Commander Chronicles - Retaliation - Elite Dangerous

Avatar steam gamesteam tray pan ELITE DANGEROUS game Hunter Lead to hunter command, we have eyes on the target Copy that Hunter Lead you are clear to engage Acknowledged. Commanders, lets go to work Entering range of the target shutdown pulse Deploy countermeasures Counter measures charged and active Shutdown pulse imminent Here it comes Counter measures effective Moving to phase 2 Activate prototype missiles, let’s see what these new weapons can do Target locked On my mark, fire Missiles away Multiple strikes confirmed Bio signs? Bio signs... Down to 50% Sigh... So they can be hurt... Ready another strike Wait.... 70% What???? Say again, I need a clear reading 80% What the hell....? It’s..... Healing.... 90% commander some kind of energy build up from the target Evasive manoeuvres Get us out of...... steam anchor coffee & cafe The Thargoids have attacked. Aegis, humanity’s first line of defence, researches new technologies to oppose the Thargoid threat.The Initiative have selected Commander Mason and his valiant crew to test these weapons. It’s time to start fighting back. For more Elite Dangerous news, follow us on these sites: Website: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Forums - You can also discuss the game here on reddit: dictator game steam free easy to run games on steam how to find your steamid steam deck rpcs3 steam free to play board games