Elite Dangerous 4.0 - FREE Upgrade Soon - Plus New Gameplay Incoming

Working model of steam enginered dead redemption 2 verifying game ownership failed steam ELITE DANGEROUS gameplay all the pc players of elite dangerous are about to get a free upgrade to the 4.0 client but what exactly does that mean meanwhile the console players of elite dangerous can expect to see in-game the conclusion to the azimuth saga so what exactly is going on well today frontier made a new announcement a new post titled update 13 narrative and access to 4.0 the whole concept surrounds the client versions of elite dangerous currently on pc there exists two separate versions version 3.8 which is the old horizons client and version of 4.0 which is the odyssey client the difference is between these two clients these two version numbers is that 4.0 contains all of the odyssey content thats a new planet the new render in as well as the odyssey on foot content meanwhile the 3.8 version of elite dangerous contains all the old horizons content the old planets and all of the old lovely stuff there now all of this is about to change players are about to get pc players at least about to get a new additional option on the launcher shortly after update 13th at some point in the future players will be able to choose between horizons 3.8 and horizons of 4.0 it also be the additional option of odyssey 4.0 if you actually have odyssey obviously of course will continue to remain a paid update essentially at frontier saying they are giving everyone access to 4.0 client here its kind of an upgrade i guess that just basically horizons with the new engine but minus the odyssey features additionally though well worth mentioning is that 4.0 would also come with access to the scorpion srv so yeah a nice little bonus there so what is the meaning of all this why is this happening but it all goes back to the post frontier made in march regarding the console update you may remember when they canceled development on the console version of elite dangerous they said they were doing this to bring alignment to the development codebase so basically all updates will be going into version of 4.0 and version 3.8 will no longer be getting at the out days this means that frontier can work on one code base rather than two different code bases incidentally on the screen right here you can see the differences between horizons 4.0 and odyssey 4.0 now all of this is related to the future updates of elite dangerous its kind of related i guess to update 13 at least the post seems to imply that but also specifically related to update 14 and all future updates so up until this point its been a vain it continues to be actually its been very vague what sort of content update 13 is going to contain the update is going to release on the 9th of august its what frontier are calling a narrative update theres still no nothing too specific really on what to expect but frontier have given a few indications in this latest post so lets read the section of the post that relates to the azimuth saga that is the current narrative so regarding the information in this post they have this to say with regards to how all of this affects the conclusion of the azimuth saga delivering our promise to offer the best possible narrative content requires taking full advantage of version 4.0 therefore verizons players will be able to witness the final event in the azimuth saga and access related gameplay scenarios moving forwards all pc players will have access to the content in the next narrative phase given they are using version 4.0 except in cases where on foot gameplay and by extension odyssey is required now to be perfectly honest i found this supposed to be a pretty confusing not that clear at all on what its trying to say here ive noticed also that a few people around the internet both on the forums reddit and youtube also seem to be a little bit unsure what is being said so lets take a bit of a closer look so this first paragraph with regards to how this affects the conclusion of the azimuth saga so by this i assume that they mean the upgrade to client 4.0 with regards to how this affects the conclusion of the azimuth saga delivering on our promise to offer the best possible narrative content requires taking a full advantage of version 4.0 so that seems to imply that the conclusion to the azimuth saga does indeed require version 4.0 however it gets a little bit confusing with the following paragraph therefore horizons players will be able to witness the final event in the azimuth saga and access related gameplay scenarios now i was actually confused as to whether this meant current horizons players with client for a 3.8 or future horizons players with client 4.0 in which in case they would have to wait for the update to roll out so with that in mind i reached out to frontier for some clarification on this particular issue the answer i got back was pretty surprising and actually was really good news absolutely every single player of elite dangerous will be able to experience the conclusion to the azerbaiga yes thats everyone on pc whether theyre using the horizons a 3.8 client or odyssey it also includes everyone on consoles as well now im not sure why frontier havent publicly said this but theyve confirmed that yes the console version of elite dangerous or players there will be getting access to the conclusion to the azimuth saga now of course we dont know exactly what that means they are just saying that this is a narrative content based upon the post but the post also states that the final event in the azimuth saga includes access to related gameplay scenarios so yes it does seem to be there will be some gameplay related elements whether or not these will be simply a community goals or something along those sort of lines or something more substantial unfortunately were going to have to wait and see on the 9th of august to actually find out now keep in mind that all of this only applies to the current story or the next step of the story with the azimuth saga beyond that though as the narrative and the elite dangerous content continues to move on everything will require the 4.0 framework the 4.0 client that means these updates these narratives content whatever they are will only be available on pc and only available to those who opted to use the 4.0 client so this yet again reiterates that unfortunately console players will not get future updates to elite dangerous at least not any of these significant narrative what frontier are calling narrative based updates the same is also going to be true for anyone who chooses to stick with the horizons 3.8 client the existing horizons client if you want to stick to that and not use the 4.0 client then you wont have access to any of the future updates any other future story driven updates now i also want to point out that right here im fully aware that im using the frontiers terms here of narrative update story driven updates and all of that lot unfortunately we dont know what that actually means have no clue whatsoever what frontier are thinking here like i say this could just be a community goal or based content of stuff along those sort of lines or perhaps maybe it could be something more significant we dont know what that actually will entail ultimately it means that making videos like this is pretty difficult as i cant pass on any specific information the results in the teddy of vega messaging and all of that is down to frontier using their very vague terms ultimately though im not going to say whether that is a bad thing or a good thing it is or what it is but yeah well have to wait and see what the 9th of august will bring hopefully its going to be an interesting surprise and a good one at that lets see how it goes at any rate do let me know your thoughts and feelings about all of this in the comments section below are you as surprised as i am to see that the console players will be getting access and seeing what happens in the conclusion to the azimuth saga meanwhile if youre over on a pc will you continue to use dia 3.8 horizons client and therefore continue to access all the old style horizon planners will you move on to exclusively use the horizons of 4.0 content thats assuming that you dont use odyssey just yet whatever the options are whatever your thoughts do let me know in the comments section below as always thanks for watching and i catch you guys and girls next time Music Applause Music Applause Music Applause Music you buy steam games from argentina Frontier have announced that all Elite Dangerous PC players will soon gain access to Horizons 4.0, which uses the Odyssey codebase. 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