that were going to do some space stuff with the space War totally on board with all that but I still cant figure out why so many of us bought an expansion pack for no reason Horizons players can get flea carriers Horizons players can land on planets Horizons players can do all of this thyroid content Odyssey players do not have one extra thing from any of this and thats what leads me to my other thing here so were going to go over the the trailer for elite dangerous Odyssey and Im going to break it down as we go through because when you start actually really watching the trailer for Odyssey and you get the feeling and the vibe that this game was going to bring to us and then we were then we go on what we have right now the game doesnt match so here we go wonderful intro Ill full screen one small step is all it takes space legs are great stopping right there for a reason first 17 seconds of the video they say were gonna go stake our claims on new worlds what world have we been able to claim we havent been able to go and settle anywhere we werent able to go and say hey this is planet cursing Explorer it doesnt exist to travel farther than anyone ever imagined everybody whos already traveling that far on this great Odyssey okay stopping right there because just the very beginning of this video it really does give me the impression that the way theyre taking the direction is youre going to get out of your ship and youre going to explore youre going to go to new planets and youre going to find some one thing Im going to point out throughout this entire trailer is theres not one mention of thyroids they dont exist I know they were there before what new Journeys what new Journeys its a good question again gonna stop right there because were talking about space exploration game and they flat out said what new Journeys are going to be taken thyroids invading the bubble thats not a New Journey thats a defensive Mission theres a lot of stuff going on with that again and if you enjoy that gameplay great Im really glad for that but Odyssey said we were going to have new Journeys still waiting to see where the Im going well I do like finding plants Music to be made right there what new discoveries have yet to be made and thats thats a wonderful question um they added in the plants which fantastic I actually I I do find it fun to just land on planets and go cruising around its one of my biggest stress relievers um but you can only find so many two socks until you find the same two sock in the same two sock and the same two sock I do enjoy finding conches that seems to be my most fun thing because theyre hard to spot so I turn that into a little game but Ive been out in the black since I got Odyssey I come back into the bubble occasionally to do some stuff like I got my fleet carry but Im back out in the black now I aint finding Ive oh you find an ammonia World occasionally but all that was already there and if anybody from Horizons lands on a planet they get the same they just cant get out and walk around like I can so Im not seeing the thing here what Ive never found a base to Ambush randomly this stuff looks pretty fun its not well kind of is one small step is all it takes Ive tried a little bit of this combat giant its not so bad and there we go thats thats my exact problem with the state of the game right now and I really think that the way that they could fix Elite is by I dont know giving Odyssey players something we all paid for the expansion pack but were not getting anything Horizon players get Fleet carriers Horizon players now land on the same planets that we do so well what they cant get out and scan a plant big whooptie as far as I can tell the only thing Horizon players cant do that I paid an extra 40 dollars for is to walk around a quality of life feature you didnt give me an expansion pack you gave you made me pay 40 dollars for an in-game feature because everybody else has access to the same thing and this isnt right none of us should have had to buy Odyssey we should all get a full refund for it because dont dont sit here and tell me oh we got our moneys worth no we didnt Horizons got our moneys worth we didnt get for it we didnt get VR we were supposed to have VR for Odyssey thats never coming consoles were supposed to get Odyssey thats never coming but Horizons players theyre getting thyroid Wars theyre getting anti-xeno weapons theyre getting all this awesome stuff and I know some people you get it too and honestly youre right I do so its nothing to me I should be getting something different we should be able to do some if if Horizons players are fighting thyroids in space I should be fighting them on the ground I should at least have that option but we dont even have that we have the same exact content as Horizon players theres no extra narrative in Odyssey the only extra gameplay is you get to get out and scan some plans which whoopty um I dont know whats going on with Elite uh Im kind of unhappy with it as you can tell and Im unhappy with it because I dont think that we should have had to pay for an expansion pack that didnt actually give us anything it gave us a a an in-game feature because thats all we got we got to walk around for a little while we get to shoot a gun thats thats awesome thats kind of cool but thats it we dont we dont get anything else and I just I think thats where Elite is really having its biggest problems um theres a lot of people that want new content and while youre gonna some people oh the thyroid wargard thyroid war is not new content its recycled content its they already had all these ships they already had well most of the ships theyve probably been working on the other ones for a while and I know they put in you know like the clouds and whatnot but again none of thats for Odyssey Horizons gets it they did everything for the Horizon players so all of us that spent extra money on Odyssey get nothing and thats the problem with Elite dangerous thanks for listening asura's wrath steam I break down the original odyssey trailer. 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