Inside the Backrooms - Actual Horror for Only $5!!

Steam horse brewerymost popular fighting games on steam ESCAPE THE BACKROOMS gameplay all right here we go I hate my job Im not an Excel Chief ah yes time to write down some Minecraft ideas I can suck it gotta gotta I gotta write down those GMod and Minecraft ideas in the Google Sheets oh I fell asleep thats your brothers life every day bad for employing him now go up where am I it smells like yours yeah why does it smell like cat pee oh wait where are you guys my mouse is so sensitive no I guess we have to find each other I see an arrow I dont see  __  no arrows will eventually find each other it sees you escape guys do I follow the arrows turn around turn around turn around oh hey hey hey hey you got promoted too yeah Ive been trapped here for days nice look heres this calls for a Lunchable ham God damn it if I hear about the Lunchable one more time whats this look look whats this its a vent yes Among Us oh yeah this is our ticket out of here this is it wow that was right next to where I spawned did you go in there oh you use it yeah you press e on it yeah I thought it was going to climb up I forgot that this is a five dollars something amazing anti-anxiety pills nice I got some Xanax dude whats this oh we got some notes tops yeah I want to read it oh my God your heads disappeared when Im close to you in the lurking Darkness these wall shelters shelters I would say these walls dont shelter something these walls shelter something mysterious a bright smiling thing that stands out from the Shadows rumors say it has a physical body that cannot be seen with the human eye it is only known that it is attracted to all sources of light oh thats not good were standing in the light and that if it traps you in the void the Shadows Music thats beautifully written this photo was taken on a dark area of the back rooms okay oh thats the mod I thought that was a JVC speaker thats actually the monster right there in the corner yeah are you wounded cure yourself by drinking almond water oh weve got another one all right we got another confidential I read this one really epic and scary and spooky I definitely have a way to spookier voice than Brocks okay you ready Im gonna read it right now ah you know that was it slow it down slow down really fast slow down is this important is this just for um he seems to be attracted by electronic devices and radio frequencies Im just gonna go ahead and drop this one why would we want it its a clue I dont know how to drink the almond water guys right here look numbers why are you guys looking all creepy just standing still I was Im just the elevator over here and a node whats this oh the elevator code oh we got to figure out the elevator code its a puzzle oh thats great because were known for being really smart YouTubers its another escape room watch movies the number signs okay so whats across from one oh okay I see six okay I got it Im already down there are you kidding me what was it six four one eight you guys are slow yeah I mean screw doing it together right whoops I pushed a button I look if youre stupid youre stupid all right Ill go on in all right hey hi how are we doing stop doing that were walking all creepy stop being all creepy man Im kicking my drinkable okay lets go gentlemen I feel like hes going to be down here yeah yeah hes definitely hes attracted to light remember what also darkness is scary hold on we got another page I got a bunch of stamina I can save you from dead what is that oh oh flashlight save you from dead oh there it is would you drop a smoke bomb theyre casting us what is this whats happening I dont know I dont know I think that was  __  Hitler in the other room a very strange creature has been spotted coming out of the ducks in the back back rooms oh its you guys oh my God look at that thing oh my gosh guys its right there Music you turn around so fast creepy as hell oh guys guys guys what is it somebody around this corner youre Faking It Were not gonna believe you now Im not doing look at these Corners man yeah you cried wolf every damn corner theres nothing normal theres nothing theres evil eyes down there shut up theres nothing over there its a locker man weve been playing too much human fall flat Im in Im gone okay so were actually getting a little scared Im actually getting a little scared eat a Lunchable wait why is it red why is it why is it red why is it red I saw it I saw I saw it its the thing thats attracted to the electronics you guys can  __  die Im gonna be in here in my Lunchables he is a lying get all the damn Locker no Im gay thats not the same hey guys I just came out of the locker oh whats this look look TV oh very good yes yes I just want to watch cartoons yeah cant turn on are you serious that was the point of that weve got to go weve got to go this way was that so Im gonna draw somebody drop something in there anxiety anxiety no wait I cant use it I guess were not I guess I dont need it I guess Im not anxious Im feeling pretty anxious another Locker a foot oh no I took a three feet wanna start a norly fan to with just that foot what is it what do you use it for nothing you just throw it at him no you just look at it you dont even use it just look at it where are you guys we went into the back rooms oh you scared me hey no left left you may not like it actually a monster thats not a monster thats just a PNG slapped in the corner no dont talk to it then go talk to you today hey Mr smart oh hes gone oh you left yeah hes gone thats good its safe you can make a  __  run first make a run for the  __  TV was it oh more gas theyre gas than us its on watching I dont know I think its an episode of CSI oh those are all the people that got fired they got fired Evan found subject Jennifer Marley oh damn no Malcolm Fisher Malcolm 35 dude oh my God no teeth thats Noble at the dentist why is everyone who died 35 like I think Im good for another five years person are they all yeah youre right and theyre all six feet what are you serious you didnt see that where are you whered you go where are you guys um okay okay okay okay Applause I saw him I saw him I saw him lengthy ass skinny ass twig where you guys going where you guys go oh scared me hes scared me okay where are we going where were going Im with you Im with you moving with you forget that other guy lets get out of here  __  oh hes hurting me oh hes hurting oh I dont know what its doing to me but my screens going red oh it got me oh oh it took my ticket oh no I hear dogs too oh hes getting ready oh God oh God okay I think I just saw another Shadow I cant I cant I cant I cant run I cant run Im gonna die you need stamina you definitely sound like youre gonna die oh God Ive been fired front rooms dude what the hell was this  __   __  the back rooms back rooms  __  dude what am I supposed to do oh I found it Im back youre back you gotta run around till you find um you gotta run around till you find your life that you yes so you gotta run around