Espire 1: VR Operative Bugged AI makes Ghost Runs Impossible (Mission 1.2)

Free steam game keys listgame awards not loading on steam ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE cozy games steam deck The guards trigger their own trip mines and cause the alarm to sound. This makes the other guards trigger more mines that when detonated escalate the alarm to ‘red’ status. When the alarm is red all of the guards will instantly know where you are and start shooting. This kills ghost runs - a feature that the game wants you to achieve. This is in hard mode where I believe there are more guards especially if you play like me and leave ‘no traces’ by not taking down any guards, sentry turrets or cameras. On the return from completing the objective to acquire a new espire unit, new guards spawn in and join the existing guards resulting in poor placement with up to 4 guards standing together in a single doorway! eb games steam controller how to buy steam games as a gift steam hide nsfw games best steam games for bad pc 5 euro games on steam