Espire 1: VR Operative how to get a silent pistol

Grout steam cleaner rentalsteam chicken with broccoli ESPIRE 1: VR OPERATIVE game today were going to be looking for Music were showing you how to find a science pistol on the first level now on the first model as you can see i dont have here anything i have the basic weapons tools so once you get to this place where it says fold hardware engineering has this door thats that door you see when you walk up these stairs you see this room then you see a pistol in there like how do i get that pistol and then you walk over the door now ive already got in it so yeah and it just disappeared so now this doors not open when you first come up here because you cant open restricted doors unless youre looking i was nothing just well no im going to give you why how long youre probably like wondering how well you see that right there where this gate is youre gonna have to go down here and youre gonna climb up one of these walls and once you do that you climb on the ceiling and then you want to turn your body and face the chain and you want to climb up here drop down there should be a vent right here and a guard down there walk through there should be magazines right here so you walk this way there you go and the pistol should be right here thank you guys for watching and hope this helped you steam download starts fast then slows down do steam games work on windows 11 is skate 3 on steam soulstice steam how to use bissell steam cleaner steam engine games online