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How to do face steamingsteam 太吾绘卷 ELITE DANGEROUS gameplay Elite is dead scam citizen no mans lie gamers are getting increasingly jaded its something Ive not really discussed yet but recent comments on early dangerous videos really do strike a point home its a trend happening right across gaming in general perhaps its understandable after all theres a lot to be justifiably cynical about I mean where to even start unreasonable or greedy micro transactions over bloated retail prices buggier broken games terrible game design theres an endless list of problems but its also another problem some gamers are slow to forget and even slower to forgive and are not at the other end of the spectrum entirely theres also with those white Knights who defend their chosen brand or franchise no matter what we havent yet even discussed the trolls all in all its an unpleasant toxic mix that has become increasingly difficult to navigate its also a very complex subject to discuss here in a YouTube video but I wanted to give it a shot so lets see how those comments go so where do we start well Ill start with what prompted this video yesterdays video on Elite dangerous like any other Elite videos gained a huge number of negative cynical and otherwise unimpressed comments aimed at the game now I dont have issue with this in fact buddy speaking I do agree with many of the points those comments raise however it does highlight a wider problem the video itself was generally positively focused I discussed recent interesting in-game events I highlighted some really nice Community interaction from The Games Community management team now whats interesting to me about all of this is that by and large people did not react cynically towards the events or the community team instead people spoke repeatedly about their disappointment with Elise fouled potential along with Frontiers past mistakes on the game further comments highlighted that more than a few people are simply not happy with what Elite has become its a subject I talked about previously in the video called a shelf life of a space game the point was that when an MMO or live service gamer which is a certain age it enters what I called it sunset years a time where the game doesnt really significantly grow its audience base instead it focuses on his current core player base the problem here is that the interests of the current player base dont always match the interests of the original player base its a period of time then where a gamer moves Beyond its golden years but has moved past its best before date yet often it Still Remains a quality title this has happened to many games all the way from Auto online to World of Warcraft and Beyond this also happened to Eve online although that game May now be passing into another phase entirely one where has which has the potential decline in both interest and quality anyway all of this to say that in my opinion 2022 marked the year that Elite passed into its Sunset years its not a dead game not by any means and far from it but it is a game where a lot of its original audience has left and many of those for Justified reasons dealership update wasnt what they wanted and in my opinion hunted generally treated the game in a poor way people moved on likewise Frontier and Elite has also moved on though the game is no longer what it was but it is still something interesting and it retains a certain quality its something that still appeals to plenty of people right there that is the rift its the rift between the new and the old and its one that spills out constantly into the comments and discussions we see about the game theres a danger here though of being a tour superficial about this particular spectator her perspective its not simply a case that old players have moved on wise to new players are staying its not that black and white but there is a rift its an ill-defined vague line on one side the people who dislike what a lead has become this missed potential whilst others actually enjoy it theres also a cap of people through poor judgment or otherwise who fail to see how the game has changed now I dont want to focus on this Rift too much theres little to no need to get into the ins and out of it but its enough to say that it exists and I think most people can actually see it that it does exist and its a rift that isnt unique to Elite we see it in almost all games especially games of a certain age would you believe that theres still a lot of people out there who actively are hostile towards no mans sky that they feel that regardless of the games receiving over 20 quality updates and six full years of non-stop development that these people still wouldnt either forgive nor forget the messed up launch that is still some anger from a people about what they feel as Sean Murrays lies yes the launch of No Mans sky was bad and perhaps maybe there were some lies but hello games are not mass murderers time to move on perhaps CG Project Read to find themselves in a similar situation cyberpunk 2077 was undoubtedly a failure for launch personally to this day I still think its not a very good gamer for a variety of reasons that perhaps I might get to in an into another video but to be angry at CT project red after all this time and all these updates and fixes it creates a toxic Rift and an unpleasant environment of course this is the internet right its just the way things are well yes although regarding that too the attitudes on the internet have changed dramatically over the decades the internet of the 2000s and the type of people that youll find on there I guess mostly nerds is very different to the mainstream audience that the internet has today and that brings with it its very own set of issues but focusing back on gaming to be perfectly reasonable there are releases that are problematic many of them in fact an example the battlefield 2042 which well it just plain sucks Publishers appear to give lip service with these types of games saying that they understand