Evan to find a door that basically has light at it do you understand oh yeah luminous door well I think you want to avoid the gas because thats what makes you crazy also its what killed the Jews wheres the aluminous door  __   __   __   __   __  Im dead Im dead Im dead Im dead Im dead Im dead oh Im responding with a backfire theyre going wait it says I oh that means Im dead dead are you serious Oh no youre dead I dont think there was a  __  door I looked everywhere well I found all the names of the people here and Im walking on their dead bodies heres a hand Malcolm Fisher how you doing Malcolm heres an ear left ear oh wait look at the corpse just pay attention to the blood what its a match of body parts yeah we have to put their body parts back why who cares theyre already dead oh there it is hey how are you doing what everything both of them both of them are in front of me right now really no I dont want to do anything I dont see them but Evan you want to see me die remember are you next to me you  __   __  I dont even see it bring it on are they even there theyre on me theyre literally on me Im drinking almond milk you cant kill me oh never mind Hey Shadow hey all right another shadow guy oh theres a room with the dead guy oh yeah and theres a horse are you serious Delirious play this so theres a teddy bear you found that Daddy what is this yeah I found it oh its like a puzzle thats a horse but now what oh now what who starts the sound of me being able to play again why is the monster not around I dont know yeah it doesnt seem around theres the face again oh its that face dang it okay we all died right yes thats thats a restart you know what time it is what Jersey Mikes time um you guys are gonna hate me yeah I think I need to go oh fair I dont hate you though but me and my Jersey Mike buddy will figure this out wont we all right Evan lets go lets figure this incredibly hard puzzle out is it the same one I mean or a theres a five dollar game you change the combination it did it did oh it did oh  __  okay zero seven four eight zero seven lets go you said did you see the silhouette but its looking to the r then it is wrong we need to get flashlights dude what are you trying to do trying to make it into a horse it should be a horse oh it is it is its pretty much there you just gotta turn it a little more there it is thats good what the  __  thats yeah thats really good dont look there dont look dont look there just look oh no Im dead what oh did I die yeah I God damn it you know you know Im scared when I accidentally hit my caps lock button wait wait wait wait dont press it hold the door hold the door hold the door hold the door you  __   __  here we go flashlights perfect oh I think theyre in here anyway yeah this looks familiar boom flashlight perfect nice I think we shouldnt run because the running will help us like okay all right uh survive longer if that makes sense in in terms of oh its  __  there are you serious already yeah it was right here it was right here literally where Im gonna go whered you go whered you go I went down right here oh okay dude how are you losing me its a  __  rocket science its literally a four dollar game on Steam and youre  __  screaming terrified oh its right there God damn it God damn it good run run run run run run run run run I have to run when I see it did you come back come back come back because hes got a sticker get there gotta stick together oh you sound like Delirious okay subscribers oh my God its so quiet its too too quiet Evan oh I hear I hear I hear I hear some somebody do you hear me walking is that you thats Gotta Be Me anyone you wont walk is  __  scary people around how did I Im back at this elevator Im back at the elevator okay you want me to come back there yeah yeah come back I closed the door okay  __  terrified did you see it better did you see him Im in there dude oh I found the door oh did you close the door no yes I closed the brown door okay all right all right lets lets try this again oh somebody broke glass do you hear that ignore that ignore that somebodys vandalizing wheres the okay this is where the TV is we need the vehicle we turn it on oh we need to find the tape I never found the tape last time all right oh my God Evan youre supposed to be smart Nation dude come on I am Asian is it is it bad to have your flashlight out no its good I think I dont know all right so that basically explains nothing oh theres a foot in here oh it changes yeah the items are in different places okay okay we need to continue are you with me yes Im with you geez oh hes right there hes right there hes right there hes right there okay I did I dont have my flashlight on what is that what is that what is that what is that what is that what is that noise what is that noise what is that noise I dont know what it is okay were here were here yep we need a freaking tape okay whats in here oh  __  sake oh we need a code for this if we need to find a VHS tape we definitely do I think its actually down here are you dead Oh no youre live holy  __  dude not for long not for  __  long dude yeah were fine were fine dont turn around dont turn around dont turn around do you mean dont turn okay remember this  __  place where we literally dont know where to go theres a VHS tape I dont know where  __  Evan I dont know where it is I dont think it out loud thinking out loud dude  __  think oh what the  __  is no ah oh I cant see okay I cant see I cant see I mean you cant see Im using Im using pills Im using pills I dont know if its helping oh no hes right here no hes got me hes gone luminous luminous door ah dude I hate this game I hate this game yo dude that thing is pretty terrifying one ugly ass oh please please leave me alone please leave me alone Im a good your good ducky are you looking at him oh theres the dog able to open the  __  no that was me that was me oh yeah  __  close it all right dude all right relax oh my gosh I cant handle this I cant handle this I can handle it you can handle it Im finding them Im 30 years old I dont want to  __  croak up dude we need a lock with another code how many codes do we need oh my God its coming its buzzing its coming its run away run away run away Im in a room with water and drinks oh theres a dead hand run away I cant run away from the image you  __  Dingus dungus longest longest Im dead theyre not theyre not youre fine you mean no Im not youre fine oh wait I see that at the bottom in the top yeah yeah its obvious when it pops up tiny tiny font its so small its so small like your dick okay were playing it one more time no were not Im done Im done please please please please Ive already put on a nice cozy show to fall asleep to Ive already kissed my baby good night Im gone oh my God dude I am just going in circles this is so confusing huh you see the N word no I said Hitler you cut out first half got cut out large Music stalker anomaly steam Outro Song: Vanoss Merch HERE!: Personal 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