Espire 1 VR Operative - Tricks & Stealth / Ghost Playthrough Mission 1

Steam says no internet connectionrep steam ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE looks like our back door worked hmm cradle doors are jammed they dont use the emergency handle to open them now checking basic functionality agent can you move around the lab for us hmm looks like the only way out is a tent grab any agent youre now commandeering a prototype outfit aspire unit no bells and whistles on this one merry connection completely stable at almost 3,000 clicks first objective is to find a weapon should be something in my office wait before you leave you should calibrate the Aspire unit how does it feel now aim your hand at theres a holster okay you ready head out into the pool mary says the units chassis has been impaired find a quiet spot and fix the damage with your repair - okay its been a while there should be a pneumatic pistol on the desk upstairs Music tranquilizer its not automatic pull the piston back to ready another Dart Music youll need to reload it to get out of here youll have to break the lock off that air vent why dont you shoot it with this youll have to crouch to get in there just dock into the air vent aspire will mimic your body movements I didnt Crouch to get into the vent in my office so you keep a padlock on your air vent and a tranq pistol on your desk Im very interested in security around thank you this is one builder 10:43 I think oh hes a pilot however thank you do you copy this is 1/5 Delta over good luck transmitting through the RF jammer chief hey is that Music anyone else got anything Music Music Music Music both days this might be the place if you find the payload call it in straight away seollal check in on the quarter hour HQ this is one for Bravo 1020 securing the fold of it over agent if you get lost take your repair tool and drop it on the ground itll show off half towards the next objective agent the main shuttered door is locked to open it flip the breaker switch you can see it up near the ceiling on the gantry someones there Music nothing lets do another round section clear okay and on the left a guy Music all right stand down see anything you report it Music agent your objectives are twofold first unlock the facility so that our troops can get in our guys a crime for the go code second find out who is attacking the facility we dont have eyes inside the base so you need to handle anything else that comes up on the fly our a a puppet string system Mary is translating your actions onto the Aspire unit shell be giving us live feeds from your unit sensors Music Music Music they lower the security level dont let them discover you again so we finally get the Mary AI system working by remote possession but while our offices are under siege I cant believe it hopefully this is enough to get the project back on track agent keep moving through the facility primary goal is still to reach the surface over the base up for our troops complete this is hardware engineering agent we have lost contact with the Aspire units back in the lab but these showcase models will make for a nice backup use the repair tool on the control panel to power them up great these units on our live if you lose the one youre currently in you can possess one of these new units welcome behind-the-scenes agents this is where blood sweat and tears went into developing the Aspire units protective armor your current prototype is pretty lacking in that regard Music on another word Music who was that Music need to get my life drawling Hey quit fooling around on another loop Music Music nothing back the patrol do you want to hear that Music do another round resuming patrol Mike that you John thats you get your op happy Music gotta get my life darling Music whos that Music is it someone there back to Patrol hey you better get back to it on another loop anyone else go to anything okay stay focused more lets do another round better get back to it I think back to control better get back anyone up no I better have a look yes I really am losing my mind back to Patrol anyone remember this place agent your first rodeo this is where the magic happened theres a beta respire model behind the security glass its beefier than your car at alpha unit but its locked up tight agent to access the beta unit youll need to get upstairs to the power platform and run a power cycle its up above you get up there and Ill walk you through the process then youll have some real power to fingertips Music Music remember Mack Music another loose Music okay stay program good the Power Platform there are four breakers you need to flip them all to start the system up Gaming Control theres the first market to the other tree and flip them to Music Music and in back the straw there are four breakers you need to flip them all to start the system up Music Music better get back there are four breakers you need to flip them all to start the system up Music back to the trough there are four breakers you need to flip them all to start the system up I didnt back the Patrol now head over to the master panel and flip the mains breaker Music thank you this is one three kilo huge palaces in the fall division were going in over the path to the Aspire control deck is now open head back downstairs and get in there drop the repair tool on the floor to see your Waypoint Music Music Music Music this is it aspire control use the repair tool on the control panel in the separate the unit is now online open the aspire console to possess the new unit okay this is the aspire this is the possession interface whenever you lose your link to a unit youll see this some hero electrum aspire beta unit theyve lowered the secure mission success congratulations agent you how to stream steam deck to pc Here is a look at Espire 1 VR Operative showing some things you might not have known about the game when you first start playing. 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