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Free steam games legalhow to play nintendo switch games on steam deck ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE game what up folks its your boy tmc today were taking on inspire vr operative Music now the cool thing about this game is its uh you basically youre not playing a person youre not there youre playing youre taking over control over a robot Music and because of that you everything just feels a little clunky you hear the other guy as hes walking so i feel like the controls are a little off a little bit i feel like like things should be a little bit more responsive uh sitting down definitely is not the way to play youre going to want to play standing up so if you have you know issues with stamina or youre tired this might not be the game for you because when you sit down it gets a little a little clunky trying to grab your weapons so your gun you feel like you cant grab your gun and things like that so standing up i have plenty standing up and i have had a better experience which is kind of funny because if youre playing somebody thats taking over a robot i think youll be sitting down while youre controlling that robot so and what do i know now the cool thing about this game is that it has missions but it also has uh several different uh modes it has a mode where you just play with the weapons uh it has a mode where you can assault and just take out the enemies elimination it has a stealth mode which seems pretty easy um and i believe theres a objective mode like you know the bomb also the cool thing about this is that you can climb walls i guess because the hands are magnetic you are taking over a robot after all you can climb the walls and scale the walls and then just come and drop down on somebody and really take them off ive done that a few times and its actually pretty uh its pretty exciting is Music all right folks so thats my review here for aspire vr operative this is your boy tmc old man gamer and uh come back here with us next week we get we guys Music so once again my point fun interactive game has plenty of weapons but my cons are if you uh you dont have stamina you might want to play sitting down and when you play sitting down it can be a little clunky but otherwise than that i think you have fun Music please kind of quiet completely Music agent unit is Music try again agent Music Music please Music welcome aspire agent Music Music try again Music oh Music me Music all right folks thank you for joining me here today its your boy tmc also known as old man gamer and uh today we cover aspire vr operative come back and join us join us next week and uh lets have some fun alright folks old man gamer hey guys its jmc here from tmc for jmc show thanks for watching and dont forget to share comment like and subscribe down below if not were gonna kill you well thats my review for uh and my breakdown for aspire uh covert vr operative ah why cant i keep saying that Music you best survival games pc steam TMC plays and reviews Espire 1: VR Operative on the Oculus Quest 1 and 2#OLDMANGAMER #OCULUS #VR play steam games on iphone games like skyrim on steam valheim steam workshop how to submit games to steam best steam games on geforce now