Best beginners ships in Elite dangerous

Where to buy a steam cleanerbest games on steam june 2022 ELITE DANGEROUS game i mean what am i supposed to do other than just say cobra 3 this cobra 3 that seriously theres nothing just but cobra oh wait am i am i recording that Music ill then assume youre here for the guide on ships or at least some information that will help you choose your next ship after the starter winder maybe you just picked up elite for the first time on that free week on epic store or whatnot but regardless so i guess i can give you some pointers first everyones gonna be looking at that cheap eagle as an upgrade but curiously for my first playthrough i skipped it and only picked it up after i reached the most expensive ship and i tell ya i missed out thing is eagle is great like a properly awesome ship to swap too now it wont do any mechanical good as its slightly better than the starter ship but my gods its so much pretty and cooler to fly so for change of scenery go pick it up oh and additionally if you need help well i did make a beginners guide for elite in general in case you need some help getting started you know and among other videos it will be listed in the description and that includes some good ways to make money for these ships but anyways back to the ships now we got the hauler well just for the love of all thats unholy and tainted dont touch the fiat multiple overly dangerous its fugly and stupid and only good as a taxi and you know what no scratch defeat multiple part hauler is more like what happens when fiat multiplayer has rage  __  the chrysler cruiser instead an actual upgrade ship is the adder a bigger more capable ship that was my second ship in fact even to this day i try to go with this ship when i do speed runs and whatnot else since it does have a medium hardpoint i can equip the seismic missile and go explode some rocks and the funny thing is one of those rocks of a certain good type guarantees a massive boost in profits allowing me to quickly buy another ship but even without that i really like the ship and as i said in my quote-unquote review its a stepping stone a pavement slab for the real mainstay ship upgrade next then is imperial eagle all the ship is a copy paste of the eagle for more money and little performance just avoid it unless you feel the fabulous streak hit you ah here comes cobra shut the  __  up bob go die the train wreck but yeah yeah here comes the cobra 3 while i agree viper 3 is a cheaper nicer option for combat well its only good for combat and wont have the flexibility that the cobra offers really the only reason to skip cobra 3 is to have just too much money so that you can buy a bigger ship so really i could just stop the discussion here but you know even though cobra is and always will be so  __  good it hurts i better describe what to pick next just in case so after copper 3 because its so good you have bunch of ships that are what i call eternally questioning like the frat girls who are experimenting with lesbianism like for example viper 4. this basically is like a gal whos as pretty as a dump truck so pumping steroids and shredding muscles is the only thing left for it basically its not worth it the games met that just makes it obsolete then we have this one the dbs no its not aston martin though it is cool looking and it costs too much and does too little for it actually come to think of it it is aston martin so take your pick but i would avoid it after that we got cobra 4 that literally no player can get these days anyways so lets just move on but trust me you aint missing  __  the ship literally is the worst aborted fetus in alabama type 6 actually not a bad idea if youre big on trade but please know that money making aint that good with the default trade in fact i have made a couple of videos on how to make good cash again links in the description so maybe saving your cash would be a smarter choice here next in the price range we have dolphin and its basically a 50 year old hooker pretending to be 20. diamondback explorer ah now heres a good one the second longest jump range in the game massive fuel tank but rather lacking fuel scoop regardless of that a fantastic long range traveling ship and a pretty good explorer as well in my eyes imperial courier its just weird and requires a rank avoid it for now kill back a type 6 in a thong more expensive and weirder than imperial courier well avoid it unless youre into freaky stuff next thing is asp scout yeah so remember that cobra 4 that i mentioned well asp scout unlike mark iv can be bought and by all accounts is the second worst puke  __  milkshake in elite people who fly the ship are the pajama drivers of this universe and if i ever had a choice between a roman soldier reaching up my anus and pulling out my heart or flying the ship i say bring out the soldier but finally after some grinding in elite really there are only two choices for a ship after cobra tweet the vulture or asp explorer and much like with viper and cobra one is combat trihard chad max scrotum face man and the other ones an actual good choice ima let you guess which one is which but yes aspects water would be the ultimate long-term mainstay shift for any beginner while cobra is good for the first few days playing ultimately getting aspexplorer will finally conclude your initiation into elites bosom the mile wide inch deep screenshot making video game and having xbox floor is basically a must have for screenshots after all the endless elite meme is asps in front of things so go out there and grind some missions and whatnot make some screenshots and make sure to post the pictures on reddit and whatnot else for free karma and uploads and hey if you enjoy the content do subscribe and all that but if you want to support a little bit more even a wee bit check out my patreon or become a youtube member other than that those fresh to elite welcome and remember to never visit official developer made frontier forums instead check out the reddit feel free to thank me later how do you steam vegetables I go over every ship that a beginner could pick up. 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