SPLINTER CELL IN VR?! I tried Espire 1: VR Operative! Oculus Rift S Gameplay

Bed bugs steamerhow to steam milk on the stove ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE whats up guys welcome back to virtual reality today I will show you a gameplay of aspire one I was at the e3 in Los Angeles and I had a chance to meet deaths of tripwire interactive and this was really awesome so this is a stealth gameplay you feel like you play yeah Splinter Cell in VR thats very awesome so I had to film the monitor so it was not possible to capture the gameplay itself but you can really see it very good so this should not be a problem my name is voodoo you can find habitats gameplays news and events beyond a are related so subscribe and dont miss anything I would also like to thank my official patron sponsors would cause Riyadh on key gamer opperman events on peter voss Maya lets have some fun with aspire one and lets go Music right well haha just swipe the bottom of it over the magazine I knew it on your waist and it all relates if you fire a shot whats that if you fire a shot now yeah theres like a quick reload so if you go if you look down and over the top magazine oh yeah if thats distracting we can turn it off because you play there are a lot know that its its fine oh its close this is a damaged aspire robot so your remote control in one of these and if you die the robot will be remaining level and youll have to possess another one okay okay cool haha oh I cant see something oh here okay Wow oh yeah there oh wait they cant go here do that slow-mo yourself with a buck press if you want when you write controller on the road control my controller yeah the bottom one is artificial Crouch okay okay doesnt work okay okay oh thats a repair tool here so what I can do okay okay the objective of this area is to try and get to the top bit this is sort of like your underground passage if you want to take it okay thats what you want to get okay oh nice okay can I climb on this oh yeah no no okay okay wheres this oh here can I jump theres a falling damage okay oh of course Wow Oh does Edberg like this okay and now what okay uh-huh yeah I see okay awesome always a card I need a card oh theres open okay Oh Oh too many of these guys Music no die oh I dont think he likes me he looks not friendly hes just grumpy thats cool Wow the school works on costs so basically every action you do is again cost something so you cost the Australian Government 119 thousand dollars okay there yeah laughs okay guys then was really really awesome aspire one be our operative and youve seen it you have to be very quiet theres a lot of stealth gameplay you have to sneak around and kill the guys with with different silent weapons and it it feels a little bit like budget cuts however in this game you have to kill more people and you can do this in different ways so we saw weve seen that in one of these rooms we can climb over the whole room or we can go down and kill them from behind but I think we dont even have to kill them this is really really cool its a mix of every stealth game like a metal gear solid or and also an Splinter Cell and stuff the release is 2019 I have no idea when exactly but you should really look forward to that we can play it official on vibe and drift but I think its also possible on index and rift s and all this stuff awesome really really cool aspire one be operative I hope you liked the video guys if you like to support me because you know its a little bit expensive now for me because I would have two apartments one of them a big studio then please support me so I can continue all of this via patreon one bag per month would be awesome thanks for watching dont forgive for to give me thumbs up and see you next time in virtual reality see ya would it be Music steam game that teaches coding At the E3 2019 I was able to visit Tripwire Interactive and play the stealth shooter Espire 1 there. We play the game in Virtual Reality on the Oculus Rift S.Here you can find the game on Steam: VoodooDEs German channel: #tripwireinteractive #espire1 #VR #VirtualReality #voodoode ► Donations Patreon -------------------- Merchandising --------- PP----------------------------- ► Partner ► My rig Here you can find the recommended Hardware by VoodooDE in my personal Amazon Shop: This video description contains Amazon Affiliate Links, were you can support me, I get a little comission and you dont pay anything extra! ► My email for inquiries: ---------------------------------------------------------- (Source for Thumbnail-Picture und description text: Tripwire) best steam summer sale games how to play non steam games on steam link how long do you steam carrots steam treatments for hair where can i get steam gift cards