the problems and the her community reaction the general dislike yet these same Publishers continue to create the very same problems again and again so its really hard to believe at least for some people that all of this isnt intentional or at least well lets show you ignorant Star Citizen meanwhile heres a different example a different kettle of fish it constantly gets called a scam citizen its hard to see where the game is heading on the one hand it makes a ton of money whilst remaining playable with some of the best environments and vehicle design in the industry on the other hand it sort of feels like a very empty and Shadow titled with its gameplay cig just keep on trucking on meanwhile Gamers then react to all of the multitude of issues surrounding at these and other titles and thus the rift in gaming communities continues to get fed now when it comes to Elite dangerous specifically Frontier are in a bit of a weird hybrid situation Odyssey was very clearly of outlaunch it was a mess of an update whilst Frontier did release a number of patches to try and fix it they also relatedly communicated with the player base but to this day in my opinion at least Frontier did it nowhere near enough to fix the fundamentals with Odyssey and I still feel it remains a poorly designed update with poorly executed game mechanics I suspect Frontier will never fix or improve upon those yet what Frontier have done is move on they have fed an ongoing story along with the relevant law theyve released tying up days and in-game content theyve also picked up a pace with the quality of their Community interactions the current Community management team really are pushing out all the stops plus theres more to come does this mean that I like Odyssey nope does it mean that all of the elite problems are now forgotten well far from it what it does show is that Frontier moving forwards it seems they are taught intents and purposes ignoring and many of the fundamental problems the game has but simultaneously moving towards fixing other issues I know some people are happy and others arent and dont get me wrong Im not making excuses for Frontier here Im really highlighting at that Im going Rift with the community its at now classic Rift in video game communities and sometimes its one that becomes all the greater as a title ages it really is a big problem right across the games industry at this point related topic Im pretty sure that some people will be pointing out that there is a key Point Ive missed here that point is that YouTubers and twitch streamers certainly have a massive part to play in all of this but for elite as well as gaming in general and I entirely agree with that point full games theres content creators that have pure beacons of positivity to the point perhaps of being a sick of fans Id argue that these at least in my opinion are worse than the naysayers and their blind positivity is not at all constructive its also the toxic naysayers who never see the good in anything at all no matter what a company does these people all the world are not constantly crap on it and then theres the ones who just want to get on and enjoy their Hobby and content creation and discuss both the ups and downs in intelligent terms naturally content creators have a broader reach and all those content creators feed into this cycle regardless of whether our intents are good bad or otherwise now regardless of whether we are discussing players industry observers or content creators whether were talking about developers Publishers or investors they seem to me there is a fundamental point that can be made here were discussing all of this many found to intelligently erase their own points the thesis they have seems to be this if you dont like a point someone is making then directly attack or demean that point and if that fails then attack the person and making the point its obvious Counterpoint to this and perhaps the preferred option would to be instead make thoughtful and intelligent arguments raise and address concerns in a manner that is hopefully insightful respect others opinions but who am I a kid in this is the internet in the current state of the games industry there now theres a lot of blame that can go around Publishers developers companies players observers critics the media journalists content creators all of these and more play a part in the ongoing gaming Rifts none of this by the way is limited to just gaming the exact same Trends can be seen in all forms of entertainment objective garbage is portrayed as quality and quality goes unseen by many in between theres a lot of toxicity going on between what the writers the creators as well as the fans I dont see any solution to any of this Im not trying to raise a solution at this point Im probably just vent in but hopefully some of you may find the topic interesting theres also a lot more that can perhaps be said and maybe well leave that for a future video meanwhile let me know how you feel about the topic if you feel that gaming is specifically an entertainment in general is in a weird place right now would you say theres never been so much quality entertainment or perhaps you feel less never been quite so much trash media what are your thoughts on the general the daily reaction to all of this that we see day to day do let me know your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below Id love to hear from you as always thanks for watching to catch you guys and girls next time Music Music what games does steam deck support In recent years it seems gamers are becoming increasingly jaded and cynical. Much of this is justified and understandable. However, theres also another issue, gamers are slow to forget and even slower to forgive. Its creating an widening rift in gaming.If you would like to help support my channel, please check my Patreon page: PayPal Donation: Any support is massively appreciated! Music Epidemic Sound steam decks steam clean vs self clean oven steam card cvs 60 fps games on steam deck steam condensate flash tank sizing