Elite Dangerous - The BEST (and Worst) of 2022

Steam downloading slowlysteam friends is black ELITE DANGEROUS 2022 has been a very interesting year for elite dangerous to say the least theres been a bunch of highs as well as an unfortunate number of lows all in though its been a much better year than the disaster of the 2021 but lets not focus on that as we are moving forward with the game and into the future lets start with a higher the first rule High came with update 11 back in the early parts of 2022 this of course included the fleet carrier Interiors whilst a lot of people are still hopeful then eventually theyll be able to walk around inside their ships nonetheless they can now walk around inside their megalith of lead carriers huge gigantic vessels they can use as mobile bases of operations whether theyre in the bubble of humanity right in the new thyroid war or not the fast side of the Galaxy a fully carrier Interiors then that finally gave players an area they could call home somewhere that is theirs that they own that they can even carry with them very nice update unfortunately there was a low around about the same time this is obviously the biggest low of the year and perhaps one of the biggest and low of all times for Eddie dangerous that quite naturally it was the unfortunate cancellation of all development of elite dangerous on consoles development for the game now on Xbox and Playstation is limited to purely to security updates and other essential fixes it means that unfortunately console players are now cut off from the best parts of the game the best new parts it is the ongoing updates as well as the new developing narrative whilst console players can still pretty much play the game and there is still a full living Galaxy here one with its very own background simulation no less unfortunately theres no live updates nothing such as Community goals or anything like that now there is an area here Id like to consider a higher but it seems a bit disingenuous to consider this a high after the fact that raw consults were canceled after all and that was for a limit time until it did allow the ability for players to fully transfer pretty much everything from their console over to a PC save additionally if you owned Elite dangerous on consoles until decent enough to give you a free copy of Horizons on PC once you completed the transfer that transfer window has now a close you no longer be able to do that so if youve missed out that is oh its a sad State of Affairs but this transfer will not be returning at some point in the future although no date on that has yet been given another point there though as somewhat of a low is that when the transfer does return it will be in a limited form it will no longer be in the full form that we once had access to now moving on to a high this was the conclusion to the Azimuth Saga a story which had been unfolding over a very long time now as with tradition with Elite much of that story took place outside of the game in the form of text posts over on the galnet website that changed with update 13 which brought the narrative directly into the game both in the form of the first ever in-game cutscene as well as well full on star system effectively getting annihilated this all came about thanks to the savior of humanity a character called salvation he attempted to fire a super weapon that would once and for all would deal with the threat of the thyroids that backfire didnt it and left Humanity in the Lurch and giving birth to a new breed of effective super thyroids that are immune to a guardian weapons this was a foreshadowing of events to come at a later date when more thyroids would turn up who also proved to be immune to these weapons was this true to say that the vast majority of dargoides what he could still use the guardian weapons as well as pretty much other any other anti-zino Weaponry on them inside the certain star systems one that in a minute those weapons will prove problematic but yeah pretty much a high update 13 and the conclusion of the Azimuth Saga now this of course all are LED into a war which was a part of update 14 update 14 is a high and well get to that in just a moment but there is a smaller low with update 14 then I do want to include here as a low because well I still personally think its a bit of a strange design decision and it is the fact that all the war efforts are reset after a period of seven days now the good news is that Frontier have adjusted the in-game balance here the stats the numbers and made it somewhat easier for players to have reach the desired state to try and avoid this reset so whilst its now barely an inconvenience it still is a little bit of an inconvenience but yeah its just the way the game works not ideal but for the most part its not really a problem now so yes a very minor low one I wanted to include in there nonetheless now moving on a high and a low combined here this is the release of what Frontier called a legacy mode and a live mode this is a high because it now gives players a choice as to how they want to play Elite dangerous they can stick with Horizons of version 3.8 and a player lead as it always existed up until the release of Odyssey it means that these players can exist within a world that is unaffected by the threat of the thyroid War it means theres no changes here that an affected Odyssey and it contains all the original Graphics that Horizon does did contain additionally your players can stick with legacy mode and have a completely independent save that doesnt affect anything they do in live mode so this is a definitely a high the only reason its a low is for a number of reasons firstly it really does emphasize that console users have once and for all fully cut off from any future Elite dangerous additionally it really does further split the player base now I fully agree with anyone here that I am really stretching at that point I dont think its too much of an issue but looking around the internet theres plenty of people who do I feel it is an issue so I wanted to include that here as a bit of a lower just for them all in though I think that the release of a live mode and legacy mode are definitely a bit of a high point and really show frontiers commitment to a pushing a deep forward over the coming months and over the coming years and finally the biggest high of the year is without doubt update 14. this is the thyroid War something that weve been waiting for for many years if youre a long time privately dangerous something that has always been on the fringes something that players have longer speculated about but they find it here and they are slowly but surely attack in and destroying the parts of civilization all of this is perhaps United players like never before as they are collaborating and fighting back pushing the thyroids out system after system eventually perhaps coming face to face with the center of these disasters known as the maelstroms eight of these exist currently as of this recorded we dont know what exists inside of those although number of people are speculating but whether or not that speculation turns out to be true or entirely unfounded its going to be a while until we actually know for sure nevertheless update 14 of whats not really delivering a brand new content the game did deliver an entirely brand new conditions and these attire all the older existing content together in a very interesting and very impressive way ultimately if youre not a fan of combat youre not a fan of being interdicted all the time you may have some problems with the nature of these and newer content and new conditions I certainly feel that way myself but overall a definitely update 14 is a great addition to Elite dangerous to let me know in the comments section below or what you feel about all of this what are your personal highs and blows for elite dangerous in 2022 specifically regarding content released from a frontier and changes they have made or perhaps havent made it to the game meanwhile if youre enjoying Space games and wondering where to go next with the space themed games then why not check out the video on the screen right here in here Ill talk about space games are not necessarily flying about with the spaceships but are instead of similar very high quality a Sci-Fi space themed games do check it out the Links right here best hidden object games on steam Elite Dangerous had a number of highs and lows in 2022, from the cancellation of development on consoles to the arrival of Update 14. 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