Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Apex Interstellar Gameplay details - Future Games Show Spring Showcase

Steam free games this weekendunhide game from steam library ELITE DANGEROUS game Music hello im gareth hughes from frontier developments and im the lead designer on elite dangerous right now were working on elite dangerous odyssey the most ambitious expansion for elite dangerous to date for the first time in elites history the odyssey expansion will allow players to set foot on light atmospheric worlds powered by amazing new planetary technology players will be able to disembark from their ships and explore these planets discovering new settlements and organic life forms while taking on missions and engaging in intense first-person combat today were really excited to share this exclusive footage of apex interstellar welcome to apex interstellar your gateway to the stars a shuttle service that will be available to all odyssey players allowing them to explore the galaxy in a totally new way for a small fee apex interstellar will let players book their own personal shuttle complete with ai pilot to take them between the ports and settlements in inhabited space your shuttle is ready to depart thank you for choosing apex interstate players can even call a shuttle to pick them up directly from a planet surface just like youd halo cab additionally wed like to talk about how the release of odyssey will give players the opportunity to experience the excitement scale and beauty of elite dangerous from a brand new perspective odysseys boots on the ground gameplay will add on foot exploration salvaging bounty hunting heights and much more all seamlessly integrated into the existing game elite dangerous odyssey is coming to pc in late spring 2021 with an alpha scheduled to begin a little earlier on the 29th of march playstation and xbox releases are planned for autumn 2021 thank you for watching please enjoy the rest of the show and we look forward to seeing you in the game you can you download game pass games on steam deck We talk to Gareth Hughes, the Lead Designer for Elite Dangerous about the new expansion for the game. This exclusive new gameplay shows players landing on new planets, exploring and enganing in combat. There is also Apex Interstellar, a shuttle service to help you explore the galaxy safely and quickly. You can even get a shuttle directly from a planets surface, for a price. #ApexInterstellar #EliteDangerous game refunds steam rockstar games launcher play on steam fix steam gloomhaven how can i share games on steam steam game catalog